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  1. Where did Easy Sync Go ?

    but no documentation
  2. Where did Easy Sync Go ?

    I think Tim is blocking WayBack now.
  3. EasySync Error 201

    Good catch. I do believe that LIKE is case-sensitive. In general...for success - do NOT deviate AT ALL. Everything matters.
  4. EasySync Error 201

    Well, there's obviously a setup problem somewhere. Can you post clones of your mobile/host files?
  5. EasySync Error 201

    Perhaps this easysync_documentation will help. You can name Table Occurrences to control their behavior during Sync. So, if you only want to Pull, then name them with the prefix, "ES_PULL_"
  6. Styles eye dropper problem

    Sort of. I want to copy a style's attributes to another object but not change that object's assigned style. What happens now is that the destination's object style is changed.
  7. Styles eye dropper problem

    Hmm. LR, what seems to happen is that the eye dropper changes the target to the copied style. I don't want that. I want to copy the style's attributes and update an existing style to match. For example, I have field left, field right. I update field left to have an inner shadow, etc. (too much to want to redo). I want to copy those attributes, paste on a field that is assigned field right style and then, save field right - updating its styling.
  8. Styles eye dropper problem

    Is there a way to copy formatting and update an existing style? Yes, should have updated the field's existing assigned style, but didn't. So, I'd like to capture a style and update an existing style definition to match.
  9. unrelated locked formatting

    Can you avoid ungrouping and use the Layout Objects window to select the field?
  10. Great question, Josh.
  11. On TechNet: https://community.filemaker.com/thread/173734 Mod ( Code ( Get ( WindowName ) ) ; 10^17 ) didn't seem to work for me. Left ( Code ( Get ( WindowName ) ) ; 17 ) seems to work ok.
  12. omg! Calling WIM!!! I see the same issue on Mac OS Sierra ( 10.12.5) FMA
  13. Not sure if "master list" = client cache. I've not heard that term. However, I've read that some are seeing bad data (outdated) because of cache! Several desperate posts on TechNet. https://community.filemaker.com/thread/168254 But good reviews here: https://blog.beezwax.net/2016/06/15/performance-optimizations-make-compelling-case-for-filemaker-15-upgrade/
  14. Yep, great to "see" you too. I'm looking thru FTS and Design Performance. Can't remember where I read that...
  15. I think the 25 is list view only, LR. Also, I dare not mention the client cache.

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