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  1. Table with many fields or table with generic field?

    Wow, sorry you feel that way. I was truly trying to help. I wasn't asking that you upload your file but rather start with a fresh one. We've been in this business professionally for a combined total of easily 60 years, full time, so we know what needs to happen to assist you. As Comment suggests as well, I encouraged you to abandon your idea. You can shoot the messenger if you wish but it doesn't change reality. If someone is walking towards a cliff, should we remain silent?
  2. Table with many fields or table with generic field?

    You have come here for opinions of experts who use this program every single day to service thousands of businesses. You have been lucky enough to enlist the assistance of one of the top developers but yet you will not listen? That is like going to a doctor who specializes in brain tumors and saying, "Nah, I think we should cut here instead but thanks for the suggestion." It makes more sense to follow his advice specifically along the way. If you do not (and as you have already shown), you will end up with a mess which will take far longer to correct later. Don't build your house on a lousy foundation (structure) ... get the base right to begin with. If you do, the rest of your work on your solution will be far simpler instead of a nightmare. We see many who do not listen who return time and again where they've dug themselves in deeper and deeper with no hope of changing the structure later without a HUGE problem. Believe me, I know what migrations of data from improper structures entail and it requires an expert and a lot of time/money get THEN get the structure rewritten as it should be, and your good data moved to it. Create the foundation properly the first time. Life will be so much easier. I suggest that you take a new file and build what you think Comment suggests and present it - let him direct you if need be on it - and keep building. As is, you are not listening. Every time you have a question about it, post your sample file with your questions. If the questions aren't on same subject, post a new question again attaching the file. In this way, Comment or other advanced Developers can help you. :-)
  3. Adjustable Size Layout

    Hi Chris, For containers to slide, you must set the the slide properties AND set its alignment to up (or left as needed). Please view these two settings in the attached screenshot. Also note that ALL OBJECTS within the part you want to slide ( in this case the body ) must have the sliding set, including text objects or lines. Also note that sliding only works in Preview mode.
  4. Styles eye dropper problem

    So you want to just copy some attributes of the style of the field but not all? If so, Matt P. produced a video on modifying individual attributes of a style at the CSS level. But if you wish to capture specific inner shadow and parts of the style which are more complex but ignore alignment then it seems simpler to just copy the entire style and change back the few simpler portions (alignment) that you do not want changed. I don't know of a way, using Inspector eye droppers, to copy part of the style, sorry.
  5. Styles eye dropper problem

    Hi Barbara, first I want to mention that 16 has changed the 'arrow' by the styles (on Appearance tab) to an eye dropper which makes our statements above seem incorrect. But if you select the field with the correct style, and select the eye dropper next to the right of the 'edit' popover (tooltip shows 'copy') then select the OTHER field with the style you wish to correct, and select the 'paste' eyedropper then save the style and save it to the theme, that second style will change throughout your solution. It doesn't matter if the first style has been modified and is different from its saved values ... it will use the current values in its copy process. If I still misunderstand your request, please let me know!
  6. If you wish to add a new icon into your button or button bar setup using the '+', you may have noticed that it does not stick in a served file. When you close out and go back in, the new icon has again disappeared. One must unserve the file and add it locally. However, I just discovered that if you add the icon into a local button or button bar then copy the button bar and paste it into the served file, it appears for selection in other buttons in the served file and remains even if you then delete the pasted button bar back out. This has been useful, not only in adding new icons, but keeping a button bar with all icons is a quick way to add your favorites into any other file. Originally, I was keeping my svg files and inserting one at a time when I created a new file, LOL.
  7. Hi Barbara! Great links, thank you! The Master Record List was referenced in the video about Top Call Logging that Tom provided at approx 40:26. What it (roughly) means, from my first view-through, is that ALL table recordIDs are fetched and stored on User system even after User closes FM (for up to 15 days, if I recall or system reboot). 15 uses this Master Record List and only sends records which have been modified. That TechNet bug report appears to involve an occasional lack of refresh in this Master Record List (although it isn't really clear what is causing their issues), which is probably why you brought it up. The reference to using a portal as a list is intriguing! This is a game-changer and I wonder if it affects prefetching as well. Charity, I didn't mean to highjack your thread but I got excited!
  8. Here is why I say 25 records in form view and unlimited in table/list view, both by Mark Richman: Design Performance in 14: https://community.filemaker.com/docs/DOC-4168 Page 15 says: In Form view, up to 25 records of data are moved from the server to the client when a user traverses a record. In List view or Table view, FileMaker moves all the records that are currently displayed in the window, which can easily exceed 40 or 50 records at a time, especially on larger displays. DevCon on 13, he said and I copied word for word: If you touch the record you own the record, the whole record, all fields download with exception of container fields. 25 at a time in form view and how many are seen in list or table view. Summary fields move data when displayed, unstored calcs and containers only download when you see the record ON THE SCREEN. All fields download – all fields back to server with a single-field change. Batches … pre-fetch stored in temp so scrolling feels local. However we've been working entirely in 14 and I've only played a bit in 15 but I've heard that 15 was much faster. This Jon Thatcher link provided by Tom hits the spot. I have yet to find where numbers of prefetch is discussed or different from prior but the use of this Master List (?) is intriguing so I suspect I need to review the principles! Thanks Barbara! If you find more about the issue, I'd love to learn it. I wanted to ask what you meant about client cache - is that the Master List stored on the User system? Top Call Logging is very exciting! Only downloading records which have changed is indeed a game changer on network traffic, right?
  9. Hi Barbara! Unless they've changed it, list view displays the number of records necessary for the display which could be 50 or more! Form view used to pre-fetch 25 (not to mention any related child records needed if fields from them are on the layout as well) but that might have changed recently; I've been busy elsewhere lately. Nice to see you again!
  10. Hi Tom, you are only viewing one record in form view but FM pre-fetches 25 doesn't it? Or has that changed in 16? GREAT link! Thanks! :-) Another exception is containers, I believe.
  11. I don't know. I suppose it is because, if there is an auto-enter on the field the RFC would happen before the auto-enter which runs after the field is committed? I would have to consider that more deeply. Maybe lookups or related records would be influenced? Maybe others can offer examples as well.
  12. You must replace the table/field names with YOUR table/field names (easy to select them from drop-down). Also be sure to match YOUR value list name precisely.
  13. Yes. That is the purpose of it ... to perform replacement through all records in the found set.
  14. Correct. Read up in Help for more specifics. But it can only address a single field at a time which is why if you have multiple actions, looping is preferred.
  15. However, Michael, one would think I'd have learned to ask for context so I could provide a specific answer instead of causing confusion by providing too many alternatives. If an on-going solution and if I knew the loop were the best choice, I would have provided error trapping as well. I appreciate you stepping in. Yes, well we can't name fields just with numbers but any time we see someone newer to FM naming several fields the same name, followed by a number, it usually indicates they are making the mistake outlined by Comment AND you called yourself Novice so we were protecting you. :-)

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