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  2. Ever wondered how you can resell your own Custom App with FileMaker? This livestream recording discusses the best steps to follow to make a vertical market app! For more great live training, visit FMTraining.tv/#LIVE to see our broadcast schedule. support@rcconsulting.com www.fmstartingpoint.com www.rcconsulting.com
  3. Thanks. Will fix that. No, I don't believe in using web viewers, Wim. Too much work and too complicated; at least for me. NautilusFM uses no plugins although they can be used; just a few custom functions and all native FileMaker™. The core concept is KISS; it's very easy to set up, make changes and get all the functionality the user needs. It's a framework not a developed solution. (Happy to talk to you back channel about it (303) 856 5778
  4. Wim, thanks for the reply. iPhone is on LTE. I need to get access to my DB using internet, but not intranet.
  5. It doesn't explain how it is done or whether you'll charge for it. At least not that I can quickly see it. The "see all videos" doesn't go anywhere. What's the core concept here for the single layout? Web viewer?
  6. Not sure I follow #1: FM Go doesn't use a browser so how does webdirect come into play there? Since PC browsers work: are those on the same network as your mobile devices? Or are the mobile devices on their LTE network and not on Wifi (to the same network segment as the PCs).
  7. Gents, two problems: 1. I can't access my db file using FilemakerGo. Localhost works, Webdirect - doesn't. 2. I can't either access my file via mobile browsers. PC browsers work, mobile - doesn't. Tested on my iPhone with Safari and Chrome. Thanks for help.
  8. Last week
  9. Following up on Nick's suggestion - Assuming that you're using XML (as opposed to JDBC), the place to do this would be in the didSync method of the customization script.
  10. Hi @mr_vodka, Thank you for the link a very informative video.
  11. What if a single thought created the next step in FileMaker interface design? What if that thought led to a framework that can be used for every project and allows users to do everything they need on a single screen; where they never get out of context and it's impossible to get lost? What if that interface required no training, or second guessing and made users want to use the program? What if that framework was available to everybody who develops FileMaker™ solutions; in house developers, professional developers, consultants? What if ... ? http://www.filemakercommunitycollege.com/nautilusfm/
  12. Lui de la Parra from Mute Symphony will show how to use Node Red and the FileMaker Data API to connect with IOT devices and build scalable APIs. Learn how to use Node’s event driven architecture alongside FileMaker’s robust and reliable UI capabilities to solve complex business problems. Node Red allows developer’s to take advantage of visual and flow based programming techniques. https://github.com/Luidog/node-red-contrib-filemaker Lui will also preview a new developer tool for managing FileMaker XML clips. Dropship is currently in public beta and will be released shortly. Dropship allows you to manage, search, and modify FileMaker code in a new and streamlined way. The post Node Red and the FileMaker Data API – Atlanta Developers Group 6/5/19 appeared first on Blue Feather - FileMaker Developer, Android, Web. View the full article
  13. Makah Encarnaco from Soliant will present on how FileMaker developers can give back to the community and the new join::table organization. She’ll also be presenting on custom functions for dynamically creating JSON from related child records. The post Giving Back to the Community – Atlanta FileMaker Developers Group – 5/1/19 appeared first on Blue Feather - FileMaker Developer, Android, Web. View the full article
  14. Joe Martin from 360Works will be presenting – Machine Learning in FileMaker: Using AWS Rekognition for Object Detection and Text Extraction from Images Building off of Jesse Barnum’s AWS FileMaker scripts, Joe will show how to interact with the AWS Rekognition API, allowing for object and scene detection in an image, as well as extracting text from an image. If there’s time, he’ll also go into facial recognition and celebrity detection. Download sample file: http://s3-external-1.amazonaws.com/com.prosc.support.uploads/Outbound/Rekognition%20Demo.fmp12.zip?AWSAccessKeyId=AKIAIDQUCQL7APZLJCDA&Expires=1546717806&Signature=NhuLeCIojn3%2Fd3lV%2FbZMUs6Z1hw%3D The post Machine Learning in FileMaker – Atlanta FileMaker Developers 12/5/18 appeared first on Blue Feather - FileMaker Developer, Android, Web. View the full article
  15. Jeremy Brown from Geist Interactive demonstrates their product, WidgetStudio. WidgetStudio makes it easy to use, design and share powerful interface widgets, like calendars, gauges, charts, and timers. Pick from the constantly growing set of included widgets or build your own. Freely share them with your customers or friends. There is no need to learn any other programming language to use WidgetStudio. If you can design a FileMaker Layout, you can use WidgetStudio’s built in point and click interface to modify the look and feel of the widget. Just few more clicks and your customized widget is embedded into your own FileMaker file, ready to go! If you like JavaScript, HTML and CSS, you will love the familiar built in code editors. Enjoy language specific code formatting, coloring and syntax checking, while you are building or tweaking widgets. When you get it just right, share them with your friends. The post WidgetStudio: FileMaker javascript solutions – Atlanta FileMaker Developers Group 3/6/19 appeared first on Blue Feather - FileMaker Developer, Android, Web. View the full article
  16. Before you go down this rabbit hole of inventory, I would suggest you read about transactions. https://www.geistinteractive.com/2010/04/21/inventory-transactions/
  17. Ah - i see, I do this often when providing a field for user entry so that we scan a barcode on entry it performs a find in the appropriate table. Its usually a global field once a global field is entered with value 12345 for example and there is a matching record via relationship you could just GTRR to that record OR - you could script a find to go to layout and enter find mode and use the value from global to the key field and then perform find.
  18. Hello Experts, In my attached sample file, I have two Tables Inventory and Transactions. In my Inventory Table I have fields Current Month Inventory Last Month Inventory I want these two fields to capture the count of my Last month Inventory and the count of my current Inventory. In my Last Month Inventory Fields I like to have 1589 Bottles / 7 Boxes ; If someone withdraw 235 Bottles This Month My Current Inventory Fields will Show 1354 Bottles / 6 Boxes. Please find attached file that Im working. Thank you Cross posted to https://community.filemaker.com/en/s/question/0D50H00006qwZEcSAM/last-month-current-month-calculation Monthly Inventory.fmp12
  19. Medical Sales College Alleviates Administrative Complications with Custom Software Solution for New Student Recruitment Bespoke FileMaker Pro Solution Injects New Life into Admissions & Speeds Job Placement Process at Med Device Sales School As a post-secondary institution, Medical Sales College is committed to recruiting, enrolling, educating and placing students. For years, Medical Sales College used multiple FileMaker Pro databases for student record management and placement. But the system was a chronic pain, requiring staff to cut, copy and paste the same data over and over again. In addition, the old FileMaker Pro system lacked email automation, making placement correspondence a time-absorbing affliction. To alleviate the chronic pains, Medical Sales College hired eXcelisys to build a new, fully integrated student recruitment custom software solution, complete with some job placement automation features. “The big goal was to improve efficiency and automate what we are trying to do,” said Scott Binder, Executive VP of Student Services. The “transplant” to the new student recruitment tool took place in spring 2018 and, ultimately, improved operations. Pre-Op: How It Used to Work A person applies to Medical Sales College (MSC) through a web form. Recruiter accesses the information and manually types it into the “applicant” database so the interview and vetting process can begin. If the applicant is admitted, the information is re-typed (using a cut-and-paste method) into the “student” database. Upon graduation, the student’s information is re-typed into a “placement” database. MSC staff send emails to potential employers in the graduate’s target area to introduce the graduate and highlight their qualifications (this was a lengthy process of accessing, cutting and pasting data from multiple layouts so information about the student’s coursework, grades, contact info, etc., could be included). Post-Op: How It Works Now (with new student recruitment software) 1. A person applies to Medical Sales College (MSC) through a web portal (via WordPress). 2. Every 10 minutes, the new student recruitment software queries the server looking for new applicants. If one is found, it alerts school recruiters so they can respond in a time-sensitive manner (information autofills from web form into applicant database so staff no longer have to manually transfer the information) After an application is submitted via the web portal, the information auto fills into the applicant database (above). When a student is accepted into a program, an acceptance email goes out (above). The student recruitment software autofills the student’s information into the email template, saving recruiters from spending their time writing emails and compiling the pertinent information. 3. Once the applicant is accepted into a program, their status is updated from “applicant” to “student.” With “student” status, additional interface elements open up, allowing users to input related student-only data (see image below). 4. Upon graduation, the student’s information is automatically available to staff in placement services (no need to re-type information into the placement database). 5. MSC staff send emails to potential employers in the graduate’s target area to introduce the graduate and highlight their qualifications (the process is semi-automated; the app pulls data to populate the selected email template so staff no longer have to hunt for the information and type it into the email). Email Automation Aids Job Placement Process eXcelisys developer R.J. Carroll was the lead developer on the custom software solution project. He is especially pleased with the app’s email automation feature, which helps Medical Sales College connect graduates with potential employers. “The coolest feature is in pulling the data to generate the emails.” Carroll said that with the old system, email composition ate up a lot of time. Essentially, Medical Sales College staff would hunt through a list of employers in the graduate’s target area, then compose emails to each employer to introduce the student. To create the email, placement staff had to sort through multiple FileMaker layouts to gather the pertinent information — this included things like the student’s specialty, grade, contact info, etc. This information was cut and pasted into the email. For some students, staffers might send 20 to 30 emails. Imagine the time that took. Now, automation speeds the process. First off, it’s quick and easy for staffers to zero in on the right employers. A “check-the-box” system allows placement staff to select the state(s) a graduate wants to target so the right employers receive the email (see below). Next, email “personalization” is completed through the use of an auto-filled template. “We’re essentially making a mail merge directly in FileMaker,” said Carroll. “They can select the employers based on the graduate’s criteria, choose a template and create the email in a matter of seconds.” This is a sample of what the Employer Template looks like before autofill (above) and after autofill (below). Alive and Kicking with New Student Recruitment Tool Binder appreciates the improved efficiency of the new custom student recruitment software has brought Medical Sales College. However, he was surprised by the length of the development process and how long it took to test and tweak the system. “It took a lot longer than I thought,” said Binder. eXcelisys Project Manager Kurt Knippel understood Binder’s frustration and acknowledged that sometimes custom software solutions take longer than eXpected. “Like any custom development — and especially one with a major shift in functionality — there can be some hurdles as we move into uncharted territory for the client,” said Knippel. “We automated manual processes with no clear guidebook on the steps needed to make that happen for the client. The more new capabilities you add, the more testing and refinement required.” If email automation and database autofill sound like features that could take your business/organization to the next level, check out our FileMaker Custom Development services to eXplore more about what our developers can do for you. Contributing Editors: Kurt Knippel Lisa Frick Christo The post Medical Sales College Alleviates Administrative Complications with Custom Software Solution for New Student Recruitment appeared first on eXcelisys. View the full article
  20. Hi Infomatics, You shouldn't have any issues with this setup. The iPads will only be communicating with MirrorSync and not occupying licenses off FMS while syncing.
  21. I must be reading it wrong. Seems to me the OP is looking for a simple find/lookup/GTRR for a job, based on the job number. OP, can you clarify?
  22. Version 1.0.0


    Simple example of using button bars to show/hide segment based on toggle state.


  23. View File Button Bars as Toggle Switch Simple example of using button bars to show/hide segment based on toggle state. Submitter Ocean West Submitted 06/17/2019 Category Samples FM Version 15  
  24. I agree with @comment please consider carefully before rolling your own login.
  25. Hi all, To accompany the release of Elemental I've written an article at FileMaker Weetbicks all about it, it's features, and what extra goodies you might find lurking in the solution. You can check out the article here: https://www.teamdf.com/blogs/elemental-has-landed/ And you can download Elemental here: https://www.elemental-fm.com Thank you . Daniel
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