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  1. I have a table of email messages that get created then a button that loops through the records and fires off an email for each record using the plugin. For some reason after 12 messages get processed successfully, the 13th returns an error: [EOF] After that, each record returns this error: java.lang.IllegalStateException: Not connected I'm assuming that the email server is rejecting the connection after 12 messages go through, but wondering if anyone has ever seen that error message [EOF]. If so, what does it mean? Thanks!
  2. Thanks for the reply. I didn't think there was another function. I think the SMTP server must be stripping it out because I'm doing it correctly without any errors.
  3. I think that could be the issue. I was thinking that I used the EmailSetHeader before to do this successfully. I'm working with a client whose SMTP server has some limitations to avoid spam, so I'm thinking that could be it. Is EmailSetHeader the only way to set a different Reply-To with the plugin?
  4. I used the EmailSetHeader function to set a different Reply-To but it doesn't seem to be working. The Reply-To continues to just be the From Address. Can anyone confirm that is the correct function to set a different Reply-To?
  5. Can the Email plugin receive SMS messages back into FM and be linked with a sent message?
  6. I was able to replicate it a couple times this evening. Just submitted logs. Thanks, Jason
  7. Jesse - I ran some tests on this and found something that doesn't seem to jive with my understanding. I have a hosted master database and a local copy of the master database deployed on a laptop and an iPad. I added several fields to the master database and copied/pasted new script steps into the master MirrorSync script. Then I made a fresh copy of the database and deployed it to the laptop ONLY. The iPad still had the old version (before adding the new fields). I could successfully sync data in the new fields from the laptop without issue. I could also continue syncing from the iPad, sending updates to the master, with no errors reported. This is what I was hoping to do so I could deploy to the iPads at a later time but allow users to keep working. BUT, I noticed that if I made changes to a record on the iPad and synced it to the master, it erased any data in the NEW fields on the matching record in the master database. Any thoughts on this?
  8. Makes sense. Thanks, much!
  9. Ok, great. So if I'm understanding correctly, MS is only going to attempt to sync the fields that are on the MirrorSync layouts on the REMOTE (OR iPad) COPY. If there are extra fields on the MirrorSync layouts on the host, they will be ignored. Correct? Eventually of course, the iPads will get the new version, but I'm trying to avoid having to bring all of the devices in house at once when pushing out this functionality.
  10. I have a solution where the master database is copied and deployed to 3 laptops and 3 iPads for offline use. I need to add new functionality that will only be used on the laptops. If I add that functionality and it requires new fields to be added to the database and the MirrorSync layouts, can I copy the master and deploy it to the laptops only, or do I need to deploy a new copy to all 6 devices? In other words, if didn't deploy a new copy to the iPads, would the sync from the iPads to the master fail after adding the functionality?
  11. Is the issue Windows only, or both because it "seemed" like the Mac updated without issue. Jason
  12. I have a client using Windows 8 that is getting an error when trying to auto-update the new version of FTPeek. We're using the 360Works hosted update database. It worked fine on a Mac at the client location using the same database. The error is "FTPeek failed to initialize". When I looked in the extensions folder, the new plug-in was there with a .new extension and the old one was intact. Any ideas what would cause this?
  13. Thanks, Jesse. That's very helpful. This field was set as an auto-entered UUID but the config was still set to Mirror Sync managed. Jason
  14. I'm setting up a new MS configuration (v. 2.109) with about 12 tables. All tables have the primary key and creation/modification dates on special MS layouts as required. When I get to the screen that allows me to define the primary key field for the tables, the key field for one particular table is not appearing in the drop down list. I've tried removing it and re-adding it to the layout with no effect. I noticed that there are far fewer fields in that drop down list than exist in the table. What are the criteria for a field to be available in the list? Thanks, Jason
  15. Perfect. Thanks, Jesse. That was what I was thinking would work, but I thought it best to check first. Cheers, Jason