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Found 66 results

  1. Hello, I am not sure if this is a tip, or if it is already known. Anyway it has a practical value for me so I thought I post it. Sometimes I need to present data in a layout with several sub-summary parts and usually no body parts I find it good interface, to give the user the ability to click on the only visible sub-summary part and reveal the next part in the hierarchy, and so on... Thus expanding and collapsing the list by clicking on the headers. From what I read in the forums the standard technique for this is to have a global variable to store whether part X is expanded or not. I don't like that method very much so I thought of an alternative. Layout Example Structure Sub-Summary Part1 (based on COUNTRIES::Name) Sub-Summary Part2 (based on COUNTRIES::CityID) Sub-Summary Part3 (based on CITIES::SalesmanID) To the right of the sub-summary part, just off screen we put an instance of the field we are sub-summarizing by. For example, inline with sub-summary Part1 we put an instance of the field COUNTRIES::Name and we name the Object as "Part1" Now if the sub-summary part is visible using the following : GetLayoutObjectAttribute ( "Part1";"source" ) will give us "COUNTRIES::NAME" or if the sub-summary part is not visible will give us error 102 (Field is missing) By looping with a $counter variable through all sub-summary parts (1....n) we can get a list of the visible sub-summary parts (the fields they are based on) Then we can use this information to sort the records anyway we want to. That's it! I think it would be nice if someone thought a way to have the list sorted in the way the parts are presented. Thanks, Dimitrios
  2. Hey, I want to use the same header on all my layouts in FileMaker Pro 15 Advanced but I can't seem to find a way to accomplish it. I read on Google and other forums that there is no way to do it, however the posts I found are all at least a year or two old. Did they add a way to do it in FileMaker 15 or do I still need to duplicate a layout to get the same header on a different one? Thanks in advance, Mike
  3. I've read through the previous posts on things not sliding left properly and I've tried all of the known fixes, and I'm still stumped. Here's my problem: I'm trying to get a mailing label layout to display a comma and then any suffix that may follow a person's name (such as Ph.D, PE, MSCE, etc.), but if there is no suffix, then I do not want the comma to display. Should be a piece of cake, right?! Ummm...Nope! I have fields for prefix (Dr., Ms., Mr., etc.), first name, last name, and suffix. I first added a calculation field to combine the prefix, first name, and last name: = Prefix & " " & First_Name & " " & Last_Name and a second calculation field to combine a comma and the suffix: = ", " & Suffix. The comma and suffix field is conditionally formatted to be white if there is no suffix. When viewed in Browse Mode, it's looks wonky, but, OK, it's sorta supposed to look goofy, so I can handle that - let's switch to Preview mode and see what happens: There is a gap between the last letter of the last name and the comma - about two letter-width's. And printing it shows the same problem - way too much room between the last name and the comma. I have quadruple-checked the following: The fields are touching - I've even tried overlapping by a pixel or two just to make sure, to no avail. All fields are set to left and top, all padding is set to zero, and, yes, I did check the 'Remove blank space by: Sliding Left' checkbox. And I've tried the above using the original text fields (plus a new text field for the comma), my added calc fields, and merge fields. I'm also not sure why I have a blank label/page between each entry - may be a field is too close to the edge, but I'll worry about that later. I have attached a copy of the offending file for reference. I'm sure it's something simple, but I just can't find it - any help would be greatly appreciated! Mailing_Label_test_1.fmp12
  4. Hi There, I am creating a Filemaker Data base to help me with my work flow. I would like to create A4 Layout but I can't find an easy option how to find it on FMP 13. I can't find an easy way to create a template with size selection for Header - Body & footer and make sure that it will be printed on A4 Size. Does anyone can help? Many thanks, Mari
  5. Hi from a relative newbie, I have a FMP 13 file that works fine on some computers (both Windows and Mac) but on one Mac computer it works only partially. Several of the layouts work fine, but one layout is "frozen" and does not permit entry in any of the fields. Is there something in the Mac OS that could "lock out" a particular layout, but leave all others normally functional? Should I re-install FMP 13? (I'm not sure how to do that on a Mac. I'm mostly a Windows worker.) Any help or insight would be welcome. Thanks, Tom
  6. Version 1.0.0


    Being unsatisfied with solutions I found on the internet and wanting a solution without plugin I created a set of custom functions that can read a path out of a json-string. Syntax: json_path ( json-string ; path ) examples: json_path( $user_prefs ; "Privileges/Modules" ) json_path( $json_data ; "Menus/Menu[10]/MenuItem[5]/Label" )


  7. As you know, FileMaker 14 included a new widely used feature: button bars. No need to say why they're awesome, but you've probably noticed it wasn't that easy if you wanted to create a lot of similar buttons, or convert your old button objects into button bars. Well, these are not issues anymore, thank's to Federico Basmadyian's ButtonBarTool, available here.
  8. We recently bought an Evolysis Card Printer, which prints Front and Back of the card automatically. (Current Situation: We are using a Corel Draw template, the front is on page 1, while the back side is on page 2.. when we want to print, we simply select page 1 and 2 and the printer prints the ID Card front and Back automatically) However, with filemaker, we print the front and then inserts the card back to the printer so as to print the back side. Thus, the layout design of our database has the Front Side on one layout, and then the Back side on another layout. With this new Printer, how can we leverage on its dual page printing capability in designing our layout? Is there a way to design the layout such that the printer knows which is page 1 and which is page 2?
  9. Hi All, I've been away from FileMaker for a while and just recently came back for a personal project. This means I'm using FM 11, which is pretty old now... Anyway! I have a layout with a picture as a background and I'd like to have a graphic slide up based on the text merge field above it, but it doesn't want to slide because of the graphic it's sitting on. Is there a way to have an object ignore a background object for sliding?
  10. I recently created a CRM that utilizes a single layout for all functions and features. You can view a 5 minute demo video of it here: There is a second shorter video that demonstrates some extreme automation made possible with the CRM. You can view it here: Let me know what you think! Cheers, Gary
  11. Hi all After moving to FMP advanced 13 I still don't know how to automatically add a new field in the current layout I work on. Before it was simple but now I always need to drag the icon into the layout in Layout mode. Is there a way to tell the app to ALWAYS add new fileds to the current layout Thanks a lot
  12. Hi, I'm having some difficulties with my invoice-system. When having multiple pages on print, I want to have my Trailing Grand Summary on a fixed spot. (not trailing) Is there a possibility to have this result? If I would place my fields in the footer, they will show on every page, what is not the intention. Have you fixed this one before OR do you have a solution at hand? Thanks in advance!
  13. Hi, I was wondering if it is possible with FileMaker Pro Adnvanced (12 my version) to create a layout containing a list and a card (details view displaying a whole record) in the same layout, i.e.: - on the left side, see a list of all records (and a scrollbar maybe) - if I click on a line, in the right column, a details view is shown to edit the details. It does not work with the referenced records tool - they are not records from other tables, but the same table. (and sorry for maybe some odd words - I have the German version and I am not sure about the correct English ones) Does that work? Many thanks for your help, Claus
  14. Hello, I am using Windows OS for my solution. I have a layout in list view showing events. An admin user is to add groups of people as attendees of these events by pressing a button to run a script. The script Freezes the window, changes layout, adds the attendees in the relevant table and returns the user to the original layout. This all works well, except for when the script returns to the original layout and unfreezes the window, the scroll position of the active row (the record that the user is editing) jumps to the bottom of the screen. I would like the scroll position to remain static or be returned to where it was before the script changes the layout - so a change is imperceptible to the user. The Window Scroll options seem limited to top, bottom, pg up, pg down. I have also tried having the script open a new window before changing the layout, but you then see the script working - if only briefly - as the new window comes to the front. Has anybody got any suggestions on how I can return the scroll position to exactly where it was before the script executes? Thanks in advance, Ben
  15. I don't even know where to begin.  I have a db...In every layout for every table—in spite of the fact that their parts all have a white fill—the background turns red in preview mode. I'm using 12, so if I change the theme, this doesn't happen, but if I change the theme back to classic, I get the red background again. I put white rectangles covering the layout parts and that helps; except at the part boundaries, you can still see red and there's nothing you can do about it.  Any ideas where to being troubleshooting? I found out that if I remove the white background fill, the default color is classic...So what that seems to mean, then, is that in preview mode, my white background is being stripped away. The clumsy solution was to select a new theme, turn everything white, remove the alternating body fill, and copy the layout objects onto this new layout. But I want this red background thing to make sense to me!  So thanks for any ideas at all.
  16. Hello community, I have two entities, that have a many-to-many relationship. I have my Computers entity, and a Users entity. One user can have many computers, and one computer can be used by many users. I created my Computers and Users tables, plus a join table to have the relationship. The tables are OK, and work fine, I manually tested with setting IDs. My problem is that, on the layouts, I don't know how to technically and concretely relate two records from each table. I tried with external portal, but when I tried, it also creates records that I don't want. Simple: I would like to be on the Computers layout for example, and set a field so this computer is linked to one given user. And the opposite. With what tools can I do that. What related field to put on which layout so I can relate a Computer with a User. Thanks a lot for your help !!
  17. We are developing a contract layout for a client. There is a modestly long header (260 its.), short body (26pts), but a very long footer that is one large text box detailing terms and conditions. Its boiler plate but they need it there. Since it is one large block it won't print on the first page. Instead in preview mode the bottom half of the page, below the body, is blank and the boiler plate starts on a second page. Is there a way to have this last large text block start on the first page and spill over onto a second page? How can I get this to format correctly as one cohesive document?
  18. Hi all - I have a question that I can't seem to figure out. I'm hoping that there's a way to do what I want but not sure if it's possible. I'm pretty new to Filemaker, yet I've watched videos on working it and have what I initially want built out. I'm just a bit stuck at this one part though. A little background: I'm doing a database for a casting company and I now have a Layout built where I can pull Job Info from a Global Field created, and Filter my Talent through several fields I created; Age Range, Body Type, Ethnicity, Special Skills, etc. This Layout is meant to use the Find option so I can cast for specific sets of people. i.e. If I search for Age Range 18-25, it'll pull through my Talent DB and list all my 18-25 year olds in a found set. From there, I want to pull these records from the 'Found Set' and List them in another Layout essentially. For each role, I'd like to do this and add it to that one, single layout. This way, when I cast for...8 roles, I can have all those that I've found in the found sets listed in one layout so I know who I can email to cast for a job. I understand that the new layout will already have my found set inside the layout for me to view when I input what fields I need in there, yet what do I do when I want to input the remaining 6 roles? i.e. If I have Role 1 - Hipsters..I do my Find and I get 35 people from my Talent Database that qualify. I want these 35 people to be in that New Layout with Heading 'Role 1 - Hipsters'. Under the Found Records for 'Role 1', on the same Layout, I'd like to put 'Role 2 - Business', and I'd do a search for these people and list these 'Found Records' under 'Role 2- Business'. Then...Role 3...Role 4..etc. Is this something that is possible? Thank you for your help!! Here's what my Relationships and my layout with the filters looks like.
  19. Hey guys, i have a question, i have more then 100 layouts and i wanted to know if there is a way to change the color to all layouts with just few clicks instead of going one by one? I need to change color to font and to to fields. thanks for any info.
  20. Hi, I have a DB I'm working on and I'm stuck on something that I think will be pretty simple but I cant seem to get my head around it. Its for a school, so you have courses,locations,students etc. Students can take many courses at many locations. So I have a course layout, with a portal to the participants. This works well apart from I cannot get to open the related record from the portal without it showing me all of the records relating to the student in question. I need to create and reprint a certificate for each student \ course. I have created a button on the portal row to open another related layout up (the cert) to allow them to be printed or emailed, but it always shows me all of the course certificates for the student in question. I have another button on the form for printing all of the certificates for that particular course and that works fine. I had setup some scripts (shown below) but have gone back to a simple related record button to see if I can figure out whats wrong, I have tried all sorts of changes for hours! and I'm getting no where, any help would be greatly appreciated edit: Also I realise it shows in the script "records being browsed" but I also did try current record only. Being playing around
  21. My title may be ambiguous so I'll explain what I need to do. I have a found set of say, 18 records. Each record has a field on it which I use to sort against, in fact, there are a couple of fields, so the sort order is typically Field1, Field2, Field3 etc. I have a summary calculation returning values on a sub summary part and this is all well and good. I've removed the body part as I usually don't need it for the types of reports I do. The layout is pretty simple: SubSummary Part1 - includes fields Description, sCalculation What I need to do now is repeat the above, looping through and displaying each record twice in separate areas of the report, so that my report looks like: SubSummary Part1 - includes fields, Description, sCalcuation SubSummary Part2 - includes same fields, same description, sCalculation2 This is so I can show the records before an adjustment, in a detailed display, and then, the same records after an adjustment, but in the same detailed display. This will result in Part1 DescriptionABC 100 DescriptionDEF 200 Total 300 Part2 DescriptionABC 1000 (100*10) DescriptionDEF 2000 (200*10) Total 3000 Do I need to duplicate the records in the found set and give the dupes a second sort field? Thanks in advance for any help
  22. I have been searching all over the filemaker world for better info on how to adjust layouts for label printing. I want to print to a label sheet that is not Avery. It is 9 columns wide, but each column of labels (.75") has a small space between them. I can't find a way to put that space in the layout to make sure the labels align.
  23. Hi there I am experimenting on a sample of data in a very simple FM database. I need some help on 'how' FM does things, rather than how to do something myself (although you may scream at my technique below!) I have two customers on Customer_Table with CustomerID and Name as the fields. The only other table is called Data and is joined to Customer via CustomerID_FK. It's a one to many relationship as each customer can have many data rows, around 400 each. Therefore I have around 800 records in the Data table. I have added three text fields to the data table which enable true/false conditions to be set. I use many CASE statements on the Data table to select various values from records depending on the combination of true/false conditions. I then summarise these on a second field to get the grand total per true/false combination. An example of this would be: CustID Text1 Text2 Text3 Amount CaseStatement1 CaseStatement2 10 North Confirmed Bob 11000 11000 10 North Possible Bob 5000 5000 If I want a grand total of Bob's confirmed and possible sales in the north, I'd do: Case ( Text1 = "North" and Text2 = "Confirmed" and Text3 = "Bob" ; Amount) Case ( Text1 = "North" and Text2 = "Possible" and Text3 = "Bob" ; Amount) I then create summary fields for CaseStatement1 and CaseStatement2 to get the specific values I want. As I say, given the details in the data I have and the requirements of the task, there are many similar calculations through my test DB. The next part of my test was to see how I can easily move between customer records to view which sales have happened, ie, view the summary fields. I set up two layouts, one based on Data and one based on Customer. Given the data I have and the volume of summaries, I noticed it was significantly quicker moving on the Customer layout between records 1 and 2 than using the Data layout (which of course has 800 records). What I don't understand is that surely FM still needs to calculate the Case and Summary statements while moving between just the two customer records regardless, so why is it so much quicker one way versus the other? Thanks in advance
  24. I'm preparing a sub summary report from a selection of records in my found data set. The report needs to have a detailed, record by record section at the top part and below this, summaries of the remaining records. The problem I'm facing based on the layout below is, because I need the records for Groups 3,4 and 5 in my found set in order to calculate their summarised results, they're appearing as detailed records because of the layout set up I'm currently using to allow details to show for Groups 1 and 2. I feel like I'm missing something very simple here, appreciate any help. Thanks in advance Group1 DetailsRecord1 DetailsRecord2 Summary of Group1 Group2 DetailsRecord3 DetailsRecord4 Summary of Group2 ---------------------------------------------------- Group3 Summary of Group3 (No record details) Group4 Summary of Group4 (No record details) Group5 Summary of Group5 (No record details)
  25. Hi there, In FM13, I have a layout with about 10000 records, i would like to create another layout/duplicate and display only specific records of the 10000 records already existing on the main/old layout, i have a drop down field that defines the category of the records(e.g, Employee, Ex Employee, Accommodation, Embassy, Car Hire etc) - is this possible, by relationship definition or any other way, how?