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  1. Do you order a product from more than one vendor? If so, you'll need a join table ProductVendor. That is, a product cannot have a single id_vendor foreign key. What is the workflow for ordering? Perhaps start at a product list and select products to order? Then, script the creation of Purchase Orders.
  2. You cannot attachment more than one document to an email in FileMaker without using a plugin. Google Filemaker email plugins.
  3. OMG - Never noticed these checkboxes. Thank you, Wim. So embarrassed...
  4. Perhaps I'm tired...but I would like a refresher on the subtle difference between these two triggers. In my use case, my script enters find mode, sets fields, and finds the target record (a scripted gtrr). Now that I found the record, I'd like to set all the default button bar $$active_segments, and perhaps nav to certain panels. At first I tried OnLayoutEnter, but apparently that doesn't fire in Find mode. I could add all the setting of stuff to the script that does the find, but it occurs to me that perhaps OnRecordLoad is the better approach. Thoughts?
  5. Please read the link I proved. It's essentially that you understand round-tripping and the use of the Device ID to suppress it.
  6. "there is no option to clear Hover, Pressed, Etc. states to be non-specific (no reaction) that I know of anyway." I still do not understand the issue. If I didn't want a the Hover state to differ in appearance from the Normal state, I would set its appearance to be the same as the Normal in the style definition.
  7. I don't usually use any default theme because they come with lots of predefined states. I start with Minimalist and add styles as I need.
  8. Refresh Object http://blog.jsfmp.com/post/128202568431/how-to-deactivate-a-filemaker-button-bar
  9. Edit the appearance settings for the various states. They don't need to be different.
  10. The host file and mobile file are not the same. They each use different scripts. If you want to sync in both directions, you'll need both push and pull. I suggest using Tim's samples to test your setup.
  11. You can set the $exportPath and give the export file any name you wish.
  12. I would like to confirm something. It seems that GetFieldName ( ) is context independent. I would like to write robust sql using getfieldname( ) but was stuck thinking I'd need a relationship to the field. Can someone confirm that is not necessary.
  13. I think it's a planned feature. I try to document layers by just adding a text block on the right far side of a layout (the offscreen section).
  14. Layered objects are so challenging. Especially now when they can have triggers. I look forward to the version that lists all a layouts objects more clearly.
  15. Does the popover have any script triggers attached? Specifically, OnObjectExit.
  16. Glad to help! Not easy troubleshooting sync, that's for sure!
  17. Perhaps it's a path issue caused by a filename that's not acceptable?
  18. Here are two links to help: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/14208958/select-data-from-date-range-between-two-dates http://www.soliantconsulting.com/blog/2016/03/determining-if-two-date-ranges-overlap
  19. So, you see the PDF on the desktop. What if you used Insert File instead of Insert Picture?
  20. What is the error when you step the script?
  21. If only FMI would provide a better Send Mail.
  22. http://help.filemaker.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/15733/kw/send mail What OS?
  23. Try adding a Pause before Send Mail.
  24. Is that a question? If the PDF opens, then let's assume that it is successfully being created. Do you have FM Advanced? If so, you can step the script and see where you get errors. If you put the dialog back ON in Send Mail it'll give you a chance to see if the PDF is attached.