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  1. This is a follow up to last week’s part 6, with three refinements. Demo 1 (Excel Exports, v7a) – fixes a numeric formatting bug Demo 2 (Excel Exports, v7b) – offers a more flexible Excel export “save” dialog Demo 3 (Excel Exports, v7c) – uses ExecuteSQL to reduce the # of TOs on the RG […] View the full article
  2. Recently I was asked to implement user-friendly Excel exports on a WAN-based solution, utilizing some of the techniques explored earlier in this series (part 1, part 1.1, part 2, part 3, part 4 and part 5 — all from five years ago). There was just one problem: while performance was great locally, and okay on a LAN, it was […] View the full article
  3. Author’s note: I’d like to offer a big thank you to Christian Schmitz of Monkeybread Software, not only for creating and continually improving a fantastic plug-in, but also for promptly and patiently answering my many questions. A few weeks ago we looked at creating a table of contents for a PDF containing nine individual reports. […] View the full article
  4. A few years back I did an article on producing a PDF catalog + table of contents, with the TOC based on a vendor table and the catalog entries based on a products table. Today we’re going to use a different approach to generate a table of contents, and it builds on techniques explored in […] View the full article
  5. Editor’s note: Today I’m pleased to present a guest article and accompanying demo file written by Joel Englander on using ExecuteSQL + a global multi-line key as an alternative to FileMaker’s built-in portal filtering mechanism, with dynamic portal sorting included as an added bonus. Demo file: (75 Mb compressed, 230 Mb uncompressed) Portal Filtering […] View the full article
  6. Given its primary role as a database product, it’s easy sometimes to forget what a great teaching tool FileMaker Pro can be. One of my favorite educational uses for it is building models to explore problem spaces, for example… viewing all possible outcomes for a problem with boundary conditions conducting trials to confirm the likelihood […] View the full article
  7. Today we’re going to explore a couple ideas that were glossed over in last month’s article on the CustomList custom function… implementing a “modal” popover using a “magic” value list to display a properly sorted list of dates …and you can download a copy of today’s demo file, Date Filtration, if you are so inclined. […] View the full article
  8. Earlier this year, in Virtual List Reporting, I used a custom function written by Agnes Barouh called CustomList to generate a couple basic lists, and then remarked… Well today I’m going to attempt to make good on that assertion. In case you aren’t already familiar with CustomList, it allows you to iteratively generate and/or parse […] View the full article
  9. Introduction If you work with the separation model, or any other multi-file configuration where a layout in file A is based on a table in file B, you may have encountered the following situation: while FileMaker is perfectly happy to allow you to transfer a found set from file A to file B… …there is […] View the full article
  10. Obvious now that you mention it. Thanks.
  11. Instead of Rental in the statement, try either... 'Rental' or ? If the latter, then you'll need to change this... ; "" ; "" ; invoiceID to ; "" ; "" ; invoiceID ; "Rental" Also bear in mind case-sensitivity... for SQL, Rental is not the same as rental A couple other thoughts: 1. in general, I avoid using SQL in calculated fields, for performance reasons 2. I have no idea what problem you're trying to solve with... decimal = Left ( Evaluate ( 1/2 ) ; 1 ) ...but I'm guessing there's a less convoluted way to go about it.
  12. I don't find the parentheses to be necessary, but if you're going to use them, don't forget to remove the "AND" from the first "AND FieldName NOT LIKE ?" (I know you know this, but for the benefit of any newbies who copy your code and wonder why it's not working.)
  13. Substitute doesn't allow wild cards, so I don't see how that would work.
  14. Hi Ron, Off the top of my head, I'm guessing you'll need to hard code the "AND" portion 26 times, along the lines of... ExecuteSQL ( " SELECT FieldName FROM FileMaker_Fields WHERE TableName = ? AND FieldName NOT LIKE ? AND FieldName NOT LIKE ? " ; "" ; ""; "Notes" ; "zA%" ; "zB%" ) <=== keep going with "z%C", etc. Perhaps someone else can suggest something more efficient? Kevin
  15. INTRODUCTION Earlier this month I was contacted by a DevCon presenter asking permission to include some slides from my eleven-year old anchor/buoy materials as part of his presentation. I said I’d be honored, but then added, “You might mention that I haven’t used A/B on a new project in about eight years.” He asked what […] View the full article