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  1. Where did Easy Sync Go ?

    Looks like someone else noticed the same thing: https://github.com/csavva/fmeasysync/blob/master/README.md
  2. Where did Easy Sync Go ?

    He moved everything to GitHub. https://github.com/timdietrich/fmeasysync
  3. EasySync Error 201

    You should be able to post the files if you compress/zip them.
  4. HTTP POST in WebDirect 16

    It depends partially on the developers involved. I know the FM login process is secure. From there is usually about balancing the desire for something "custom". In every case I've been involved in, a customized version of the homepage was sufficient. The clients didn't want to spend the additional development time on something the "users only see for roughly 4 seconds". ( their words, not mine ). And in cases of single sign on, they may not see it at all. So, the short answer is no, I haven't personally done it with a normal login process, like you are talking. I have used it to open a remote file to a guest login. Primarily because in the use-case we had, it was nearly impossible to not expose the user name and password without the use of an additional server.
  5. HTTP POST in WebDirect 16

    Sorry for all the questions. I ask them, because typically...if someone doesn't know how to send a HTTP POST call to a server, they also don't know how to secure that log in page. It would be easy to make that page, and leave the user name and password exposed for sniffing or tracking while being entered, and as it gets ready to send the POST request. SSL helps you in transit, but there is more to it to make sure it's secure. A custom homepage may be a better option. Dress up the page the way you want, without having to manage the actual login to the database. Custom logins are great, for visual effect. However, they only maintain value, if you can keep the security solid. Often, the value to the user isn't worth the added effort and added risk. But you can still achieve much of the visual part with a custom homepage.
  6. HTTP POST in WebDirect 16

    Are you using a custom homepage? Or a completely separate web page that links back to the database?
  7. HTTP POST in WebDirect 16

    SSL will help keep the user name and password encrypted during transit. It's basically a URL. Sent via an HTTP Post request. You include the user name and password as parameter as noted in the link you posted.
  8. HTTP POST in WebDirect 16

    Are you using SSL?
  9. Why? 16 has a completely different color.
  10. Switching from MAC to PC

    Is FMSP = FileMaker Starting Point from RC Consulting? If it is just a local file: You shouldn't need to export / import anything. Just close the file, transfer a copy to the other computer, open it up. If you are hosting the file somewhere: You just need to connect to it. Nothing more. In either case, you may need to tweak some of the layouts/styles. Fonts on Windows render differently. Out of curiosity with is the reason you want to switch from Mac to Windows?
  11. Uninstall pre-release 16?

    I'll echo that. I started doing that, and it has made it so much easier to make the switch. It's easy, and I do it with almost all software that is a trial.
  12. Uninstall pre-release 16?

  13. All buttons are now grouped in FMP16

    This has always been the case, but it was kind of hidden from us. Use the layout objects list to select field to make your changes. The changes to 16, and the Layout Objects list, just kind of exposed it.
  14. unrelated locked formatting

    Yes. If you look in the Layout Object list, the group is selected, you can click on any object in the group and the options will become available again. This is one area where "Hide when..." calcs can get you. Is the calculation on the group, the button, or the field. lol...behavior varies based on where it is.
  15. unrelated locked formatting

    Is that field formatted as a button? Look at the Layout Object List and see if it is. If it is, you need to select the field, not the group. ( Making a field a button automatically creates a button object that is grouped with the field ).
  16. Google 2-Step Verification

    You have to use an app password. https://support.google.com/accounts/answer/185833?hl=en
  17. Interesting post about this on the FM Community site. This was apparently not an intentional behavior change. https://community.filemaker.com/message/671487#671487
  18. Is there any sense of a reason for the change? It seems to be a very significant change of capability.
  19. FM Version with EasySync

    There is nothing in FMEasySync that is v13 specific, so 14-16 should work fine. It is only that the developer no longer works much in FM, and hasn't retested.
  20. Newbie license question

    The description of what is allowed comes from FMI. It's somewhat difficult for us to tell you where you land regarding commercial hosting vs 'Solution Bundle Hosting'. But that FAQ gives you a checklist to figure it out. As Wim said, from your description, it seems like that paragraph applies to you. But only you know your full setup, and whether you fall under 'Solution Bundle Hosting'.
  21. Newbie license question

    Refer to this section of this document https://www.filemaker.com/company/legal/docs/hosting_faq.pdf:
  22. Communication Error with server

    Looks like your configuration is not set correctly. I would start with that. The error tells you what the problem is. You are syncing an "Exact copy". I'm not sure the 360Works people will be around before Tuesday.
  23. Centering a Window takes to steps

    With the script I posted, it works fine for me. Sample.fmp12.zip
  24. Centering a Window takes to steps

    It's probably not necessary to use 2 Move/Resize Window steps. // Freeze Window Go to Layout [ “Dashboard” (DASHBOARD) ; Animation: None ] Move/Resize Window [ Current Window ; Height: 989 ; Width: 1620 ; Top: ( Get ( WindowDesktopHeight ) - 989 ) / 2 ; Left: ( Get ( WindowDesktopWidth ) - 1620 ) / 2 ] # Set Global Variable for 'Show/Hide Toolbars' developer script. Set Variable [ $$toolbar ; Value: 1 ] # You are also not accounting for the full width and height of the window. You are dividing it in half. Also, another consideration or 3: Some users want that file to open in the same place they left it. You may want to account for that. Do any users work on a resolution of less than 989 x 1620? I like to push the centering of windows into a utility script that I can pass in as parameters the dimensions I want. That way I can just call that script, pass in the dimensions as parameters and use that script anywhere.
  25. wats da difference

    Because you may want to turn encryption on. Or you may need to turn encryption off. Obviously, you can't do both at the same time.

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