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Found 68 results

  1. Hello, I installed supercontainer on my Windows server at aws Amazon. I also installed the companion plug-in. It shows up on Filemaker Pro no problem. But it doesn't show on webdirect. Any idea? Here is my configuration: - FMS 15, Windows 2016 server. - SuperContainer 2.94, build 9234. - I have the companion plugin put inside "..\FileMaker Server\Web Publishing\publishing-engine\cwpc\Plugins". - The plug-in I use is "SuperContainer_Companion_Plugin.fmx64". Thanks. P.S.: I will send an email to 360works. But just want to post it here so we can all share the solution. Thanks.
  2. On two Filemaker Server machines I manage, I cannot get FTPeek to activate. After checking the checkbox, a grey message appears appears stating that the plugin was enabled, but the checkbox is unchecked. I have checked the permissions of the plugins. Both owned by fmserver and group fmsadmin. I have restarted the machines. I have tried Wim's suggestion of installing with server-side script. Both have Java 1.6 installed. Both have the BaseElements plugin installed and successfully enabled. Both are running FMS 14.04. One is a Mac mini running Yosemite, with Core 2 Duo processor and 8gb. Other is a Mac mini running El Capitan with Core 2 Duo and 4gb.
  3. FileMaker Pro 15 Launch Center connects to our AWS instance with no problem. But then it reports No files are currently hosted on AWS instancename. Well, there ARE files currently hosted. We access them via WebDirect, so they must be hosted. Moreover, when we launch a local copy of the file, FileMaker offers to open the remote copy with This file has previously been uploaded to FileMaker Server. Use Hosted Version? It even displays the proper address for the hosted file. However Use Hosted Version returns this error: The file “filename.fmp12“ could not be opened. (Extended privilege disabled) So, we created a privilege set that extended privileges for fmwebdirect, fmapp and fmxdbc. On the next launch of Remote Version, we got this: FileMaker cannot share a file because FileMaker network sharing is turned off. So, we turned on ODBC sharing, and on the next launch, we got this: FileMaker cannot share files because another user is already sharing files using FileMaker Pro on this computer. I’m going in circles here. Are these errors related? What am I doing wrong?
  4. I am working already a few months on my file "DTW-new.fmp12" via the FM-server 15 on my MacBook Pro without problem and suddenly today this file can't be found anymore, although it is still on the server. But it shows that the status is "Closed", so I probably should change this to "Normal" or something else. Sorry for my ignorance, but I can't figure out how to do this. I tried with "open" and "open all", but this doesn't help me. Thanks for any help, Jerome
  5. I am running a server script periodically (every hour lets say) which does some database maintenance, uploads some files, etc. I do this on a number of Filemaker Servers (latest server version running on Windows machines) without problems…except for one server. On this server I use scriptmaster to up load some large files into containers as they are generated from scientific instruments. The problem is that the server runs seems to run out of RAM memory after a "few" days. I think this is the only thing that this server does differently than the other 4 servers and feel that this is the problem. My question is…is there a way to "flush" memory used by the plugin or by the FM server. Has anyone else experienced something similar or am I barking up the wrong tree? Thanks.
  6. I suspect this has been answered before but my searches aren't finding what I need. I have two databases and I'm linking fields from DB2 to the interface in DB1. I have external authentication going. When user connects to DB1 their asked for authentication for DB2. I don't what them to have access to DB2 and I don't want them to see DB2 as would happen if I were to even give them read only. I've setup the External Data Source between the two FileMaker databases. What might I be missing? I should be able to display data from other databases without giving the user read access to all the databases. I hope you understand what I'm trying to say and thank you for any help. Where's my Boot-Camp, ~MCSEBOT
  7. LS, I am trying to enter a gmail account data for the smtp-data in FMServer. It is however failing on me. I was able to configure the account in my email program with these settings, so what gives ? Any takers ?
  8. Hi, I've purchased a CloudMail license. I'm going to use it in an environment with 1 FileMaker Server v14 and 12 FileMaker Pro v14 clients. The database is already on the server, and the plugin is activated, but I'm not able to use CloudMail functions with a client that doesn't have the plugin installed. How can I register the license and use the database from a client? Thanks
  9. Hello there, I'm just investigating on 2 issue I have on sync 2 DB, 1 on the server and 1 on the iPad that are set to use a Spoke Db in the middle tier. Basically the sync is set to copy ALL the data from some tables on the server to the local db and send some data from the local db to the end server db. For some reason, on a large table, called Articles, with more than 130k records, the sync does not copy all the record for some users. There is no 'filter' based on user on the end db, and I run a pre-populate sync on the spoke db that copied all 130k records. When the sync is run for that specific user, the final result on the iPad is that the sync DELETES 12k records for no apparent reason. In addition, there is a Global table that has always 1 records and is get from the server to the client. But I found some times that there are several records on that table (more than 10) on the server, even if the sync is set to write on the spoke and not viceversa for that table. I have the suspect that are written from the sync. Is it possible? Thanks in advance, Gianluca
  10. Hi, I have MirrorSync(2.6) configuration with FileMaker Server to FileMaker Server Configuration. I Stop the synchronisation, I stop FileMaker server spoke , I transfer on the new one... I have to change the ip configuration on the Spoke Server but MirrorSync ask me to install with a clean DataBase .... But it's impossible because we have a lot of Container Field ... and it will take to much time... What can i do to not have this problem. Thank you Marc
  11. Version 1.0.0


    Being unsatisfied with solutions I found on the internet and wanting a solution without plugin I created a set of custom functions that can read a path out of a json-string. Syntax: json_path ( json-string ; path ) examples: json_path( $user_prefs ; "Privileges/Modules" ) json_path( $json_data ; "Menus/Menu[10]/MenuItem[5]/Label" )


  12. I am using Insert From URL to send HTTP GET request to my server and get the result. I have a function PING that returns 1 if the server is online, but it cannot returns 0 if it is not so I am catching the error on filemaker : Connection timed out; the timeout value is 60 seconds. Is there a way to reduce this timeout value so the user does not have to wait a minute to know that the server is offline ? Similarly, if a process takes too long to answer, is there a way I can timeout the Insert From URL command ?
  13. I'm trying to execute a windows cmd script server-side from client machines. I've got this working locally using Send Event, but I found that this command isn't compatible with server schedules, which I believe would be the best way to do this in conjunction with a flag. The specifics of the script I'm wanting to deploy are: We use Google Apps for our user accounts, of which we have thousands. We currently use Google Apps Manager, a cmd tool for making remote changes to accounts and other aspects of Google apps, on a linux server as part of an automated workflow that is triggered by Filemaker/ODBC etc. However, occasionally the process trips up, or a user needs changes to be made to their account so I'm wanting to create an interface in Filemaker that the team can use to execute a server-side script that performs actions on a record-by-record basis. E.g., one of the script steps is Send Event [""; "aevt"; "odoc"; "cmd.exe /c gam create user " & Enrolled Courses::Gmail & " firstname " & Contact Details::First Name &" lastname " & Contact Details::Last Name & " password " & Enrolled Courses::Password] - this works when run locally on the server, but not from clients due (I presume) to the Send Event step. We can't install the command line tool on each of the client machines due to security implications, and also because they're a mix of macs & PCs and the server is Windows, so I really need to be able to execute the cmd.exe server-side (although there is a Python flavour of the tool, if that opens up any options). If there any way to do this that also allows passing the required variables? Many thanks in advance. Paul
  14. Hello - I searched what I could but I am completely new to these forums so I apologize if I missed another thread. My question is whether it is feasible for a FM professional to take over an existing server given how customizable I understand it to be. Also, assuming it is, where would I go about contacting and vetting said professionals? I can give more information about or specific Filemaker system and current support person as needed. Thanks in advance
  15. In my view, in the world of FileMaker Server the concerns of owners and admin with FMS11 and earlier are little different to those of FMS14 admins today. Yes, the product has developed and we now have the new appearance layer from 12 onwards, and WebDirect from 13 on. But, the underlying issue remains, how do you get to understand FileMaker Server and get the best out of it, when it is trivial to build a very "bad" FM solution that is slow and unscaleable and when FMI provides no comprehensive and clear advice? FM software does little to prevent folk using the freedom of FM in that manner, because as an "enabling" and "accessible" type of software it lacks the controls, the digital police, that a more prescriptive system may include. It also works very hard to keep users of legacy systems on-board and supported and their solutions inevitably include much that would regarded as poor design today and hence cannot easily deprecate old techniques, so FMI's options are limited. Hence my having been developing a "mobile first" design framework since April 2012, and having eventually worked out what does work, I was encouraged by various folk to develop my report on "Understanding and Tuning FileMaker Server Performance" and publish. I have also published an early version of part of the report here on FMHacks and done two videos for Richard Carlton Consulting here and here which cover some of the report material. My work has been validated by folk at FMI (who wish to remain anonymous), Wim Decorte, Richard Carlton and Alan Stirling. This is the first detailed and comprehensive report on this subject for many years, you can read it here and download a pdf here. Many of the techniques I have developed, and to which the report alludes, are included in the free and open source Deskspace dsBenchmark tool, which can be downloaded from here. I would encourage your responses, and disagreement, if you feel so moved. We all move forward by rigorously testing both the old and the new and no doubt you can offer improvements and additions to what I have constructed. Where I am persuaded, your input will be included in the ongoing Report and duly credited. The current version of my Report is of course the html pages on, not a dead paper document. In fact wasn't that what Sir Tim Berners-Lee had in mind when he invented and donated http, html and the World Wide Web? This ease of editing is facilitated by our new Deskspace rwApp creating the responsive web pages that comprise - but that is perhaps another story. Cheers, Nick
  16. I installed from downloaded image v14.0.4 and then patched to 14.0.4a. When I go to http://localhost:16001 - nothing happens. It just sits on the screen saying that "Admin Console is starting...". I've not been able to deploy or setup anything yet. During install, it is setup to use alternate ports, namely 8080 and 8081 (http, ssl) respectively. When I go to the Console logs, I see this error repeated: XPC_ERROR_CONNECTION_INTERRUPTED trying to map database No clue how to proceed, anyone else got a suggestion? THANKS ahead!
  17. Hi all. Anyone knows what the following endlessly repeating messages appearing in system.log in 10.11.1/FM Server 14.0.4 may mean? fmserverd[595]: LaunchServices: Database mapping failed with result -10822, retrying fmserverd[595]: LaunchServices: received XPC_ERROR_CONNECTION_INTERRUPTED trying to map database I get about 13 of those repeating in bursts every minute.
  18. I have a client on an iPhone 6 who is getting "host not available" message on FileMaker Go 14. This is for internet connections(not local). SSL is enabled. Other clients and myself have not experiencing this message, unless the server is actually down. The server appears to be setup correctly and I only have ONE network connection enabled and IPv6 disabled(windows). I have asked the client to note whether they are on WIFI or Cellular Data when this happens and also which wifi connection. Are there any iOS settings that are overlooked? Any other ways to diagnose?
  19. LS, I would like to know if there is a white paper / best practises document of perform script on server ? Specifically, I would like some tips on how to do debugging of scripts that perform on server. I have some scripts that run fine on client, no errors. No result on server. TIA
  20. Hello everyone, The office that I work at currently has Filemaker 12 Pro and the the 12 Server; however, recently, we have made the decision of upgrading to both 14 Pro and 14 Server. Before we bought the actual server and the licences, we wanted to test out the trial version of both. We set up a server machine for the 14 Server, and downloaded the 14 Pro Trial on both the server machine and a client computer. We have tried hosting our current databases with the fmp12 extension on the 14 Server Trial, but we are having great problem with this. To be honest, I don't have any experience with servers, I have only worked with the Pro side of Filemaker, so I have absolutely no idea what is going on. What we tried doing was copying and pasting our databases to the server machine in a folder we dedicated for FM14 Server, and mapped the server to the folder. The databases show up on the activity tab, and have the status of "normal." We can't access these on the client machine, even though we have tried opening them remotely. Yesterday I also called the filemaker contact number, and the person there suggested that I setup the Pro Trial also on the server machine and open the database that we wanted to upload to the FM14 Server. They then told me to click on File-->Sharing-->Upload to Filemaker Server, then select the server, enter in the server admin information. I did all this, but I got an error saying "Connection failed." If someone could please help me out, I'd really appreciate it. Thanks in advance.
  21. Hi Folks, I'm having a bit of an issue with my hosted Filemaker Maker 12 Pro file. I just changed the host server to a new computer and got it up and running to share my filemaker file. I can access the remote file from other computers with Filemaker 12 installed no problem, but my Ipads with Filemaker Go on them cannot find the host, or the hosted file. I have attempted to add the Host by using the host IP address on the Filemaker Go 13 app (and even double check it was the correct IP by viewing the remote file on my laptop) but I still cannot get the Ipads/Filemaker Go to find the Host or the Hosted remote File. I had no problem serving the file from my laptop before switching over servers. I find it curious that my laptop find the remote file and host no problem but my Filemaker Go Ipad app seem to be un able to find the Host or remote file. Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks so much.
  22. Hi. Having created two Filemaker Pro 13 databases, and used them for sometime on one computer, we have now built a new office with... Three new PC WorkstationsAn in-house server [not a NAS]All linked via ethernet...are wondering if we can put the two databases on the new 'in-house-server' and access them from each workstation via the ethernet network? Having contacted Filemaker, they told me in no uncertain terms that if I placed the database on a NAS [Network Attached Storage] it would corrupt the file, but then I wasn't aware that we were having a inhouse-server fitted so didn't asked regarding that option at the time. [A] The lady at Filemaker said that if we wanted to access a Filemaker Pro 13 database on up to... I think she said 'five?' computers, it must be located on one of the computers hard drives with Filemaker open, and then map the other workstations to that file with each running their own Filemaker Pro 13 program. • The reason we are trying to avoid that option, and get it on the 'in-house server' is because a tech company is monitoring, backing-up, restoring and managing that server externally saving us the worry. In other words we want to dump all that responsibility on them. • The reason we are trying to avoid using Filemaker Server is not only because our internet is very slow, but currently intermittent. At the end of the day I'm guessing we will will have to go for option [A], but don't like it because one computer has to be running all of the time even when not in use, as well as the issue that if it won't boot, crashes or whatever everyone is unable to access the database. The in-house sever will back-up that workstation but still... if we can we would prefer to run the databases from the in-house server itself. One guy from the tech-company said that if we want to run it on the in-house server, we need to upgrade to "Filemaker Server"... if that is the case would we then have to upgrade all of our current Filemaker 13 programs to version 14... to access the databases? Personally I'm not sure he is right. SO, to clarify.... Can we run our databases on our in-house server with Filemaker Pro 13.Or are we required to upgrade to Filemaker-server on one or more workstations? Or is our only option [A]Again, we can not run it from Filemaker's server because of an unreliable internet connect which could isolate the office from the database at any given time. Any advice would be appreciated, Karlos.
  23. I have a simple dashboard portal using SELECTOR (global) -> CONNECTOR (table::ID). I have noticed that the portal does not display records even though the global selector has IDs populated (global can be seen in data viewer), but this occurs only for a non-Full Access group of users and only when hosted on a remote FM Server (third party host). I have tested the counter approaches to both of those conditions (access rights, local v server) and shown that it works in all other ways: when copied to local machine, the particular user group see the expected records in the portal fine.when I login to the hosted solution as a full access user, I see records fine in this same portal.Thought it was just the portal filter (which I use to filter down to user permitted records), but turning that off makes no difference to this issue. After that, I ran out of ideas on how to fix this one very fast. Anyone seen this behaviour before? Also noticing another oddity that has similar conditions: I have an field (Account::Code) that is visible to this user group when on an account detail layout, but when I try and view it from a related table layout like Orders (e.g. Orders_Account::Code), it does not display, once again just for this non-Full Access user group and only when hosted. Makes me think this is relationship privileges based, but no idea where to look and no idea why this would only affect hosted version. Appreciate any wisdom! Cheers, Juz
  24. I'm writing an SOP document for restarting Windows servers hosting Filemaker Server 12. I have the correct syntax from the Filemaker Server 12 Help PDF. fmsadmin disconnect client -m message, --message message However, when I try to use it, it doesn't work. I need an example as the syntax for the message part is unclear. Here's what I tried: fmsadmin disconnect client -m --Please log out Could someone give me an example of what the message part should look like? Bill
  25. I'm having a devil of a time getting FMS14 in good shape. I'm looking for help installing a certificate, but also including a couple of details in case they inspire any other good advice. FMS is hosting my twenty databases and my organization's employees are reaching them without a hitch. It's also true that I can see a sample database via WebDirect. FileMaker customer support has told me that that means the software is installed correctly and there's nothing else they can do to help me. It's also true that when I use Remote Desktop Connection to remote in to the terminal, I can administer FMS (because I'm effectively sitting in front of it) . . . but that I can't administer it from a browser window in my own terminal. One of the browser errors I get involves Secure Connection Failed, so I'm hoping that an SSL install will solve the problem. I'm in over my head, though. In the WinServer 2008 IIS Manager, I have generated & installed a self-signed certificate. In the same interface, I'm using the command Create Certificate Request to generate the CSR to send to GeoTrust. I have no idea what value goes in the field Common Name (which I guess would be a domain, right, if I were tied to DNS? Is it the terminal's MAC address?) I don't want to take a stab in the dark.