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If you run a FileMaker User Group, participate in one, or would like to participate in one. You are hereby asked to present your suggestions for how to manage the following in a fashionable manner.

The idea is to use a domain such as fmug.org, my initial idea is to use this form San Diego as example www.sd.ca.fmug.org. In Norway we are not THAT many FileMaker developers so probably www.no.fmug.org would suffice. Of course this is all non-commercial, you can have sponsors for your usergroup meetings; and perhaps the right thing for many usergroups to do is point to their meetup or similar page..

This is all fine, what requires a system is a way to check that these sites are working, I can do that by manual labour, but it requires time on my end. Is there a way to make a self policing system for this?

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