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  1. FileMaker JDBC Bug

    Thanks Jesse
  2. FileMaker JDBC Bug

    Thanks Jesse. I was hoping this was the answer. Any tho't on if there is an issue with the content to the records that precipitates the error (so that we can avoid it)? Any any idea on the 'efficiency' angle? Say, is XML a ##% slower sync generally? Thanks again. Mark
  3. FileMaker JDBC Bug

    Hello We have frequently observed this error. We are curious if 360Works knows if this has been fixed in FMS 16. We are interested in knowing if there is something about the content of the records this affects that we could avoid while retaining the JDBC sync. Also interested if, or how much, switching to XML affects the client's sync. Duration only I suspect. I'd assume the switch to XML is a 'server side' change only and does not require a client update. Let us know if that is incorrect. • update operation for table FileMaker Server xxxxx failed for target nodeId '1B207AE7-4063-4BF9-B450-62522235B189'. A bug in the FileMaker JDBC driver prevented record '1B207AE7-4063-4BF9-B450-62522235B189' from Client node xxx on xxxx from being written to FileMaker Server xxxx. You can delete this record and retry the sync, or you can switch to XML for the sync. Please report this problem to 360Works so that we can forward it to FileMaker. [1 more warnings like this] Thanks, Mark
  4. Invalid parameter binding(s)

    Solved. It doesn't like the question mark....
  5. I am getting a new error. I thought I could decipher SQL but don't see an error in the included SQL snippet. I could move to XML, but hope not to. Thanks, Mark --------- Mar 20, 2017 11:20:55 AM com.prosc.mirror.config.server.SyncServer$3 callSEVERE: Sync between data.oda.state.or.us / MAFIS (FileMaker Server) and rludy( username 'developer', running Go_iPad 15.0.3 on, ping time: 8627 ms, machine name: 'rludy' )Last sync failed: com.prosc.sync.AbortException: [FileMaker][FileMaker JDBC] Invalid parameter binding(s).SQL statement: SELECT "C_PATHOGENCROP"."UUID", "C_PATHOGENCROP"."z_ModifiedTS", "C_PATHOGENCROP"."?SynonymName", "C_PATHOGENCROP"."CompanyInfo", "C_PATHOGENCROP"."CropListAppear", "C_PATHOGENCROP"."DiseaseName", "C_PATHOGENCROP"."ID_Crop", "C_PATHOGENCROP"."ID_Pathogen", "C_PATHOGENCROP"."Listed", "C_PATHOGENCROP"."Notes", "C_PATHOGENCROP"."PathogenOther", "C_PATHOGENCROP"."PathogenRequirements", "C_PATHOGENCROP"."PathogenSeedborne", "C_PATHOGENCROP"."Rating", "C_PATHOGENCROP"."ReferenceSource", "C_PATHOGENCROP"."SecondInspectionRequired", "C_PATHOGENCROP"."xCropBotanicalName", "C_PATHOGENCROP"."xCropCommonName", "C_PATHOGENCROP"."z_DeletePermission_n", "C_PATHOGENCROP"."z_EditPermission_n", "C_PATHOGENCROP"."Researched_n", "C_PATHOGENCROP"."YearRequest", "C_PATHOGENCROP"."z_CreationTS", "C_PATHOGENCROP".ROWMODID AS MirrorSync_ETag, "C_PATHOGENCROP".ROWID AS MirrorSync_InsertOrder FROM "C_PATHOGENCROP" WHERE "C_PATHOGENCROP"."z_ModifiedTS" >= ?
  6. Resetting *one* config for a client

    Thanks Jesse I suspected that. No worries! Mark
  7. We have clients/spokes with several configurations active at the same time. We would like to reset just one leaving the other alone. How/can that be done? Thanks, Mark
  8. Too Many Clients error

    Ok, sorry guys. I found the issue and resolved it. Mark
  9. Too Many Clients error

    Hello I have just set up a new configuration. For the initial sync I am getting the attached error. There are of course no 'Client' records in the MirrorSync table. Am I missing something obvious? Thanks, Mark
  10. Oracle <--> Filemaker

    Thanks Jesse. Sounds good.
  11. Oracle <--> Filemaker

    Hello We are going to take the plunge and setup a sync between our Oracle tables and 'shadow' FileMaker tables and we're seeking input. One thing we are wondering about is a 'one-way' sync. We don't want changes to be sync'd back to Oracle. The bigger issue is that we don't want deletions in the Oracle table to be deleted in the FileMaker table. There often are children to these records we don't want deleted or orphaned. As well, are there any gotchas we should consider? I've read the Advanced topics and feel mostly comfortable but you never know what you don't know! Thanks, Mark
  12. Recovery Mode

    Thanks Jesse. I'll get it installed as soon as I'm back in the office. Appreciate your work for us all. Mark
  13. Hello We have occasionally received this error. It occurs when a spoke experiences a failed sync and then immediately retrys. What does this mean and how long is a good rule-of-thumb for "Try again later"? Thanks, Mark
  14. Recovery Mode

    Hello We have had situations where a record has been deleted from the Hosted database and then reappeared. I've chalked this up to a client getting into Recovery Mode. That Spoke still has that record and so for safety's sake, MS will recreate that on the hosted side. Does that reasonable? If so, what *will* put a Spoke into Recovery Mode? If any sync fails, does the next sync put them into RM? Do they stay in RM until they have a successful sync? If that is so should a Spoke then seek to have a successful sync *as soon as possible* to keep Recovery Mode from putting records 'back' that were deleted? i.e. the longer a Spoke has a Failed sync 'pending' the longer this circumstance creates a higher likelyhood for this to occur. Anything else about RM that's valuable to know? Thanks, Mark
  15. 360Works Admin.jar

    This was resolved by restarting Tomcat manually. Thanks Tsiry!

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