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  1. The OR rule states that if any input is true, the output is true; otherwise the output is false. The AND rule states that if all inputs are true, the output is true; otherwise the output is false. Your expression is therefore true OR (true AND false) = true OR (false) = true. If you are not getting a 1 output, then your input expressions do not reflect the actual conditions you are modeling.
  2. Try not(Get(AccountName) = "matt" or Get(AccountName) = "kristen" or Get(AccountName) = "haley") Get(AccounName) ≠ "matt" is true whenever the account is anyone's but Matt's. Combined with the other statements, your calculation is always true; therefore you always hide the tab.
  3. @ggt667 You're right, but I knew how to do in in PHP, and I learned how to run a PHP script with a cron. It's a kludge, I know, but it has worked fine for 8 years, so I never cleaned it up.
  4. I had a similar problem several years ago, and ended up just sending the mail in PHP, using a cron to check if there was a flag set in FM
  5. In Layout mode, go to Layouts->Layout Setup...->ScriptTriggers, check the appropriate trigger, and select the corresponding script.
  6. Use this calculation: Let( [~getID = Substitute(YourURLField; "="; "¶"); ~gotID = GetValue(~getID; 2)]; ""& ~gotID & "/maxresdefault.jpg" )
  7. All of Fitch's solutions are good ones, but be aware that in a multiuser solution, there is a very real danger that numbers will be duplicated if requested at about the same time (if the first one isn't committed before the second one is requested).
  8. Try this: <?php $row=0; $bgcolor = 1; foreach($records as $record){ $row++; if($bgcolor == 3){ $bgcolor = 1; } if($bgcolor == 1){ echo '<tr class="alt_row_color">';// ...etc } else { echo '<tr>';// ...etc } if($row % 2 == 0){ $bgcolor++; } } ?>
  9. Hi Doughemi, I'd like to do a search where the the result doesn't equal something.  My coding is obviously wrong, but hope you get the idea.  All records where myField does not equal '1'


    $myFind->addFindCriterion('myField', '!=1');

    1. doughemi


      I prefer that you ask questions on the forum in the future. That way, others can benefit.

      See this thread.

      I can't tell if the link was included in the previous reply.  It is


  10. Check the Data Entry Options (File->File Options...->Text)
  11. Try this: Vacation Tracker_dh1.fmp12
  12. Are years calculated from anniversary date or from some other date?
  13. Yes, with the setOmit(TRUE) statement: $theFind =$fm->newCompoundFindCommand('YourLayout'); $request1=$fm->addFindCriterion('yourField', $value1); $request2=$fm->addFindCriterion('yourOtherField', $value2); $request3=$fm->addFindCriterion('yourOmitField', $valueOmitted); $request3=$fm->setOmit(TRUE); $theFind->add(1,$request1); $theFind->add(2,$request2); $theFind->add(3,$request3); // you could sort here with $theFind->addSortRule() statements $foundSet = $theFind->execute();
  14. Marius - please check your PM
  15. I could not reproduce this behavior in Filemaker Pro 14 Advanced v14.0.6 on OS X 10.11.6. I tried to just add a field in an existing table, paste the character, and perform a find on that field. It behaved normally. I then followed your sequence of creating a new db, creating a field, and pasting the character in the field. In either case, performing a find on this field created no problems. I pasted the character in Find mode, performed the find, and the record with that character was found with no problems. EDIT: I would start troubleshooting by suspecting a corrupted font file.