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  1. There is also some benefit to picking up the phone and calling FileMaker, Inc. They also offer some assistance beyond just what the website shows.
  2. Make sure to make an official bug report here:
  3. What version is your Operating System?
  4. What is the logic behind waiting?
  5. If that is the code you used to generate the CSR, that is likely at least partially why it's not working. I fought with this with a Comodo cert for while. This is Comodo's sample code from their website. As you can see, it has the additional info: openssl req -nodes -newkey rsa:2048 -keyout myserver.key -out server.csr -subj "/C=GB/ST=Yorks/L=York/O=MyCompany Ltd./OU=IT/"
  6. This may or may not apply to you: One really important note: Comodo SSL Certs require additional information, that other cert authorities do not require in the CSR. Nothing in the FMI documentation told me you needed additional info. And with GoDaddy and other provides, not all of this was needed. They require a few pieces of info that I don't remember running into with other companies. I could never get them to work without all of this info ( from the Comodo website ): Host Name: Enter the name to be used to access the certificate. This name is usually the fully qualified domain name (FQDN). For example, or Contact Email Address: Enter an email address at which you can be contacted. Company or Organization: Enter the legally registered name of your organization or company. Department: Enter the name of your department within the organization. For example, you can enter IT or Web Security. Town or City: Enter the town or city where your organization or company is located. State or Province: Enter the state or providence where your organization or company is located. Country: In the drop-down list, select the country where your organization or company is located.
  7. This is not the size ( width and height ) of the window...but instead the position ( top and left ) of the window. It places the window outside of the viewable space. The user will never see it.
  8. Wim was referring to moving the window where you process the data, off-screen. Move Window [ Top: -5000 ; Left: -5000 ]. Go to a layout that just shows "Processing" Open the new window off-screen Do you data processing. The original window never changes. Once finished close the data processing window. Change the main window back to the desired layout.
  9. Other than removing anything that causes it to I've seen screen refreshes happen when there is a long delay over the WAN. But some of that is that we weren't using Freeze Window. If the screen is refreshing, there is something telling it to. If you want to post the text of your script, or send it back-channel, would be happen to gaze upon them and see if anything jumps out. ...just to clarify. Running another script should not in it self cause a refresh.
  10. There are several actions that force FM to redraw the screen. Basically anything that affects the window: Resize, Move, Refresh, New Window ( or GTRR with a new window ) etc. Also, a Pause in a script will cause the window to redraw. I vaguely remember certain scenarios where a Web Viewer would cause a refresh. ( though if you are just processing data, just use developer only layouts )
  11. Are you referring to the legality of using the content? I doubt anyone will comment on this one. You would have to look at the terms and conditions of the sites to see what they allow...and potentially hire a lawyer. Or using the WebViewer in the app you are selling and the legality of the license? FMI provide the iOS SDK if you are a FDS subscriber. I don't remember seeing any restrictions on usage of features. However, there are a few minor things that function differently.
  12. @kiva - in the last post ( with the working script ), he is using the Monkeybread Plugin. Looking at both, it seems like you can do the same thing with the BE plugin. We, most often, use the BE plugin the send files or make API connections. We have done it with both...but BE has always done what we need.
  13. No argument from me. I have long thought something like that would make FM more attractive. At some point, companies will need to upgrade. All it takes is one computer that goes down, or is upgraded.
  14. I have responded to similar posts before. Google Search Trends don't always tell the story you think they do. If you compare MySQL "Interest Over Time" with see that the decline in interest in MySQL is significantly worse. And FM is fairly flat overall. So what does that say? That less people are using MySQL? That Oracle isn't making tons of money from it? I'm sure you get the idea. I've worked with and around marketing companies my entire working career. Searches don't = sales. Interest Over Time doesn't ( up or down ) doesn't indicate a successful/failed company or product. The last company I worked for saw that first hand. They were purchased by a company that showed amazing graphs about the amazing search results and hits they get. In reality, the numbers were extremely padded from SEM, and highly deceptive. The company's practices and overall business approach caused them to lose millions of dollars of business in the first year of taking over. But their Google Trends graph looked great!!!
  15. Do you use 2-Step Verification? If yes. I think you need to setup an App password. Not sure how that part of it works with multiple users.