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  1. Hi, all: I tried implementing the following technique into my solution and for the life of me, I can't get the portal to show records when the filter is enabled; without it enabled, I see the duplicate values just fine so at least I know the parent-child relationship is working. I was wondering if you could take a peek and see if there's a subtle or glaring error with the technique as written: I wrote to the author for clarification but I haven't heard back from him yet; I'm under the gun to get a project done this morning, if possible, so if you don't see any errors with the technique then I know it's me...though I really tried to faithfully reproduce the technique here. TIA for your time! Rich
  2. I think you're right about the logic in the equation being screwed up so it's giving the program fits. Some background: I have two labels on the layout, one has the word PC (for Postal Code) and the other has the word, ZIP (for ZIP code); one or the other will "light" depending on whether the country is "US" (or not)--if it is US, then the ZIP code label will light; if not US, then the PC label will light. In addition to that, if the user hasn't entered a value into a record's local field--the IsEmpty part--then the global field in another table (MAIN) will drive the outcome. (Yes, I suppose I could code a proper calculation field to display the wanted outcome's text--I may go that route if I get too frustrated with the labels.) Say for the PC label's calc, "US" is entered in the local table's field so we want it to hide itself: JOB::CountryAbbreviated_Company__lxt = "US" TRUE OR ( IsEmpty ( JOB::CountryAbbreviated_Company__lxt ) FALSE AND MAIN::_g_CountryAbbreviated__gxt = "US" ) TRUE or FALSE, but it's a no-care output because AND's condition will be FALSE no matter what's in MAIN in this case, you have TRUE and FALSE outcomes so the program's going, "Well...make up your mind since there's no TRUE _or_ FALSE output.
  3. I'm going beg your indulgence and use my old geezer card since I don't remember how to fix this so it works: Here's the calc for "Hide object when": JOB::CountryAbbreviated_Company__lxt ≠ "US" or ( IsEmpty ( JOB::CountryAbbreviated_Company__lxt ) and MAIN::_g_CountryAbbreviated__gxt ≠ "US" ) Yes, I know it won't work because the equation needs to be Boolean--how do I modify it so it is? As always TIA for your help.
  4. That would be true except that for each record (and therefore, company name) there there would only be one HQ and only one remote site (if any), irrespective of how many remote sites there might actually be; if there is a remote site, the user can only enter one. (90% of the time there wouldn't be one.)
  5. Thanks! Yes, if there's one thing I excel at it's making things vastly more complicated than they should be. (Hey, everybody has a skill.) I should rename those fields--although they're not number fields (they're text fields), they're currently two sets of state and country fields in the same table and layout: "1" is for a company's HQ and "2" is for its remote site; better names, for example, would be CountryAbbreviated_HQ and CountryAbbreviated_Remote.
  6. Greets, all: I know there's a more elegant way of coding this part of a Let calc but I'm having a brain fade: Let ( [ Country = CountryAbbreviated1__lxt ; State1 = StateAbbreviated1__lxt ] ; Case ( Country = "CA" and State1 = "NU"; "Territory"; Country = "CA" and State1 = "NT"; "Territory"; Country = "CA" and State1 = "YT"; "Territory" ) ) What is it? The Evaluate command? Thanks, and cheers, Rich
  7. That's true about FM Go not being "Android-friendly", but the faculty I consult with specifically stipulate iPads for a handful of reasons: Argumentatively, they're easier to master than Android devices.* If a professor or instructor already owns an iPad, they gear their coursework around it since that's what they already know. Fewer Help Desk-related issues/requests. With every college/university I.T. department I've spoken with, they all report fewer calls/visits with Apple devices compared to Android and PC ones...which is amusing to hear from some of the techs who admittedly don't like Apple products but begrudgingly admit they require fewer service calls. As for the iPads' higher cost, a workaround is to have faculty require an iPad to be used in their course(s); that way, for those students receiving financial aid, it's covered as a required course material so it's paid for by the grant or scholarship. Of course, there's the Apple eco-system and Apple Store availability for students who need help/ least in metropolitan areas. *What surprises me that in this age of computers, tablets, and smartphones, how many students have great difficulty operating them.
  8. From what I heard and read--and it may be way off the mark so I can't vouch for its veracity--v16 of FileMaker Pro won't have the function to create runtimes. Up until that announcement, the product that I'm working on was built specifically to run as a runtime. Looking years down the road, runtime support will fade away which would leave our customers in the lurch. (An argument can be made that we could just hang onto v15 for runtime creation until it's no longer usable but that doesn't make the investor comfortable.) However... (and there's always a "however") Migrating to FM Go may not be a bad thing since our target demographic (primarily college students) has changed its buying habits: many colleges are requiring an iPad (specifically) for coursework so students are more apt to buy those instead of a Mac or PC...though I disagree with colleges in that requirement since tablets are media consumption devices, not production devices, so they're doing their students a disservice in that respect. ...but that's the subject of whole 'nother thread not in keeping with this site.
  9. Indeed, you are correct, and all for want of a word space: I suffered a complete brain hernia between Execute (space) SQL and ExecuteSQL. I apologize for my stupidity.
  10. I'm stuck, and I apologize if this is the wrong forum but I'm not exactly sure where this post should go. :S ) I had a nifty way of viewing enabled records* and being able to sort them a portal Dates, Actions, and Companies or records using a virtual list using ExecuteSQL commands in a script. But, now that runtimes are going bye-bye, I have re-code my solution from scratch to work in FileMaker Go...which doesn't support Execute SQL. I'm sure there's a native workaround in FileMaker to accomplish the same thing but after searching high and low on the Web, I can't find an example file that would solve my problem. A little background: The JOB table, where the data resides, has three different date fields for each record:: ClosesDate, InterviewDate, and FollowupDate; each record may have any permutation of those three or none of them. So, a head scratcher is how to list potentially three different dates from the same record. If someone could steer me in the right direction I'd GREATLY appreciate it! *In the current setup, there's a checkbox for each date so when clicked/enabled, that date (with its accompany action) would appear in the portal.
  11. Howdy, all: This is for a FileMaker Go solution where there are arrow-shaped sort indicators for select fields that when clicked, will sort their respective fields in ascending or descending order, depending on which arrow is clicked. What I'd like to do is script it so when the arrow is clicked, the indicator color changes to reflect that that field's sort order is in ascending/descending order. That part is easy using scripted flag field and a script parameter to set it. The problem is deactivating an indicator's conditional formatting should a user decide to perform a manual sort using FM Go's native sorting control. Any ideas? TIA for your help!
  12. Howdy, all: I'm looking through the documentation and the forum here, but I can't see a way to export records using a scripted filename in FM Go. If I'm not mistaken, it only allows you to use the file's name. What I'd like the user to be able to do is fire a script that exports a table's records using the table's name as the filename. TIA for your help!
  13. Thanks! I'll do that in addition to creating a (Number) field that'll hold the question number so it'll make easy to sub-summarize by question number.