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  1. As a heavy user of many of the 360Works products, I'd like to see this Java v6 dependency go away as well. I'm positive that they are working hard at this, as evident of their previous works.
  2. Is there any known issue of email attachments getting corrupted after being sent using the Email plugin? Especially when using an externally stored container field? It doesn't happen with all files or specific file types - there is no pattern to it, except when I change the container attribute to be locally stored instead of external, the attachment(s) are received A-OK. I'm using the v2.17 Email plugin, attaching using the EmailAttachFile ( container field ) function. The attachment and send functions are returning a positive result. I receive the email with the correct body, subject, etc. The attachment(s) are there, but when I try to open them/it, the OS states that the file is corrupted and can't be opened. Is there something I overlooked, or is this a known issue that I somehow overlooked?
  3. This is beyond the original question/conversation, but I can give you my 2cents on using dsBenchmark. It is a great and invaluable tool for measuring performance at a server level. It also great as a learning tool for how tokens work. But it WILL NOT tell you how many users can connect to a server before it breaks. All of the users it creates are virtual server-sided ones. Which is great of comparing different hardware or in my case various VM settings to optimize the best performance. It will steadily increase the number of server-side 'users' until it reaches the maximum (in your case 26, although you stated 50??) or the red Dequeue (wait time per call) is over a certain timeframe (3 seconds?). I would set the tokens to zero unless you are planning on programming a token type of system in your solution. Otherwise it'll skew the results.
  4. I can personally vouch for this. The only way you can get an acceptable IO rate for database use is by using a fiber-backed SAN which is properly configured. This kind of stuff is normally only found in enterprise class systems because you have to really justify the cost of it. Gigabit speed network is just not going to work in a satisfactory way. However, NAS makes for a great backup repository. Both for copies of the FMS generated and VM ones. Speed isn't that much of a consideration there. I'm using Synology for both work and home use - great items at a great price.
  5. Especially when dealing with WebDirect, Server-sided scripts or the likes, error trapping is essential since there is no 'face' to tell you what went wrong or where it stopped at. What Wim is suggesting is very practical, I would say necessary. In addition to or in place of a log, I temporarily use the send mail feature to myself at certain stop points as well. I'm using this same plugin for creating PDFs through Webdirect and a few server-sided scripts. So I know what you are trying to do is very possible. I use a dedicated 'robot' machine instead of the IWP server, but what you are doing should work. Have you ensured that the port you're using isn't blocked by a firewall (software or hardware)? You can use a packet sniffer to ensure that the port is being used corrected from the client side.
  6. Ahh - I was wondering if that was going to be the case, considering all of the sample code invokes the SC plugin instead.
  7. Plugin v1.04, FMPA 14.0.4, OS X 10.11.5 I see that Docubin_Companion_Plugin in the plugin listing, but unchecked. Whenever I attempt to check it, it gives an error of "?" failed to initialize. This doesn't seem to compromise any of the functionality inside of the Docubin solution itself. For what it's worth, the SuperContainer plugin is working A-OK. On a similar note, is there any documentation for all of the functions in the Docubin plugin? I can't seem to find it anywhere?
  8. I'm using the BaseElements plugins for several different server-sided transactions. It's a great tool for that purpose. But I do have to give a warning - with the major potential issues this can cause, please test you code thoroughly before putting it into production.
  9. I never mentioned that I was going to upgrade just because of this feature. From what I've seen of this stats feature, I couldn't justify the time and energy I would need for an upgrade just because of that feature. I've got a tracking system that records all of the executed scripts, so I don't have to rely on this new feature. But it does look like it'll be somewhat helpful in diagnosing problem areas with our system. Too bad I already purchased additional certificates shortly before I heard about the SSL wildcard feature. But, it'll come in great once I need to renew.
  10. Couldn't a file be created upon first registration that later instances can look at and verify? I've seen this method being used by some other plugin vendors. Calling the registration twice in a row seems to have done the trick. Since implementing this, I haven't gotten a single error message. Thanks for the heads-up!
  11. I've got a scheduled script that runs every 15 minutes that checks a queue for unsent emails, and sends them out as needed. Since this is on FMServer, I have to register the plugin with each ititeration. When the server was on a MAC, it would on occasion, not register (which exits out of the scrip). When this happens, I get an email every 15 minutes until I restart the FMSE service. Now that this is running on a Windows server, it still happens, but not as consistently as before, and It doesn't continually happen, so I don't have to restart the FMSE service. Using the latest version of both the plugin and Java. Is there a way to permanently register this plugin on a server so that it doesn't have to keep registering with each ititeration? The FM error that is returned is simply ERROR with no further explanation. Looking at the LogFile that it creates, it looks like it's trying to run in demo mode?? Here is a snippet of the file from a time that recently error out on me - Jun 09, 2016 8:20:01 AM com.prosc.fmkit.RegisterablePlugin <init> INFO: 360Works Email version: 360Works Email 2.17, build 3606 (3/23/16) Jun 09, 2016 8:20:01 AM com.prosc.fmkit.Plugin init CONFIG: Created new plugin instance: com.prosc.emailplugin.EmailerPlugin named 360Works Email on thread: Thread-2278; version: 2.17 Jun 09, 2016 8:20:01 AM com.prosc.license.client.Registration checkLicense INFO: Registered successfully with demo license; will run for two hours after launch. Jun 09, 2016 8:20:01 AM com.prosc.license.client.Registration checkLicense INFO: Expiration date Mon Jun 06 08:22:08 EDT 2016 Jun 09, 2016 8:20:01 AM com.prosc.license.client.Registration getLicense WARNING: License is invalid: com.prosc.license.client.ExpiredLicenseException: DEMO mode expired! (16) You can continue to run in demo mode by restarting FileMaker, or you can register with a valid license key from at com.prosc.license.client.Registration.checkLicense( at com.prosc.license.client.Registration.getLicense( at com.prosc.fmkit.RegisterablePlugin.registrationDidChange( at com.prosc.fmkit.RegisterablePlugin.getRegistration( at com.prosc.fmkit.RegisterablePlugin.init( at com.prosc.emailplugin.EmailerPlugin.init( at com.prosc.fmkit.Plugin.init( at com.prosc.fmkit.PluginBridge$2.initialValue( at com.prosc.fmkit.PluginBridge$2.initialValue( at java.lang.ThreadLocal.setInitialValue(Unknown Source) at java.lang.ThreadLocal.get(Unknown Source) at com.prosc.fmkit.PluginBridge.getPluginInfoForThread( at com.prosc.fmkit.PluginBridge.getThePlugin( at com.prosc.fmkit.PluginBridge.doFunction( Jun 09, 2016 8:20:01 AM$KeepAliveThread run INFO: heartbeat thread was interrupted; exiting Jun 09, 2016 8:20:01 AM sendServerDisconnect CONFIG: Closing connection to license server at Jun 09, 2016 8:20:01 AM$KeepAliveThread run INFO: LicensePluginModel: Finished heartbeat thread for product 16 / session 46c8993d-1cff-432e-998a-b995dd4913ae Jun 09, 2016 8:20:01 AM com.prosc.fmkit.PluginBridge$4 run CONFIG: === Executing plugin function EmailRegister on thread Thread-2278 === Jun 09, 2016 8:20:01 AM com.prosc.fmkit.Plugin setLastError SEVERE: PluginFunction PluginFunction{name='EmailRegister', functionID=19905, minArgs=null, maxArgs=2} got an error with converted args [XXXXXX, XXXXXX] com.prosc.license.client.ExpiredLicenseException: DEMO mode expired! (16) You can continue to run in demo mode by restarting FileMaker, or you can register with a valid license key from at com.prosc.license.client.Registration.checkLicense( at at com.prosc.fmkit.RegisterablePlugin$
  12. There have been a lot of people that have come this same way. I recently moved our FMServers from a couple of MAC minis to a virtual Windows environment. The resources are more plentiful and definitely cheaper for a Windows option and any Apple hardware can offer, especially when you need to move to something beyond a small workgroup. I certainly love using my MAC for development more than a PC, and would be hard presses to change that. But for servers, Apple just falls short.
  13. I'm considering upgrading my FM servers to v15, mostly for the Top Call Statistics, but also the WebDirect features. To save me some time and effort, has anyone used the Top Call Statistics in a meaningly way and can give a honest review of it? Is it really helpful in any way, and if so, how? Or is it another feature that looks great on the onset, but not very helpful once you start using it?
  14. For anyone who is reading this after the fact - If you use Comodo as the vendor, then you HAVE to get the EliteSSL type in order to encrypt FMP traffic. The base cert they offer only covers web traffic, and not internal traffic. It costs more money, but it's the only way to make this work.
  15. Yes, this is what I was trying to describe in my previous post. Thanks to Comment for making this clearer.