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  1. Filemaker Developer with over 20+ years experience looking for remote or onsite contract or full time opportunities. I'm currently based in Tennessee but willing to relocate for the right opportunity. I have experience on both Mac and Windows platforms. Experienced with setting up and administering Filemaker Server. I've worked with a number of 3rd party plugins from Troi, 360 Works and Productive Computing. I've done work integrating Filemaker with SQL Server, MySQL, FoxPro and other ODBC compliant backend databases. I've done some web work using the Filemaker API for PHP and Web Direct. I've created iPad and iPhone Filemaker applications using Filemaker Go. My rates are reasonable for contract work and if interested please send me an email @ djc728@gmail.com and I can send you some sample Filemaker screen shots and my resume upon request.
  2. High Level Pushing Data to a Web Direct layout

    @Comment: Thank you Comment. I just realized I meant "Web Viewer" NOT "Web Direct". It was one of those days. Thanks again for all your help. @Kris M : Thank you for the link. I'll look into that.
  3. High Level Pushing Data to a Web Direct layout

    I probably did not explain this well. There is an online government form that I would like to populate with data from my Filemaker database. Instead of cutting and pasting the data into each field on the online form I was hoping I could programmatically take the data from Filemaker to populate the online form. Just not sure if that is possible.. Thanks.
  4. Hello all: Could someone give me a high level view of how I would go about pushing data from Filemaker to an online form. I'm assuming I could open up the online form in a Web Direct layout but what would be the procedure to pull data from fields in Filemaker and push them into input fields on the web form ( if this can even be done ). Just a high level process. Thanks. Dom
  5. Portals and Popover Button

    The one thing that has me stumped is the popover button appearing on the overlay. I see that it is hidden when = 1. So what makes it appear. I'm assuming its the Go to object script step and that makes the object = 0???
  6. Portals and Popover Button

    Thank you very much -- I love it.
  7. Portals and Popover Button

    I have a portal and it has a popover button.  Inside the popover button is a container field.  I'd like to "Insert a PDF" into this container but its "grayed" out ( see enclosed picture ).  The container is set for "interactive" but for some reason I can't seem to insert a PDF and I don't know why it's grayed out.   Also, in my enclosed picture I have inserted the Filemaker Go Development Guide BUT its not interactive and I can't scroll through any part of that PDF document.  I have the latest version of Adobe Reader installed on my Mac but I just can't seem to get this to work.  Anyone have any ideas I can try?  I even recreated the popover button but I still keep getting the grayed out "Insert to PDF" and the PDFs already in the container are NOT interactive.  Dom Â
  8. I was wondering if someone can give me a "high level" view if there is a may to save user's "SAVED FINDS" in a table in the database and give them an interface to select those "SAVED FINDS" in the future. The guys at my job do a lot of repetitive finds and I'd love to be able to store them in a table for them so they can use them in the future. Dom
  9. FIND with Pause and then Sort

    LaRetta: Thank you very much -- I had one of those moments. Dom
  10. Hello all: I'm sure this is a very simple thing BUT I'm banging my head trying to do this. I want to do a simple find and then after the user types into a field and hits enter to execute the find -- I want to be able to sort the browselist. I have a simple button on a browselist with the following code underneath: Enter Find Mode [Pause] Sort Records [Restore; No Dialog] The issue I'm having is that the script never executes the Sort Records command. Dom
  11. Hello:  I'm trying to create an Invoice type report with VERTICAL lines ( see enclosed pic ).  I'm having a difficult time because of the resizing of my fields and it just never seems to work out correctly.   I was wondering if someone has a "best practices" or "trick" to get these vertical lines to work or a way to create an "invoice type" report.  Thank you  Dom  Â
  12. Yes the file is hosted by Filemaker Server. Yes I am using dynamic value lists. The relationship is set when user chooses a Manufacturer -- I set a global that sets the relationships bringing up a dynamic value list. The desktop version works fine -- it's only on the FM Go version where I'm getting this weird behavior.
  13. Hello All: Â I have an FM GO app. on an iPad. Â I use a popover button to allow the user to change the manufacturer, modality, and model of a part ( see picture ). Â The popup boxes for the new manufacturer, modality and model are displaying data from another filemaker file that I have external access to. Â And as you choose a manufacturer it shows only the related modalities for that manufacturer and like wise when you choose a modality only the related models appear. Â That's how it should work but for some reason I can't get the proper values to display correctly on the iPad. Â When I do this on the desktop version all is well and it displays the proper drop down list but on the iPad no go so I was wondering if this might be an FM GO issue and connecting to external Filemaker databases. Â What I have been getting when I select the first Manufacturer dropdown which shows the correct list BUT upon selecting a manufacturer a PASTE icon displays over the 2nd ( Modality ) dropdown box as if I had copied something ( see picture ). Â If that makes sense. Â Thoughts? Â Dom