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  2. Is it an unstored calculation field? -- P.S. Your title says "calculated date field". IIUC, you want the field to display the text "Today" or "Yesterday" under some circumstances. If so, this needs to be a calculation field with the result type set to Text.
  3. I have a date field that is set by record created date, whenever I create a new record in this table it enters the current date. This is a phone log field so there are literally hundreds of thousands of records. I'm trying to create a calculation that displays the today, if the record created date is current date, and yesterday if it was yesterday and all other should be the date itself but when I create this calculation, it doesn't seem to update on a daily basis and just shows today even if the date was yesterday, unless I create a new record. Any ideas on what I'm doing wrong here?
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  5. If you're happy with the built-in validation error message, then validate one of the fields by calculation, and make sure to uncheck this option: If you prefer to use a script trigger upon exiting the field, make sure the script returns a false result when the validation fails; otherwise the triggering event will be executed after the script has run.
  6. Hi guys, Hopping someone can tell me what i am doing wrong; All i want is a message if "Start Field" is greater than "end Field" and vice versa Attempt 1 Validate field during data entry WTS v2.0::DeliveryMilesStart > WTS v2.0::DeliveryMilesEnd Display message if condition are not met Conditional format to change color to red Issue: validation not work but conditional format is (using the same formula for both format and validation Attempt 2 Script: if [WTS v2.0::DeliveryMilesStart > WTS v2.0::DeliveryMilesEnd] Show customer dialog [message] clear [select entire contents \ target field: DeliveryMilesStart) go to field [DeliveryMilesStart issue it work clearing the content of the field but it does not go back to the correct field but it jumps to the end field Attemp 2 i have tried using both on exit and validation trigger. Any help is greatly appreciated Thanks Rudy.
  7. I have an issue when a single email hits on two+ topics, and how to file it. In Outlook, one holds down control and drags the email to the desired folder, making a copy while leaving the original in the inbox. I'd like to do the same in Outlook Manipulator - save "one" email into multiple mailboxes as needed. Anyone have a recommended solution?
  8. So get this,,,,,,,, I remote into the FileMaker server and through the Admin Console shutdown the databases. I then start up FileMaker Pro from the server, load the program, and I can export the data without any problems! This is driving me nuts!!!!! Something happens when I connect to the database remotely that doesn't allow me to access those files.
  9. Here's one more who wish for this feature. I would try the suggested one above, but I thought it was not working so we agreed another solution with the one supplier that used this. Anyone tested this and could confirm it works?
  10. I have a similar problem with ftps. It is actually working fine as long as I do it from the client, but when I do PSoS I get "java.net.SocketTimeoutException". I'm guessing it might be that ftps use another port which is not open in the server's firewall?
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  12. Learn to make highly efficient FileMaker custom apps that perform well on FileMaker Server or FileMaker Cloud by utilizing "lean design". In part four of this course, we continue exploring some of Nick's "hidden" techniques to optimize your layouts like Double Clicks and Accordion Tabs. To watch the rest of the Lean Design Course and download the free sample files that go with it, visit: https://fmtraining.tv/marketplace/lean-design.html support@rcconsulting.com www.fmtraining.tv www.fmstartingpoint.com www.rcconsulting.com
  13. Hi David, thanks for the tutorial. Have you migrated your solution yet for SCA which comes in 3 weeks?
  14. Ok well thanks. I am still very new to FM, and I love it, it's just so frustrating cleaning up other peoples databases!! As I am sure you know. THey should of set this database up to save the attached documents and pictures outside of it from the beginning.
  15. I am trying to diagnose the problem before suggesting a solution. I know this is not very common practice in the Filemaker community, but that is how I prefer it.
  16. Yes, I am sure that I did this correctly, as far as the data coming out of the database and being stored separately. I am not sure what you are trying to get from the getconainerattribute command? I am still new to filemaker, so I looked that command up. It looks like that is used to return text number, time date, etc.... I need to return actual files that have be put into these records, pdf's and stuff. I am sure that the database can still see this files, because it also displays them in the media windows, which are in the first picture I put up there. I am not sure why it sees the external data, but doesn't want to export them. Thanks.
  17. That does not look like a FileMaker error message. Did you develop this solution yourself?
  18. If I had to guess (and with the most important piece of the story missing, guessing is all I can do), I would say that nothing exports because nothing is there. You say that the "screen still shows that the data is there". I am not sure what that means. What does: GetContainerAttribute ( CIE::Record_1 ; "general" ) return? Well, are you sure you did this correctly? https://fmhelp.filemaker.com/help/18/fmp/en/index.html#page/FMP_Help%2Ftransferring-container-data.html%23ww1065805 -- P.S. Please update your profile to reflect your version and OS.
  19. I am trying to modify one of my exisiting databases. I firstly clone the old database they I want to rename it as=nd mnodufy a few layouts for a new business. I have managed to clone it, but I simply cannot open the clone. I just get an error that Filemaker is unable to write to this file. No idea why, file permissions are correct. Anyone else seen this? I have recreated the file, moved it to different folders etc. This is using Filemaker Advanced 16.
  20. Hello again everyone 🙂 We have a big database that keeps track of several records that people scan and attach files to. Example, a court case and people scan in a police report, or drug tests, etc...... That database is setup to simple click on a button and it will export that data by using the "Export Field Contents" command on a button. It has been working fine for years.............. But the database file has gotten bigger, and BIGGER throughout the past 10 years!!! So they asked me to find a way to export our data, pdf's, pictures, etc.. outside the database. Which I did 🙂 . But now when I click on the button to export the data, NOTHING happens 😞 . I am not sure what has changed or is missing. Our screen still shows that the data is there, but the export port buttin isn't working. I have added new data to a field by importing a pdf, and it right away allows me to export it. So only old data isn't exporting. You guys/gals have any ideas?? I will attach some pics. Below our pictures to help describe and show you what changes have been made. I am clueless as to how the old attachments files aren't popping up to be exported when I click on the export file button. THANKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Below is a picture of the simple "Export File" button. It simply runs this script. And if you click on CIE::Record_1 it simply shows what is below. And below is what "Record_1" is now. I changed it so that the data is storseparatelyaly from the actuall database, which is awesome and has shrunk it, but does no good if we can't retrieve the data.
  21. Hard to tell without seeing the XML file. It's possible that your FMP file is too corrupted to perform the export correctly. Make a copy of your FMP file and run a recovery on the copy. Then try exporting from the recovered file. If you still get an error when importing, try opening the XML file in a text editor and look for invisible characters as well as other obvious defects.
  22. Can anyone assist me to convert below script to Filemaker function? Thanks. function calcVi(Q1,Q2) { var Q3,Q4,Q5,Q6,Q7; if ( Q2 >= 2 && Q2 < 4){ Q3 = 0.827 * Math.pow(Q2,2) + 1.632 * Q2 - 0.181; Q4 = 0.3094 * Math.pow(Q2,2) + 0.182 * Q2; Q6 = (Q3 + Q4 - Q1) / Q4 * 100; } if ( Q2 >= 4 && Q2 < 6.1){ Q3 = -2.6758 * Math.pow(Q2,2) + 96.671 * Q2 - 269.664 * Math.sqrt(Q2) + 215.025; Q4 = -7.1955 * Math.pow(Q2,2) + 241.992 * Q2 - 725.478 * Math.sqrt(Q2) + 603.88; Q6 = (Q3 + Q4 - Q1) / Q4 * 100; } if ( Q2 >= 6.1 && Q2 < 7.2){ Q3 = 2.32 * Math.pow(Q2,1.5626); Q4 = 2.838 * Math.pow(Q2,2) - 27.35 * Q2 + 81.83; Q6 = (Q3 + Q4 - Q1) / Q4 * 100; } if ( Q2 >= 7.2 && Q2 < 12.4){ Q3 = 0.1922 * Math.pow(Q2,2) + 8.25 * Q2 - 18.728; Q4 = 0.5463 * Math.pow(Q2,2) + 2.442 * Q2 - 14.16; Q6 = (Q3 + Q4 - Q1) / Q4 * 100; } if ( Q2 >= 12.4 && Q2 <= 70){ Q3 = 1795.2 * Math.pow(Q2,(-2)) + 0.1818 * Math.pow(Q2,2) + 10.357 * Q2 - 54.547; Q4 = 0.6995 * Math.pow(Q2,2) - 1.19 * Q2 + 7.6; Q6 = (Q3 + Q4 - Q1) / Q4 * 100; } if ( Q2 > 70){ Q3 = 0.1684 * Math.pow(Q2,2) + 11.85 * Q2 -97; Q5 = 0.8353 * Math.pow(Q2,2) + 14.67 * Q2 -216; Q4 = 0.6669 * Math.pow(Q2,2) + 2.82 * Q2 -119; Q6 =(Q5 - Q1) / Q4 * 100; } if (Q6 >= 100) { Q7 = ((Math.log(Q3) / Math.log(10)) - (Math.log(Q1) / Math.log (10))) / ( Math.log(Q2)/ Math.log(10)); Q6 = (( Math.pow(10,Q7)-1) / 0.00715 ) + 100; } Q6 = parseInt(Q6 + 0.5); return Q6; }
  23. Thanks! I'll give it a try. Hmm, I am exporting everything to XML using that FMPXMLRESULT and no style sheet. When I try to import it I get another error. Any ideas what I should do?
  24. Last week
  25. Windows Server 2016 Desktop version with updates through 8/17/2019. Installed in the default location. Required ports or forwarded to the server and are open on the server. 80, 443, 2399, 5003, 16000 The instructions for getting a certificate are very confusing. When I follow the instructions, I get the following error(s): My FQDN is ARTinLizzies.com OpenSSL> req -nodes -newkey rsa:2048 -keyout artinlizzies.com.key -out artinlizzies.com.csr Can't open C:\Users\tony_zepeda.SC\Desktop\git_fmsource\fmsource\ThirdParty\ports\openssl\InstallDir/openssl.cnf for reading, No such file or directory 2412:error:02001003:system library:fopen:No such process:crypto\bio\bss_file.c:72:fopen('C:\Users\tony_zepeda.SC\Desktop\git_fmsource\fmsource\ThirdParty\ports\openssl\InstallDir/openssl.cnf','r') 2412:error:2006D080:BIO routines:BIO_new_file:no such file:crypto\bio\bss_file.c:79: Generating a RSA private key ...........+++++ ..............+++++ writing new private key to 'artinlizzies.com.key' ----- unable to find 'distinguished_name' in config problems making Certificate Request 2412:error:0E06D06A:configuration file routines:NCONF_get_string:no conf or environment variable:crypto\conf\conf_lib.c:270: error in req OpenSSL> Maybe I guessed wrong on what the inputs should be? What is tony_zepeda.sc????
  26. Windows Server 2016 Desktop version with updates through 8/17/2019. FileMaker server version 18 with current update installed. Installed in the default location. Required ports or forwarded to the server and are open on the server. 80, 443, 2399, 5003, 16000 I can’t connect to the Windows FileMaker server from my Mac running FileMaker Pro (18 updated) when I try to up “Upload to Host” I get a “Connection Failed” error.
  27. Thank You! Exactly what I was looking for.
  28. https://firesidefilemaker.podbean.com/e/a-conversation-with-claris-part-1/ This is Part 1 of a 2 part (90 minute) fascinating conversation with Rick Kalman, Director of Product Management for FileMaker, and Robert Holsey, Senior Product Manager for FileMaker. If you aren’t familiar with these two experienced Claris International employees, we consider them to be part of the backbone of the company. Rick and Robert share some incredible insights about what goes into releasing a new version, their vision for the future and their quest to make FileMaker the best tool on the planet. We are very honored that they took so much of their time to talk with us candidly and openly. Part 2 will be released next Wednesday. Follow us on iTunes https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/fireside-filemaker/id1473715087?mt=2&app=itunes Follow us on Podbean https://firesidefilemaker.podbean.com or find us on YouTube by searching for Fireside FileMaker
  29. Hi all I'm trying to run a powershell script from the base elements plugin, and extract the result in to FileMaker. It works well except when the result appears to be quite large (though no bigger than 10kb in CSV form). Does anyone know anything about the limitations of this plugin function when it comes to returning the result? Thanks!
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