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  1. Hello Gurus, Hope all is well. Please help me modify the payment info popover for invoice starter solution. I added one more choice (Received) to the radio button field "Method". What I want is if I select the "Received" it will only show The Date and the Received. Please find attached file that Im working on. Any help is highly appreciated. Thank you so much in advance. Invoices.fmp12
  2. see this link..
  3. filemaker 12 extension is .fmp12
  4. Please comment to my final file for improvement thank you Sort.fmp12
  5. Hello, Profile can I make the other material name button not showing if I will click the material code button. thanks
  6. Yes I want a different icon that will show if it is sorted vs unsorted, like for example if i click the my material code it will show the icon AZ with arrow down and if I click it again it will show the icon AZ with arrow up (its already on the icons). thanks
  7. Hello all, I have a a button bar that sort and unsort my material. What I would like is, I want the icons to show alternately if I do sort and unsort. Please see attached file. Thank you so much. Sort.fmp12
  8. Hope this link helps
  9. fix

    Hello Admin, Can you please fix below link Thanks
  10. Hi Wim, Thanks for the reply. I tried putting values on my "Material Remarks" but still not giving me my "Material Quantity Total Balance" is not giving me my desired result. Thanks
  11. Hello All, I want to find the total quantity remaining of my materials excluding my materials with status (Used ; Rejected ; and Expired). I tried using case function Case ( Material Remarks = "Expired" ; 0 ; Material Remarks = "Rejected" ; 0 ; Material Remarks = "Used" ; 0 ; Material Quantity Received - Material Quantity Used ) but its not working. Please find attached file that Im working. Thank you so much. LoLa
  12. Sorry, The User is Admin ; Password is blank
  13. Hi ggt667, Thank you for the file. This is my purpose and the use of my Material History. I want to use my Material History to track The Lot No. of a certain material to which it is used. and the number of quantities they use. If I issue an Inventory Card to them they will fill out the Units Out and The Quantity of the Material they are Returning ( The Units in) I want those figures to appear to my Material Unit on Hand and Material Quantity Used. I would appreciate if you can modified the file that you posted. Thank you so much.
  14. Hi Wim, Thank you. Please find the copy of the file that Im working Warehouse Management Copy1.fp7
  15. Hello All, I have two tables Materials Table and History Table In my Materials Table I Have the Following fields Quantity Received Quantity Used Quantity in Hand History Table Quantity Dispensed Quantity Returned Can you please help me find the right formula on how to calculate my Material Balance. For example If I have a 20 Kg Received ; then they Dispensed 5 Kg, Then My Quantity return will give me 15 Kg ; The formula that I'm using to find my Quantity on Hand is If ( IsEmpty ( Sum ( History::Units In ) - Sum (History::Units Out ) ) ; 0 ; Sum ( History::Units In ) - Sum ( History::Units Out ) ) The result is not matching with my Quantity received when I add it. Any help is appreciated. Thank you.