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  1. Howdy, all: This is for a FileMaker Go solution where there are arrow-shaped sort indicators for select fields that when clicked, will sort their respective fields in ascending or descending order, depending on which arrow is clicked. What I'd like to do is script it so when the arrow is clicked, the indicator color changes to reflect that that field's sort order is in ascending/descending order. That part is easy using scripted flag field and a script parameter to set it. The problem is deactivating an indicator's conditional formatting should a user decide to perform a manual sort using FM Go's native sorting control. Any ideas? TIA for your help!
  2. Howdy, all: I'm looking through the documentation and the forum here, but I can't see a way to export records using a scripted filename in FM Go. If I'm not mistaken, it only allows you to use the file's name. What I'd like the user to be able to do is fire a script that exports a table's records using the table's name as the filename. TIA for your help!
  3. Thanks! I'll do that in addition to creating a (Number) field that'll hold the question number so it'll make easy to sub-summarize by question number.
  4. (I'm sure this has been covered here at quite a few times but my search criteria isn't pulling up what I'm looking for so my apologies if my ineptness is showing.) I have a FileMaker Pro database that's a 12-question questionnaire: in one table it has 24 fields; 12 to capture a rating value (one rating field per question) and a companion Comments field for each question/rating; there are around 1,200 records. What I want to do is print a report where each break field is a question and its respective comments--gathered from all the records for that question--falls under its respective heading/break field, sub-summary-style. At first I thought of looping each comment into a global (or local) variable then combining the result into one HUGE text box. However, I don't think that's the ticket. If you can just give me a little push in the right direction I'll figure out how to code the rest. TIA for your help!
  5. A new question pertaining to this thread: I created a custom theme (in FileMaker Pro Advanced)--named JCC_iPad--based on the now-deprecated Electric theme and want to tweak its CSS. However, looking in the Themes folder while using Show Package Contents, I noticed my custom theme isn't listed with any of the other themes. Any ideas where custom themes are stored nowadays (in FMPA v15.x)? TIA for your replies.
  6. I'm sure it's my ignorance or incompetence showing, but because I wanted to have an "X" for a checkbox character instead of a non-intuitive "1" for end-users; looking at your very elegant calculation, I couldn't figure out how to make it work for a non-Boolean character. I tried fiddling around a little bit in the Inspector by setting the Data Formatting > Format > Boolean > Show Non-Zero to "X", but when in Find mode and clicking in the so-assigned field, a "1" would appear; that would stymie end-users.
  7. Thanks for the link! I incorporated the script that was in the comments and have attached the file for anybody that's interested. Holding down the SHIFT key will halt the script trigger-fired script so you can enter/remove the value to allow for Replace Field Contents. Toggle.fmp12
  8. Greets all: I've read the FileMaker Help on this ( as well as some of the threads here and I just can't wrap my head around how to implement the Set Field by Name for a short script...assuming that's the correct command to use, of course. I've attached a screenshot of what I've done so far just so you can get an idea of what I want to do: For any field that has a On Object Enter script trigger attached, what I want to happen is that when a user clicks in that field it will toggle the result; if that field is empty the script will insert an "X" into the field; if it already has an "X", then it will clear it. (As you can surmise, I'm using these as checkbox fields without having to assign the Control Style as a checkbox field.) You may be wondering about the ActiveModifierKey part: Because the script trigger will fire automatically when a user mouse clicks a field, I need a way to halt the script so if the user wants to change a found set's values from say, "X" to "empty", holding down the Option/Alt key will all him/her to manually clear the field then use the Records > Replace Field Contents command to clear the fields. (If you can think of a more elegant solution of doing this I'm all eyes!) TIA for your help! (...and yes, I know Dialog should be off in the Commit Records step.)
  9. Thanks! Got it to work. Yay. : )
  10. I know this is "out there", but I must be muffing the search criteria so my apologies for this being covered elsewhere. I have two related files (by StudentID number), Application and Student Database. I've set up a global field in Student Database where a user clicks on its Menu-style value list to show the names of students in Application; what I want to do is show the names of students (from Application) who don't have an existing record in Student Database. That way, it'll reduce the thousands of records/names our clerks have to plow through to find only the ones that don't have a record in Student Database; after the name is selected, a script trigger will fire a script that, through a find, will import the student's data from Application to Student Database. I've created another T.O. with the StudentID fields as keys, and have tried setting the join by "X" and "≠"--with no luck--but I may be botching it with the Value List set-up as Use values from field (a calculated field [stored], APPLICATION::Name_Last_First); I tried both Include all values and Include only related values starting from: Student Database luck, either. How should I set this up so it works? TIA for your help! Rich
  11. Discovered the fix: the leading appears correctly if you use a text field on the layout instead of a text box.
  12. Yup. Are you suggesting that I go in and manually tweak the CSS? I've attached a screenshot of what's happening: the leading appears tighter on the Web page (below the FileMaker layout).
  13. Hi! I haven't tried pushing the data out to a .pdf, yet, so your best bet is to create a new "case" with 360 Works; I'll keep an eye out for their reply since sooner or later we'll need to do that as well. Cheers!
  14. Leading is the vertical space between lines of text. I can easily change it in the FMP file, but no matter how I change the style or line spacing there, the leading is minimal when the page is drawn in the Web browser (Chrome and Safari)--the top of the text touches the bottom of the text in the line above. (BTW: The font is Verdana.) Am I missing something to adjust the leading so it appears correctly in the browser or ... ? TIA for your help!
  15. Thanks--that did the trick. (By the way, the calc I used in the script is IF Length ( IDNumber ) = 6.) Yeah, I know about knowing the password length isn't a good thing security-wise but my hands are tied with how the client wants the solution set up, so all I can do is offer advice.