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    Philosopher, Partner, and Keyboard Masseur
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    Logistics, horticulture production
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    Trikke T12 Roadster, bouldering, DIY woodwork

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    iMessage: ggt667@me.com and FaceTime

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About Me

User of FX.php / pyFileMaker / Cocoa[ Touch ] / objc / swift / CoreData / AngularJS / NodeJS / postgreSQL / elasticsearch / debian / arch linux / Joyent SmartOS / MacOS X,

Contributor to FX.php / pyFileMaker / postgreSQL / netatalk

My house has windows, my computers do not.

Oss datamisbrukere imellom( We the computer abusers amongst ) <- my blog

What I do Object modelling, integrations( imports and exports )

My primary use of FileMaker is CWP and ER aka the graph; I use this for modelling FileMaker drafts, postgres solutions, elasticsearch, CoreData caches.


As pr 2017, Jan 1 maintaining FM 5.5 S to FM 16 S, with surrounding clients, caches( es and psql, ) and technologies.