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  1. Ah - I thought there must be some way to find it; had't found Get(...Path) before. Many thanks again!
  2. Huge thanks yet again - that did the job :-) As an aside; the database file itself had been moved by Mac OS when I started syncing files with iCloud. - so the database itself was on iCloud! - I've moved it now - I suspect that would have been a recipe for disaster.. Very best wishes, Mike
  3. Hi Folks, I've broken a pdf saving script which used to work. The filename itself hasn't changed so I don't think that's the problem (there are no /s for instance) - I'm pretty sure it's the file path and Mac OS re-organising itself to sync with iCloud. I'm trying to save PDFs to Dropbox and I think that the Dropbox folder on my my has changed location. According to info, the location is /Users/mikekentdavies/Dropbox/KJA Music Library. The calculation I'm using to set the location variable is below; can anyone see where I'm going wrong? (I've also tried various combinations of filemac: / file: / .. / : etc having read the FM creating file paths webpage.) "filemac:../Users/mikekentdavies/Dropbox/KJA Music Library/Set Lists/" & Gig::Gig Name & " - " & Gig::Version & " Set List.pdf"
  4. Yep - once again you've hit the nail on the head!! I was using both the other tables... Thanks soooo much :-)
  5. Hi Folks, I just can't work out what I'm doing wrong here! I've got a set list. Each song has a duration (as a time field) in a song list table. In the same table I have a summary field that totals the durations. This works fine, except in the one place I actually need it - the "SetListPrint" list layout. I assume that somehow I'm sorting or finding wrong - can anyone see what I'm doing wrong? - Ideally I need total durations for each set and also for the spare songs as well as a total. Cheers! Mike WKBBNoNameCopy.fmp12
  6. Aren't the "orchestra" and "contacts" different? Shouldn't the event be attached to contacts within the orchestra? (.e.g secretary, chairman, bass trombone etc) And these contacts should be joined to the orchestra - possibly to more than one orchestra.
  7. Why can't the membership no be in the Contact table? Can members have more than one number / are membership numbers unique?
  8. Comment is right. Do we need to be thinking about further potential categories - SATB / SAB / SSATTB etc? Also - some pieces could be in multiple categories - an SATB piece for full choir / chamber choir etc. I'd use a checkbox to tick all categories a piece is in.
  9. Could you have one layout that has your left panel nav pane, and then open windows in front and to the right of it?
  10. Oh, thanks for that Bruce - did that change with the forum update? I don't remember being able to use JPGs before.
  11. No, there aren't any custom menus, the only menu is FileMaker default. Many thanks though! Mike
  12. Hi Folks, Non full access users can not cut and paste into fields. This happens on my machine or on theirs (both Macs). With a full access account it isn't a problem. I've included the priv set preferences, but I don't see anything there that looks as if it's causing the problem. However, I'm a total beginner with using accounts!! Cheers, Mike AccountPref.tiff
  13. Hi Snozzles, As far as I'm aware, FM can't create or delete folders in the OS; therefore it's only a temporary folder if we go into the Finder and manually delete it each time. For this to work, you'd have to give the two files the same name each export so they overwrote previous CSVs there. Having said that - out of the 3 answers given, mine does seem the most clunky!!!
  14. Many thanks - that works perfectly (it needs a refresh window script trigger). I've just spent a couple of minutes working out how it works - very clever!!! I'm gradually working through table names - the docs I've read about naming conventions give names that confuse me even more, but it is on my TODO list! Cheers :-) Mike
  15. HI folks, I have the following Portal Filter set up: ExamPaper 3::Skills = AcademicExam::gFilterPaperMarks This works fine, just showing the exam papers examining the relevant skills. However, I'd like to be able to show more than one skill at a time. If I change the global to a checkbox I can select more than one skill to view, but the resultant spaces mean than the filter doesn't work. Do I have to use a script to write global variables to filter on, or can I do this within the portal filter? I've managed to do the same thing with other filters using relationships, but thought there might be another way of doing it! Many thanks, Mike