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Introduction to FileMaker

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Introduction to FileMaker is a one day class.

It is designed to bring a FileMaker newbie up to speed quickly or extend the skill set of someone who has been a casual user but is not yet comfortable working 'under the hood.'

This one-day class is perfect for new FileMaker users who want to learn about the general concepts and methods for building and using a FileMaker database.

The course offers step-by-step instructions for common FileMaker development tasks, including:

* Understanding and selecting field types

* Operating in different FileMaker modes (Browse, Find, Layout and Preview)

* Creating layouts

* Using calculations

* Automating actions through scripting

* Creating reports

The class will be taught using FileMaker Pro 11, but due to the introductory nature of the material, the topics covered apply equally to FileMaker versions 8, 8.5, 9, 10 and 11.

Price: $299

Visit our website to register: Skeleton Key


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