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  1. Table with many fields or table with generic field?

    "I can't think of any other way to do it." Wow. Well; we can; and you been repeatedly given correct instructions. Listen to what Laretta and Comment have told you.
  2. Adjustable Size Layout

    Though hosted, you can use the backup features of the server admin control panel to generate a clone; and download that.
  3. The 10 takes into account the entire length of the start phrase. But here's a file with a few script mods to consider, including a global field to determine which occurrence you are searching for. TestEmailParse_MODBFR.fmp12.zip
  4. Not necessarily. You can leave the field unformatted; and use simple templates and substitutions to apply different tab sets. You can even apply different tab sets to each line. See attached rudimentary example. ColumnFormats.fmp12
  5. Help with a find

    I would think that terms would be failed or passed. Seems a very unusual and inappropriate use of "win".
  6. showing scripts

    Impossible. You have not unchecked them all.Your screenshot, for instance, does not show the top of the script list.
  7. Self-Join Layout

    Not missing a step; missing a concept. You cannot do what you want.
  8. You will be invited if somebody thinks your contribution will be worthwhile.
  9. Hooray! Begone, thee vile app window!
  10. Un able to Export Reocrds as fmp12

    Your Windows version meets requirements? http://www.filemaker.com/products/filemaker-pro/pro-16-specifications.html
  11. Un able to Export Reocrds as fmp12

    Your example does not show that; and it is hard to tell whether you are using an extension in the file name.
  12. Un able to Export Reocrds as fmp12

    Did you actually try a different file name?
  13. Looping through Value List

    You will find the sentence more or less randomly included in help for specific design functions in previous versions. Rolling it up to a single blanket statement within the higher level Design Functions topic seems like a good idea. It seems clear to me that this is how it is intended to work; these are all old, unchanged functions. YMMV, of course.
  14. Looping through Value List

    It IS documented; but the topic has been elevated appropriately within the help structure. Look under the Notes section within the general Design Functions topic. •If you specify no filename (""), functions return results for the current file. As mentioned. That's what DOCUMENTED means.
  15. Looping through Value List

    Help seems to be inconsistent on this subject across versions. The referenced statement exists for ValueListNames help in previous versions; and these functions began in FM6. And it continues to function correctly.

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