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  1. yes. perhaps from FM adv 13 that I still have on my computer. Although, I thought the DDR is integrated with FM.
  2. FM 15 ADV, Windows 10 64 bit. The DDR report is not showing the layouts and scripts that a field is used in. Can this be fixed? If not, is it possible to get and use an earlier version of the DDR?
  3. It happens in all files. What do you mean "is the file being served"? These are all single files that I run on my computer by only me.
  4. Yes, it did work before. I've tried a few: delete record, go to layout, etc. Nothing seems to work. I wonder if I should reload FMP
  5. FM 15 Adv. The Button Setup in the Inspector and in Format/Button Setup is not working. I cannot set it up for a Single Step. Each time I try, it reverts to "no action" setting. It sometimes does this when I set it to run a script. Any suggestions on how to fix this?
  6. share a file dialog

    FM 15 Adv. I have a file that on startup displays the message "FM cannot share a file because FM network sharing is turned off". I don't want to use file sharing with this file. How can I stop this message from appearing?
  7. Go to layout problem

    FMP 15. When the scrip step Go to layout executes, I get the error “The script cannot be found or has been deleted”. When I click ok in the dialog, FM goes to the layout. What could cause this?
  8. Can't create pdf

    FM won’t create a pdf file. When I use File/Save records as/pdf I get the error message “File could not be created on this disk. Use a different name, make more room on the disk, unlock it or use a different disk” I have no trouble creating files from other apps and the disk has many GB of storage available. Further, the disk is not locked. I try different file names, but get the same error.
  9. Control tab panel color

    How can I apply a different color to each tab control panel?
  10. Can't change theme

    I have been a FMP user for many, many years, beginning with version 1. All (at least most) of my solutions are for my own personal use. These include for example, address book, sales data, inventories, medical records, password management, just to name a few. I have updated my solutions each new version of FMP. Because of FMP's great report capability, I would rather use it over spreadsheets. My solutions are relatively small (a few hundred records or so) so when FileMaker introduced Themes, I didn’t believe it was worth the effort to learn to use them. I thought the performance gain on my solutions would be negligible. However, I recently decided to explore their use, especially after reading the excellent article "Converting from the Classic theme" by Alexis Allen. I don't know how to really define my forum self-rating. It seems “intermediate” is appropriate. I would think that an expert is someone specifically trained in the use of FileMaker and in database theory. Although I have a gained lot of knowledge over the years, I'm far from knowing all the intricacies of FileMaker and database theory. That's why this forum is so useful. It has the experts who are willing to take their time and energies to help me when I need it.
  11. Can't change theme

    Thanks LaRetta. This may save me a lot of work since I have a about 2 dozen FileMaker files that I would need to update to a new theme.
  12. Can't change theme

    My layout has the classic theme. When I modify the Edit Box style and save it to the current style, I cannot change the theme. The options "save change to theme"," save as a new theme" and "rename theme" are all grayed out. Only the Revert changes to theme is available. Why is this happening?
  13. Related fields turn gray

    Thanks doughemi, that did the trick.
  14. Related fields turn gray

    When I click on a layout table field, related fields and portal row fields turn gray and remain that way until I click in a clear area. The related field outlines show as dotted. The theme is “Classic” although I don’t think this is the cause. What could be causing this?
  15. Can't access help

    I can't access filemaker help. I get the message "I don't have permission to access /help/15/15/fmp on this server". How can I fix this?