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Found 52 results

  1. Hello Am trying to clean up the email field on a filemaker database. At the moment there are many records that contain more than one email address or an email address and text. what I want to do is delete everything in the field apart from the first email address In the vast majority of cases the required email address is the first thing in the field. So my thinking is that the script would have to read along until it found an "@" symbol and then truncate the text at the next space comma or backward or forward slash as they are generally the methods people have used to separate the email addresses. Apart from that am struggling - I would be delighted if someone could give me some pointers on this
  2. When updating any 360works-plug-in it is deactivated after any update. Sometimes it does not even is replaced. I have created batch-scripts to shut off FileMaker and then remove any 360works-plug-in. After that my user(s) have to restart the application again and the new version of (any) 360works plug-in is installed correctly and activated automatically. I also use other plug-ins by Troi, Dacons en Goya simultaniously and these work perfectly fine and also will be updated and activated when a newer version is being installed. Only the 360works-plug-ins fail to update everytime. I use the script-step "Install plug-in file" so nothing exotic is done there. The problems occur on windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10, 2008 and 2012. On the 32 and 64 bits versions (2012 - 64-bit only) Any suggestions or anyone else has the same trouble?
  3. I'm just now trying the demo of the plugin. I could not Connect IMAP to Gmail: "An error occurred: [ALERT] Please log in via your web browser: (Failure)" It seems that Gmail classifies the plugin as a "less secure app" because it only works when I "Allow less secure apps: ON" How can we get 360Works Email 2.17 classified as a "more secure app" so that we can buy and install the Enterprise License for our organization? "
  4. Hi all, I know this should be easy but I am not getting it right. The mail gets sent but no attachment
  5. I am receiving the following error when attempting to load 360Works_Email plug-in. "?" filed to initialize. I have installed JAVA for OS X from: Re-downloaded the plug-in from and re-installed it: Restarted FMPro15 Advanced - and receive the same error: "?" filed to initialize. This is also happening to the ScriptMaster Plug-In. Grateful for any tips.
  6. Does anybody know a way of directly attaching a file to gmail (via the webclient) using mail to or via the send email functions. We have multiple users that move around the building so setting up outlook for each user is becoming a nightmare. They use iPads so the send mail script function works here, but on a desktop we would like it to force open GMail or use Mailto: and take the attachment with it. I've tried everything i know about mailto and i'm at a dead end. I did think about trying to integrate google drive HOWEVER i have no experience with Googles API's.
  7. Is there a way to send a BCC with cloud mail? I don't see anything in the documentation. I have a client request for this. Dan
  8. On EmailConnectSMTP for both Gmail and iCloud, I get this error when trying to use TLS. Is my syntax wrong, or is there a bigger issue here? EmailConnectSMTP( "" ; "" ; "XXX" ; "tls=true" ; "timeout=10" )
  9. Hi i had created that when a client completes its project the system sends a email to the administator letting him know the project report was complete , however when that scvript send mail is run an error acures. What does this error mean and how could i avoid it?
  10. Hi Forum! I have a script which sends an email to [current record] . Now I want to attach a PDF to the email automatically using the script. So far I have tried with ... filewin:/$driveLetter/$targetDir/$[name_of_unique_field_from_FM] as variable file path. But nothing is attached when I run the script. I hope you can help.
  11. Hello, I'm working with Email Plug-in 2 and it works fine with fmpro 14, but I have a little question: I need to insert a PNG image as signature after the message body, and before the attachments, but I don't know how to make it. Thanks for your help, Damián
  12. I am running Windows 10, FMP Advanced 14 with the 360Works Email plugin version 2.14 64-bit installed and registered (I have a license). I am able to connect, successfully build a message, but it won't send. I get this error most of the time (from EmailLastError): "java.lang.NullPointerException" and on a few occasions I got a simple "EOF". I made sure that I am using a valid Port and that I have appended it to the SMTP server name with a colon. I checked and I have the most up to date version of Java running. I'm totally stumped. I used this plug-in with good results in my FMP Adv 13 solutions. Anyone?
  13. Hello there Forum, On a filemaker 14 platform, i have a server scheduled script that goes through records and making use of the email field in order to send a Home Sync reminder to staff using SMTP, since its implementation it ran normal until very recently with no alterations on our system, i noticed there is an error in the schedule list for this script, i tried running script manually and i get an error message "Emails could not be sent successfully" also the email does not go through at all, that is none of the persons intended to receive it gets to receive it. Anybody have a solution to this problem please to assist me, Many thanks.
  14. There is another thread on this topic from September 2015 . Thought I would give the problem/solution its on thread to easily help others. this had me baffled and scratching my head as everything seemed fine in the script.... then Don Bahash wrote: "OMG ... I just got it to work! So, for me, the solution was to remove all the references to field "id_constant" in the SMTP dialog box in script "0783 Send Email by Parameter" So following Don's solution ... I hard coded each of the smtp fields that referenced the prefs table and it solved the problem. I then went back in and undid each change one at a time and tested. I saved the password field for last because I suspected that was the problem child. Bingo..,. it is the culprit... after careful review of the displayed fields on the email tab in Preferences, I realized that the password field was actually the password display field. once I changed that to the password field and entered in the password ... problem solved! 4.5v2 now sends emails via smtp in the Contacts module hope this helps others! Robert Bloomfield
  15. 360Works has released CloudMail 2.0, a free update with major improvements to speed, ease of use, and added Google Analytics integration. Send email campaigns of any size in seconds and track real-time clicks and views, all directly from FileMaker Pro or Server. CloudMail is a FileMaker plug-in that leverages the Amazon Web Services (AWS) infrastructure to deliver a full featured, easy to use email marketing platform for FileMaker solutions. You create campaigns and define mailing lists, and then CloudMail coordinates with AWS to deliver the messages, track open- and click-rates, and manage unsubscribes. CloudMail has features to store your e-mailed images and downloadable content on Amazon S3. The following details share what CloudMail 2.0 can do for your email blasts: Faster! Campaign result downloads are now much faster. We have doubled the speed of retrieval and these real-time views and clicks can be tracked in your FileMaker database. Easier! Easier to integrate into your FileMaker solution. CloudMail comes ready with an easy-to-use campaign management database, but if you prefer to use your own you can now simply copy and paste the tables and scripts to your solution. Analytics Included! CloudMail can now automatically add analytics tracking for platforms like Google Analytics to your CloudMail campaigns. No manual parameter set up required! Your CloudMail data will be passed back to your analytics reports and you can view metrics such as Source, Medium, and Campaign names which CloudMail automatically names for you. Additionally, we have added view tracking for emails sent as plain text (previously tracking could only be done in HTML). Try Before You Buy! Demonstration mode is available for CloudMail 2.0 and does not require an AWS (Amazon Web Service) account to begin sending messages! You can use CloudMail right away in demonstration mode. Every time you launch FileMaker, CloudMail can send unlimited e-mails for up to 10 different recipients. Pricing CloudMail is just $395 and includes unlimited campaigns and contracts. Email delivery costs through Amazon Web Services are extremely competitive - send up to 62,000 messages per month free. Current 360Works CloudMail users can now download the newest version at no additional cost. Try or buy CloudMail now! About 360Works Located in metro Atlanta, 360Works, a FileMaker Platinum Business Alliance member, has been providing FileMaker-based solutions for 17 years. The company is a leading developer of both shrink-wrapped and custom database design solutions for clients such as NASA, Pixar, US Marines, Make-A-Wish foundation and others. The company is credited for its forward-thinking solutions, dedication and unparalleled client service. For further information: Jesse Barnum President 360Works (866) 662-9185
  16. Hi there, we are having some serious trouble with the registration of the plugin in Version 2.12 and 2.14. We are using an enterprise licence for several years know (started with version 1.X, upgraded to version 2 some months ago) and everything worked fine with version 1.X. The Server is running filemaker server advanced 12 with all updates, java version 7.75 installed. 90% of our staff is working via iwp, never had any problems here with the plugin in version 1.X. Today we took a look in our databases and found several errors with registering the plugin. The message looks like this "An error occurred: DEMO mode expired! (16) You can continue to...." We checked the licence-key for version 2 (we got a new key after the upgrade from version 1), everything ok here The plugin is working sporadic so that most of the emails are sent but many are not. We did not change anything in our database for the last several years regarding the plugin or the functions of the plugin. With version 1.X we never had problems like this and it seems that the problem is present since the day we switched to version 2.X. It seems like the plugin forgets it's registration and thinks that it is in demo mode. Example: From three emails one and three are sent, the second one is not. No restart of server, services e.g. between these mails, the plugin seems to be wonly working sporadic. Registration e.g. gets called every time a email has to send so the registration can no be an issue (this was working for several years now, never had a problem with this in version 1.X). We have different solutions/databases which use the plugin and the error is appearing in every one of them. The plugin is absolutely crucial for our business and at this point we are having a hard time dealing with customers and employees because of missing emails. Is somebody having the problem with the problem ? Any clue how to solve this ? Thanks in advance !
  17. How to make filemaker automatically send an email reminder 1 month prior birthday date? For your information this is how I setup our Filemaker enviroment; Filemaker Server is installed on our Server (Windows Server 2008) and the rest of the clients (domain users) have Filemaker Pro 11 installed on their computer. The Database is loaded on Filemaker Server and clients can access it via Filemaker Pro installed on their PCs. On the database, I have user's record with all their birthday dates, I want to setup filemaker so that it will automatically send an email reminder 1 month before the birthday date comes to the user's record and maybe some other users. Please keep in mind that I want it to do all of this automatically (set it up once and just leave it). Can anyone please be kind enough to explain in detail how to accomplish this? Thank you.
  18. Hello, In my database I have a field which contains an e-mail address. Now, I'm trying to send an e-mail to all addressees using next settings in dialog: Send via E-Mail client. One email using data from current record To: Students::Email BCC: Students::Email collect addresses across found set. Inspite of having a few records only, When I activate the script, not all addresses are used in email client application. If I exit from filemaker 14 and open it again, the only first run of script works well. I'm working on Mac Os X platform
  19. Not sure if this is possible or exactly how to achieve this but here is the problem. I have a client who has stored a lot of documents on google drive. Showing those docs in a web viewer is ok and doable however, they want a document from GD to be shown in a web viewer as PDF and then to be able to be emailed from within the solution. I am not sure if this is doable how to do it if it is doable. (There is no ability to email directly from the web viewer on an Ipad as far as I can see there is an option to print or download only). Hoping someone can shed some light on the subject.
  20. Assistance Needed - Creating the right relationships based on the information below. Being in the print, packaging, promotional and apparel industry, I am trying to build a "One Click" solution for processing client's print JOBS and invoicing them out accordingly. Each JOB requires the following: JOB NUMBER (JOB). Maintain the same job number from initial JOB SPECIFICATION through INVOICING, and versioning of JOB NUMBER based on changes. For example: If I create a new JOB and it's number is 1001 and then I modify it at some point, I would like to capture the initial JOB number 1001 and then have a revised JOB number that reads something like, "1001r2". This gives me the ability to know the historical changes along the way. I am not sure this is possible, but any input would be great.JOB SPECIFICATIONS. Build out unique specifications tied to the JOB (JOB Name, Description, No. of components that make up JOB, what are all of their specifications - Component Name, Page Count, Flat Size, Finish Size, No of Colors, What Finishing is needed, etc. Each estimate may have different specification requirements (a brochure, an envelope, t-shirts, and a display stand require some of the same specs, but many different ones too). FORMAL QUOTATIONS to Suppliers. Once specifications are created in filemaker and verified by the client, I will need to confidentially send a formal quotation out to multiple suppliers to BID on the JOB. These suppliers may bid the whole JOB, or just components of it. For instance, we may have a direct mail campaign with multiple print components in it. As a result, one supplier cannot fulfill the whole JOB. Therefore, we will need to send portions of the Formal Quotation out to suppliers that can complete certain aspects. On the other hand, we may just have a brochure that needs to be completed and this Formal Quotation goes to just one type of supplier. FORMAL QUOTATION to Client. Once, all bids are received into our office, then we will create a Formal Quotation to the Client. We would like to send via email.PURCHASE ORDERS (POs). Upon acceptance of the Formal Quotation by Client, then we need to pick and choose the right suppliers to run the JOB. At this point we will need to produce one or more POs to send out to those chosen suppliers to produce the component. SUPPLIER INVOICES. I would like to capture all of the suppliers invoices and tie them to the JOB. Do I need to create an entity to store the supplier invoices to this JOB? In essence, I would like to scan and track all of the hard copy cost of goods (cogs) and tie them to every JOB.INVOICING. This is pretty self explanatory. After a JOB is completed by the vendors, we will invoice the JOB to the client.CONSOLIDATED DETAILED INVOICES. Just like above, we may need to Invoice a client once a month for all of the JOBS we did over the past 30 days.I hope I spelled this out clearly. With this said, I am asking for input on how to create the most efficient Entities/Table Occurences within the FM Relationship Diagram to have this work successfully. I have read the Basics and part of the Advanced FM Training Series, but I still cannot get my head around the scenario I listed above. I think I am making this more difficult than it appears within my industry. Any insight would be greatly appreciated. JFC70
  21. The attached script generates a pdf that is attached to an email that is sent out in our mail server on our Mac server. We have ATT internet service. When running through the loop of anywhere from 10 -109 records, it will give me an error stating: email (s) could not be sent. The process tends to work better when I have 1-10 records but not not always. If I run the script again the record that did not send in the previous trial, goes out just fine. Is this a problem of: 1. Script 2. Mail server settings 3. internet provider
  22. I am using FMPA 13.0v5 with 360Works Email plugin v2.11 on a Mac Pro 10.10.2. Actually, I mostly use the CNS plugin, but since I like some of the other 360Works plugins, I thought I would give this a try. I am running on another machine my Mac Mini Mail Server with SMTP on it, SSL, TLS, and a verified SSL certificate (Comodo). I can connect to this server using port 587 and TLS using both the CNS plugin and FileMaker's Send Mail script step, and both work just fine. When I run it on 360 Email, I keep getting an error saying I have Invalid Addresses that I am trying to send to. To make things simple, I am sending to a single email. Since it didn't like my company email, I tried my gmail one to no avail. I made sure there were no spaces or anything wrong and even ran the IsValidEmail to confirm the email to send was valid. Normally the send email is grouped into one Set Variable script step and I couldn't tell where it was going wrong. So I broke everything down into simple steps: EmailRegister, EmailConnectSMTP, EmailCreate, EmailSetBody, EmailSend and EmailDisconnect. They all return the result of 1 for successful except the EmailSend. It returns a 0 and if I ask the EmailLastError, I get the "An error occurred: Invalid Address:" (one of several emails I tried). I finally went to the 360Works Email Plugin Examples file and opened it up. I click the connect Advanced connect and turn on StartTLS and put the host name in, my user name and password and press connect. It works. I fill out the "Quick Send" example and press Send and I get the same error that I get when I made my own script. I tried different emails to no avail. I tried the Send HTML email too and it failed also with the same error. I guess I don't have to use this plugin, but wonder what I might be doing wrong since the FileMaker Email script step works and so does the CNS email plugin. The main reason for using the plugin is for HTML support. Any suggestions on what I may be doing wrong or what to try would be appreciated. Thanks. TAYLOR SHARPE 214-522-5525 EmailRegister("###My License No.###"; "Taylor Made Services") and EmailConnectSMTP( "" ; "###UserName###" ; "###Password###" ; "tls=true" ) and EmailCreate( "" ; "" ; "Some Subject Name" ) and // I make sure the from and to are not the same on my tests and that they are valid EmailSetBody( GetAsCSS( $HTML ); "html" ) and EmailSend and EmailDisconnect
  23. I'm doing a Send Mail via SMPT set-up in a script going to an Exchange server. It works fine when I'm use Filemaker 13 via a Citrix gateway. However, when I execute it from the Filemaker 13 client, I get "Email(s) couldn't be sent successfully." I've confirmed the server setting with my IT department. I tried removing the value in the "name" field. Any ideas? Thanks.
  24. I feel like I'm totally missing something here...I'm searching for an email address in a contact layout. Manual Steps: I look at a single contact record, copy the email, enter find mode, paste the email in the email field, press enter. 0 found records. I should have at least one found record. Alternatively, I've setup a table relationship to do a similar thing by connecting email and it seems to work to, but I need the search to work...(It must be something simple that I'm overlooking.) Thanks
  25. Is there script or plugin that will allow me to have an email notification sent to a specified email address whenever a new "To Do" record is entered?