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  1. Nice idea. I recently built a change log into my interface to help keep users informed about changes. The log is shown to the user on the splash screen when the solution is opened. For the users, each development change is incremented numerically, given a value from 1-5 for Importance to users, and is given one of the following categories: New feature Improved/changed feature Bug fix Removed feature Currently each week a server script sends an email to all users to notify them of changes. The email contains the URL to download the file. The user can look over the list and decide whether to upgrade or not. I might see if I can use your idea to present the updated list of dev changes (implemented since the user's version was downloaded) at the end of each sync. Thanks, ft.
  2. Hi, If a link to download a database is disabled is that action permanent, or can the URL be reactivated? As a feature request...It would be useful to have a way to temporarily suspend the URL for database downloads, and present a customized message to users who try to use it during that time. For example, if scripts or layouts are under development the developer could use this feature to present a message such as "Downloads temporarily suspended during development. Please come back tomorrow morning" to a remote user who tries to download a new copy of the database. Thanks, ft.
  3. Hi, I sync an indexed number field which contains UPC codes such as 000112223333. After a sync the UPC's lead zero's are truncated in the destination record. For example, 000112223333 becomes 112223333. Is there a way to work around this please? Thanks, ft.
  4. Yes, that is what I am doing. The SSD is a thunderbolt drive, which is connected to a Pegasus R2 thunderbolt RAID which is connected to the Mac. Thanks, ft.
  5. Hi, I recently switched to using a symlink for MirrorSync to a thunderbolt SSD drive to maximize r/w speeds on my OS X server. I restarted the server for the first time today since making that move. After the restart I launched MirrorSync Config Client but my configuration was blank. The window asking for the software registration key was open and unpopulated. I restarted the server a couple more times with the same results. Finally I decided to stop/start just the MirrorSync App using Applications/360Works Admin.jar and fortunately my config and registration returned. My guess is that at startup MIrrorSync is up and running before the SSD is mounted during the boot process; MIrrorSync cannot access the config and registration data. MirrorSync app needs the restart to recognize that the SSD has been mounted and the data is available. If this is the case is there anyway you can program some sort of delay in MirrorSync startup to accommodate such a delay in the SSD mounting? Otherwise I need to reemember to stop/start MIrrorSync app if the server is ever restarted. Many thanks, ft
  6. Very good, thanks. ft.
  7. I have a client in Australia, trying to sync to my server, in US who is consistently having this problem. The error message I see is: Dec 03, 2016 5:55:38 AM com.prosc.mirror.config.server.SyncServer$3 callSEVERE: Sync between / File Interface (FileMaker Server) and ClientMac (username 'user', running Pro 14.0.4 on, ping time: 975 ms, machine name: 'MyMac' )Last sync failed: com.prosc.sync.AbortException: Sync was interrupted/canceled while waiting for client to receive HTTP message. Reason: Sync was canceled because the remote user's session expired. This probably means that their device was turned off, lost network access, or exited FileMaker. Is there anything I can do to try to troubleshoot other than keep asking them to re-sync? Thanks, ft.
  8. Hi, Does as existing MirrorSync3ConfigClient.jnlp file (used to connect to MIrrorSync) stay constant across updates? When should a new version be dowloaded? Just, say, when upgrading from v2 > v3? Thanks, ft.
  9. These clients are laptops which get relatively short sleep settings by default when not connected to power adapter. 'Never sleep' is not really an option. I will experiment when I get a chance. ft.
  10. Hi, Are there any recommended settings for 'sleep' on Mac OSX clients? Will the sync process keep a Mac client awake or should we consider using System Preferences to set longer times before sleep kicks in? Thanks, ft.
  11. Did re-running help? I am planning to install today & assume this is not a widespread issue. Thanks, ft.
  12. Very good, that makes what I need to do easy! Thanks, ft.
  13. Hi, I am running JDBC rather than XML. Is there any way to run a server script each time sync completes on the server? The customization script explicitly states "This customization script is IGNORED when using JDBC. " Can I add a 'Perform script > Script on server' step at the end of the MirrorSync script to be run on clients only? I would need to remember to recreate it each time the MirrorSync script is updated. Thanks, ft.
  14. Very good, thanks. ft.