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  2. PSOS Export Records Error 800

    Thank you for the tip. Yes, this is used to then import into a temporary table for running a report, that is faster than a loop. It works fast enough now (it takes about two seconds), but I'll consider your suggestion for the future, thanks.
  3. I'm know I'm way behind the curve but I'm finally at least moving up to FMPA v13. I'm having major issues getting my same java to work. Since this is the Scriptmaster section let me address my java issue that worked fine in v10 .......... I've copied the java code from Scriptmaster under v10 I pasted it into Scriptmaster under v13 I added the jars Run script I now get a .... java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: Could not initialize class com.amazonaws.mws.MarketplaceWebServiceClient I'm at a loss .... Works fine in v10. Anybody able to offer any ideas ?
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  5. Jump on click

    To Verify that you are working with the grids on or off
  6. Jump on click

    FM Pro 15 Adv and Windows 10. This has been going on for some time and is driving me crazy! Has anyone else experienced this: click on an object or field in layout and it jumps (moves) a pixel or two. I have to continuously re-align the object. This happens whether or not the object is touching a grid line. I have tried turning on or off the snap to grid and snap to guide. It makes no difference. So I generally leave them both on. I haven't posted this on other FM forums, but perhaps I should.
  7. Custom Layout

    Hello All, I'am wondering the best way I would go about making a custom report. I have a table with results for around 30 different tests. I would like to make a report that could allow users to customise what results are included for example Test 1 - Result Test 2 - Result Test 4 - Result Test 12 - Result Test 14 - Result Would this be best done by using a sub summary when sorted by or is they a better way? Jon
  8. Search within a portal?

    You could use a search button to perform a script. That script could open a small card window, or use Input fields in Show custom dialog. But what do you want to do after the search? All of this can be scripted. Keep in mind if you search in a portal, you get all the parent records that have a portal record that contain that value. As an example, if you're searching for yesterday's date in a portal, you don't get just portal records with yesterday's date. You get all the parent records that have a portal record with yesterday's date. So as you flip through the parent records, you'll see portal records with all records related to each parent record. You could use a portal filter to just show the portal records of the searched 'date'. But you would also have to clear that filter to avoid user confusion. Now if you just want to show only the portal records that match the search criteria, you may be better off going to a layout based on the portal, maybe even in a new window, where you can flip through the records, then close the window. This way you wouldn't disturb your first window's found set.
  9. Thanks a lot it works really well Kind regards
  10. Relating 2 DB using a range of timestamps

    Do you mean like this? Archive.zip
  11. Open URL Mailto

    Regards, Adrian.%0D%0D&" & "&file: If you take out the two highlighted ampersands, the link will at least show up as text. It may or may not be clickable depending on the recipient's email client, but they can always copy and paste it. Have you considered using a plugin for email?
  12. Last week
  13. Hello I have 2 DB with the following fields VIDEO: CLIPNAME, RECORDED_DATE, and other fields not relevant to my question AUDIO: SOUNDFILE, RECORDED_DATE etc Unfortunately the recorded dates are different and so are the names. I need to link the two db and I hope to find a way to relate the two files so that the RECORDED_DATE in the VIDEO file will tell me what is the SOUNDFILE recorded in the other DB I tried to add a STARTDATE and ENDDATE to the AUDIO db to get a range of times so the VIDEO file could give me the Video FileNames recorded during the selected timestamp range Here I add samples of the two files to make it easier for anyone willing to help There are a few more records in the VIDEO files but this is normal while filming VIDEO.fmp12 Audio.fmp12 Thanks a lot for any help and regards
  14. Duh. How embarrassing. But with that correction, it works perfectly. Thanks very much to everyone who helped.
  15. Thank you very much for troubleshooting this, and for suggesting so efficient a correction to my code verbosity. I implemented all of your suggestions. I created a clone and imported. I changed Set Field to Insert Calculated Result. I changed the calculation to the one you suggested. It's still broken, but we're making progress. I can see what's happening in the debugger. It's entering only the first date in the calculation. For example, if I click on March, it enters "2017-03-01...?" So, it's not resolving the second half of the calculation. Here's a copy/paste of exactly what I entered. Date ( Get ( ScriptParameter ) ; 1 ; Year ( Get ( CurrentDate ) ) ) & "..." & Date ( Get ( ScriptParameter ) + 1 ; 0 ; Get ( CurrentDate ) )
  16. Does anyone know if this is supported in filemaker go or support soon to come? It would completely change my business if this were possible. Thanks
  17. Search within a portal?

    I have a portal within my main layout that I use for all phone log comments and documents. Is there an example or a (best practice) way to create a search field that searches within that portal only and shows the correct records searched?
  18. Quartile Ranks

    Kims, What do you wish to do in case of tie? For instance, two identical amounts can actually appear in different quartiles - the first being in section 3 (for example) and the next duplicate in section 4. Sorting, of course, sorts by Amount but then by order of creation. If you wish ties to hold the same quartile number, it might get more complicated.
  19. Forum bug-views vs. comments

    thanks for the heads up - resolved.
  20. Quartile Ranks

    If you use this in a calculation, be sure to set the field Options > Storage Options to 'do not store calculation results'. Nice, Jeremy!
  21. Quartile Ranks

    If you sort the records by contribution, you can set the quartile for each record with the calculation: Ceiling ( Get ( RecordNumber ) / Get ( FoundCount ) * 4 )
  22. Okay, I have managed to reproduce the problem. It's a bug. 1. How to work around the bug: Use Insert Calculated Result[] instead of Set Field[]. 2. How to avoid the bug: Save a copy of your file as clone (no records) and import the records into the clone. The new file's date format will be YYYY-MM-DD and your script will work. 3. How to avoid the bug and follow the best practice of not having your script depend on any date format: Make your script do: Enter Find Mode [] Set Field [ Calendar::calDate; Date ( Get (ScriptParameter) ; 1 ; Year ( Get (CurrentDate) ) ) & ".." & Date ( Get (ScriptParameter) + 1 ; 0 ; Year ( Get (CurrentDate) ) ) ] Perform Find [] where script parameter is a number between 1 and 12 (there's really no good reason to send the month name as text, then spend 12 lines of code converting it to a number).
  23. My short date format is set to YYYY-MM-DD. I've attached a screenshot.
  24. Open URL Mailto

    Still struggling unfortunately, thanks for your continued help. I copied the text from my Open URL script, everything is ok with the resultant email below except there’s no active hyperlink to my file. "mailto:=John Fower;Paul Bowater;Gerarda Hadfield;Josh Parker;Steve Bramley;Neal Fussey;Graham Crosby" & "&subject=Lookahead Report" & "&body=Dear All,%0D%0DPlease find below linked lookahead report.%0D%0DRegards, Adrian.%0D%0D&" & "&file://G:/Large Files With Links/OTM Planning/Lookahead Report.pdf"
  25. Thank you for all advises. I appreciate your time.
  26. I've noticed this in a number is threads, replies but no views?
  27. Export PDF / Print

    Please read my Private Message to you I sent on Sunday evening. TIA Lee
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