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  1. FM 14 Server and Scale HC3 Architecture

    'page faults' as in the Windows Performance monitor counter? Paging is handled by the OS, not FMS. FMS maintains its own cache and writes to that continuously, but that cache will not grow larger than the setting for it in the admin console. What problems does it cause? What does the FMS stats.log say? What counters are high there when this happens?
  2. Not sure what you mean by 'integrated'. Running a DDR is a feature of FMPA. Anyway; noticed that you also posted on FM Community site and got more answers there so I'll refrain from keeping two threads alive. As a gentle reminder: it is good form to indicate that a post is cross-posted on multiple forums. A lot of us are on those different forums.
  3. HTML version of the DDR? Is it there in the XML version of the DDR, try the trial versions of FMPerception, BaseElements or Inspector Pro if you don't want to dig into the XML yourself? What do you mean with 'earlier version of the DDR'? From a previous version of the file?
  4. Distribution list for actives

    Cross-post with https://community.filemaker.com/thread/175457 (It's ok to cross-post but it is good form to indicate your post as such since a lot of the people on both forums are the same)
  5. Scrolling problems in Windows

    I would try to confirm the problem using other Windows machines, potentially other Windows OSes to narrow down exactly where the issue is. Your profile states that you are using FMP14? Make sure to be on the latest patch. Also try with 15 or 16. When you create a new layout on Windows, does it have the same problem?
  6. Scrolling problems in Windows

    Is this using FMP on Windows or is this WebDirect? Does it happen on all zoom levels in FM and on all screen resolutions in Windows?
  7. I'm a big fan of the DDR; but here's another approach that would be faster for your purpose: Create a script and: use the design functions to get a list of fields on the current layout (set a variable to: FieldNames ( get( filename ) ; get(layoutname) )) Then set another variable to interrogate the hidden metatables: ExecuteSQL( "SELECT FieldName FROM FileMaker_Fields WHERE TableName = ?" ; "" ; "" ; get(layouttablename )) grab the AntiFilterValues custom function from www.briandunning.com set a 3rd variable to the AntiFilterValues of the first two variables and you will have a list of field names that belong to the table the layout is built on but are not on the layout This way the result is always accurate and you don't have to take the extra steps of generating the DDR.
  8. Only connections to the server count, not the connections to individual files.
  9. How do you execute this? It doesn't look like any Windows OS scripting language. Is it an FTP connection?
  10. Switching from MAC to PC

    What is FMSP and FMST? If you have an existing FM-based solution then you don't need to do any of this, just transfer the .fmp12 files over to your PC and open them up on the Windows copy of FMP.
  11. How much are you willing to pay? How customizable does it need to be? Do you need to be able to import from FM just once or on an ongoing basis?
  12. locked external db

    I don't understand what you are saying. There is no scripting involved in enabling EAR, so is there a question in your reply?
  13. locked external db

    I'm afraid it is not clear exactly what you are asking. What exactly is not working? You are talking about two files, one file references the other. Is that working or not? Are you saying the file referencing works when the files are not encrypted (using Encryption at Rest - EAR) but that the reference fails if EAR is enabled on one or both files? Keep in mind that if you turn EAR on for a solution you have to process all files in the solution as a batch, not each file individually.
  14. Control Column Widths in ExecuteSql

    We don't know how you populate the web viewer so we can't comment on its efficiency. Sounds like you're trying to load all records at once, which you shouldn't, use standard pagination techniques to show a subset and then grab the next subset. But I'm just speculating here since I haven't seen your code. SQL will slow down, based largely on two factors: - complexity of the query: using any kind of SQL functions or JOINs will exponentially make it slower - doing the SQL query while you have an uncommitted record in the target table: will force FMS to send you all the data. And with 2+ million records you will certainly feel that pain.
  15. Uninstall pre-release 16?

    As an aside; look into using sparse image bundles when installing trial or pre-release software: http://blog.fosketts.net/2015/07/22/how-to-use-mac-os-x-sparse-bundle-disk-images/ cleanup is as simple as just throwing away the image if you don't need it anymore.