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Found 27 results

  1. Hi - I'm considering upgrading from FMP 14 to FMP 16. However, my solution depends on a distributed runtime for a commercial solution. It appears that API improvements are not available in the runtime. I'm wondering if the window control (cards) and overall windows interface are at least available in the runtime - otherwise, there doesn't seem to be much point in upgrading for me. Thanks, Michael
  2. Hello, I have more than 10k executable files, each EXE export data to a single table, inside of an unique MySQL. I created a FM database to manage all data (ODBC), but I didn’t solve how to trigger a script from an external EXE, without looping for new data each minute. Questions: #01: There is way to trigger a script in an open database, without looping ? #02: Runtime solutions can be used with parameters? My best idea, at this time, is to create a runtime solution and a relationship, and call it from the EXE. I do think is a "stupid idea" and there must be clever solutions out there. Thanks for all INFO: I am using windows 10 | FM Pro 15
  3. I have a Mac runtime solution that multiple people around the world are using. It was originally created using 13.0.5. Some users tried running it on El Capitan and rightly got error messages that files were missing as it is not compatible with 10.11. I created a new runtime of the same files that were distributed using 14.0.4 and tested simply replacing the runtime engine file only (& none of the data/interface files). The solution seems to run perfectly on El Capitan with this runtime engine upgrade. I see this the same as upgrading the FileMaker Pro application version, and no changes need to be made to the .fmp12 files. Am I making a bad assumption if I simply have the users replace the runtime engine file (& none of the other files) to be compatible with Yosemite?
  4. Version 1.0.0


    Being unsatisfied with solutions I found on the internet and wanting a solution without plugin I created a set of custom functions that can read a path out of a json-string. Syntax: json_path ( json-string ; path ) examples: json_path( $user_prefs ; "Privileges/Modules" ) json_path( $json_data ; "Menus/Menu[10]/MenuItem[5]/Label" )


  5. I am creating a run-time from two linked solution files but cannot get a working solution which references the linked file correctly. When I create the run-time if I attempt to add the linked file to the Solution Files list I get an error message that the file is either open or already linked to the primary solution file. Of course if I leave it out and create the runtime anyway, when I open the generated run-time I get an error that the linked file cannot be found. How do I get around this circular issue and why on earth won't FM let me include linked files in the Solutions list when generating the runtime? Thanks
  6. Turning to the forum for assistance on this as neither the built-in documentation and external sources seem to provide a working solution to this problem. Can anyone point me to a clear process for re-linking an external file source (data file) where the solution has previously been saved with the external data source reference removed? I am making a cut-down copy of a production database from copies of a two-file linked solution. Despite repeated attempts to specify the files as linked to each other under Manage> External Data Sources the external data source is not found. Advice I Googled suggested going into Manage>Database>Tables and looking for italicised tables with "Data Source Missing" messages and that they could be re-linked from there. This is not the case, the interface file does not list external tables in the tables tab (and doesn't on the original working solution either). The Relationship Graph does show tables from the linked solution and has marked them as "Data Source Missing". Surely there is a straightforward way to re-link a file with foreign TO references with the external file that defines them? I've tried re-linking to the file multiple times under Manage > External Data Sources but it has no effect. Thanks in advance for any help.
  7. I'm just about to start converting a large v11 runtime solution to v14, it will be used at many end-user sites, with many different configs, ranging from a few Win Vista (I note this isn't covered by the system requirements of v14), Windows 7 (the majority), Windows 8/8.1 through to some testing Windows 10 (including older 32-bit and modern 64-bit OS installs). Are there any issues/problems to be aware of in v14; especially in consideration over v11 and with Runtime solutions? My v11 Runtime system is extremely stable, experiencing no issues over the past few years, which is testament to the design and FM version considering a large solution user base. I'm starting to upgrade as I phase out v11 as a development platform - which has proved to be very stable over the past 4 years. I was also hoping to find a good "bible" type detail book to refresh myself on the new v14 features, but there only seems to be a "missing manual" guide on v14 available from Amazon. Thanks in advance.
  8. I have posted previously about the PDF creation in a runtime solution. People have offered suggestions although things like monkey bread software etc.. seem a bit complicated. I have created a runtime solution and this is the last piece of the puzzle. The customer is getting ticked off that this last part has become complicated. The PDFs they create are multi layout then I have append in a script to create one PDF across tables etc... One of my solutions was to have the endusers purchase a subscription to Filemaker and then we wouldn't have to worry about the limitations of runtime. The customer was not receptive to this idea. I've looked into plug ins but most are a little too costly. One day when I was searching I ran across a solution about moving the PDF libraries to the runtime solution. Someone had done it, and I didn't bookmark then link and cannot locate the information again. Anyone aware of this method. Any other suggestions, I didn't want to have learn iText etc... I have attached an example of the PDFs we create. Thank you, I've been pulling out my hair! Test.pdf
  9. I'm really hoping I'm misunderstanding something - but at the bottom of this page, it seems to say that the Runtime is being deprecated. Is that how others understand this?
  10. If you use FileMaker Runtimes, consider reading this. Blog series post #1: Converting a FileMaker Runtime to a @Xojo Web App as Runtimes are listed to be deprecated.
  11. Hi, I've read that there are tricks to get a FileMaker runtime solution consolidated into a single app. I was wondering if anyone has done this and then successfully had their app accepted on the Mac App Store? (I don't mean the iOS app store, I mean Apple's App Store for Mac OS X software.) I was considering submitting a small runtime solution I created to the Mac OS X App Store, but this would be paying to be an OS X developer, and altering my solution so that's a single app. I really didn't want to go down this road unless it's possible to have Apple accept this runtime. Any info is appreciated, thanks.
  12. Nickenich, Germany - (February 24th, 2015) -- MonkeyBread Software today is pleased to announce MBS FileMaker Plugin 5.0 for Mac OS X or Windows, the latest update to their product that is easily the most powerful plugin currently available for FileMaker Pro. As the leading database management solution for Windows, Mac, and the web, the FileMaker Pro Integrated Development Environment supports a plugin architecture that can easily extend the feature set of the application. MBS FileMaker Plugin 5.0 has been updated and now includes over 3000 different functions, and the versatile plugin has gained more new functions: For our Mac users we have now hot keys. You can define a key combination to launch a FileMaker script, even if FileMaker is not the active application. Our MountNotification functions allow you to run a script when a drive mounts or unmounts. The MBS Plugin now helps finding errors in scripts. If you call the MBS function with an unknown function name, the error message now includes a suggestion for the right function name. We hope this helps finding typos. If a script runs and a function returns an error, the plugin will show a notification. This way you don't miss an error in your scripts. Please enable this feature for development using Trace.EnableErrorNotifications. For DynaPDF we have new functions to create, modify and delete annotations. You can now create much easier preview images for pages and render whole PDF files to a folder of images. New functions allow to place text as watermark across a page. Our functions for menus allow you to query the current FileMaker menu. Using our plugin you can execute menu commands from a script, hide or change the shortcut. For the menu command to create a database design report, we got a function to create a report automatically from a script. The barcode functions can now calculate checksums for EAN and ISBN. The function Files.DiskInfo queries the size of a drive and the free space. We improved the TAPI functions for Windows to make and receive phone calls. For webviewer we got a few new functions to query selected text, formatted text and the favorite icon. You can control the scrollbars and manage cookies. Finally we got a new example showing how to use a SVG drawing tool in FileMaker. We updated a couple of libraries: DynaPDF updated to version, LibXL to 3.6.1, CURL to 7.39.0, GraphicsMagick to 1.3.20, libJPEG to 9.1, libPNG to 1.6.14, OpenSSL to 1.0.1j and PCRE to 8.36. More details in the release notes. Please take the time to check our 300 example databases and check where you can use our plugin features in your solutions. System Requirements: * Mac OS X 10.6 or later, and Intel processor * Windows XP, Windows Vista, and Windows 7 * FileMaker Pro 9 to 13 Pricing and Availability: MBS FileMaker Plugin 5.0 for Mac OS X or Windows is available directly from the MonkeyBread website with licenses starting at just $149 (USD). Not all functions are available in both versions - check specifications. A free trial download is also available. Meet us at the Filemaker Conference in Las Vegas. Monkeybread Software: MBS FileMaker Plugin Website: Function Reference: Download Free Trial: App Logo: '> Release notes: Located in beautiful Nickenich, Germany, MonkeyBread Software is a privately held company founded in 2000 by Christian Schmitz. MonkeyBread Software focuses on the Macintosh and Windows platforms. With over eleven years as a software developer, Christian's aim is developing unique and useful utilities, complemented by first-class customer support. Copyright 2000-2014 Christian Schmitz Software GmbH. MonkeyBread Software is a registered trademark of Christian Schmitz, Nickenich. All Rights Reserved. Apple, and the Apple logo are registered trademarks of Apple Computer in the U.S. and/or other countries. FileMaker Pro and FileMaker are trademarks of FileMaker, Inc. Other trademarks and registered trademarks may be the property of their respective owners.
  13. I would greatly appreciate any knowlege about the feasibility of a potential project: Is it possible to build runtime solutions for both Mac and Windows that incorporate XML imports? (Assuming the requirements for both runtime and XML import are met in the Filemaker App.) If anyone has experience with this, could you let me know if it's: Not possible. Possible but you really don't wanna go there. Relatively straight forward.
  14. We created a runtime soltuion many years ago which we distributed. We are in the process of updating it with Filemaker Pro Advanced 13. I have done a lot of modifications over the last few months, and one the new features which has been scripted in multiple forms to be able to create PDFs, append to PDFs (gather reports together to create one pdf), create attachments etc... I did not realize till yesterday that when you create the runtime app you lose the functionality of saving as pdfs due to Filemaker not wanting to license. My bad, didn't even think that would be an issue . This s a huge issue. I need to find a solution. Is there a plugin that would allow us to do this in a runtime (I looked at fmbutler which I'll experiment with). I saw on one site, to include the filemaker license in with the solution. But that would make it more complicated then simply installing our program. Ideas, suggestions would be very much welcomed. Caroline
  15. Hi, I have a runtime with a script that exports the contents of a container to the temporary path and automatically opens the file. Tesing in my Windows 7 computer works fine. Testing on a second machine with Windows Vista works weird: If the container has a Word (.doc) file, it creates the temp file and opens fine (with Microsoft Word). If the container has a .pdf, it creates the temp file but doesn't automatically open it. If I go to the temp path it shows the file and I can open it directly (double clicking), it opens up with Reader. Does anyone know if the problem is related to the runtime, the computer or the os (Vista)? Thanks.
  16. Hi everyone, Here is my issue : I would like to create a runtime solution that : - would be shown full screen (completely full screen, without the menu bar, like Chrome or Firefox full screen options) and - would work with keyboard shortcuts (actually the user should be able to launch some scripts : command + 1 for example) I thought about 2 solutions (which don't work) : - creating a "normal" runtime solution but I can't find how to remove the menu bar (for going full screen) or - creating a Kiosk runtime solution but then I can't use the keyboard Would you have a solution ? Thanks :-) Phil
  17. I have a Membership application. I have a table called Members. I have a layout based on Members.  On the Members table there is the usual Name, address, SPOUSES NAME etc... plus there is DOD (Date of Death of the member) plus a checkbox that when checked indicates the death of a Spouse.  I have a report that shows deceased members and does NOT show members if the spouse is deceased. This works.  I have a simple script that when run, shows all deceased Members. This works.   Here is the weird part. In the developmennt environment, but AFTER a subset of deceased members is produced (by the script above), I can, for example, click the 3rd deceased member and then click or unclick the checkbox. It just works fine.  But, if I produce a runtime of this same application and again View a subset of records and again click the 3rd found record (for example) when I click the checkbox, the checkbox refuses to 'check' and the record selector jumps to the 1st record in the set.  THIS ONLY HAPPENS IN THE RUNTIME MODULE and it only happens on a 'found set' of data.  So, the question is " What is the underlying cause? that would *not* show in the development envirnment but would show in runtime? Well, as usual, after I post a problem, the solution appears. (ok, it 'appears' to appear). I turned OFF conditional formatting on the check box and after producing a runtime, it now seems to work as expected. This produces another question: "Does Conditional Formatting interfere with scripts?" It's late so I will do another runtime development tomorrow and check it for sure.
  18. I distributed a runtime solution for testing, and the testers tell me that upon starting the .exe file, they get the error message - Can't find 'xerces-c_3_0.dll'Can't find 'xerces-c_3_0.dll'. I have tried it on my computers and it works, so I cannot for the life of me understand why several of them would get this message. I zipped the folder, and they unzip it their end and run the .exe file. Anyone ever expereinced this? Thanks so much and have a great day. Error Message.pdf
  19. I am using FM 11.4 Adv I have an import script that creates a $$path and then uses $$path to define what path/file to use in Import. In the FM developer mode this works great. But, after I produce my runtime it fails. Can anyone see why?
  20. I have FM 11.03 ADV running in OSX 10.7 I created an app in OSX but compile it in Windows Vista as a runtime. One of my users reports: --------------------------- Filemaker Pro Runtime has Stopped Working. A problem caused the program to stop working correctly. Windows will close the program and notify you if a solution is available. -------------------------- The user is also running Vista. When I run, in Parallels, the .exe everything works fine. Whats up with this? Thanks for reading..
  21. I created a runtime solution for an overseas employee who is doing data entry. The folder I sent with the database in it was quite big with all the dictionaries etc. Once the data entry is complete, does she have to send me back the whole foler for me to view and use rthe database or can she just send back the .exe file? Which other files are modified with data entry meaning that she would have to send those back as well? The reason I ask, is sending a 120Mb file is a pain when the .exe file is only 10Mb and can be sent by email.. Thanks so much in advance, Maria
  22. I have used the Developer Utilities in FM11 Pro Adv before, but now every time I try to create a runtime solution, the Create button is grayed out. Yes, I have selected the correct options, etc. I tried on files that worked just last week, but no go today. So I created a junk .fp7 file with only one table and one field. Still, the Create button is grayed out when trying to process this minimal file. Anyone have an idea of why the Create button is grayed out?
  23. I develop in OSX Lion and produce a runtime in Windows Vista. I am running FMaker 11 04 ADVANCED. The OSX source solution runs without any security or login requirements. After I produce my runtime application in Windows, when I startup the .exe file I get this dialog message: " Please enter your user name." It doesn't matter what name, if any, I enter. Everything runs normally after that. Question, "Why is that dialog appearing in the runtime but not in the source app?
  24. Hi everyone, Hope you're having a great day. I understand that Filemaker don't have the adobe rights to add 'Save as PDF' to runtime solutions, and I have looked around for work-arounds. It seems the most common is to install a little printer driver and 'Print' as PDF. Are there any free, easy to install PDF printer drivers, as it seems all the small ones I have found cost a bit? Would I just ask the runtime client to install the PDF printer driver prior to running the filemaker runtime solution, or can it be installed in a more automatic way through scripts? Can I create a 'Save as PDF' script within the runtime solution to 'Print' automatically to that particular PDF printer driver, or will the client need to select it from the printers drop down menu? Are there really no other plugins or alternative solutions to this rather cumbersome problem? Thanks for the heads up! Regards
  25. I am trying to deploy an application cross platform using the Runtime of FileMaker 11. I have it working on the Mac. I previously had this working in Windows 7. I currently copy my FileMaker file over to Windows to make minor modifications on that platform before generating a runtime for Windows. This previously worked, I do not know what changed. I can see the ScriptMaster plugins through the Preferences dialog. When I open Scripts now in FileMaker Advanced, I only see the Basic Functions and not the library of functions like "Select a File". So the functions I inserted before on the Mac side now show "Function Missing". I used the method of Copy and Paste to add to my startup script the functions I needed. I did download and register for the free version of ScriptMaster, so the plugin does show a key. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.