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  2. Joshua Rivers

    SQL query and Field starting with "_"

    Hello Carsten, I was able to reproduce this and it is not the expected result. I have created a 360Works internal issue about this and we are currently working on it. I will keep you updated. Thank you for pointing this out! Joshua 360Works
  3. Today
  4. Maybe it's just our enterprise's network but our FM clients never seem to reconnect on a loss of network (wifi, wired, VPN, anything). We always get the endless "Reconnecting..." dialog on the fat client even on the shortest of disconnects and phantom disconnects where the network link is never truly lost. Go clients seem happy as a clam to reconnect in almost any scenario though. Anyone have a suggestion on what to look at to try and improve this? Thanks -David
  5. I have a table with over 100,000 records and I'm trying to show the top 5 accounts by premium for each month in a portal. One way of doing this is to create a portal and then filter the portals by premium size (so I get the top 5 at the top of the portal) and then filter or show only the top 5 records I'm just worried that with the amount of data, every time this portal loads it will take significant calculations. Is there a better way to store this or create another table to keep the usability quick for my users? Thank you in advance
  6. Steve Martino

    Only see related records in drop down box

    You'd want to search for 'Conditional Value List' or 'Dwindling Value List' on the forums. There are many examples you can emulate.
  7. Steve Martino

    Values List question

    You will need to search for 'Conditional Value List' or 'Dwindling Value List' on the forums. There are many easy examples to emulate samples.
  8. John Mark Osborne

    Duplicating a Portal

    Clients are always asking me why the contents of portals do not duplicate along with a record. It makes sense. Portal data looks like it's part of the parent record so it should duplicate just like the local fields, right? After explaining how relationships work, the client still wants the related data to duplicate. The great thing is, the script isn't that difficult to write. There's just a few gotchas, opportunities for efficiency and, of course, the patented Philosophy of FileMaker considerations. View the full article
  9. Gentlemen, I have two value lists: Category and Subcategory. Category contains the following: Food, Drinks. Subcategory contains: Chips, Soda, Juice. How can I do the following thing: when choosing Food, I want Chips field only be available for selection (no drinks displayed). And vise versa. Thanks!
  10. niketathakare

    IP address Networking

    Is there any way to change, or disguise my ip address ? I tried a free tunnel bear ? (i think that's the name), it didn't seem to work; i have comcast (ethernet) connection. Its really help to set my network connection
  11. Hi All, Lets say I have a customer tbl , a product tbl and a transaction tbl If customer 1 owns product 1, 2 and 3 and customer 2 owns product 4, 5 and 6 When in transaction layout which was opened by related customer 1, I want to select the products only related to customer 1. How would I setup my drop down box to only show product 1, 2 and 3 related to customer 1 and then when in customer 2, to only show products 4, 5 and 6. I dont see any type of filtering I could do when setting up the drop down box value list. The products tbl does have a customer ID reference so I recon it should not be that difficult but I might overlook something here. The above is not quite my setup but seems easier to explain my problem.
  12. Gismo12

    Using Layout not available

    Hi, I used the name Customer_Aircraft as I already have a Customer Tbls and an aircraft Tbl which stores specific Aircraft detail. In the Customer_Aircraft TBL I Can Select the Customer and the Aircraft detail so yes you are correct, this is a it is pretty much a join table storing all the aircraft secondary detail per customer. Below is my new relationship with ID's I still can not see my Customer_Aicraft tbl in Show current record using layout when I select Balance sheet as get related record from.
  13. Mr. Ignoramus

    SVG blurry

    comment, Thank you.
  14. Yesterday
  15. john9210

    Tuesday dates

    Thanks, it works great!
  16. If you've ever worked with multiple windows in FileMaker, either as a developer doing some troubleshooting or working in a multi-window database, you know it can be time consuming to open all those windows again and reposition them. This sample database demonstrates a technique that stores the names, layouts, and positions of your open windows, and re-opens them the next time you open the database. Download the demo and give it a try. FF_Window_Saver.fmp12
  17. Jesse Barnum

    From v4 to v5 on FMS 15

    Should go fine. If you customized the app name with v4, be sure to do same name when installing 5.
  18. Greets, all: I can't seem to find a definitive answer as to how to view .pdfs stored in container fields (on our PC server, stored externally, open storage) and via WebDirect. I have the Data Formatting command set to Interactive Content and have Adobe Acrobat Pro (and Reader) on my client machine (Mac), but that's as far as I've gotten; database is stored on our FMPS v17.x server (Windows). TIA for your help!
  19. Hi adgilcan, Can you post some screenshots on where you have placed the Acrobat plug-in? Sincerely, Carson
  20. HI, I am about to upgrade from MirrorSync 4.0079 (revision 13206) to MirrorSyncv5. I'm running on MacOS FMServer 15 and the MIrrorSync database is on an external SSD. From the documentation this MirrorSync upgrade looks like a very straightforward process which will not affect my users. Just looking to double-check that there is nothing special to look out for before/after running the update to MirroorSync v5. Many thanks, ft.
  21. comment

    SVG blurry

    There is a difference in how HTML5 Canvas and SVG will behave when enlarged inside a browser/web viewer. For this reason, you may have been right to prefer SVG (though I am not 100% convinced that the same effect cannot be achieved using other methods to dynamically control the size of canvas objects). But again, this has nothing to do with zooming on a Filemaker layout. Here, it doesn't matter what you do - the entire web viewer is treated as a rendered image.
  22. Mr. Ignoramus

    SVG blurry

    comment, I've done that ... meaning zoomed in within the webviewer and after exhaustive research there is an issue with the ratio between the initail webviewer/canvas size (apparently) and the new zoom state. Anyway, I switched to and spent three days in SVG tutorieal with the hope that SVG would correct this issue but evidently not. I have to now integrate the following concept into the hmtl ... ? 😞 the SVG blur must be relatable ? who knows. https://medium.com/wdstack/fixing-html5-2d-canvas-blur-8ebe27db07da So I am in the process now trying to find someone who can school me the integration of this html into the html I've already written. Thank you.
  23. comment

    SVG blurry

    My experience is different from yours. Or maybe I don't understand what you're describing. From what I see, when you zoom in on a Filemaker layout containing a web viewer, the contents of the web viewer become pixelated. This is regardless of what the web viewer is showing - IOW, this has nothing to do with SVG. BTW, I can't say I am really surprised by this, because from the very little I know about it, matching the zoom level inside the web viewer to the rest of the layout would be quite a feat. As it is, the web viewer is just a foreign object tacked on to the layout. That said, there's nothing stopping you from enabling the customer to zoom in on the SVG inside the web viewer.
  24. Mr. Ignoramus

    SVG blurry

    comment, In FileMaker ... I zoom in, just like what the customer does .... zoom in, screenshot, print pic (customer ) I've attached two window zoomed in at the same time. FileMkaer w/webviewer and safari browser. FileMaker never blurs, as well as the website (SVG tutorial ) yet when I use SVG inside FileMaker's webviewer you can see the red box and text are blurry ?? It is just frustrating .... everybody says to use SVG to avoid pixilation. Yet when I take the time, figure it all out, use it, nothing changes. So what is going here ? FileMaker never blurs ?? yet inside the webviewer, the red svg line and the text blur ?? why ??
  25. comment

    SVG blurry

    Do you mean zoom in on the layout? As in View > Zoom In? If yes, why are you talking about SVG? Did you zoom in while the web viewer is displaying anything else, say this page?
  26. Mr. Ignoramus

    SVG blurry

    comment, Did you zoom in on the web viewer ??
  27. comment

    SVG blurry

    I see no difference.
  28. Last week
  29. Mr. Ignoramus

    SVG blurry

    Hi, I've loaded this script into FileMakers web view and the SVG is blurry when zoomed in In an HTML, the SVG is script and clear. Any suggestion I would be grateful. svg.html
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