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return html from EmailSetBodyFile

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Is it possible to get as a return value the HTML code derived from the EmailSetBodyFile function? for example, given the following code, I would like to get the resulting html back. I guess I could extract the html from the file and do the substitutions in using filemaker script steps, however i am wondering if it is possible to do with plugin functions.

EmailSetBodyFile( $_body_html_file ; 1 ) and
EmailBodySubstitute( $_preamble_replace_string ; $_body_html ) 
EmailBodySubstitute( $_signature_replace_string ; $_signature_html )


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Hi Darren,

There is not a function in the Email plugin that will output the HTML after the substitutions. Your approach is probably the best way to accomplish this. The only way I can think of to do this with solely the Email plugin would be to send the email to yourself ( or any other inbox you can access) first and then do a read on the inbox, pull the email in and parse the html out of it using EmailReadMessageValue("html"). 

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You probably don't have to actually send the e-mail, try just saving it as a draft and then read the drafts folder.

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