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  1. Hello, I see that I can download the attachment name with the IMAP connection. Can I get the actual attachment file downloaded to a container? Thanks Marty
  2. I've downloaded the file and it seems to a point and then the API seems to cut it off. I have ~12,000 adddresses that I'd like to geocode. Does anyone know of an alternate method. I've tried but I can seem to retrieve the lat/long.
  3. Thanks, it looks like we have it off, I checked the link with all possible IP addresses (such as and could not connect to any of them.
  4. We had tried to install supercontainer on a couple of different MS servers and have been having some issues in our network ever since. This may not be related, but we want to be sure that we have eliminated this as a potential problem. As SC runs in the background, how can we confirm that it is not running anywhere on our network? Thanks
  5. Our fmsa server is on a virtual machine. Our users have mapped drives to file servers that have fairly robust backups. Can we store our on the mapped drives that are not of the fm server machine?