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  1. In the script 'MirrorSync Customization (Master Code)' around line 68 it implies that mutating the $$MIRRORSYNC_USERTOKEN var on the server would in turn affect the spoke device. Currently I am serializing some params via Let notation from spoke to Hub but I would like to pass back some metadata also. Changing the $$MIRRORSYNC_USERTOKEN var here does not seem to surface on the spoke. So two questions: 1. Does this $$VAR get passed back to the spoke at all and if so, where can I surface it (what context) ? 2. What are some alternative techniques to pass meta data from Hub to Spoke? ( I am implementing some version control and auto updating and would rather not have to sync another table just to pass metadata ) Cheers!
  2. If I wanted to script a mobile device update process, is it possible to directly access the download link and not have to go through the intermediate trigger page?. I would like to grab a copy of the hosted file and insert it into a container. Currently hitting the download link returns the "Download file is ready and should automatically start downloading now." Then later a JS forced download. C
  3. ok. not a separate folder as such, just the found set I have selected for this particular user. So its looking like I have to modify the found set at the beginning of sync (before a search is conducted) so they show up. (This would only happen on the very first sync. post download) of if I hooked in as the table was about to sync and explnaded the found set to include the ones that would normally be broken.
  4. Hmm, so does it fall over to an internal storage? refreshing a broken container and syncing allows the container contents to render again. Likewise, adding a new photo to a container syncs correctly, so it would seem that I just need to refresh the broken set that are on the mobile device ... ?
  5. Thanks Jesse, But I was really not looking to have manual intervention of the file each deployment. I would ideally like to just refresh the broken links of the records I have. Is modifying the hosted image TS's the only way to force a record to sync?
  6. My use case is such that mobile users need some records that have containers. The hub has containers stored externally. Deploying to the mobile device breaks the container. Triggering the Server side record will 'refresh' the mobile container and display its contents (after a sync) Can I force a table (or found set) to sync from the server to the mobile device WITHOUT forcing those images to download to all the other mobile devices?. Each iPad will have its own set of records. What are some options here? Am I forced to tickle the containers server side forcing a download or any device that would normally download them? Is there a way to force a download of just this one table and not affect the others? or the modTimeStamp? cheers
  7. Some progress, I have added the missing rewrite module, Reinstalled Mirror Sync, but it did not create the entry. I have manually tried to create the entry from your screen cap (thanks) but it still does not redirect. http://localhost/MirrorSync to http://localhost/:42424/MirrorSync I am more curious as to why the installer did not add the rewrite entry ...
  8. Thanks Ben, I have tried restarting IIS already (even rebooting) How an I verify the rewrite rule?
  9. This is simular (perhaps) but different from this thread: This is a stand alone AWS instance and does not have FMS running on it. I can use the local ip:42424/MirrorSync to access the console. Any suggestions? c
  10. I am having this same issue but my server is stand alone and does not have FMS installed (an AWS instance) Any Suggestions? Is application routing or something else needed?
  11. For future reference, I have added a blog regarding SSO Single Sign on and Filemaker webdirect here on my site.
  12. This potentially an amazing idea. We can book the resources as needed so that a single user would be using said application at a time if the licensing allows it.