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  1. by "portal database" do you mean the client file? *portal is a layout object in FileMaker You may wish to preload the client before it ships. Not recommended. Provide a sync button on every layout and train the user to click it often (show the last sync, show it in RED if it's been past a threshold period). Starting a sync automatically is disruptive, imho. Not necessary. Records that have been pulled will not pull again unless their last modified timestamp (ES_UTC_Time) is greater than the client's last pull timestamp.
  2. Jeff, I've used EasySync extensively. I'm questioning some of the assumptions you've made in the workflow necessary for sync. "I seem to have a serious speed issue, in that trying to sync the mobile version just locks everything up, trying to do an initial sync." What do you mean by "locks everything up?" Then, you start deviating from the intended use of sync. "I can manually pull the data over at the end of a day, then mark all of these as EX_Exclude 1 and import them manually into my new portal" I suggest looking at what's the cause of your speed issues, before you start going around intended setup. I'm here to help. -Barbara
  3. @tmr_slh would love to see your version, tmr. We too ran into failure on Windows.
  4. No, it hasn't changed, unless your copy has been changed.
  5. I'll give this some thought. Thank you for helping me think this through.
  6. Sanity check here...I want to use a popover with a portal to help a user select from a long list of choices in Find Mode. Apparently, I cannot do that. I've tried to populate a global in the parent table and use a relationship with the global on the left to display related children in the portal. Nothing shows. I then switched to a virtual list of choices where the $$vlist is populated by SQL. $$vlist has data..portal shows nothing. Is Find Mode unable to use such a technique? I did follow Kevin Frank's tutorial on conditional value lists in Find Mode. That works wonderfully, except my first popup is too long -- really need that picker!
  7. Here's the use case: User would like to find all loans at a specific Event, and perhaps a location related to that selected Event (Events have locations). Currently, they enter Find Mode, hide calcs are used to provide Find enterable fields. The Event field has a popup menu with a value list of all events (very long) and the Event Location field has a popup menu with a value list that is now conditional given a selected Event. So, I'm stuck with that really long Event popup menu. Not sure how'd I'd split what we can do in browse with what we can do in Find. Perhaps forget the "Find Mode" and use QuickFind.
  8. Not in Find mode, apparently. Just want to show a popover with portal picker of Events in Find mode. no joy. However, a popup menu with a value list works. I thought, perhaps, that I'm overlooking something obvious.
  9. Yes, cards look very cool. Hmm...a new window isn't the best since I'm on FMGo.
  10. Two videos and respective techniques come to mind: https://www.geistinteractive.com/2014/11/19/filemaker-master-detail-2-0-video/ Neither of which are for beginners, but it CAN be done in Filemaker.
  11. And that's the answer, comment. Yes, I am trying to do so. Value lists work attached to popup menus...so, I thought perhaps I could get a popover with a portal picker to work. @Lee - over 100 values to choose from on first popup. So, checkboxes aren't the answer either.
  12. Well Kevin, Despite your instructions not to respond (since I am a FM developer), I will offer this advice: FileMaker is a database development tool. It is not an off-the-shelf solution. Yes, there are some templates available, but the idea is that you build what you need. So, define what you mean by "Document Management" and start from there. Btw, I do feel that FM can be used to build such a solution. hth, Barbara
  13. You could use a non-enterable field (as set on the Inspector) on the layout (or a merge field). Then have a popover button next to it that opens with an editable field. If you want to support cancel, the field in the popover is a global field, and the Save button takes the global value and sets the actual field. The nice thing about building it this way is that you don't leave your layout (and incur panel resets and triggers). Also, the "edit" popover button can be hidden, based on a rule. The same thing can be done with Slide Controls. Click and "edit" button and the user navs to a panel that has the editable fields.
  14. Any suggestions as to how I can cleanup all the $$vars? I'm using them for $$active.button[wincode] in button bars, too. I suppose I can use custom menus mapped to Close and there run a cleanup script.
  15. I have a popover portal that displays a virtual list. My client would like to have two or more windows open at the same time. (ugh, i know). Currently, if the user has two windows each with a popover portal displayed, they are parsing the same $$vlist, and so one popover's portal is showing the wrong data. My options seem to be: find a way to make the $$vlist window specific find a way to close the first popover if the user makes a different window active (both popovers do not need to be visible at the same time) hide one popover by storing a key in the virtual list that compares the record to this key in the $$vlist, and if the key isn't there, the portal hides. (don't like this UX). Thoughts? Is there a switched window trigger??
  16. I've done that for all the other $$vars, Wim. Exactly what you have there (although I put Code(get(window name)) in a CF to save typing. Hmm...why did I think that my virtual list wouldn't work this way? Wim! Thank you. Works perfectly.
  17. Actually, "save only Reference" isn't the ideal solution since in a multi-user environment you'd need to ensure that each user can access the path to the file. I find it best to have the file stored on the server, and use external storage for containers.
  18. Actually, Tim tried to do server - to - server sync and gave up (which says quite a bit). http://timdietrich.me/blog/serversync-pulling-the-plug/
  19. I would guess that BE expects OS paths, not FM paths. https://www.briandunning.com/cf/902
  20. Do you order a product from more than one vendor? If so, you'll need a join table ProductVendor. That is, a product cannot have a single id_vendor foreign key. What is the workflow for ordering? Perhaps start at a product list and select products to order? Then, script the creation of Purchase Orders.
  21. You cannot attachment more than one document to an email in FileMaker without using a plugin. Google Filemaker email plugins.
  22. OMG - Never noticed these checkboxes. Thank you, Wim. So embarrassed...
  23. Perhaps I'm tired...but I would like a refresher on the subtle difference between these two triggers. In my use case, my script enters find mode, sets fields, and finds the target record (a scripted gtrr). Now that I found the record, I'd like to set all the default button bar $$active_segments, and perhaps nav to certain panels. At first I tried OnLayoutEnter, but apparently that doesn't fire in Find mode. I could add all the setting of stuff to the script that does the find, but it occurs to me that perhaps OnRecordLoad is the better approach. Thoughts?
  24. Please read the link I proved. It's essentially that you understand round-tripping and the use of the Device ID to suppress it.