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  1. Card has the huge advantage of being essentially a new window -- that means it can display a completely different layout. There's not much downside to cards -- it does require building a layout, and both the parent and card window can't be moved until the card is closed. That's about it.
  2. Can't remember where I heard this, possibly a Devcon session, but as comment noted: with Hide Object, the layout rendering engine does not have to draw the object at all. So it should be theoretically if not perceptibly faster. I also find it helpful when I'm looking at a layout to be able to distinguish which objects are actually getting formatted vs. those that are being hidden.
  3. There are various ways you could do it. For example, you could create a script to get a list of the desired dimensions, and then loop over that list to create new records in the target table. So something like: Set Variable[ $source ; ExecuteSQL( "SELECT theID WHERE partID = ?" ; "" ; "" ; inspection::partID ] Set Variable[ $count ; ValueCount( $source ) ] Go to Layout[ the target table for the new records ] Loop Set Variable[ $i ; $i+1 ] Exit Loop If[ $i > $count ] New Record Set Field[ partID ; GetValue( $source ; $i ) ] End Loop
  4. Frankly I'm surprised that the toolbar toggle button worked before, when the command wasn't in the menu set, since that's what happens to the icons in the toolbar -- they'll be dimmed out if the command isn't in the menus. Anyhow, glad you have a solution.
  5. Thanks for reporting back -- that's an obscure one for sure! Good job.
  6. The paid membership only gives you a "preview" download, typically close to release date. To be an actual beta tester you'd need to contact the product manager at FileMaker. Anyone can suggest product ideas, though.
  7. In fact the shortcut does work if the menu is off. I think maybe I see what's going on -- you have a custom menu that doesn't include the Status Toolbar command in the View menu. So if you hide menus, there's no way to toggle it back on. That's the only thing I can think of that makes sense. If that's the case, it will be a very simple thing to fix, just make sure Status Toolbar is included in your custom menu.
  8. Does it work in 15? Are you saying the toggle button works but the keyboard shortcut doesn't? Inconceivable.
  9. @Cable, see my latest response to your other post. Bottom line is, keyboard shortcuts are your friend. B for browse, L for layout, F for find (OK, U for Preview is a little trickier but still...) Ctrl-alt-S for Status toolbar @ron G that sounds like a problem of your own making and nothing to do with beta testing. Glad you were able to solve it.
  10. If you were able previously to click the icon to toggle the status toolbar (not the menu bar, that's separate), that would mean the toolbar isn't locked. In which case the keyboard shortcut (ctrl-alt-s) should toggle it now. Does the keyboard shortcut work in 15 for you? If not, maybe you have some other software conflicting. In my office we have this ridiculous Intel graphics driver that by default includes keyboard shortcuts to rotate the screen (wtf?!), and conflicts with some FileMaker shortcuts.
  11. Well that's good, but hmmmm. A theme was the first thing I thought of, but it doesn't seem possible that a theme would cause a value list to display <no values defined>.
  12. Well there's this:
  13. Something in the startup script? E.g., are you looking at a found set of none?
  14. I guess I wasn't clear. FileMaker treats everything inside a pair of quotes as a literal string of text. I.e., your URL as written is not sending the values of the fields, it's sending the names of the fields. What I was trying to say is that your URL should look like: "fmp:// ... param=" // no more quote marks after this & // concatenate the line above with the line below List( fieldA; fieldB; etc ) // no quotes Be aware that sending position-based parameters may require extra error handling -- what if one of the fields is empty? What if address has two lines? GetValue( param ; 2 ) may not be what's expected.
  15. My guess is that the missing data is from a related file, and the file is not authenticating correctly.
  16. Yes it's best to eliminate as many variables as possible. Have you tried exporting from a local (non-hosted) file?
  17. What if you quit FileMaker 15? Do you have any plugins installed?
  18. FileMaker's 'Open' command will work with Excel and text files -- converting them to FileMaker files in the process -- but not PDF. I believe you can fill in PDF forms using Scribe:
  19. Have you tried exporting to a different location? Desktop might have a security issue.
  20. Should be ... &param=" & Event Report::Time & ¶ & etc. To make it more readable you could put your fields into a variable first.
  21. Nope, it's gone. You could create your own buttons, or use the keyboard shortcuts. Also, since you have Advanced, you should be able to select the standard FileMaker menus from the Tools menu if that was your issue.
  22. Well, I use AHK text expansion for my account name when the account is my actual name. But I'd never use it for my password, since then my password would be in plain text in my AHK script. So I'd really discourage you from doing that. (But try tab vs. enter.) Maybe you just want to save your password in Credential Manager? I'm going to move this thread somewhere else, since it's nothing to do with ScriptMaster. Meanwhile, this really sounds like an AHK topic, not a FileMaker topic. You'd get better suggestions on the AHK forums:
  23. Here's another:
  24. I won't whatsapp you, but I will try to help you if you answer my questions. I use AHK but I don't understand what you're trying to do. Please explain what your actual goal is.
  25. Could you be a little more specific? Is this a FileMaker question? Is it a ScriptMaster question?