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  1. Oh, thanks for that Bruce - did that change with the forum update? I don't remember being able to use JPGs before.
  2. No, there aren't any custom menus, the only menu is FileMaker default. Many thanks though! Mike
  3. Hi Folks, Non full access users can not cut and paste into fields. This happens on my machine or on theirs (both Macs). With a full access account it isn't a problem. I've included the priv set preferences, but I don't see anything there that looks as if it's causing the problem. However, I'm a total beginner with using accounts!! Cheers, Mike AccountPref.tiff
  4. Hi Snozzles, As far as I'm aware, FM can't create or delete folders in the OS; therefore it's only a temporary folder if we go into the Finder and manually delete it each time. For this to work, you'd have to give the two files the same name each export so they overwrote previous CSVs there. Having said that - out of the 3 answers given, mine does seem the most clunky!!!
  5. Many thanks - that works perfectly (it needs a refresh window script trigger). I've just spent a couple of minutes working out how it works - very clever!!! I'm gradually working through table names - the docs I've read about naming conventions give names that confuse me even more, but it is on my TODO list! Cheers :-) Mike
  6. HI folks, I have the following Portal Filter set up: ExamPaper 3::Skills = AcademicExam::gFilterPaperMarks This works fine, just showing the exam papers examining the relevant skills. However, I'd like to be able to show more than one skill at a time. If I change the global to a checkbox I can select more than one skill to view, but the resultant spaces mean than the filter doesn't work. Do I have to use a script to write global variables to filter on, or can I do this within the portal filter? I've managed to do the same thing with other filters using relationships, but thought there might be another way of doing it! Many thanks, Mike
  7. You could (using Finder) create a folder somewhere convenient. Then save your two csvs into that. Then set the file path as that folder. That's assuming that you really need CSVs - otherwise dwdatas solution is the way to go. Cheers, Mike
  8. We do have some marks for the previous students - the GCSE, AS and A2 grades. For the most recent we also have our own internal marks and school prediction data. Yes - at the moment we have the school predictions based on baseline test administered by a national agency. For us though, they're very unreliable hence my wish to improve them (the baseline tests don't include anything that tests musical ability). It's all to do with the prediction of accurate AS and A2 grades. Once the students have their AS results we have a better idea of how they will do for A2. This prediction is crucial to them getting a university place. If we predict too high and they aim for universities at that level, there's a good chance of them not getting the grades they need to get there. If we predict too low, they aim too low. All this can be especially crucial when students join the school older (which happens frequently). E.g. We've taught one this year who came to do AS and who I believe has underachieved because I didn't spot until too late that they were likely to be very weak in one paper. The student & parents had emphasised a different paper as an historical weakness so more effort was focussed there. I'm starting to get my head round the process of data normalisation / input. I think I will need a table of papers so I'm able to focus the predictions more. Each paper is based on one of the skills of performing, composing and musical analysis / listening. If I use a check list of these skills in class assessments, then I can focus on the ones relevant to each paper in the predictions. When adding a record for each paper, I can then run the script to create a prediction for that paper. Cheers! Mike
  9. All I've done so far is this: Used pupils existing baseline assessments to give them a percentile based an all known present and past students at the school. This is accessible via a tooltip by their name in the class register. This has been very useful in my interactions with younger students - if a pupil is constantly asking for help I can check the tooltip to see if their ability is lower than their peers. With older pupils this data is not as useful, as it doesn't reflect their musical ability very well. Traditional baseline test are notoriously inaccurate at forecasting music exam grades. At school, we have extra relevant information though - instrumental exam results, music class test results etc. This would be useful to: Advise pupils whether they should opt to do music at a higher level.Advise teachers what grades they should be aiming for with each pupil.With more accurate predictions, pupils would be more likely to get to their optimum university.Cheers! Mike
  10. Yep, that makes more sense!!
  11. So the join (ExamMarks) table would have ID Pupil ID Exam ID Paper Name Mark The Exam table would have ID Date Title / level etc Total marks for each paper - or I could include that in the Join Table. Thanks!!!
  12. Many thanks Agnes - I have a think about whether I need another table for Papers - I'm pretty undecided at the moment. Without; if 3 pupils did GCSE they'd each have 1 EXAMMARK record with three marks on it - one for each paper. With: if three pupils did GCSE they'f each have 3 EXAMPAPER records, with one mark on it. Regarding scripting, would the first one be easier? Your immediate reaction was that I wanted another new table for Exams though, so that's where I think I'm heading! Cheers! Mike
  13. Hi folks, I have a database for my school music department. It includes these tables: Pupils (things like DoB, name etc - also baseline test results and previous school) Marks (linked to Assessment and Class tables too) Instruments Instrumental Exam Results What I'd like to do now is: Add GCSE, A level and A2 resultsUse previous baseline tests, Marks and Instrumental Exam Results to generate predictions so I can see which pupils are likely to under and over achieve.My two questions are: How do I go about thinking of the maths (I'm a musician!!!)The GCSE, AS and A2 exams all have 3 papers, each with different maximum marks. Obviously all could be converted into a %.I'd somehow like the calculation to take into account historical accuracy - i.e, if last years predictions were too high, next years will be lower.How do I organise the database to add this, I see 4 options:Add GCSE, AS and A2 result fields to the Pupil table.Add a new Academic Exam table.Use the Instrumental Exam table, but add new fields.Use the Marks table.Many thanks, Mike
  14. As far as I can tell, calculated fields treat them as empty, causing things that refer to them to break....! I've used this to hide a now nearly empty tooltip - but they have no access to the sensitive fields anyway. Case ( (Day::AccountPriv ≠ "student") ; Case ( not IsEmpty (Pupils::Nickname) ; Pupils::Nickname ; Pupils::PreferedName ) & " (" & Pupils::TutorGroup & ")" & Case ( not IsEmpty (Pupils::cInstruments) ; ¶ & Pupils::cInstruments ) &"¶Attendance = "& Round ( Pupils::cAttendanceAverage ; 1 ) &"%¶This Year Avg = "& Round ( Pupils::ThisYrAssesmentAverage ; 1 ) & "% / All Time Avg = "& Round ( Pupils::AssesmentAverage ; 1 ) & "%" & Etc Is it best practice to use the re-login script step to do this, then followed by script steps to hide toolbar etc or is there something else I've missed? Cheers, Mike
  15. Perfect - just the job. Thanks for sorting me out, none of my searches hit the mark! If there isn't access to a field, how do calculated fields that refer to them cope - just count them as blank? I'll try to remember to report back when I get that far. Cheers again, Mike