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Text Field with image aligned

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Reid    0


I have a centered text field (actually a merge field <<name>>) and would like to add an image right after the name but only for certain situations. The objective is to show an icon after a name if that person is new. I can add an image to the layout and do a "Hide Object When", but that makes the image location static. I tried creating a container field and then merging the two, but it doesn't show the image in the container field (ie. <<name>><<main::image>>). Another option is to make the merge field left aligned and then add the image directly to the left, but I kind of like having the text field centered on the layout. Is there a way to concatenate an image to the end of a text?

Thank you!


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Lem Alpha    6

Really long shot here, but would you consider having an emoji instead of a "real" image ?

You could then have a calculation field (= empty or emoji according to your condition) an append it to your merged text ?

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dwdata    16

Sorry I am way late on this thread - not sure if you solved it.

Why not just use "Conditional Formatting" to BOLD and CHANGE THE COLOR? Will that work?

Good luck!

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