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Duplicate without scripts isn't working.

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Hello Filemaker experts,


I am trying to do a simple task without using scripts, but isn’t working and I don’t understand why.

.       I want to find duplicates in this Filemaker attached, the fields are as Unicode, the others types are worst.


Correct Answer: zero (there isn’t duplicates)


#Try1 – Perform find ! (oki::duplicated): Error 128 records;

#Try2 – Base64 encode:; Perform find ! (oki::base64):  Error 128 records;

#Try3 – Using relationships with (oki::duplicated): Big mess (4 records duplicated); Can understand why?

#Try4 – Using relationships with (oki::base64): Big mess ( 31~42 records duplicated); Can understand why?


Thanks for your support and suggestions,



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