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  2. If it is driven off the buttons on the portal row then FM knows what portal row it is. Otherwise you can use something like Last() across the relationship. But be careful about using constructs like that in calculated fields. They tend to become performance hogs as the data grows.
  3. That works for the display of the columns, but not for graphing. What he gets for the graph, because there's an entry in the field, the same number for the rest of the rows, is a "flatline" across the remainder of the graph.
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  5. In your OnOpen script, detect whether you are logged in with Full Access and use the "install menu set" for the default menu set and toggle the option to use as file default.
  6. Can't you just use 'Hide' and hide the summary field when there is nothing in the other field?
  7. Sounds like you are after exchange rates? If so then look for a web service / API that offers them and integrate with those. Alternatively, open that URL in a web viewer, wait for the page to load (look for the closing HTML tag) and grab the web site's content in a variable and parse through that. That would skip Excel altogether. But I would look for a good API instead of this. Your own bank may have one for this info...
  8. Just thinking... I have a global variable 'debug' in my files that, when set to 1, does or does not a bunch of things while I develop. I can then just reset this to 0 to see how the file behaves to a normal user. I would be great to have the custom menu set look at this variable and when it's 1 it would always install the standard menu set. I find it distracting to have FM always revert to the custom menu set while developing. Is there some other way to prohibit this?
  9. Hi All! I have a script importing currency into Filemaker. Today I do as follow: 1. Startet the script which open an URL to my bank currency webpage. 2. I have manually open Excel file: C:\EXCEL kalkyler\0 Valuta 1.xlsx 3. I go to the open webpage and CTRL+A and CTRL+C 4. I go to the open Excel and past CTRL+V 5. Then the script continue import the Excel page into Filemaker. 6. Ready to use the new currency in my Filemaker apps. Question: Is it any possibility to let Filemaker open Excel automaticly or by a plugin or? Thankss in advance -Per
  10. how to get last record/field from a portal and used or copy that data in to other layout? for more clearer view!
  11. I'm trying to put together a calculation/graphing tool for a friend of mine, he has several fields that he needs a running total generated for. Easy, right? Just use a Summary field and click Running Total. Except... on some of those fields from which we are calculating the running total, they have no data in them. But the running total keeps going. So what it looks like is something like this Where the field on the left is the number, the field on the right is the running total. What he wants is that running total (summary) field to be empty for the same records that have no data in them for the other field. But there's additional records in his data set for his other fields. Is there any way to do a running total calculation that is not a summary field? Or am I going to have to break out all these different chunks of data into different tables? I thought of that at the beginning, but it makes things infernally complicated for doing his later calculations and I haven't figured out how to get the running total to appear in a portal properly. Thanks for any thoughts you might have on this...
  12. Hi everyone I added a youtube video link into a web viewer. Full screen mode does not seem to work inside a web viewer in WebDirect. I also tried embedding youtube in an iFrame tag with full screen property turned on. I am currently using FileMaker 17. Is there a work around to activate the video's full screen?
  13. Yesterday
  14. Thanks for the tip. I made sure they reset themselves. Also its only acting on one record and one field at a time. Good point, ill integrate that into the script. My next biggest challenge is figuring out how to convert the original file to hex. What I thought was a correct decoding, turns out to be off on a number of lines. The original file comes from an old application from the late 90s (cant change it). The text looks to be unicode or some version of that. I can convert it using a C++ console app to text (decimal) but I wanted to do it all in FileMaker. Never ends does it! Thanks again!
  15. I wouldn't do this with WebDirect, I would put a form using whatever web technology you prefer and make it talk to the FMS Data API. It's going to be a lot more secure than trying to allow anonymous access to your solution through WebDirect. If you want to do it through webdirect then the URL would be more complex than your example since it has to include the name of the file and the name of a script and then pass the serial as a parameter to that script. You can hide the file name and script name by using a custom web page that acts as a go-between but then you're close enough to my suggested solution that I would go custom web publishing completely and forgo WebDirect.
  16. Two notes: 1. Beware of custom functions that use script variables (prefixed with $ or $$). Especially if they don't take care to reset these variables at the end. 2. If you're doing this in a script, then you don't need a custom function; you can put all the required logic - including the conversion to decimal - in the script.
  17. Hi Josh, Thanks so much!!! Works great and exactly what I needed to get me on track. Have a great weekend! Ian
  18. You will need to loop through the list in some way. How you do that depends a lot on what you are doing with them after. The easiest way for you may be a script. Essentially, you can get to something similar this: hex2num ( GetValue ( $hexList ; $valueNumber ) ) Here is what a script may look like: Set Variable [ $hexList ; Value: Substitute ( "0000 000D 002D 004C 0069 0084 009E 00B6 00BC 00BD" ; " " ; ¶ ) ] Set Variable [ $hexCount ; Value: ValueCount ( $hexList ) ] Loop Set Variable [ $valueNumber ; Value: $valueNumber + 1 ] Set Variable [ $currentNumber ; Value: hex2num ( GetValue ( $hexList ; $valueNumber ) ) ] Set Variable [ $numberList ; Value: List ( $numberList ; $currentNumber ) ] Exit Loop If [ $valueNumber ≥ $hexCount ] End Loop <insert whatever else you need to do with this list> Exit Script [ Text Result: ] At the end, before the Exit Script you will need to do whatever it is you are doing with that list of values. But the $numberList variable should have a list of the numbers. You could also import that list into a table, have a field that does the calculation for you, and then go from there... Again, just depends on what you are doing with the list.
  19. Hi, I have a list, return delimited of Hex values. I am trying to figure out how to convert them to decimal. I found a custom function that does a great job of the conversion but only for one line. Case ( IsEmpty ( _hex ) ; Let ([ _result = $cf.hex.result; $cf.hex.result = "" ; $cf.hex.depth = "" ]; _result ) ; Let ([ _alpha = "0123456789ABCDEF" ; _hex = Case ( $cf.hex.depth ; _hex ; Filter ( Upper ( _hex ) ; _alpha )) ; $cf.hex.result = $cf.hex.result + ( Position ( _alpha ; Right ( _hex ; 1 ) ; 0 ; 1 ) - 1 )* 16^(0+$cf.hex.depth) ; $cf.hex.depth = $cf.hex.depth + 1 ]; hex2num ( Left ( _hex ; Length ( _hex ) - 1 )) ) ) I cant figure out how to make it convert the entire list. Sample (full list is about 700 lines) of the list: 0000 000D 002D 004C 0069 0084 009E 00B6 00BC 00BD Any suggestions would be great. Thanks, Ian
  20. Last week
  21. You can specify a default menu set for the file, in the custom menus dialog, and you can specify a default menu set for each layout. Other than that, you would control custom menu loading via scripts, where you can check a user's privileges and assign a menu set accordingly. But as Wim noted, you can't lock a full access user out of the Tools menu.
  22. No, the user will be coming from outside. This is a public application to register a serial number for a consumer product. The user will scan a code on a package to read a url with a registration number to register an item and the user’s browser will open the registration form. I need FM to enter the registration number in a field so the user doesn’t have to enter it manually. Thanks.
  23. Do you expect the user to already be inside WebDirect when they click the URL, or outside of webdirect? If they are outside of webdirect and you don't want them to be challenged for credentials then you would potentially make your webdirect-exposed file vulnerable. Sounds like you just need a form solution? What is that needs to happen after the user submits the entry form?
  24. Hi Everyone, So here's one that's either really easy and I've missed it, or it can't be done! I'm printing address labels, and the 7 rows that I'd like to print take up the whole label layout, and so the first one is located at the top of the label in the layout, and the bottom one is at the bottom of the layout. If the label only has 4 rows, then those 4 rows are printed at the very top of the label. To make things pretty, I'd like to have them centered within the label. Is it possible to have the block of text center itself, so that there is the same amount of blank space both above and below it, rather than having all of the space below it? Many thanks in advance!
  25. I'd like to create a new record from a URL, getting the record number from the URL. As an example, I'd like a user to be able to click on a link pointing to a URL like www.domain.com/databasename?recid=A1234 and that would open a browser window, take the user to a data entry form (such as name + email), create a new record, paste A1234 in the recid field, and go to the first name field. I've been looking at the Open URL script step but can't figure out how to do this. I'd appreciate advice on whether this is possible using Webdirect and how to do this. Thanks in advance.
  26. There are many ways to delete records in FileMaker. Some methods may be faster than others. Let's find the best process for your workflow. support@rcconsulting.com www.fmtraining.tv www.fmstartingpoint.com www.rcconsulting.com
  27. Thanks! I came across and third party that will fix this issue.
  28. I see, so there's no connection between a custom menu set and a particular set of access privileges. That explains it, then. Thanks!
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