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  1. Yesterday
  2. Hello, I hope this is a simple question: Is there a reverse of the "Quote()" function, that would turn a calculated AppleScript in FM back to a straight AppleScript? I have a very complex calculated AppleScript that I need to retest. Thanks.
  3. That shouldn't prevent you from testing the script in Script Editor using arbitrary fake data. In parallel, you could experiment with running a simple AppleScript from FMP and seeing at what point if fails. Of course, this is all rather generic, since we don't know exactly what your script does or how it fails (surely there is an error message?).
  4. Demo file: sql-join-fun-etc.zip requires FM 18 or later. Recently I was asked to create a mini-report combining data from a pair of related tables via ExecuteSQL. This provided an opportunity to think about SQL joins, and also to come up with a way to apply currency formatting to dollar amounts in the SQL query result,… Continue reading Fun with SQL Joins and Currency Formatting View the full article
  5. That’s a good point. When I do AppleScripting, I first code it separately, since debugging AS in FM is a pain. I then copy and paste into FM, and do the necessary editing to suck in the FM data.
  6. Thanks, I started to think that I should have run the AS separately on the M1 and I posted the question prematurely. The problem is that all data in the AS comes form FM. I still think that FM is unable to trigger something AS-related.
  7. I would install FMP 19 on the machine (it can coexist with 18), and see if everything works ok on 19. If that’s the case, you’re really left with no other option other than to upgrade. If the problem exists in 19, too, it could be some strange issue with Applescript.
  8. If I need event name, customEvents[i].title, with startDate and endDate in the parameter that return to FM when I click on a event. How can I modify it to get event.name in the parameter? Many thank in advance, Pat
  9. Unfortunately, conditional formatting cannot be applied to a portal row directly. You must use some textual object such as a text block, button or a field. However, once the object is in place, you can lock it to make editing easier.
  10. Just ask. I have been doing XSLT since 1998, I read alot of source code libxslt amongst others in that time, and heaps of man pages, I did not read any books, so I have no formal education in this, I have tried, failed, and experienced. There is a book `XSLT Jumpstarter - Level the Learning Curve and Put Your XML to Work` that may or may not be good if you'd like to learn stuff "correctly" opposed to by need.
  11. I have a portal which display fields songs titles from related tables. One such field indicate the Genre of the song. I'd like the portal row to change color based on the Genre field. My current implementation has a text field containing a space and sized the same as the portal row with conditional formatting. While this basically works, I find it inelegant, plus, when editing the layout, it's another object to deal with. Suggestions?
  12. OK, thanks, I learnt a lot in a short time, with your help! Marky
  13. Last week
  14. This video explores ways to get around FileMaker web viewer limitations! Learn about Headless Chrome - an awesome service that allows your web viewer to work with older versions of Internet Explorer! Future live streams: https://fmtraining.tv/#LIVE support@rcconsulting.com www.fmtraining.tv www.fmstartingpoint.com www.rcconsulting.com
  15. I need to use FmPerception to remove Selector-Connector from my solutions. How should I go about this?
  16. We have a client that is sending email to us from their ServiceDesk help desk system. The issue is that the email is laced with HTML tags, so much so that the 360Works Email plugin script step to read the email doesn't find any body to insert in a FileMaker field. The script step is of the form: Set Field[ImportedMessage::body ; EmailReadMessageValue( "body" )] The field ImportedMessage::body is empty, even though we know there is content because a cc copy of the same email can be read, for example, by Apple Mail. Any ideas how to parse the content out of an email that a bunch of
  17. My friend pointed me to this thread asking how I might solve this, and once I saw @comment's solution I just laughed. Brilliant idea.
  18. The best way to understand this is to look at the result of each step. Eventually, you have values = 5 x2 10 x6 20 x30 and filter = 5 yx2 10 yx6 20 yx30 As you can see, the multiplier values in both lists are identical, while the multiplicands are different. Applying FilterValues() keeps only the identical values. But of course the proper way to handle this would be to provide the user with separate fields for multiplier and multiplicand, and a portal to enter multiple multiplications. Then you will have structured data that does not require precarious text parsing.
  19. On the client - View as a table On the web - view as the layout Is it a way to have the same view?
  20. The field is part of a portal view where the user can write the sequence they want so the n is known when they are done. And my thinking was that when they are done writing in that field i would be able to take the calculation and fill in some other fields. (You helped me with that in my last post, only that time it was data from a PHp site where i had done some regex string splitting) Tested it and it seems to work great. Thanks! Would you be able explain (just a few lines) how it works?
  21. Actually, come to think of it, there is a non-recursive way: Let ( [ values = Substitute ( text ; [ "," ; ¶ ] ; [ "x" ; "¶x" ] ) ; filter = Substitute ( values ; "¶x" ; "¶yx" ) ; mutlipliers = FilterValues ( values ; filter) ] ; Substitute ( mutlipliers & ¶ ; [ "¶¶" ; "" ] ; [ ¶ ; "+" ] ) ) But it may take some time to understand how this works.
  22. Is n known in advance? If not, you are looking at a recursive calculation which requires either a custom function or the While() function. If you are using the regular version of FMP 16, neither of these is available to you. If it's possible to do the calculation as part of the script, then you could do it using a looping script. The procedure itself could be quite simple: start by substituting the comma with a carriage return; then loop over the resulting list of values and extract the part before "x" from each one.
  23. Hi I'm trying to get the first numbers of a text string that has the following format numberxnumber,numberxnumber (5x2,10x6,20x30)..n times. The field can also be empty. And i want to take the result and put it in another field and look like this: 5+10+20 I have something like this: Left( text; Position ( text; "x" ; 1 ; 1 ) - 1 ) But that only works for the first number, and I'm not sure how to get it to iterate through rest of the text Note. the calculation is done on a on object exit script. Any help is appreciated.
  24. FileMaker Go or your own iOS SDK based app? For the second, we could offer plugin help.
  25. Hello, I have a database that I run on 3 different computers, all with Mac OS 11.2. FMpro is A script uses an AppleScript that opens a browser. The AppleScript invokes System Events and contains a "do shell script" step. On all computers, FMPro, Script Editor Script Menu are "allowed to control computer" in System Prefs. In the other 2 computes, with the Intel chips, the script runs flawlessly but it stumbles on the M1. M1 vs Intel is the only difference between there 3 setups. I know that v18 is not officially supported with Big Sur but the programs runs perfectl
  26. You're correct. It is a text field with calculated value. This is because, for some categories, the user will enter the information. For other categories, I want it to be entered automatically. I have resolved the issue with a script. I see your point about creation date rather than current date and will adapt the script accordingly. Thanks. It still puzzles me why the calculation works when it is stand-alone but doesn't work when encased in an IF or CASE.
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