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  1. I wanted to add one more thing that might help someone trying to figure this out. Putting it into a Set variable is what made it work. I was using Insert from URL and never got it to work. ALL you need is the BE_HTTP_POST and in the variable and that's enough. Could be that using insert from url adds or modifies the URL sent to where it doesn't work. Good luck to those who follow in these footsteps....
  2. I was having a hard time getting something to work with CURL. As is one of the best things about the FM community is a lot help, but Josh finally got it right (and it was not an obvious solution). THANK YOU JOSH!!!

  3. OMG , this WORKED!!! I don't get what I was doing wrong but I'll take and and give THANKS!!!! I have version 3.3.4 of the Base Elements (download just a few days ago. Funny how although it's listed as a GET function in the API docs...it's POST that got it to work. Really appreciate it Josh. I didn't have the funds to spend on this and was about to abandon the project. I am very grateful to everyone who contributed and I hope this thread helps someone else who runs into this any curl issues... Alfred P.S. I would have sworn I tried that combo... but after a while it's get overwhelming to remember exactly everything tried....
  4. @wim, good point, will test and report back....THANK YOU (AND TO EVERYONE ELSE WHO HAS HELPED)
  5. @Wim, I have tried so many combinations (I'm talking I was at this for hours...URL encoded, not encoded, variation, test, etc) BE_HTTP_GET ( "curl --data" & "" & "\"" & "api_key=101ab54dbdad0ddeabfeb648f914c0b8bca616e3&req_type=allList" & "\"" & " " & "http://api.easysendy.com/ver1/listAPI") I was trying to duplicate the success with using the cmd.exe, /so I tried switch the order where the HTTP is first, but that doesn't work in cmd.exe and doesn't match the API info... @MBS, very kind of you. I may just take you up on that. It's a fantastic plugin that makes FMP come alive....
  6. @Josh, no love on BE_HTTP_POST ( "http://api.easysendy.com/ver1/listAPI"; "api_key=101ab54dbdad0ddeabfeb648f914c0b8bca616e3&req_type=allLists" ) @Wim, I agree, the api instructions say GET, but at this point I'll try anything... @MBS I have no idea if that's the case. If it is , then it's a filemaker issue. If there were only a way, to enter a the pure curl syntax the way it works in CMD without having FM add or subtracting anything from it....
  7. @MBS, While it's a great plugin, (heard great things about it), I'm a one man shop, and I use FM just for myself, not a paid developer. i.e. it's too expensive. I can connect via cmd in windows with no SSL, the key was that I changed the key. I guess it doesn't matter if I put it out there.... curl --data "api_key=101ab54dbdad0ddeabfeb648f914c0b8bca616e3&req_type=allLists" http://api.easysendy.com/ver1/listAPI Using that in CMD does return the correct response. Just FMP that I can't get it to play. I tried text, container, webviewer. Everything I could google.... @Josh, had not thought of the POST function, but just tried it and no love... I also just checked with Goya and they want $199 for support. (don't blame them but it's steep for one issue). For that money I would get MBS but I can't really justify the expenditure...Amazing that FMP after 15 versions can't communicate with the web easily...Heck still can't send html email without help. I wonder sometimes that even though I love the emperor, he isn't buck naked...nah, maybe just over filemakered for today.....
  8. HI Guys, I have been at this for hours and my brain (and my body) can't take it anymore. I have the Base Elements free plugin installed. I tried to go through the docs. Here's what I'm trying to do: Use an API: curl --data "api_key=101ab54dbdad0ddca616e3&req_type=allLists" http://api.easysendy.com/ver1/listAPI (I've changed the API but you get the idea...) Trying to use "Insert from URL" into a field. (tried container, etc) and nothing works. I know the API is correct because it works from my cmd prompt on windows) and I get back: {"status":"success","count":2,"listsData":[{"list_uid":"nr676yq0mz408","name":"testing","display_name":"test","description":"testing"},{"list_uid":"qn8724ssf1ccb","name":"Test","display_name":"Test","description":"This is a test list to figure out how to use this service."}]} But I can't for the life of me get filemaker to do it. I tried the BE_HTTP_Get, I tried the Geist generator. I'm lost here. I can even get FM (through the data viewer) to spit out the correct URL (using "\" for the needed quotes...I just can get any response.) (connection error from the script debugger) Any suggestions on how I can send: curl --data "api_key=101ab54dbdad0ddca616e3&req_type=allLists" http://api.easysendy.com/ver1/listAPI out of filemaker? Thanks, Al,I need a beer....or 2 or 3....
  9. First of all, thank you very much for both your response and the quickness of it. I tried it again and it worked this time. Not sure why last time I got an error message. Thank you again! Alfred
  10. HI guys, Just testing out 360works plugin. Is there anyway to use a field name in the EmailQuicksend function instead of "email.com";? Same question for subject and body arguments. Tried to search for the answer in this forum but nothing on topic came up. Thanks, Alfred
  11. Thank you comment! This does EXACTLY what I was looking for. @LaRetta, What I'm trying to do is manage keywords in a record. I'm not repeating myself, it's the END goal of what I'm trying to do. Think of it like a PPC management software where each record would have a set of keywords that have to be pasted in, then formatted, then copy and pasted back out. (It could be exported but it would have to be exported to a spreadsheet with about 200 other fields and quite complex. You are right, Michael does indeed have a clairvoyant streak. I'm off to study what he did. Thank you everyone! (and especially Mr. Clairvoyance!
  12. Thanks for the replies. I thought I was making my intention clear but I guess now. I'm trying to take a list of keywords (anywhere from 1 to 5 keyword phrases) and store them in FMP (in a specific record). The list could be 3 Keyword Phrases long, or 20 or more. I then want to take that same list and add brackets and quotes around the keyword phrases which I would then copy and paste outside of FMP. I would be keeping a 3 copies of these sets of KP (keyword phrases), the orginal, one set with brackets and one set with quote marks. If I'm stil not clear let me know. Thanks, M
  13. They wont all be coming from google keyword tool I just used GKT as an example. If I'm not mistaken, FM will import every line to separate record so importing form a txt or csv file won't work. The purpose of duplicating it is that the data needs to be formatted differently for diffent purposes. One set need brackets, another duplicate set needs quotes and they are separate instances of the data.
  14. First of all, thanks everyone for your replies @Beverly The answer would be ? I would be copying and pasting from either the results from Google keyword tool (which offers a txt option) or a .text file so I'm not sure of what the delimiter would be. Is there such a thing as a "default" delimiter in a text file. Could I run a script on import that would add delimter or would I first need to know what was there? BTW, I'm playing with FMP 12 Advanced. (Yes over my head but I just HAD to have it.) @Lee Sorry, I forgot, I just updated it @LaRetta Thanks for the Welcome. I'm trying to copy and keyword phrases from either a text file or Google keyword tool (it offers a text popup window to allow copying of these keyword phrases) They I'd like to paste these into a field in FMP. I would then copy to another field and add brackets. Copy to yet another field and add quotation marks. These list would change from record to record so value lists in this instance would fit. Thanks again to everyone for their responses! Miron
  15. Hello Guys and Gals, I'm a "rookie" FM aficionado (bought my first copy back in FM5 but only did very simple solutions) and my guilty, secret pleasure is playing with Filemaker. I'm trying to do something with a solution and I can't quite figure out how to do it. If someone can give me an idea in which direction (and what functions to study) it would be greatly appreciated. I have a field I'd like to be able to past some keywords or keyword phrases info. It could be 1 to 4 word phrases. I then need to move these these keyword phrases info another field and format the phrases. (either with a quote or capitalize each word, etc) Any idea on how I could do this. Not looking for specific code, just an idea of which of the functions would allow me to do this. Thanks Alfred P.S. I'm working with FMP12