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  1. David Jondreau added a post in a topic: Notification System = Force refresh on other access   

    I only two ways.
    One is to user the InstallOnTimer script that runs, say every 20 seconds, to check for a status change. You're right though, that's pretty resource intensive though. And annoying to users. You can use script triggers to alleviate the annoyances (turning off the timer script when editing etc) but that's pretty development intensive.
    Otherwise, I think you have to use a plugin like RemoteScripter.
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  2. David Jondreau added a post in a topic: "Marking" record and returning to record after sort   

    comment has a better answer if you don't need to commit, but if you do...
    You can go simple and dirty or you can go complex and clean.
    Simple: Grab the record's unique primary key then loop through your newly sorted found set until you get to the right record.
    Complex (helpful if you have a huge number of records, or if they are "wide" or if performance is really important): Created a summary List of the primary keys. Grab the primary key of your record, then sort. Grab the Summary list of and find your primary key in that list using a custom function like ValuePosition(). Use that number to Go to Record[]...
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  3. David Jondreau added a post in a topic: Scanning & applying changes   

    I'm not sure why there's a skip button for field references. If there's a field reference (say that field is in a script or a calculation field), you'll still get a warning message. I don't know what "skipping" there does.
    For "Applying layout changes..." I do know that filemaker sometimes ties a textbox label to a field, so if you change the name of the field that label will also update. It's not well defined how FileMaker knows a textbox is supposed to be a field label. The textbox needs to be the name of the field and in close proximity on the layout. You can have multiple copies of that textbox and they will all change. It's not a particularly well-though out feature.
    If you skip the dialog, those labels will not update. I presume the same applies to changing the field name. The labels won't update, and maybe the field won't disappear from the layout?
    I always skip it.
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  4. David Jondreau added a post in a topic: The "Impossibility" of losing FileMaker data   

    One thing to check is Preferences...Memory-->Save Cache Contents. That should be set to "During idle time..."
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  5. David Jondreau added a post in a topic: Portal not behaving (as I think it should)   

    You need to check the "Allow creation of related records..." box in the relationship on the *join* table side.
    *And your key fields are screwy. I can't figure out why you've set it up that way, but you should be using random UUIDs (or possibly numeric serials) for keys. Not user entered text.
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  6. David Jondreau added a post in a topic: PSOS concerns   

    You can debug, it's just more work.
    Use a new table, call it ErrorLog. After each step you want to test, toss in an If[ Get ( lastError ) ] with a Perform Script[]. That Perform Script goes to the table, creates a new record, and writes the error. Then you can continue with the script or Exit as you wish.
    I would absolutely test PSOS scripts.
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  7. David Jondreau added a post in a topic: Database Performance: Overhead associated with conditionally visible objects   

    It depends.
    I wouldn't expect a difference for just a button object or slide control alone.
    But if that object is displaying data, such as container, related, or unstored calculations, then you'll likely see a difference.
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  8. David Jondreau added a post in a topic: Temporary instances of data for randomizing   

    I agree with comment. What's the actual situation? What are the items you're talking about and what is the end goal for the user?
    From your description, I think you're overthinking it. On the other hand, if it works, it works and a looping script is a fine thing to use.
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  9. David Jondreau added a post in a topic: Clarifying 1:1 intent   

    There's (almost) always some tradeoff. Validation requires some resources at record creation. The bigger the total record count of a table, the more resources.*
    I do not usually use record-level validation never for primary keys now that we have Get ( UUID ).

    Also, I don't use naming conventions to distinguish 1:1 or 1:many, but I do use Notes on the relationship graph extensively. Commenting is super helpful.
    *For Unique validation
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  10. David Jondreau added a post in a topic: license agreement   

    If this is something you actually care about, that is likely to happen, and involve more than $1,000 of revenue, you should consult a lawyer. I'm in the US, though maybe things are different in Canada.
    Another option is to simply charge them a bunch more money and tell them they can do what they want with the system. Otherwise you'll need a plan for pushing updates and bug fixes to multiple clients, negotiating licensing terms (one time or recurring), etc etc.
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  11. David Jondreau added a post in a topic: Is it bad form?   

    I do the same with the If[]. If it's any multi-conditional If[] statement, I'll use a blank If[] to start.
    The Else[], no. I rarely use Else[], I'm not sure why, just my programming style. When I do use Else, there's no conditional anyway so no need to move it around.
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  12. David Jondreau added a post in a topic: How can i make horizontal list view? -   

    Thanks Steve! I support heavy moderation.*
    An excellent take on online community management:
    *Feel free to delete this post since it's not on topic.
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  13. David Jondreau added a post in a topic: reverse calc for date   

    I think you're going to want to revisit your requirements once you start using it, but this should get you the results you're asking for:
    Date ( 1 ; 1 ; Year ( Get ( CurrentDate ) - table::AgeInYears )
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  14. David Jondreau added a post in a topic: Can the red Windows "Close" button be disabled?   

    No, but every open window needs the Close removed. After the New Window, you need to select the original window and close that.
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  15. David Jondreau added a post in a topic: In text parsing Removing a specific word or character like a replace function   

    How about....
    Let ( [
    Instr1 = Substitute ( List ( Instrument1 ; Instrument1Grade ) ; "¶" ; ": " ) ;
    Instr2 = Substitute ( List ( Instrument2 ; Instrument2Grade ) ; "¶" ; ": " ) ;
    Instr3 = Substitute ( List ( Instrument3 ; Instrument3Grade ) ; "¶" ; ": " ) ;
    Instr4 = Substitute ( List ( Instrument4 ; Instrument4Grade ) ; "¶" ; ": " ) ;
    result = Substitute ( List ( Instr1 ; Instr2 ; Instr3 ; Instr4 ) ; "¶" ; " - " )
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I am a professional database developer that lives in Santa Fe, NM. My client base is in the Southwest and in NYC, though I frequently travel and have been doing remote work since 2000.

I first used Filemaker Pro in 1998, creating a database to manage my family's business, which was a sign language school and interpreting service.

In 2004, I was running the family business, but looking for a change. I began working at various jobs in the film industry, and after a while, settled in at an film equipment rental company, which used FileMaker for invoicing and wanted a database built for tracking their inventory.

That's when I became serious about my career as a database developer. I built that inventory database, and went independent in 2006.


My concentration is in helping growing businesses improve their business process.

I am Filemaker Pro 9, 10, 11, 12, and 13 certified.



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