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  2. Hi, I’d like to show days since last race for a horse where the first race returns 0. I played around with ‘last’ and ‘GetNthRecord’ but something went wrong. I had some problems with races where the horse was scratched, but I can live with that. Thanks, Paul
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  4. I think i need more coffee!

    1. Lee Smith

      Lee Smith

      This is a new feature.


  5. Lee Smith

    Stalking Facebook with Filemaker

    Hi Rick, It's not against our policy for you to post your question on more than one site (it against our police for you to multiple post your question here). When asking your question here and another site, please note so in your question (preferably in the first line). A link would be handy to. That way our members will know this, and can make their own decision weather or not they want to try and follow your question, in multiple places. If you have ever tried to follow a multiple thread, it can be a real PIA trying to keep track who has suggested what and where.. Lee
  6. rick altman

    Stalking Facebook with Filemaker

    Correct. I posted this query there, also.
  7. fishtech

    Sync with NetSuite?

    Hi, We'e considering a NetSuite installation. Can Mirrorsync sync Netsuite's data with FileMaker Server? NetSuite is built on Oracle, but I have no hands-on experience with it yet. The architecture need to allow for using NetSuite's customer data in a FileMaker-based app on remote clients as follows: NetSuite <-> FileMaker Server <-> Various remote FM clients. Thanks, ft.
  8. Rick Whitelaw

    Stalking Facebook with Filemaker

    This post is identical to a post in Filemaker Community.
  9. Todd Geist

    GoDraw3: Use Drawings to Enter Data

    GoDraw3 is a drawing tool, but it can also be used as a visual data-entry system. Objects in a drawing can have data attached, and that data can be saved. The post GoDraw3: Use Drawings to Enter Data appeared first on Geist Interactive. View the full article
  10. Yes, I was referring to that file. I said not to use that specific file in production because I was doing lots of testing/hacking on it and I think FM crashed while I was working with it... I didn't care because the code wasn't meant for production, it was just a proof of concept. But... You can look at that file, see what I changed, then replicate those changes in your file. It's not easy, or straight-forward, but that's what's available.
  11. rick altman

    Stalking Facebook with Filemaker

    A year ago, I used the Web Viewer to create what I affectionately refer to as a Facebook stalking page, so we can better recognize people who have attended our conference. ("Was that the tall dude or the guy with the beard? Oh yeah...that guy.") This worked great...until it didn't. We studied the URL created when we search for people, we turned it into a formula within the Web Viewer, and it worked great. Until it didn't. Now we just get error messages about FB not being able to display the page. We also created a similar page for LinkedIn, and that worked great...until it insisted that we were not logged in to LinkedIn, even though we were. I would like to know if others have attempted similar things -- using the Web Viewer to show Facebook data or photos of people, etc. Many thanks for any help that can be offered.
  12. Hi Dan, Are you talking about the FM_Surveys_Mobile_v1r3_DSMOD.fmp12 file about which you said "DO NOT USE IT IN PRODUCTION" or the one at https://github.com/dansmith65/FileMaker-EasySync/tree/dev which you described as a work in progress? I'll be honest, I saw the thread you pointed to and got overwhelmed trying to figure out how it related to the v1.3 release, I was mostly happy to just get v1.3 working. Can you point to the relevant content in that thread that will get me started? Thanks! Mike
  13. The root of the speed issue you're experiencing is explained here: I never did release a new version of my code with the included improvements, but you can see them in the sample file attached to that post and make the same modifications to your file.
  14. Hi all, I've successfully deployed EasySync 1.3 and we're happy, but we'd be even happier if the sync were quicker. Since this deployment is strictly pulling a small data set and pushing a bunch of images, the suggestions elsewhere on this forum about using Javascript in a web viewer to do some processing don't apply, I'm pretty sure. By tweaking the "$$max_push_segment_size" client setting I was able to speed things up by ~25%, but my test data of 27 images still took ~9 minutes to upload. Does anyone have additional suggestions to speed things up? Thanks, Mike
  15. Ok - Base Elements was pretty simple to figure out and I was able to script a good deal of what I require in a short amount of time . I'm still curious if anyone has been able to integrate SFTP with FM 16's CURL functions.
  16. AlanTrewartha

    Scriptmaster + Grails + Amazon S3

    Here's a good a place as any to post some S3 scriptmaster functions I recently knocked up. You have to import a small number of JARs from the jets3t framework http://www.jets3t.org (or I compiled a fat JAR to do it in one SMLoadJar step) to satisfy the imports and dependencies. And they definitely could do with some polish and better error handling, but they just about get the basic jobs done. (awsList, awsUpload, awsUploadContainer, awsDownload) awsList will list buckets if you leave bucketName blank RegisterGroovy( "awsList( myAccessKeyID; mySecretKey; bucketName; objectPrefix)" ; "import org.jets3t.service.impl.rest.httpclient.RestS3Service;¶ import org.jets3t.service.security.AWSCredentials;¶ import org.jets3t.service.model.*;¶ ¶ try {¶ def s3 = new RestS3Service( new AWSCredentials( myAccessKeyID, mySecretKey ) );¶ def objectListString=\"\";¶ if (bucketName)¶ { // def bucket = s3.getBucket( bucketName);¶ def chunk=s3.listObjectsChunked(bucketName, objectPrefix, \"/\", 8L, \"\", true);¶ def objectList=chunk.getObjects();¶ objectListString+= chunk.getCommonPrefixes().join(\"\n\");¶ for (int o = 1; o < objectList.length; o++) {¶ objectListString+= \"\n\" + objectList[o].getKey() + \" [\" + objectList[o].getContentLength() + \" bytes]\";¶ }¶ }¶ else¶ { def bucketList = s3.listAllBuckets();¶ for (int o = 0; o < bucketList.length; o++) {¶ objectListString+= bucketList[o].name + \"\n\";¶ }¶ }¶ return objectListString.replaceAll(/(?m)^${objectPrefix}/, \"\");¶ }¶ catch(Exception e) { return e;}¶ return false;¶"; "isGui=false" ) + RegisterGroovy( "awsUpload( myAccessKeyID; mySecretKey ; bucketName; prefixKey ; pathToFile)" ; "import org.jets3t.service.impl.rest.httpclient.RestS3Service;¶ import org.jets3t.service.security.AWSCredentials;¶ import org.jets3t.service.model.*;¶ ¶ try {¶ def s3 = new RestS3Service( new AWSCredentials( myAccessKeyID, mySecretKey ) );¶ s3uploaditem= new S3Object( new File( pathToFile ) );¶ s3uploaditem.setKey(prefixKey + s3uploaditem.getKey());¶ def s3objStore = s3.putObject( bucketName , s3uploaditem );¶ return true; // or parse data from s3objStore¶ }¶ catch(Exception e) { return e;}¶ return false;¶"; "isGui=false" ) +RegisterGroovy( "awsUploadContainer( myAccessKeyID; mySecretKey ; bucketName; prefix ; containerField)" ; "import org.jets3t.service.impl.rest.httpclient.RestS3Service;¶ import org.jets3t.service.security.AWSCredentials;¶ import org.jets3t.service.model.*;¶ ¶ try {¶ def s3 = new RestS3Service( new AWSCredentials( myAccessKeyID, mySecretKey ) );¶ s3uploaditem= new S3Object( prefix, fmpro.getContainerStream( containerField ).getBytes() );¶ def s3objStore = s3.putObject( bucketName , s3uploaditem );¶ return true; // or parse data from s3objStore¶ }¶ catch(Exception e) { return e;}¶ return false;¶"; "isGui=false" ) + RegisterGroovy( "awsDownload( myAccessKeyID; mySecretKey ; bucketName; myBucketPath ; pathToFile)" ; "import org.jets3t.service.impl.rest.httpclient.RestS3Service;¶ import org.jets3t.service.security.AWSCredentials;¶ import org.jets3t.service.model.*;¶ import org.jets3t.service.utils.*;¶ import java.io.FileOutputStream;¶ ¶ try {¶ def s3 = new RestS3Service( new AWSCredentials( myAccessKeyID, mySecretKey ) );¶ def s3obj = s3.getObject( bucketName, myBucketPath);¶ downloadFile = new File(pathToFile);¶ if(downloadFile.isDirectory()) { downloadFile = new File(pathToFile + \"/\" + myBucketPath.substring(myBucketPath.lastIndexOf(\"/\") + 1 ) ) }¶ input = s3obj.getDataInputStream();¶ output = new FileOutputStream(downloadFile); int bytesRead; byte[] buffer = new byte[8 * 1024];¶ while ((bytesRead = input.read(buffer)) != -1) { output.write(buffer, 0, bytesRead); }¶ output.flush();¶ return true;¶ }¶ catch(Exception e) { return e;}¶ return false;¶"; "isGui=false" )
  17. The MBS plug-in is fantastic however, it's going to be a tough sell to my client. They are a small operation and they only require a server side SFTP routine, so $600 will be difficult to justify. I'll run it by them and check to see if that's in their budget. Does anyone know if SFTP functionality is possible with the native FM16 cURL functions? Thanks!
  18. IdealData

    Using FM value list in the web form search

    Hi John The getValueList method is deprecated and replaced with getValueListTwoFields. See the API documentation on your server for details.
  19. Hi Kishan_Canoo, We need more information about what you are trying to do because, I suspect that you have more then one product and the sales price isn't always 160. One of the great thing about this forum is that you can always attach a file which will speed things up in finding an answer to your question. See the Guideline for how to deal with confidentiality.
  20. John Mark Osborne

    File Freedom

    In my two decade career, I've only seen corrupt files while working in technical support. I was in technical support for five long years but even then it was not a common occurrence. Rarely have I encountered a corrupt file while working with a client or in my own personal FileMaker solutions. With good file management practices, your FileMaker file can live a long and happy life, free of corruption. I'm not saying corruption doesn't happen, it's just rare. Still you need to be prepared if the FileMaker God's choose your file for repair. This article will explain how corruption occurs, how to avoid it and how to fix it if needed. View the full article
  21. Hello, thanks to this forum I put succesfully the fm easy sync in my solution. All times went fine until I copy the solution in other iPads than mine. 😳 In first Ipad (whatever user goes in) all is succesfully (iPad pro 10,5, ios 11.3) but others (iPad 9,7, ios 11.3) "Unable to connect to the server". It is the same file copy in all iPads. Someone have an idea? Thank you in advance. EDIT: I DELETE THE FILEMAKER APP IN IPADS, REINSTALL ANDO NOW ALL OK
  22. Kevin Frank

    Thinking About JSON, part 1

    I’ve been working on a couple large JSON projects over the last few months, and with the one year anniversary of FileMaker having built-in JSON capabilities just around the corner, this seems an opportune moment to share some reflections and opinions (some of which may contradict JSON-related opinions I have expressed previously). Demo file: json-sandbox.zip […] View the full article
  23. MonkeybreadSoftware

    Anyone have a working native FM16 SFTP cURL example?

    Please check the MBS FileMaker Plugin. It does offer CURL with SFTP as well as SSH connection. Example databases are included. e.g. see example here for upload of text: CURL sFTP Upload and here for various operations: CURL sFTP Operations
  24. Aussie John

    Using FM value list in the web form search

    I have found this snippet which gives me what I want but I dont seem to be able to get the selections to find. I suspect checking the box and hitting submit doesn't parse the actual text value. Any suggestions for this? $layout =& $connection->getLayout('WebSearch'); $values = $layout->getValueList('SearchTags'); foreach($values as $value){ echo '<input type= "checkbox" name= "SearchTags" value= "'. $value .'">' . $value . ' '; }
  25. Yesterday
  26. I need to connect FM16 to a SFTP server (download, read, delete). Does anyone have a working example that I could take a look at? Alternatively, I would love to see an example using Base Elements cURL functionality. I've got a script that does what I need it to, using FTP but SFTP is giving me trouble. Thanks in advance!
  27. ryan360Works

    Secure Password Storage

    When the file is local, globals will persist and not reset when the database is closed. However it is a hosted file, closing the database will reset global variables back to the value they were set at when the file was uploaded to the server. I haven't seen a solution that uses a password manager and an API but as long as you can get the data into FileMaker and reference it in a script then it should work.
  28. Ok, firstly not sure which section to put this in. I couldn't pick one so i started here. Admins please move it to an appropriate category if you wish. Anyhow, I was approached by a friend that asked me if this can be done in Filemaker. His plan is to have one master database of inventory that many different vendors will have access to but only to change their or add their own products. Then say in city one we have a store with a pos system (Filemaker). They will manage their own products in that store, but still have access to the master product catalogue if you will, to look up products that one or many vendors may sell. So the POS systems are separate from each other as they are their own store. Yet any of them can access the master database and put in purchase orders to order products from the various sellers. One problem i see is once a store owner orders various products from this master database..i'm told will have about 10000 items, without sending separate purchase orders to each vendor, how on earth will the store owner receive the products they require. I guess i could have it generate a list of items ordered and create purchase orders based on vendorid. as soon as the vendor id changes, create a new one and script emailing it. I guess my question is can something like this be done and would I have to store this master db on the cloud, or just a fm server someplace. Dave
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