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  1. Hi Josh, thanks for the post. In the Filter settings of the portal you need to tell FileMaker which records you would like to SHOW. So the calculation you enter should be TRUE when a record should be shown. Therefore the calculation to enter should be something like :- ( Salesperson = Get ( UserName ) ) and ( not ( quoteStatus = "Won" ) ) Don't forget, that although the Filter will restrict the records that are visible to the user on screen, all the records that are matched by the relationship for that portal are still being considered by FileMaker, so if you create a calculation field to show the total of the Quote Value, it will add up ALL the records matched by the relationship, not just the visible ones. You could use some SQL to add up only the relevant records like :- TotalOutstandingQuoteValueForThisSalesperson = ExecuteSQL ( SUM (quoteValue) FROM Quotes WHERE ( ( SalesPerson = ? ) and ( QuoteStatus <> 'Won' ) ) , "" , "" , Get (UserName) ) Forgive me is this SQL syntax is slightly wrong somewhere, I don't have a solution to test it in!
  2. WebDirect has come a long way since it's root as 'Instant Web Publishing'. If you start with a web interface in mind, and test it on that client throughout the development process, then you will get good results. You must 'design for WebDirect', which means considering design and performance issues, such as making sure you use the 'Themes' feature at all times, and don't apply local styling to layout elements. FileMaker's WebDirect guide at alludes to most of these considerations. I find that the problem with WebDirect comes when the developer designs a whole solution for FileMaker Pro, and then at the last minute checks that it all works in WebDirect too. Typically the developer will have used lots of tricks and techniques that work quickly in the native client, but may be slow or not render correctly in a browser. Also fonts, element alignment, layering and complex lines/fills and shading can be a little odd. Just keep in mind that in WebDirect a lot of the work is done by the server, and not by the user's machine, and design for that, and you should be good. It's reasonable to assume also that FileMaker Inc will be putting lots of effort into the continuing improvement of WebDirect in FM v16 and beyond, so things can only get better (and faster!).
  3. Could you not just replace the SUM with AVG like this :- SELECT AVG(diffDateTime) as theDiffAvg FROM Briefs WHERE diffDateTime>4 AND Group1 = 'ABC' AND Status = '1'
  4. The FileMaker support article that is linked above provides the reason for your problem, there has been a bug between FileMaker and OS X for a couple of versions (of both) now, and it means that the 'Perform without Dialog' option cannot be used with OS X Mail. The article provides workarounds, but essentially you have to switch that option off (and the user will have to click 'Send' in OS X Mail), or send email via the built-in SMTP feature. As Webko says, using a plug-in may be your best bet for better functionality, although not possible on FileMaker Go unless PSOS is an option for you.
  5. Hello from the UK Does anyone have a good solution for automatically copying the FileMaker backup files to something like Google Drive on Mac OS X? FMS doesn't let you set the local Google Drive folder as the backup location as it doesn't have the correct permissions (I assume). I have purchased CarbonCopyCloner (shareware) for some customers which will do it, but does anyone have a great solution to copy those files using built-in or free tools? I suspect that there is a UNIX command that will do it, but I'm not very well versed in that. Any clues would be good! Merry Christmas everyone.
  6. Where are you based harkonnen? (which country I mean!) KRCS are a Platinum FBA partner and certified developer based in Nottingham UK, and we do work all across this fine island!
  7. Hi Muskee Sorry, but I can't access your enclosure, it's just a question mark. And also, you don't actually ask us a question. What specifically is your question? Without seeing the file I'm not sure, but bear in mind that the 'Filter' applied to a portal is 'cosmetic' and doesn't alter which records are matched by that relationship. All the records that match that relationship would be exported, not just the ones that are shown by the filter. Let us see the file and know what your question is and we can help more.
  8. Hi Hans One technique is to have each field in your layout twice, one of which has the 'Allow data entry in browse mode' turned on, and the other turned off. Then you just show and hide these two fields appropriately based on your lockRecord flag. Alternatively you could have two layouts and when your user changes record, use a layout ScriptTrigger (OnRecordLoad) to switch to an 'editable' or 'non-editable' layout appropriately. I know of no more elegant ways to achieve this, but someone on the forum may have something!
  9. Hi Mike You can use the 'Send Mail' script step in your script, but rather than choosing the 'Send via Email client' option within the script step, choose 'Via SMTP client'. It's a popup option at the top of the 'Send Mail Options' dialog. This 'silently' sends an email using FileMaker's built in SMTP capabilities, and the user has no idea it has happened. It won't appear in their 'Sent Mail'. All you need is an SMTP email account and to enter the details for that into the script step. Does that help?
  10. I would keep a global called $$currentHelpStage, and have a 'Hide this Object When' calc on each help ballon that says :- Hide object when :- ( $$currentHelpStage ≠ 1 ) or not ( $$helpEnabled ) the $$helpEnabled would allow you to disable the help entirely if it is not the user's first time through
  11. Hello Payment Express terminals can be used as they require no direct connection to the device on which FileMaker is running. You can send commands to it via their API and the commands are sent remotely to the payment terminal.
  12. Hi Sam FileMaker doesn't have a facility to make objects move in Browse mode based on whether or not other fields have content in. If you switch to Preview mode (or Print) then you can use the 'Sliding Objects' feature which does have this effect, but only in Preview. If you have a relatively few combinations then you could create a different layout for each scenario ('Education is filled in, Hobbies is not, Extracurricular is filled' would be one scenario, there would be six in total) or even have a single layout with a slide panel with six slides, and use triggers on the fields to move to the correct slide to show only the scenario that applies. It's all fairly clunky though and I generally just accept that the fields I place on layouts are fixed for a given window size, and design the solution around that. Does that help?
  13. Hello I have a FileMaker customer who currently uses ACT for their CRM on Windows. They have a plugin for Outlook on Windows that automatically detects any emails that are sent to or from any of their ACT contacts and makes an entry in ACT to record that email. The customer would like something similar for the new CRM we are creating for them in FileMaker so that emails they send or receive are automatically recorded in FileMaker without them having to manually record it. Does anyone know of any Outlook plugin or other technique that could be used to trigger a script in FileMaker to record the email there if an email address used in Outlook matches one stored in FileMaker? They want to continue using Outlook, so I cannot suggest to them using FileMaker as their email client.
  14. Hi Karen The file you have uploaded is broken. I just get a message that the table cannot be found when I open it. Can you check it and re-upload please?
  15. Could you make the portal bigger so it stretches into the gray area and put the extra fields in it? That might cut off the scroll bar I suppose in smaller screen sizes. Otherwise I think you'll have to make your layout wider so you can make the portal bigger and still responsive. You'll just have to be careful to test it on smaller displays. Another option is to have more than one layout, one for wider screens, one for smaller screens and switch between them dynamically.