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Found 5 results

  1. Version 1.0.0


    Being unsatisfied with solutions I found on the internet and wanting a solution without plugin I created a set of custom functions that can read a path out of a json-string. Syntax: json_path ( json-string ; path ) examples: json_path( $user_prefs ; "Privileges/Modules" ) json_path( $json_data ; "Menus/Menu[10]/MenuItem[5]/Label" )


  2. I have a customer database and with a customer table and a service call table. I am looking to create a report that would summarize total payment received in each month and a total for any given year with a grand total of every year. Not sure how to set up the layout part for the Year and Month so that they will produce the desired result. Thank you for any assistance. Greg
  3. Hello, Hope someone can help with this one! I have a simple Prospects list, where I have an 'Expected Date' field (Date), which is set to just show month and year. How would I setup the conditional formatting to set the colour of this 'Expected Date' field according to the 'current month', 'next month' and 'month after next' basically to give you: Current month = Colour 1 Next month = Colour 2 Month after next = Colour 3 Cheers Peter
  4. We were trying to use Month() calculation to set reminder. However, it is not returning the result as intended. We have a startDate field and would like to add exact 2 months to startDate as reminder. Intended results are: startDate > reminderDate 19/03/2011 > 18/05/2011 01/11/2011 > 31/12/2012 30/11/2011 > 29/01/2012 31/12/2011 > 29/02/2012 01/01/2012 > 29/02/2012 In remWe used Date(Month(startDate)+2; Day(startDate); Year(startDate))-1
  5. I have a table where we do our estimates. This table is used by 10 people. The estimates are comprised of estimates made by telephone, by email, and by a physical person entering our office. I have already created calculations and summaries in this table, even with the percentages for each type of estimate based on the total estimates. I have another table with the the actual contracts that have been made and the summary count of contracts made by each person. This table is used by the same 10 people. Now i need to make another table to give me the summaries of all the data from above by month. The percent of estimates that have become contracts and etc. My problem is with the relationship and the fields in the new table. I am wondering how to do this correctly? Dave