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  1. Here are two links to help: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/14208958/select-data-from-date-range-between-two-dates http://www.soliantconsulting.com/blog/2016/03/determining-if-two-date-ranges-overlap
  2. So, you see the PDF on the desktop. What if you used Insert File instead of Insert Picture?
  3. What is the error when you step the script?
  4. If only FMI would provide a better Send Mail.
  5. http://help.filemaker.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/15733/kw/send mail What OS?
  6. Try adding a Pause before Send Mail.
  7. Is that a question? If the PDF opens, then let's assume that it is successfully being created. Do you have FM Advanced? If so, you can step the script and see where you get errors. If you put the dialog back ON in Send Mail it'll give you a chance to see if the PDF is attached.
  8. Stop the script after the Save as PDF. Add the Auto Open to this script step. Do you see your PDF?
  9. Drop filemac: , it's not needed. You have an extra space before .pdf. Not sure what context you are in. So, does that Go to Field fail?
  10. Here's an old demo I posted that might help. Not really enough info to see what's going wrong with your script. What is the value in InvItems::_InvID ? I'm wondering if there's a value in there that is breaking the $Path.
  11. Check out FM Starting Point. http://fmstartingpoint.com
  12. I have a Theme layout, too, lol. Using Matt P's Starter Theme technique. Just thought I'd ask to see if I was overlooking a way to set the default.
  13. I'm not talking about system formats in the File Options. I want to drag out a date field and have its default display format (as specified on the Inspector's Data Formatting to be dd/mm/yy. Without touching that it is "As Entered" and it displays as mm/dd/yyyy.
  14. So, here's something I've lived with forever and I'm finally asking for help! Can you set a default date format? I'd like all my date fields to display as mm/dd/yy. However, I find that I must use the Inspector's Date Format to do so and I cannot see how to make that the default format. Anyone?
  15. I would create two separate accounts and auto-enter the account_created in the invoice record. That is, to open the file in the kitchen, i would login with the kitchen account.