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  1. All of Fitch's solutions are good ones, but be aware that in a multiuser solution, there is a very real danger that numbers will be duplicated if requested at about the same time (if the first one isn't committed before the second one is requested).
  2. Try this: <?php $row=0; $bgcolor = 1; foreach($records as $record){ $row++; if($bgcolor == 3){ $bgcolor = 1; } if($bgcolor == 1){ echo '<tr class="alt_row_color">';// ...etc } else { echo '<tr>';// ...etc } if($row % 2 == 0){ $bgcolor++; } } ?>
  3. Hi Doughemi, I'd like to do a search where the the result doesn't equal something.  My coding is obviously wrong, but hope you get the idea.  All records where myField does not equal '1'


    $myFind->addFindCriterion('myField', '!=1');

    1. doughemi


      I prefer that you ask questions on the forum in the future. That way, others can benefit.

      See this thread.

      I can't tell if the link was included in the previous reply.  It is


  4. Check the Data Entry Options (File->File Options...->Text)
  5. Try this: Vacation Tracker_dh1.fmp12
  6. Are years calculated from anniversary date or from some other date?
  7. Yes, with the setOmit(TRUE) statement: $theFind =$fm->newCompoundFindCommand('YourLayout'); $request1=$fm->addFindCriterion('yourField', $value1); $request2=$fm->addFindCriterion('yourOtherField', $value2); $request3=$fm->addFindCriterion('yourOmitField', $valueOmitted); $request3=$fm->setOmit(TRUE); $theFind->add(1,$request1); $theFind->add(2,$request2); $theFind->add(3,$request3); // you could sort here with $theFind->addSortRule() statements $foundSet = $theFind->execute();
  8. Marius - please check your PM
  9. I could not reproduce this behavior in Filemaker Pro 14 Advanced v14.0.6 on OS X 10.11.6. I tried to just add a field in an existing table, paste the character, and perform a find on that field. It behaved normally. I then followed your sequence of creating a new db, creating a field, and pasting the character in the field. In either case, performing a find on this field created no problems. I pasted the character in Find mode, performed the find, and the record with that character was found with no problems. EDIT: I would start troubleshooting by suspecting a corrupted font file.
  10. Inadequate testing. Tests with a number of dates worked ok (including 9/5/2016) but others fail (like 12/29/2015).
  11. This works, too: date > "10/5/2016" and date < "12/31/2016" Edit: could it be that FM is trying to do the division in your original calc?
  12. I don't know, but I've gotten to the point that I let FileMaker do the heavy lifting (with the Date( ) function) on anything having to do with dates.
  13. I got it to work with date > Date(10;5;2016) and date < Date(12;31;2016) But even that didn't work unless the year is 4 digits.
  14. Layouts-->Layout Settings-->uncheck "Show field frames when record is active"
  15. Error 500's description is pretty broad ("internal Server Error" is not very helpful!). The first thing to do is to check your server's access_log and error_log files for any clues.