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Why Your Business Should Use a Custom App



Businesses are realizing that off the shelf apps just aren’t meeting the unique organizational and process oriented needs of their company as well as a custom app is able to. Custom apps are helping businesses manage scattered data and processes better than ever. Organizations are more efficient, more effective, want a better way to work, and better insights to make decisions. Learn why there has never been a better time to build a custom app for your organization.

Why Your Business Should Use a Custom App


David Happersberger

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In achieving your custom app( Applications built to make available your FileMaker business logic on web or mobile ) I have built some FileMaker XSLT-tooling to save you some typing. To see some of them have a look in these !gh repos:

         fmpxmlresult2SwiftyJSONModel iOS frontend

         fmpxmlresult2nodeexpress Backend

         FMPXMLRESULT2psqlCOPY Backend

         fmpxmlresult2sitemap Full stack

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