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Found 12 results

  1. Hello there, I've set up 2 files syncing with Easysync. I've set up just a single table in sync called ES_TRIP (without pull or push, because I want to sync in both directions, is that correct). I put the same cfg on mobile and on host file and the process start working but it throws me an error: "The attempt to push data to the server has failed. (The message received from the server was: "111A01C0-27AE-414B-AC1C-DC56C83F877E" The hosted file is on a fm server 15 that is reachable and working - I've tried the hosted link and it is correctly working. The TRIP child table is set to add record (but not delete) on both files. What should I check on it? Thanks!
  2. Hey again. In a previous thread I suggested using javascript in a webviewer to return the difference between the server and client UUID lists in order to increase the sync check speed. It was much faster, but the code I used included an algorithm with quadratic time complexity, meaning that as the size of the lists increased the time that sync check took would grow exponentially. @GisMo helped test confirm that this solution would not scale well. However I think I've found a bit of javascript that solves this issue and will scale linearly. I've changed the script from the previous thread to use this new code instead. If you are using this javascript method for list comparison I highly recommend you change the sync check script to use this code. Simply open the new file, copy the calculation from set variable[ $url ] in "Sync Check Client", and paste it into your Set Variable[ $url ] step. Otherwise if you're using EasySync and struggling with sync check, give my solution a try! I've attached the new file below and linked to the old thread for continuity. Best, Josh EDIT: For anyone interested in a demonstration of just the algorithms' performance difference before updating sync check, I've uploaded a raw concept file.
  3. Have been using easySync for a while, but recently I have a problem where Close File ["Hosted_Database"] does exactly that on OS X but leaves the server open on iOS. OS X: FM Pro 14 & 15 iOS: FMGo 14 & 15 Tired adding a Close File ["Hosted_Database"] in line 136 of "Sync With Server" at the beginning of #restore user interface but this just generates an error 301: which is record is already in use. But of course the error only occurs on FMGo. I must have done something simple to cause this but not sure what… any ideas are most welcome.
  4. Hi All, On occasion, not all of the records are being pulled down to the client upon a sync. The only way I'm able to remedy this is to go to the hosted file and "jiggle" the records that weren't pulled(usually by a date range) which will cause the update time to change and then re-sync the clients. This is terribly inefficient. I'm having trouble debugging this issue. Is there a way I can force a pull of records? For Example, modifying ES Last Pull Time to an earlier date? to get it to re-pull records in ....Upon checking the Push and Pull scripts, it looks like it uses the Last Pull Time to determine what records to PUSH and Last Push Time to determine what records to PULL in..Is my observation correct? Essentially I'm looking for some way to override and find a way to ONLY pull in records. Any other tips?
  5. I am getting an error on push to the server "The attempt to push data to the server has failed (The message received from the server was 504)" Error 504 is: Value in field is not unique as required in validation entry options The only field in the server data base that requires uniqueness is my ID. This is an auto enter UUID. There is also the ES_Record_UUID field, but this seems to not be set to require uniqueness by default.
  6. I am conducting an initial test of FM easy sync. I am working on a system that I have in production with synchronization logic that I scripted myself (to iPads from FM Server). The sync to the iPads using my logic is rather ponderous, so I am researching alternates to speed things up. I carefully applied the changes described in the FMEasySync setup document to my server file & the client file. I cleared all data from the client file - anticipating it would then do a full synchronization from the server to the client. The primary table has over 150,000 records, so I did not expect it to be quick, but I am puzzled at what happened. It seemed to run without error, but was so slow, I thought it had stalled. I waited over 24 hours and in that time the progress indicator said it has processed about 500 records. I conducted a brief review of where it was going in the debugger, but could not see any obvious problems with how I had inserted the elements into my solution. I figure, there must be something grossly wrong with how I put this together. Any thoughts out there? ... Steve.
  7. Just wondering about compatibility of EasySync and EasyDeploy with Filemaker Pro, Go and Server 14 ?
  8. EasySync: Any Way To Sync Found Set? GZync does this is there a way to do this within FM Easy Sync? Perhaps I am missing the obvious. "Folks use this to deliver just one user’s records–usually very specific things like “my customer visits for today” or “my active orders in this territory”.… To control which records are pulled down to your iPads and iPhones: GoZync will look within the results of a find request for records that have changed since the last sync. If you can write a find request, you can sync that found set down to your users." In the application I am working on it would be useful to just pull data for a specific region, since a full sync of the database may get too big over time, depending of course how full people keep their iPads. Any Suggestions are most welcome, Thank you
  9. Hi all, second post here. I heard about EasySync for the first time on Monday, decided to give it a go as I am struggling with sync for months now. My endusers carry devices but are often not able to call into the office, not to mention they can't reach the central server. I had to search for a bit as pull worked right away but push didn't do a lot. Using the debugger and the data viewer revealed much of how the scripts work but I couldn't find the problem, I decided to call for help here and composed a document describing in detail what worked, what didn't work, using pictures and quotes and such. This way I noticed my error so you helped me solving my problem without you even noticing it (Thanks for the help!) It turned out I made an error and choose the wrong script in a 'perform script on server' step. After that everything in my proof of concept solution was ok and it was a happy day demonstrating it to my collegues. This morning I started to 'easysyncify' the first serious app, Great!
  10. Hi, EasySync looks to me as a great solution and i am tr(d)ying hard to get it to work for my client but unfortynatilly not getting it right yet. here is my latest frustration, i am wondering did anybody experience this yet and what could be the cause. DESCRIPTION: I downloaded and installed the demo files, placed them correctly on the server (Windows 2012) and on the iPad (iOS 8), setup the external data source, tested - and it WORKED just fine. Than i went over all the steps suggested to prepare the real working database. I obviously got something wrong as it was taking ages to do something and didnt work at the end. I got stuck on various kind of messages that gave more or less hope that it will almost work with some fixes but finally i got stuck with the message like: "Unable to connect to server". ISSUE: Message "Unable to connect to server" is showing SUDDENLY after a few times i have tested the files with the similar setup and it worked. I can reach and open the hosted files using the same IP and file path from the same unit (iPad and PC) so the path to the hosted file should not be an issue. Does anyone have an idea what could be happening here?
  11. Hi All, I'm new to EasySync and just started looking at syncing a simple one table database with two container fields before I move onto some of the more complicated databases i'm looking to use EasySync for. For these container fields i've created the two B64 calculation fields as requested in the setup documentation. The sync itself has completed successfully however when looking at the container fields I can see an encoded string returned rather than the data found in the container field I was expecting (These container fields are capturing a photo from an IOS device and a signature). I can see in the troubleshooting that this can be caused by the compress option in Filemaker but cant find anywhere that this field is being compressed so don't think this is the reason why. I've tried storing these files externally and internal to the database but neither of these options has changed the output. Has anyone else experienced this when syncing container fields and if so where's the best place to look to resolve this? Thanks for your help in advance. David
  12. Hi Tim, I have been looking at EasySync from day one and I'm happy ;-) I think it's a great job. I had implemented my own similar sync but yours I way more charming. What I need though and wonder how to this could be done best is the following: - In have a server file from which 'Collectors' with their iPad pull about 700 personal (name=collector) records weekly; - Records that are ready to pull have a status "iPad" which sets your 'exclude' to 0, others 1; - During the days of the week, Collectors update the records while on the road (locally - no wifi); - At the end of the day Collectors sync back the records they have updated as soon as they have wifi; Tim, whats best practice when we keep in mind: - Only records with name=collector should be pulled. - Pulled records (those that are on ipad) should get a status change so I can block them on server. - Synced records get a status change thus 'exclude' becomes 1 (this is easy by syncing back the status field thus changing 'exclude' to 1). - The synced records should - after successful sync- be deleted from the iPad (when all files are updated and no new files are offered, the iPad will be empty). Looking forward to your reply, Thanks! Jeroen Aqualab Zuid, The Netherlands