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Found 178 results

  1. I currently have a form that contains a portal. In the portal there is a value that will either be "Accepted" or "Rejected". I'm wondering if there's a way to parse through this table to check if any related values have a "Rejected" or if they are all "Accepted". Then using that outcome, decide if the form should display Rejected or Accepted. Please let me know if I need to provide any more information and/or images. Thanks in advance for any assistance you can offer!
  2. Hi...I have created a database using a "modified" anchor buoy method and so far everything works great...but...I have a portal in a "join table" that works fine...however, my button that is supposed to open the record in the portal row does not returns nothing. The records are indeed related (see RG) as the fields show up from the related table without relational conflicts, but this button that is supposed to open the "library" table with the related record pulled up simply does nothing. I have attached the DB. Also a screen shot of the table where the portal is (it is actually a join table layout, this may be the problem). I don't understand how the button (with the little arrow) does not go to the table that the actual portal record, which IS related because I see it show up on the portal row...what is not right here? Thanks! Todd **MusicalAmericaPRESUB copy.fmp12
  3. I have a database that keeps track of computer system information. I have a record for each system (one per room). Within this system there are a number of different computer devices and I want to track settings such as IP addresses subnet masks and other network type information. I have a table called “Systems” and I’m using tabs to separate the different devices within a system. Within each separate tab do I need to create a unique field for each piece of information or is there a more efficient way to do this? For example: the first field would be device one IP address the second field would be device one subnet mask The third field would be device one preferred DNS The fourth field would be device one IP address The fifth field would be device one subnet mask The sixth field would be device one preferred DNS Etc. Seems like I’m missing something and there might be a more efficient way. Thank you for any help.
  4. Hi, I hope that someone on this community is able to assist me in a rather complex dynamical filtering of portals... I am working on a pretty complex CRM based on this demo for dynamical filtering of portals by Sara Severson: But I have an issue when trying to dynamically filter the portal based on several relationships, that someone here maybe can answer... This is my situation: Filemaker file A (the CRM) contains a portal which I filter. The portal show posts from file B (Contact database) with the use of a relationship X. The relationship match fields in the two files are global fields containing just "1" - which matches all posts. The filtering of the portal here is working great. I can filter posts from the Contact database without any issues. But I would like a second dynamical filter field in relationship with a file C (an Order database) so I can narrow down the contacts in regards to what they ordered. So I made, in file A, another relationship between file B (relationship X) and file C (Order database). Here I match a client ID in file B with a client ID in file C. And adjusted the portal filter criterias accordingly, so it took notice of this second filter field. And yes, now it seemed that I could filter out specific orders, to find, for example, only clients in city X (from the file B, the contact database) which has bought item A (from the file C, the order database). But I noticed it didn't find every client with a particular order - after some debugging I found out that this procedure did only find the latest order a client made, in file C. In other words: If client A (from contact database) ordered item A and then later item B (posts in the order database), the filter did only find the client's order of item B. If I try to filter for item A, it found other clients that ordered this item, but not the client which ordered both A and B. It seems that the relationship between file B and C only matches the latest match, which seems a little odd. If I put a portal in file B (the contact database), with relationship of Client ID with file C (the order database), Filemaker found all orders, but only the first row in this unsorted portal here is found by the filter in file A. Any ideas? How can I make the relationship between file B and C in file A to find all orders? Here an image of the tables in file A, with some complementary information: With kind regards, - Johan.
  5. I have a FileMaker layout with a portal to another table. The relationship shows all unassigned records (related < 1). On each portal row I have a button which runs a script. The idea is that when you press the button the a value from the main record is copied and pasted into a field in the portal row (and as a result the portal record becomes 'assigned' and is removed from the portal. I have the button running a script and pasting the value from the main record but it is pasting it in the first portal record, not the one whose button was clicked. Is there a simple way of having the value pasted into the portal record where the button was clicked or do I have to store the record number (or something) and paste back to that record?
  6. Hi! I have two separate questions regarding portals and how they work. Before I start let me describe what I'm doing. I'm constructing DB for local karate club. I have one table/layout with general info about members, I have second table/layout with records about belts (including color of the belt, when & where the belt was obtained, the mentor of the member & sparing partners of the member etc.) and I have 3rd table/layout that shows various activities of each member (there are also several other tables but not important for this topic). All tables are connected via key field (ID number) QUESTION 1 I have no problem creating portals on 3rd layout to show me which belts particular member has with all additional info from the second table that go along with it. BUT I don't know how to create a portal that shows all members of the club that had particular member as sparing partner. Thing is that I have 3 separate fields for sparing partner because each member can have up to 3 sparing partners and I simply don't know how to connect them all so I can see the list of all members that have particular member as one of three possible sparing partners. QUESTION 2 I know how to place count of related records in filtered portal but I'm not sure how to get a Total of this counts. Any help is much appreciated!
  7. The database has table1 with “Sample No” field relating it to table2 with “Sample No” field. Table 2 has a portal on a layout with Table1. Each portal row has the Category field with one of 3 values (MF,BP and CC). There are about 7000 samples. Each sample has from 1-12 portal rows displayed with 1 or more occurrences of the 3 category values one of the values shows the count of each value per sample. The question is how do I write a script so that every sample has all 3 category values (MF,BP and CC)? I have the following scripts for when there is only one value/portal - one for each of the 3 values (3 scripts are the same except that “Molecular Function” is substituted for BP or CC and “Molecular Function” = MF): Perform Find [ Specified Find Requests: Find Records; Criteria: Transcript Database::Regulation: “=test” ] [ Restore ] Perform Script [ “Sort by Sample No” ] Go to Record/Request/Page [ First ] Loop Go to Portal Row [ Select; First ] If [ GO_GOT::Putative Gene Function Category "Molecular Function" ] ≠ "Molecular Function" ] ≠ If [ GO_GOT::Putative Gene Function Category Go to Portal Row [ Select; Next ] Go to Portal Row [ Select; Last ] Set Field [ GO_GOT::Putative Gene Function Category; "Molecular Function" ] End If End If Go to Record/Request/Page [ Next; Exit after last ] End Loop I can not get a script to work on a portal with only 2 categories so that only one of the 3 categories is added per sample. Transcript Database v05 test.fmp12
  8. Hello, I am newbie to filemaker pro but love it Said so, I am struggling a solution that I am building for management of holiday apartments, based on FMSP. I have created a table for bookings, and apartments, and now I am working with another table call Daytariffs that would give the price for each day of the year for each apartment. So far I have being able to show the available apartments for a range of dates, but what I am struggling now is to show the prices for those days. Basically, what I have done on the DayTariffs table is to load 365 days (records) then I have created a field called "Range" and put a calculations that shows "YES" if a date is within the dates I have set on the Booking layout as StartDate and EndDate (this dates are global fields). I have created relationship between Daytariffs and Bookings through ID_DayTariffs (Daytariffs table) = id_daytariffs (Bookings table). Later, I have also created a global field called "BookingDAYS" on Bookings tables and set the field value as "YES", and I have created a new relationship that relates BookingDAYS = Range. Then I have created a portal based on the the relationship between BookingDAYS=Range, on the Bookings Layout but wont show any records I am stuck here because if I change the Range field to be just text without any calculation and I write "YES" then the portal works, but as soon as I put the calculation back, the related records disappear... I have checked that calculated result on Range field is set as Text as well as BookinDAYS is a text field... also what have noticed is that the relationship graph for BookingDAYS=Range has this simbol at both sides "|---" when normally would have a three lines (like a folk) when I choose any other filed for that realtionship instead of Range. I am attaching screenshots of relationship graph, booking layout and DayTariffs Table Any ideas what I am missing here? Thanks a lot. Luis
  9. I'm very new to FileMaker design, so I may be missing something very basic, but I cannot figure out how to make this work. I've got a working portal set up, showing the correct records. I can add new records using the blank line in the portal, and those records then show in the portal window. However, if I go look at the actual table that the portal links to, the new records are not being added there. Are they going somewhere else instead? I need to actually create new records, not just display them!
  10. Hi, I’m really Stuck , any suggestions would be most appreciated. Problem : I need to replicate a particular behavior of the PopOver that is inside a Portal. Behavior: When inserting or editing portal Rows via popOvers, the data updates in the portal before “committing”. Solution: Trying to replicate this behavior according to this rules: -. Using Transactions and Data modeling. .- Data not updated at the portal before committing (refreshing portal by trigger or exiting a field doesn't work). .- Data not updated at the portal as inserts or edits are been made (same as above). .- Inserts or Edits are made outside the portal in the same layout (no modals, Using SlideControl). .- Not using PopOvers inside portal. .- Portal is not accesible by user it only shows the list of items been inserted or updated. I have tried different approaches but no solution yet, trying to replicate behavior has been very frustrating. Tried: Filtered Single Line portals and Magic Key with different Techniques and different relationship approaches, I have not tried Globals via Scripts which I presume could be a solution but don’t have much to start with!!!. For the record: A few months ago I started implementing “Selector Conector and Transactions”, I´m not so sure I have correctly implemented this. I have prepared a Sample file (is not the actual solution) with very simple use of Transactions and Data Modeling, it shows different approaches I have tried. Used some technics learned here at this forum which have been very helpful. Approaches number 1 and number 2 from the Sample file are not the preferred, but merely show the behavior I´m trying to replicate. A script at start creates small window that shows records are been created in child's table even tough it won’t update the portal before commiting when using technics 3 and 4 from the Sample file. Hope my explanation makes any sense. Thanks in advance, and cheers to all PS.: Check the green Framed Portal at the right hand side of the layout´s Sample file for a cool technique that I designed, it uses “Hide Object when”, and a combination of formatting the Button and portal row (Padding), which makes the illusion of an X circle appearing on the right side when Hovering portal rows, mostly used for deleting. Hope any one has a use for it.
  11. I created a database to track permits by building. Each permit type is stored in its own table. The only link between tables is the Building Name which is the physical location where the permit exists. Tables: v_Buildings (fields include building name, ID, building status, address, city, state, zipcode) Air (ID, Building Name, Expiration Date, Days_to_Expiration, Type, etc...) Water Food Elevator ...9 permit types in all, and I will add more in the future Each of these tables has the same fields in common: BuildingName PermitExpirationDate PermitOwner Days_to_Expiration I created a Dashboard layout with the idea that users could select a building name from a drop-down menu and then see all of the permits for that particular building along with their expiration date and the permit owner's name. I am just baffled as to how to do this across multiple tables. I have looked at SQL, Join tables, portals etc...., and I cannot figure out how to aggregate all of this information into one view for users. I cannot even seem to figure out what table should be used for the Dashboard layout. I would love to hear from the community the best and hopefully scalable approach for designing this layout. Thanks in advance from a novice user.
  12. I'm using a field-based value list in conjunction with a filtered portal based on a relationship. The filtered portal seems to be working fine. However, "1" and "0" are showing in the value list though neither of those values are in any records. Issue #2 is that unless I include "IsEmpty (fieldname)" in the calculation field used in the relationship, all my portal fields have to contain data or the record doesn't show in the portal. In other filtered portals, I've never added "IsEmpty" to the calculation field and records have shown in the the portal regardless of empty values (see yellow highlight in screenshot). Thanks for any insights on these two issues.
  13. Environment: FM13 with FM13 Server, mix of Windows 7 and 10. Is there a way to set a script trigger on if this portal row is new? IE, a script to run if this new child/portal record is new. We have a parent record, and portal to Children records. The children records have 2 fields: Profile Name and Process type. Our user would like to enter a new child record (profile name and process type). if the process type already exists, we will need to archive the existing record (matching the profile type). There is more bI want to start with this first. I see script triggers to the layout "OnRecordCommit", but no similar script trigger for portals. Any ideas on how to handle this? Or am I going to have to add a button to go to another screen to accomplish this? Thanks. I hope i gave enough info for you to help me.
  14. I can't figure out how to subtract the total of several child records from a starting value in a parent record: Sounds simple, but it's got me stumped! My database is designed to issue Emissions Reduction Credits to companies for reducing or eliminating sources of air pollution. Those companies then later use those credits to offset new construction, sell them to other companies for cold, hard cash, transfer them to other companies, etc. The initial issuance is all on one Certificate and there can be between one and five pollutant credits on each individual Certificate. A company can own many certificates, but a certificate can only belong to one company. Once issued, a company can use the credits all at once or (more likely) a little at a time. After each use/expenditure of credits, the certificate is reissued with the new balance of credits listed on it. Thanks to a lot of great help in the Relationship subforum (Thanks again, Don and Bruce!), I've got the basic architecture down and issuing the initial credits works just like it should and the FIRST instance of credit usage calculates the new balance correctly, but when subsequent uses/expenditures are entered, the new balance ignores any previous expenditures. I've tried dozens of different calculations, added TOs, lumped all transactions into one TO, filtered portals, and barked at the moon, and nothing works (though I did manage to scare the bejeezes out of my cat!) I have attached my semi-sorta-solution to help clarify my problem. It should open to the "Certificate" layout - the bottom portal has the usage data that isn't calculating the new balances correctly. Any help in getting this up and running would be most appreciated - thanks in advance for sharing your time and talents. Best Regards, Guy FMPA 15, Windows and Mac ERC Registry v2 ModBFR Bad ERC Balance.fmp12
  15. Is it possible to sync data in a Filemaker portal to an external MySQL database? For example, an invoice listing multiple products stored in another table (assuming I only want the information in the portal, such as qty, name, price). Or do we have to manually sync all related tables behind the scenes and then re-create the relationships using joins later? Thank you!
  16. Hi, I got stuck with building a proper relationship scheme. I'm making an database with several tables. One table contains information on archaeological features (key field Feature ID), another contains data on documentation. One document may contain information on several features, for this reason in documentation table I've created several fields (Feature ID 1, Feature ID 2, etc). The two tables are related through Feature ID=Feature ID 1; in the second table I've made a self-relation between all Feature ID fields. In the Features layout I've made a portal displaying related records from Documentation table. Unfortunately it only displays related to the first field (Feature ID 1), while other fields (Feature ID 2, etc) seem remain unrelated. What do I do wrong? Thank you!
  17. Im currently using a portal to relay certain information from my main database, the information that is related between the two are the fields of 'Brand' and 'Part Number'. The only other fields i have in my portal will be 1. Sale Or Purchase (a drop down list to select either sale or purchase). 2. Quantity 3. Date 4. Price Is there any kind of calculation so that when i select either the 'sale' or 'purchase' option in the drop down list that it will either add or subtract the quantity i then enter into my quantity field, this way my stock list can keep up to date with the correct quantities? Example Brand - ddd Part No. - 123 Sale selected Quantity - 3 Date - 22/02/2013 so after i have entered all of this data because i have sold 3 i need my calculation to take 3 away from the overall stock, and for the calculation to add 3 if this was a purchase hope this makes sense thank you
  18. Hi All, I am trying to filter a portal using case to display records matching only one condition (the first it match going down), but it looks like the filter is taking into consideration all the options and displaying related records that match any of the conditions. EG: Case ( newA = oldA ; 1 ; newB = oldB ; 1 ; newC = oldC ; 1 ; newD = oldD ; 1 ; 0) I thought the filter would work by only showing me the records that matched the first matched condition, but instead it's showing records that match any of the conditions. EG: if I had a record that had 5 related records, 1 where newA = oldA and 2 where newC=oldC, the portal would show me those 3 records instead a of just the first one which matched the first condition newA = oldA. Can anyone give me any suggestions as to how I can get it so that the portal only filter 'stops' checking the case condition once it's found a matched one?
  19. Hi, I am trying to hide a field in a portal using a calculation on the "hide" behaviour. Based on this article from some versions back - However, I am trying to use Global Variables to achieve this. In short, my portal has a "category" field whose value is repeated. And I want to "GroupBy" it, and only show the first occurrence of the category and hide the subsequent ones. <category> <name> <description> Cat1 ... ... Cat1 ... ... << Hide Cat1 Cat2 ... ... Cat2 ... ... << Hide Cat 2 I tried to hide the <category> field using the behaviour with the following calculation: Let([ This = Category::Name ; $$Prev = $$NextPrev ; $$NextPrev = This ] ; $$Prev = This ) I keep $$Prev as the previous category value, so that if the current "This" field is the same, I attempt to hide it. This will hide all the <category> because presumably $$Prev = This. However, If I test a. $$Prev = "Cat1" b. This = "Cat1" "Cat1" gets hidden. I am just wondering if there's something wrong with my calculation? Thanks in advance!
  20. Hi, I have Contacts portal on Company layout. Now, I can do FIND in other fields of the portal but email field., I already checked inspector > Field Entry in find mode is cheked.. I have attached screenshots
  21. I think I have a relationship problem here even though the problem appears to be with the Portal or Popover. As you can see from Screenshot1, the popover is showing the data for the wrong record. Interestingly, clicking the Go to Full Record button which calls Go To Related Record does go to the correct record as indicated in the Portal. This is also happening with the Siblings Portal, see Screenshot2. However, the Go to Full Record button on siblings portal behaving differently - it is going to the record showing in the popover which is the same record being display. So it goes nowhere of course. The Relations screenshot shows the relevant relationships as well as the more complicated one I am using to get the siblings. On the Parents layout I am doing the same thing - showing Students via the Parents_Students and Related Parents and the popovers are working fine. Let me know if you need more data. - Brad
  22. Hello, Issue: I have Sales Activities Portal on each company's record, now I want to list all first rows of portals from each company record on another layout. Now, I also want only those rows with non-empty follow-up date fields too. My Portal is sorted by Activity Date in descending order. What I have done: I have onlayoutenter script as below: Enter Find Mode Set Field[Daily Log::date_followup; "*"] Set Field[Daily Log::date_activity; Max(Daily Log::date_activity)] Perform Find[] It is fetching all records from each Portal which has non-empty follow-up date value I want only highest activity date value row from each portal
  23. Hello friend, How we can Restrict for not showing last empty portal row in portal table.
  24. Hi all I have a personnel portal (looks up values from the 'personnel table'). When I click a row then the associated personnel_ID is put in to a personnel_IDF field in a new record of a different table (Case_personnel). This second table is also displayed in a portal. No changes have been made to the 'personnel' table. How can I get the personnel portal to exclude records where the personnel_ID matches the personnel_IDF field in the Cases_personnel table?
  25. Hi All, I have created a database and am hitting a wall with one of my portals. A brief structure of my DB is. Customer details (Accounts table) > Their enquiries (Enquiries table) > Send a quote (Quotes table). I require the portal to show 2 quotes from the account using information gathered in the enquiry. Both the quotes are showing up in the list and table view of quotes, but when I try to show them (including the related data) in the portal the duplicate info shows up. I have uploaded a video here and I have attached a relationship portion and the actual relationship. Thank you for your help. Simon Relationship-EnquiryAndQuote.pdf