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Found 3 results

  1. Version 1.0.0


    Being unsatisfied with solutions I found on the internet and wanting a solution without plugin I created a set of custom functions that can read a path out of a json-string. Syntax: json_path ( json-string ; path ) examples: json_path( $user_prefs ; "Privileges/Modules" ) json_path( $json_data ; "Menus/Menu[10]/MenuItem[5]/Label" )


  2. Hi, I wonder if there is an easy way to repeat the calculated totals of sub-summary lines, say, at the end of the report. I have an invoice like this: A-Items Item A.123 $1 item A.124 $2 Item A.125 $1 Total Items A $4 B-Items Item B.012 $2 Total Items B $2 C-Items Item C.111 $5 Item C.112 $5 Total Items C $10 Grand Total $16 But, before the grand total, I would like to include a couple of extra lines. I would like to repeat all the sub-summary lines of the report once more, like this Total Items A $4 Total Items B $2 Total Items C $10 Grand Total $16 Is this possible without reinventing the wheel? Thanks a lot for any help! Gary
  3. Hi There, I have a database with 1000's of children's games. I have teachers in other parts of the world classifying the games into categories. When they log in, a find is performed to bring up a specific 100 games for that teacher to categorise based on topic. The teacher categorising the Games to teach the animals (100 games) has a readout telling the teacher that s/he is on E.g. Game 4 out of 100 which is a calcualtion I made. Once they are done they check the 'Done' box in the Games::Done field. The teachers have requested that there is a readout telling them how many games they have completed and I am struggling to create a formula to acheive this. I imagine I need the count function to find not only the Games::Done that have been checked 'Done' but only those within the Games::Topic = Animals. I have to admit, I am bit amiss as to how to create such a formula. Would it be a summary field or a count function? Thanks so much for all your advice, Maria