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  2. Hi John, I am unaware of any function in the companion plugin that explicitly does this. You could use the companion plugin to download a jpg from SuperContainer server to a container field that is on a portal using SCGetContainer. You can also have a web viewer on a portal and then point the web viewer to a file on SuperContainer. Doing so would allow you to pass in style parameters into the URL to style the way the image was displayed. You can see a list of those URL parameters here. Hope that helps!
  3. getContainerStream throws error on FMS16

    Since this is a server side script, you also need to make sure you are providing context in your script so that when you pass in the container to your function you are on a layout where that field exists or at least on a layout of a related table. If you are calling this from an unrelated table I could see this error occurring.
  4. getContainerStream throws error on FMS16

    error code 106 106 Table is missing what are you passing to the script as a parameter???
  5. Force Answer when = ?

    It would be helpful to see the original calculation, before you tried to "force" it. What you gave us is difficult to read, esp. when we don't know what the calculation's purpose is. I think you want do: If ( Cash Sales Total Sales Value ; Round ( ( Cash Sales Total Last 7 Days - Landed Cost * Cash Sales Total Last 7 Days * 1.2 ) / Cash Sales Total Sales Value ; 2 ) ; 0 ) This tests that your divisor is not empty or zero and if so, performs the division and rounds the result. Otherwise it returns 0. Note that 0 does not require rounding. -- P.S. IMHO, outputting an artificial zero result is bad practice. The correct result in case of division by zero should be either an error or nothing.
  6. Force Answer when = ?

    My pleasure, is your calculation filed set to return numbers or text?
  7. Force Answer when = ?

    Hi Siroos, Brilliant! Thanks so much for helping me out, I really like the look of the Let function you wrote, however when use the calc, it does change the ? to 0 but also the true figures are different values than originally
  8. Force Answer when = ?

    Maybe this? if(Round ( If ( IsEmpty ( Cash Sales Total Sales Value )=1 ; 0; (Cash Sales Total Last 7 Days-(Landed Cost*Cash Sales Total Last 7 Days)*1.2) / Cash Sales Total Sales Value ); 2) = "?"; 0 ;Round ( If ( IsEmpty ( Cash Sales Total Sales Value )=1 ; 0; (Cash Sales Total Last 7 Days-(Landed Cost*Cash Sales Total Last 7 Days)*1.2) / Cash Sales Total Sales Value ); 2)) more professional method is using Let function: Let( Calculation = Round ( If ( IsEmpty ( Cash Sales Total Sales Value )=1 ; 0; (Cash Sales Total Last 7 Days-(Landed Cost*Cash Sales Total Last 7 Days)*1.2) / Cash Sales Total Sales Value ); 2); if(Calculation = "?";0;Calculation) )
  9. Hey Guys, Thanks for having me I'm a beginner please take it easy haha! Basically I have a calculation field, where I am trying to force the answer as "0" when the calc returns "?" (due to an empty field etc, for whatever reason I'm not concerned about) My calc is: Round ( If ( IsEmpty ( Cash Sales Total Sales Value )=1 ; 0; (Cash Sales Total Last 7 Days-(Landed Cost*Cash Sales Total Last 7 Days)*1.2) / Cash Sales Total Sales Value ); 2) Now it returns an answer when there is one, or a "?" when insufficient data, all I want is to return a "0" in this case rather than a "?" Thanks in advance and sorry for the noob question
  10. Value list performance when single field

    I would think a picker window/popover with type ahead would be much better. In the case of 3000+ records you could start with 0, suppress the type ahead for at least the first 2 or 3 characters.
  11. Filepath

    Here's what I would do in your situation: 1. Copy the path calculation to the data viewer and observe the result. 2. Place a file (a Filemaker file) in the target folder and observe the result of Get (FilePath). 3. Work on the path calculation until it returns the same result as step 2 does.
  12. Filepath

    Hi Folks, Can anyone spot what I've done wrong with this file path? The Events::gYellowFormFilepath contains "2017-2018" which is the name of a folder. Macintosh SSD and Mike (X) both had spaces - I've tried with and without. Neither have worked, but give the error file "could not be created on this disk..." "filemac:/MacintoshSSD/Users/mikekentdavies/Mike(X)/School/Concerts & Events/" & Events::gYellowFormFilepath & "/MusicDept_YellowForms_" & Substitute ( Get ( CurrentDate ) ; "/" ; "_" ) I'm pretty sure that all my read / write privileges are fine. There's lot's of free disk space, so I'm pretty sure I've bogged up with the file path somehow. Cheers! Mike
  13. When I sold my product I need to add product name then select serial number of product then add to portal table. However, if I want to sell a product in many items, such as 100 items, it is very slow to add one product's serial to table at a time. Is it possible If I fill quantity to sell and run a script to input amount of serial number, sort ascending, equal to the quantity to portal table ? script that I used for now
  14. Hi there! I have installed ScriptMaster to Filemaker Server 16 under Windows Server 2012 R2 If I use getContainerStream in a server script I get an exception: Returns com.prosc.fmkit.FmCalculationException: 106 The containerField is defined as external / open. Exporting the content using Export Field Contents works fine. This worked fine before updating from Filemaker 14. Am I missing something? Regards, Thorsten P.S.: Same error occurs on fmpro.getContainerFileName
  15. Hi all I've created a value list that serves as an email autocomplete drop down (like the sort in an email client). This VL looks to a single text field in a single record table which currently has 3000 lines. The field is updated every 15 minutes by a scheduled server script. The 'auto complete using value list' option is applied on the field that refers to this VL. The old method was to not have a VL but to just tick the 'auto complete using existing values' option on the field. This was not ideal because existing values might be incorrectly spelled email addresses (and the user would not be able to remove them). Since switching to the new method it is slower to retrieve the values from the VL. It is not the type of slowness that locks up filemake; rather it just means the user has to wait 1-4 seconds for values to pop up when letters are typed - before this is was instant in the way it is instant in normal email clients. Does anyone have any ideas as to how to speed it up? Or whether this is expected from a single field VL? Thanks
  16. I would like to auto generate serial number to portal table equal quantity items that I fill. I wrote a script to create them but it is not work. I do not know I do something wrong in this script. Please suggestion for this situation
  17. Counting the number of checked boxes in portal rows

    I assumed the Inactive field is a Number field which can either be empty or contain 1. Otherwise OP's summary field would not work as described. BTW, it could also be a Date field - and IMHO that would be better practice.
  18. Counting the number of checked boxes in portal rows

    I agree, of course, but make sure that the Participants::Inactive field does not contain zeros because they would be counted. Using Sum() might be better for that field as: Count ( Participants::ClassID ) - Sum ( Participants::Inactive ) I am also basing my post on Inactive being a boolean number containing 1. If it is text then Comment's response is best. :-)
  19. Counting the number of checked boxes in portal rows

    There are several ways this could be accomplished. A simple one would be to add a calculation field to the Participants table, along the lines of = If ( not Inactive ; NumberOfChildren ) then change your existing calculation to sum this field instead of the NumberOfChildren field. I don't see why you need the summary field; you could do simply: Count ( Participants::ClassID ) - Count ( Participants::Inactive )
  20. Counting the number of checked boxes in portal rows

    Thanks Steve, classes aren't confined to childcare only, most of them are single person participants, and that count is easy to ascertain correctly. Childcare however, is just the number of children. The parents aren't there. I already have a field that is a calculation that counts the total listed children associated with a parent (in the parent's contact details elsewhere). We have to keep track of whether the participant is active or inactive because they may not come to all the sessions. If they stop coming, they're marked as Inactive (the checkbox), and the class number reflects only active numbers. The inactive box is also linked to their enrolment history, so we can see what people have enrolled in in the past. Once a class is completed, all participants are marked as inactive as that activity has ended. All I need to do is get a total of the number of children there are where the parent has been marked as inactive in that class. Once I get that, it's a simple matter of subtracting it from the total number of children (which I've already got the calculation for).
  21. Counting the number of checked boxes in portal rows

    A sample file would be helpful, but if I understand you, I think checkboxes are not the way to go. I think for each row you should have a field for participant count. So a portal row with a parent would have that field as 1. A portal row with a parent and 2 kids would have 3. Counting those would be easy with Execute SQL or a standard sub summary report
  22. Hi, I have a bit of a dilemma that I've tried a number of solutions to sort out, to no avail. I have a portal that lists the participants in a class. In each row is a checkbox that can be used to indicate whether that participant has withdrawn from the class. I've used a summary field to count the number of checked boxes and have a field that subtracts that number from the total of records in the portal - easy peasy. Where it gets tricky is that, one of the fields relates to the number of children associated with a participant (a mum may have 3 kids in the class if it's one of the playgroups). Now I need to know how many kiddies there are in the class. I have a field that totals the number of children in total and that works fine, but... ... and here's my problem - where a parent has withdrawn (and the box is checked), I need to subtract the number of children associated with that parent from the total number of children). The checkbox is a value list with a single value, 1. All the solutions I've tried so far are fine unless it pertains to portal rows - and I can't figure it out for the life of me. Can anyone help me out?
  23. How to do Montly backups

    True! Glad you figured it out, Jason!
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  25. XML Import & Export

    But I see that the second workflow also has description and def_step attributes?
  26. How to do Montly backups

    Resolved. I knew it had to be something ridiculous. The window displaying the shedule settings was too short. When I chose "Every n days", I could not see the additional field appear at the bottom for entering the actual number of days. The simplest things can be the most maddening :-P
  27. XML Import & Export

    Sure: workflow can have: id, name, name_de, assettype_def, domain, domain2, enabled, ten, rowid workflow_step can have: wf_id, wf_step, name, name_de, description, wf_state_id, def_party, color, sorting, enabled, tcn, rowid
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