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Easy off-site backup for FMS backup files?

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Hello from the UK

Does anyone have a good solution for automatically copying the FileMaker backup files to something like Google Drive on Mac OS X?

FMS doesn't let you set the local Google Drive folder as the backup location as it doesn't have the correct permissions (I assume). I have purchased CarbonCopyCloner (shareware) for some customers which will do it, but does anyone have a great solution to copy those files using built-in or free tools?

I suspect that there is a UNIX command that will do it, but I'm not very well versed in that.

Any clues would be good!

Merry Christmas everyone.

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Here's a very simple approach that uses AWS S3.  Very cheap and very easy to implement and comes with an enormous feature-set on the backend to do things like retention policies through lifecycle settings.  The example uses Windows but once you install the AWS CLI ( then the command is pretty much the same:

I use a variation of this to not upload everything but to sync to a folder in my S3 bucket and then instruct S3 to copy the sync'd folder to a date/time stamped new folder on S3.  That way I still have my full sets (as many as I want) but with uploading just the files that were changed.  Almost like progressive backups to the cloud...


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I've been using Dropbox for this and suppose Google Drive could also be used.

The trick is to add the fmserver user to the privileges of each folder in the path to the final backup location.

So if your Dropbox is located at /Users/Admin/Dropbox, you'll have to add the fmserver user with read/write permissions to the Users, Admin and Dropbox folder

When defining the path in the 'Edit a schedule...' assistant, you'll have to enter something like filemac:/Macintosh HD/Users/admin/Dropbox/

Hope this helps!

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