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Found 139 results

  1. Hi. I seem to find variating answers to this topic, so here I try again. How do I use a variable to perform a find in a script? I want to use the field contents of the current record to search for similar records. Background: We send a lot of people out to different countries and I want to make a script that makes an excel sheet with various data based on the country field of the current record. Hence, if the current record is going to France, I want to see everybody that we currently have in France etc. However, we have two return dates so I need to do two searches: 1. Country+ departure date <=// + arrival date >=// 2. Country+ departure date <=// + Extended arrival date >=// Is it really true that perform find cannot handle a variable? Hope you can help.
  2. Hi, I wrote a script in FM Pro, which reads a list of files from given directory, searches through a set of records, and uploads each file into a container field of a matching record (the matching occurs by file name = unique record id). The script works great.... in FM Pro.... but not in Web Direct I need your help in finding a solution for Windows system. Thank you!
  3. I have a solution to track employee expense reports which contains a container to store a pdf of related receipts. Currently, I create a multiple page pdf of receipts in Apple Preview, then paste it into the container. Was wondering if it was possible to create a FM script or AppleScript to drop a single, additional pdf into the container and "automatically" create multiple page pdf with the existing container contents? Thanks in advance!
  4. Hi All, I'm struggling with a script. I have three tables - Clients, Progress notes, and Add on progress notes. From a layout on the clients table I want to go to related records in the Progress notes table and if a field (Set AON) is set to "1" the script will print the progress note and then go to the add on progress notes table and print the related record(s). Then back in the Progress notes table, if the field (Set AON) is blank, print the progress note record. Below is what I have but it's not working as I expected. It is printing each of the records from the progress notes table first, then prints the record from the Add on Progress Notes (I'm actually not printing them but trying to save them all to a PDF file which can be saved or printed). I know this seems convoluted but I need these steps to happen in this order because I need the Add On Progress Note to Print right after the the Progress Note since they go together. Also I need the Progress Notes to be in order by date. I'm using FM Pro 13 Advanced (13.0v9) on a MacBook (other users are running XOS and Windows) with macOS Sierra Version 10.12.2. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I have struggled with this for several days with no luck. I would say I'm a beginner to intermediate with FM. Scripting in FM comes after my real jobs of being a mental health professional and a small business owner so I go for several months at a time between working on the development side of FM. Actually, I could use some therapy myself after fighting with this script! Print Progress Notes.pdf
  5. Hello, I am wondering if there is a script step or or other mechanism which would cause the automatic activation of a drop-down list, or a pop-up menu, as if I had clicked on it.
  6. The database has table1 with “Sample No” field relating it to table2 with “Sample No” field. Table 2 has a portal on a layout with Table1. Each portal row has the Category field with one of 3 values (MF,BP and CC). There are about 7000 samples. Each sample has from 1-12 portal rows displayed with 1 or more occurrences of the 3 category values one of the values shows the count of each value per sample. The question is how do I write a script so that every sample has all 3 category values (MF,BP and CC)? I have the following scripts for when there is only one value/portal - one for each of the 3 values (3 scripts are the same except that “Molecular Function” is substituted for BP or CC and “Molecular Function” = MF): Perform Find [ Specified Find Requests: Find Records; Criteria: Transcript Database::Regulation: “=test” ] [ Restore ] Perform Script [ “Sort by Sample No” ] Go to Record/Request/Page [ First ] Loop Go to Portal Row [ Select; First ] If [ GO_GOT::Putative Gene Function Category "Molecular Function" ] ≠ "Molecular Function" ] ≠ If [ GO_GOT::Putative Gene Function Category Go to Portal Row [ Select; Next ] Go to Portal Row [ Select; Last ] Set Field [ GO_GOT::Putative Gene Function Category; "Molecular Function" ] End If End If Go to Record/Request/Page [ Next; Exit after last ] End Loop I can not get a script to work on a portal with only 2 categories so that only one of the 3 categories is added per sample. Transcript Database v05 test.fmp12
  7. Is it always safe to delete a script when the DDR lists no Layouts that use the script and no other Scripts that call the script? I'm trying to clean up my file without shooting myself in the foot: I can't think of why I would ever need such a script, but don't want to find out the hard way that I could still need them. Thanks in advance, Guy
  8. I am using FileMaker Pro 12. I wrote a script to look at a field and if the value is less or equal to .70 it will run the report. I have it set to Auto open an EXCEL spreadsheet. When the script runs I see that it finds the records but then my EXCEL spreadsheet is empty. Here is the script: Perform Find [Restore] Save Records as Excel["TotalAttendance.xls";Automatically open;Records being browsed] Go to Layout[original layout] Show All Records In the Perform Find [Restore] I have the following coded: Find Records PersonnelRecords::PercentDaysAttended:[<_ .70] That is suppose to be less than and equal to. Did not know how to show it with the keyboard.
  9. I have an FM Table called PRODUCTS (shown on lines 2-5 in the image file). I want to transform this into an FM Table called TRANSFORMED (shown on lines 7-8 in the image file). How do I do this in FM? (I am indicating return-separated lists with tilde's (~) in the image.) Also, does this TRANSFORMED table structure make sense?: I intend to have a JOIN on the TRANSFORMED table's PROD_ID field with the PROD_ID in my SALES table for an export (to Excel) of the SALES table based on a match on one of the return-separated list values in the PROD_ID field.
  10. I am using Insert From URL to send HTTP GET request to my server and get the result. I have a function PING that returns 1 if the server is online, but it cannot returns 0 if it is not so I am catching the error on filemaker : Connection timed out; the timeout value is 60 seconds. Is there a way to reduce this timeout value so the user does not have to wait a minute to know that the server is offline ? Similarly, if a process takes too long to answer, is there a way I can timeout the Insert From URL command ?
  11. I am using a custom function to format a number into currency format ( two decimals ). RoundDecimals(11.0) = 11.00 The problems occurs when I use a variable: $amount = 11.0 RoundDecimals($amount) = 11.11 Similarly, I get the same error using a string: RoundDecimals("11.0") = 11.11 Is there any tricks to get around this issue ? This is the custom function that I used (I replaced the comma for a dot and defaulted second parameter to 2):
  12. Folks I'm having a bit of headache with a search script. I want to search a date range from today to 90 days in the future. Currently I've made a script with a step saying: Insert Calculated Result [Select; "date field"; ( Get (CurrentDate) & "..." (Get (CurrentDate) + 90)] Being in the UK, I'm working with a file that was created on a US computer - the month and day are the wrong way round. I've changed the text on the system to use system settings but that still doesn't solve it! Frankly, that's quite ridiculous! Surely a bug like this that has been around for a VERY long time must have been ironed out of the software code? From what I understand, to avoid this, I need to create a clone of the whole database copying everything across to stop this calculation showing up the MM DD round the wrong way. I don't really want to have this headache, so I tried creating Calculation Fields in my Products table (that actually show up the right way round) and using them in the above code, but the search field just show up as empty aside from the "..." in it. Are there any workarounds for this to save me the headache of cloning a rather complex database with a few dozen tables?
  13. I'm trying to execute a windows cmd script server-side from client machines. I've got this working locally using Send Event, but I found that this command isn't compatible with server schedules, which I believe would be the best way to do this in conjunction with a flag. The specifics of the script I'm wanting to deploy are: We use Google Apps for our user accounts, of which we have thousands. We currently use Google Apps Manager, a cmd tool for making remote changes to accounts and other aspects of Google apps, on a linux server as part of an automated workflow that is triggered by Filemaker/ODBC etc. However, occasionally the process trips up, or a user needs changes to be made to their account so I'm wanting to create an interface in Filemaker that the team can use to execute a server-side script that performs actions on a record-by-record basis. E.g., one of the script steps is Send Event [""; "aevt"; "odoc"; "cmd.exe /c gam create user " & Enrolled Courses::Gmail & " firstname " & Contact Details::First Name &" lastname " & Contact Details::Last Name & " password " & Enrolled Courses::Password] - this works when run locally on the server, but not from clients due (I presume) to the Send Event step. We can't install the command line tool on each of the client machines due to security implications, and also because they're a mix of macs & PCs and the server is Windows, so I really need to be able to execute the cmd.exe server-side (although there is a Python flavour of the tool, if that opens up any options). If there any way to do this that also allows passing the required variables? Many thanks in advance. Paul
  14. Hello all So I'm pretty new to Filemaker and CWP - I have created a form which people fill out and it stores the data in a filemaker solution. The idea being a script is then run which will notify a user if the form has been submitted. Now I have the script for that and all the Filemaker side completed, as well as the data entry from the PHP form, but I am really struggling with running a script with a parameter... It runs the script, but not the parameter attached. For a bit of context, Someone fills out the form and it is entered into the database, a script is then called with the parameter being an ID, the script then checks the ID with the parameter ID and then sends a notification to the user with the details from the record where the IDs match... but it will not pass the ID parameter into the script from the web application. Here is my script require_once ('FileMaker.php'); $fm = new FileMaker(); $fm->setProperty('database', 'comms__web'); $fm->setProperty('hostspec', 'http://192.168.X.XXX'); $fm->setProperty('username', 'web'); $fm->setProperty('password', 'XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX'); $newPerformScript = $fm->newPerformScriptCommand('Web','TestScript','test'); $result = $newPerformScript->execute(); Please help me out here... Been trying to research this issue and nowhere really actually helps. Cheers Jack
  15. Hi, I am trying to set fields in a related customer record based on a choice made in a payments table portal row. The scenario is that in n the Payments portal row, the user will select a PaymentType from choices governed by a Value List. The Type chosen, will then set either one of two fields in a related Customer record via an attached script trigger - currently onObjectExit. if paymentType "Annual Membership" is selected, the Customer::Membership StartDate will be set with the date of the payment. But if paymentType "Monthly" is selected, the Customer::SubsLastPaid field will be set with the date of the payment. Reference: Script 1.png Isolating either of the Set Field Script steps in my example (see attached Script 1.png) works fine. But weird things happen if combined into the same Script as they are. For example, If I select “Annual Payments” for the paymentType, the Customers::memStartDate updates fine, but any entry in the Customers::SubsLastPaid gets erased! Reference: Script 2.png (The If Else script) So I thought about it and tried the following (see attached Script 2.png) which makes sense as read, but obviously messes up syntactically because I don’t know the correct format. What happens is that the relevant paymentType gets selected and the associated Customers field just gets populated with a ? (Question Mark) Can any experts help me solve this. I’d really appreciate it. Thanks.
  16. I have a script that updates my Filemaker database by importing information from other SQL databases. In this script is a dialogue that asks the user if they wish to continue as it takes a few minutes to complete. I decided to schedule this script to run from the server every couple of hours but wanted to still be able to let a user run it if they needed to update the database in between the scheduled updates. So, I left the dialogue in but wrapped it between ( If and End If ) checking for MultiUserState = 2 so the dialogue step would not execute if running on the server because show dialogue is not compatible. Well the script fails when running on the server (Schedule "Inventory & AR Update" scripting error (3) at "Inventory & AR Assistant v1 : 120.0 Update Control : Show Custom Dialog"). When the script is run from the server MultiUserState should return 1 and subsequently the Show Dialogue should not execute, correct>. I also have Set Error Capture to On. MultiUserState returns... • 0 when network sharing is off • 1 when network sharing is on, you’re accessing the database file from the host computer, and either all users or a specific group of users (based on their privilege set) have network access to the database file • 2 when network sharing is on, you’re accessing the database file from a client computer, and either all users or a specific group of users (based on their privilege set) have network access to the database file
  17. Hey all, I'm trying to debug a de-duping script I have which runs after importing records. The script works by sorting the imported list by a match field, iterating through the found set and marking any record with the same match field ID as the previous as a duplicate. It mostly is working fine except in this one case which has me stumped as the values of the strings in each comparison are different but the condition tests "true". In the following code example when I run a comparison on the a1 and b1 derived values, c returns "1". If I use the static a2 and b2 values, the condition tests "false" (as expected). I have checked the derived b1/b2 values in the data viewer and confirmed they are identical to the a2/b2 values. Any idea what might be happening here? Let([ a1 = "DgP5cPJYR"; // static match string A a2 = $id; // resolves to "DgP5cPJYR" b1 = "DG5GvtJlR"; // static match string B b2 = GetField(Get(LayoutTableName) & "::" & $matchField); // resolves to "DG5GvtJlR" c = If ( a1 = b1 ; 1 ; 0 )]; //c = If ( a2 = b2 ; 1 ; 0 )]; a1 & ¶ & b1 & ¶ & c //a2 & ¶ & b2 & ¶ & c ) a1 & ¶ & b1 & ¶ & c returns... DgP5cPJYR DG5GvtJlR 1 and... a2 & ¶ & b2 & ¶ & c returns... DgP5cPJYR DG5GvtJlR 0 This has got me stumped I have to say... any help appreciated.
  18. On OS X FM15 but, from memory, this problem has been around a while. In the Script Workspace when I try to edit the name of a script I get cast out of the editing process very rapidly. I click on the script name, it highlights but as soon as I start to type, no matter how fast, the cursor is ejected from the edit box before I can complete it. I resort to typing whatever I want in the Notes app and using copy/paste. This used to affect many more such edit boxes. I believe it is less now. I ask, "Is it just me?", as I don't see others referring to this irritation and expressing frustration as it not being solved after being around for so long. Maybe there is a trick I am missing. While I'm on the subject of the Script Workspace I find I can't see the line or lines I have highlighted. They are selected. This is not so on my client's computer so maybe I have a funny colour scheme?
  19. In FM Pro 11 I have a script with two criteria: I want to change Upload:Genre to =Klassisk OR Jazz How do I do that? I havn't found the answer with Google and I can't find "the manual" for the script editor anywhere.
  20. How do I do a Filemaker script that deletes a file in Filemaker Go ?
  21. Dear all,  I'm having a problem in my Filemaker solution when insertion files in a container via script and also drag and drop. It worked fine fore more than 5 years and now i'm getting this strange massage (attached). The problem is not stable, because sometimes we don't see it. Also in some Macs it doesn't work at all.  I've tried to find a solution in the web, but i didn't found any solution. Is this a filemaker bug?  I really need an urgent helpÂ
  22. The script which I am using (kindly provided by another user) is: "" & Contacts::First Name & "+" & Contacts::Last Name & "&ss_c=dealmaker" Using this script, I am able to generate the URL that I wish. The URL is different depending on who I am searching for, and as such each URL is unique to a specific record. I currently have a field set to perform this script - the problem is creating a button capable of going to this calculated URL. Trying to enter it as the URL to go to leads to me searching for Contacts::First Name rather than the desired first name. I am unsure of how to go forward and am not finding useful information relevant to this problem in my searches.
  23. Hello, I am looking fr a way to script the otherwise manual process of going to a particular record whose number you happen to know already. In FM 14 Advanced- i go to records menu and pull down to "Go to record..." and then click on GoTo... in the submenu. I am then presented with a little dialog box which allows me to put my record number and off I go to the record. How do I script this ? I will be hiding the menu tool bar area in my solution so I wanted to put a button on the layout that would duplicate this functionality ... but cant find the step that pops up the dialog box ( NOT that dialog box, but the little one we were just talking about). Thanks Kevin
  24. I'm creating a simple system to update a remote FM file from an android device, using Cellica Database". An ODBC connection has been created, and I can add, modify and delete records in my FM database from my android. I want to trigger a script in FM when a field is modified via the ODBC connection. None of the native FM script triggers work as they are dependent on layouts or user actions. I have tried DoScript, Scriptmaster and EventScript - using field validation. All work OK if I modify the value within FM, but none trigger when the value is modified via ODBC. With EventScript and DoScript, I get a failure message on the device that the record failed validation. With ScriptMaster "CallScriptImmediately", the record updates OK, but the script is not triggered. Any suggestions ?
  25. Hello everyone I am currently working on a database, which HR-Managers can access via WebDirect using login-information, to accede or resign their employees. I have made 6 possible option types for the HR-employees to enter data into, set by an unique ID, but with the use of the same fields. So... X fields with option type 1 (Accede) Y fields with option type 2 (Resign) Z fields with option type 3 (Maternity leave / leave) .. Etc. 6 option types in total. Now, based on my project description, a couple of the fields will have to be validated / not empty, which the HR-manager is prompted to enter before the record can be committed. Now, I am aware of FileMaker has it's own Field Validation, but I think the built in feature is bonkers..... (Sorry FileMaker..) Therefore I was thinking of making a script to each of the different fields, which needs validation, and is this even a good solution Question one; how do I do this, the most easily? Is it possible? I have 8 required fields for validation, fields are global. Fields such as; Company Name, HR-manager name, HR-manager e-mail, employee SSN, employee name, employee surname etc. I don't want the scripts to interfere with the other option types ( X, Y, Z ) which each is set by an unique ID, as well as fields, although the fields used in these option types are from the same table. Please see attached images of my setup. Hope you can help me, for the best possible solution. If you need more information, let me know. /Cheers P.S. The language/text on the layout is Danish, although shouldn't be considered an issue for understanding my problem.