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Display Popover where i want it

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H    0


is this that usually happens, i created a popover but when i open it it moves all the way to the left blocking the button, i want it to display next to the button like it does in layout mode, please can someone help me out achieve this.

another question is it possible to display the over the size i want it to be on  the top or bottom or do i have to go with the way it was design and just strech it evenly not let say have 1 cm on top and m10 on the bottom.

please can someone holp me out with this.

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Lee Smith    141


You have to choose where you want the Popover to display, i.e. Top, Bottom, Left, Right, but if it can’t display because of space, it will move the displayed position.

I think the second question was answered in the first question response.

Let us know if it something else.


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