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  2. Hello I find in an old drives some fmp5 files. To open them in FMP18 I need to convert them first to FMP7. I have an old version of FMP7 however each time I install it the app crashes telling me the installer was modified with another version and crashes. I tried to download from the Filemaker site the trial version but I can't find it ... any help? Thanks
  3. Sorry, I don't get this. If the records are auto-numbered (as IMHO they should be), then adding new records should not disturb a "carefully crafted pagination" - or anything else, for that matter.
  4. I've seen it happen where the same Virtual list was used for multiple purposes and one of those uses had a very nice "pagination" going on. Showing records in increments of 25 with "next page / previous page" For another use a user was creating records that upset that other carefully crafted pagination.
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  6. Deleting, yes - but creating? How would that affect another user?
  7. Hi I am trying to find a good map source in web viewer (without the clutter that Google embed in recent maps). My users press a button to get the iPhone/ipad to get locality coordinates (decimal degree) from the GPS and tjhe lat long fields are filled out. But I can not find an URL that gives me a good clean map / satellite picture of the area their in without all the extra noise. Google gives a lot of extra boxes that takes place and disturbs the information I want the user to have. The best would be if the URL service also could to get a mark at the spot given by the GPS, but that is not necessary. Do anybody have a suggestion for this?
  8. Thanks, Kaizentu, it’s not really elegant, but nor is FileMaker scripting. For Loops, I'm ususally using the self resetting loop script from fmstandards, which is pretty cool (see picture). But FileMaker shouldn’t consider these instances as errors. So, what could prevent the no records found «error» to appear in the event list? Thanks, Gary
  9. When no records are found FM generates an error (as you'll be able to see in the debugger). FMS shows this error in the log, I don't think there's a way to prevent that. I've never found one. When looping through a set of records, when you reach the last one, and try to go past that, FM again throws an error because you're trying to go past the last record. To prevent that error from showing in the logs, you can use the script step: Exit Loop If [ Get( FoundCount ) = Get( RecordCount ) ] Before the Go to Record [Next; exit after last]. You wouldn't need this script step any more, so you could also remove it.
  10. Since the concept of virtual lists revolves around unstored calcs: each user will get their own results in their own session for the existing records. In that sense, the actions of one user do not affect any other users. But if users start creating and deleting records they may be affecting the results of another user's session.
  11. Browsing through my event logs, I am finding weird scripting errors, like: ... Information 645 ...local Schedule "Import Main (every minute 8-20)" scripting error (401) at "Import : Import Main : 36 : Perform Find". How can a simple «Perform Find» script step (which works just fine in the server scheduled script, btw.) generate a scripting error? Occasions where the FoundSet = 0 should be considered «normal». I also have found other errors, that shouldn't be errors, like «Go to Record/Request/Page [ Next ; Exit after last ]», when there is no next Record. What is the best way to prevent this? It’s clogging the log files. Thanks a lot for any insight! Gary
  12. Hi Wim! Can you explain this a bit more? How might users collide if creating multiple records? Do you mean because the file was numbering the records or did you have an additional concern?
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  14. PDF File Manipulator or PDF File Manipulator DC plugin will be required to perform that task. Both plugings or created by Productive computing
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  16. A great developer once told me, "Know thy Mod() function, when thou cometh to date calculations." 😀 Hi Barbara! No, I haven't perfected it yet either. Michael and possibly Ray Cologon are the only two who've mastered it to that degree. Nice to see you again!
  17. Learn to make highly efficient FileMaker custom apps that perform well on FileMaker Server or FileMaker Cloud by utilizing "lean design". In part seven of this course, we discover a dark side to Quick Find and begin to dive into Perform Script on Server (PSOS). To watch the rest of the Lean Design Course and download the free sample files that go with it, visit: https://fmtraining.tv/marketplace/lean-design.html support@rcconsulting.com www.fmtraining.tv www.fmstartingpoint.com www.rcconsulting.com
  18. Oh no, that's not what I am saying. You need to know that there are 7 days in a week. Or 24 hours in a day. Or 400 years in a leap-year cycle. What I am saying is that if you tell me that 1325936079 seconds have elapsed since the midnight of Jan 1, 1970 (this is what a Unix timestamp looks like), I can do: Div ( 1325936079 ; 86400 ) = 15346; Mod ( 1325936079 ; 86400 ) = 41679; so I know it's 15346 full days and 41679 seconds. Next, I could do: Div ( 41679 ; 3600 ) = 11; Mod ( 41679 ; 3600 ) = 2079; so I know it was 11 hours and 2079 seconds into the 15347th day, and so on. Of course, you could use the built-in functions to do the same thing - but that's exactly what they do: the same thing. Another good example, I think, is base conversion: space is Char (32): Div ( 32 ; 16 ) = 2; Mod ( 32 ; 16 ) = 0; and indeed the hexadecimal code for space is 20.
  19. Working on an inventory bin consolidation solution, I have a portal that shows all of the locations & qty for an item. I also have a drop down that the user marks as yes to move, the qty they want to move, and the bins with the same item in them. I would like to filter out the current bin from the drop down, the current value list is the location field from the "count" table. Suggestions?
  20. So, you're saying that if we don't know our Modular divisor we'd use Div() to derive it. That is, we're not talking days in a week ( therefore, we know to use 7 for our divisor/grouping), we'd derive the grouping using Div(). What would be a good example showing that?
  21. That's why Div() and Mod() go together like horse and carriage: Div() gives you the number of the group; Mod() gives you the position within the group.
  22. Thanks, Comment. It's that wrap around that was challenging. My mental model is dividing into equal groups and what mod provides is how many are left over. Weeks are in groups of 7 days. Hours in groups of 60 mins. The easy, Mod ( some number ; 2 ) in pairs.
  23. I am not sure this is the best place to start, but let's try. And let's start with a Sunday: Mod ( 4 - 1 ; 7 ) = 3 That's 3 days until Wednesday. Next, let's take a Monday: Mod ( 4 - 2 ; 7 ) = 2 That's 2 days until Wednesday. Now, Tuesday is of course 1 day before Wednesday:: Mod ( 4 - 3 ; 7 ) = 1 and I think it's clear that 4 - 4 will result in 0 days to move from Wednesday to Wednesday. So far, we have simply subtracted the day-of-week of today from 4 (Wednesday). Applying mod 7 to the result did not change it. Now this is where it starts to get interesting. If today is a Thursday, then the difference is -1 (as in you need to go 1 day back to get to a Wednesday). But Mod ( - 1 : 7 ) returns 6, telling us we need to go 6 days forward to get to the next Wednesday: Mod ( 4 - 5 ; 7 ) = 6 Similarly (as you already calculated), it's 5 days from Friday to next Wednesday, and 4 days from a Saturday. So this calculation always tells us how many days to add to today in order to get to the next Wednesday. --- A note is required here: in many programming languages, Mod ( - 1 ; 7 ) returns -1 instead of 6. And so did Filemaker before version 7. The v.7 team made a very smart and untypically bold decision to change the behavior in order to conform to the recommendation of Donald Knuth. Before this change, you always needed to add some multiple of 7 to the dividend in order to avoid a negative result - for example, Mod ( -1 + 7 ; 7 ) would return the wanted 6 instead of the useless -1. And this is perhaps the most significant aspect of the Mod() function: Mod ( 3 ; 7 ) = 3 ; Mod ( 10 ; 7 ) = 3 ; Mod ( 17 ; 7 ) = 3 ; Mod ( 24 ; 7 ) = 3 ; ... As you can see, adding a multiple of 7 does not change the result. IOW, the Mod() function is cyclical - and that's why it's so useful for date calculations: our calendar is cyclical too.
  24. OK, I really want to understand Mod. Mod ( 4 - startDayOfWeek ; 7 ) . Given today is a Friday > Mod (-2 ; 7 ) = 5. What?
  25. Hi Wim, We had a bit of discussion about this in the filemaker forums. The database can be opened using the "option" command. Filemaker then "repairs" the db. No recover needed.
  26. Hello Guys I have over 20 client that require FM17 client to be installed on windows computer. I was wondering if there is a way i can remotely install FM17 on the clients machine .
  27. Basically I will be importing a $hit load of data from excel spreadsheets. I then need to pull data out of them. What is the average age, gender, what percent are the "races", and so on. This is like a test part of that I am working on to see if I could do it with all 250,000 users. Right now I am only working on the about 1,500 users data. Need to pull data out of it and make some nice fancy pie and flow charts, lol .
  28. The current infrastructure is FM17 server with FM15 client. The script and plugin is being run on the FM15 client. Some users receive the error: unable complete operation. Other user doesn't receive an error message it will just say completed but when you check the network file share the folder and sub folders doesn't exist.
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