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  1. FMPA 14 and 15. Same with both. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. Hello, Stange situation here. After reinstalling FMS15 to resolve an issue, one of my FMPA clients on just one of my computers displays "connection failed" when trying connect to the available databases on the server when trying to connect with the local ip adresse. All while several other computers have no problem doing the same. The FMPA client that has the issue has no problem connect to available databases via an external ip address. I have never seen this before and can't find any meaningful information on this by googling. Would anyone have any idea what's going wrong here? The error appears to be (51) on FMS.
  3. Just reporting that redoing the upgrade to OS 10.2.2 and the doing a "dirty" FMS install (i.e. not clean) seems to have resolved the issue.
  4. No I don't have OSX Server running. Here is what is using port 80 All this appears to me, (but what do I know) associated with FMS.
  5. Hmm. My problem keeps reappearing. When I try to edit deployment the web server fails with the following error message: Any ideas what may be provoking this?
  6. Thanks for all that. A clean reinstall fixed the issue.
  7. Hello, I have a FMS 15.03 running on Sierra. I recently upgraded the OS from 10.12 to 10.12.2. As soon as I did this Webdirect stopped functioning. The webdirect URL gives a "404 not found" error message. I have tried downgrading the system from Time Machine backups to 10.12.1 but to no avail. I have checked all the troubleshooting items that can be found here. There is nothing I can find that would impede webdirect's functionality. Would anyone have any idea what might be amiss? Or any ideas for getting Webdirect back up and running?
  8. Would you know what the criteria is for creating layouts that work for PDFs. I work on Macs.
  9. Thanks for that. But it seems a bit over the top to invest in a plugin just to have a function that standard FMP is meant to deliver.
  10. Since migrating from FMSA 13 to FMS 15 and upgrading different versions of FMP 14 and 15 recently, certain layouts are provoking an error with the function, "save records as PDF". This is independent of whether the function is in a script or called manually. The PDF error that now appears is: Would any one have any ideas of how to resolve this. The only workaround I have found is to dig out an old version of FMP 13 and there the "save records as PDF" works fine. I wold like to avoid having to do this.
  11. Thanks so much for that. I knew there had to be a catch ... which would have taken me ages to decypher.
  12. Hi, I just installed FMS 15 and have found that a couple of my databases won't open in FMS15 once they have been uploaded. I have tried recovering them before uploading but all to no avail. Would anyone have any ideas what might be going wrong here?
  13. Of course. Thanks for reminding me.
  14. I have successfully installed FMS 15 on AWS (Amazon Web Services) with Microsoft Windows 2012 R2 Standard edition with 64-bit architecture. I have opened ports 80, 443, 2399, 5003 and 16000 and yet I still can't get FMP open remote to communicate with the server. Would anyone have any idea what needs to be done?
  15. I have just created a new access key in AWS and input the data into CouldMail settings and here is the error message I got after clicking on "Test". Where do I go from here? As for the invalid settings in Couldmail making Filemaker crash, maybe you should have some time-out function in the opening script that lets you exit the without making Filemaker crash.