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  1. XPOST from FileMaker community. Run Script after press enter
  2. But that would you you to first enter find mode; which you did not do. So you're in a new record.
  3. It is very hard to tell what you are trying to do here.
  4. That "PDF" is useless. It is just another screenshot, with the same problem.
  5. Note that your script is not readable. The screen shot is cropped so your Let statement is incomplete. Better to print the script to PDF and post that. Or post the file. Or find some other way to actually reveal the complete script.
  6. Use perform find WITHOUT the Restore option.
  7. Yet another example of why it is useful to have fields set up to use the auto-enter calc: trim( textFormatRemove( self ))
  8. Note that JPG and PNG files will display in line here.
  9. As already positively declared- not gone yet.
  10. In addition, there seems to be some confusion about runtime deprecation and what that actually means. It is still there now; it will still be there in the next version. At some unspecified point, even further down the road; it may in fact finally disappear.
  11. Very curious and unsupported conclusions. Among them; perhaps understandably; failing to distinguish between ExecuteSQL; and Execute SQL.
  12. This is still confusing and still jumping into the middle of something without describing the basics. Please begin by describing your data structure. What tables are involved; what does your graph look like.
  13. This is an XPOST by the way, from FileMaker Community.
  14. And therefore FileMaker Server will not allow it to be opened. FileMaker Server 15 does not open no-password files.
  15. No, it is not custom search order. It is custom sort order. You could do web searches for drag and drop portal sort. You will need to add sortOrder field (number field) to the child record table and you will need to sort the relation by this field. To begin using it, have it auto-enter get(recordNumber). Edit it by hand to control sort. Then learn from the available example files how to automate this. Example link: