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  2. True, you can append your export to an existing PDF, not the other way around. For this you need either a plugin or a 3rd party application or API.
  3. https://baseelementsplugin.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/360001692287-BE-PDFAppend
  4. Yesterday
  5. My app creates a new PDF. I want the app to append to this new PDF another PDF that is stored on the database but was created outside of FM Pro. The Save Records as PDF (with Append) function does not seem to apply in this situation. I'm looking for suggestions on how I might implement this functionality within FM Pro 18. The app is a standalone app running on Windows 10. Thank you.
  6. So, it’s all working? I believe comment was leading you to discover that the result of the scan may contain extra or not enough characters. The exact function will reveal that.
  7. Last week
  8. Congrats! You finished one of your first FileMaker applications! The next step is user testing and making sure they submit useful bug reports. Future live streams: https://fmtraining.tv/#LIVE support@rcconsulting.com www.fmtraining.tv www.fmstartingpoint.com www.rcconsulting.com
  9. Hello, I have been building a inspection checklist solution and to reduce the tedious task of checking a radio set multiple times, I wanted to create a button that will auto populate my "Pass" checkmark field based on a "sample size" field. What goes on during my script is that the first instance in which I test this, it works perfectly. Once I continue to make more records it will only check 1 box and continue to do so as I push the button until there is an added digit change, then it will populate the correct quantity of "pass" check marks. example: If my sample size is 32,
  10. FileMaker Developer & Problem-Solving eXpert IMMEDIATE OPENING – USA Based 1099 Remote Independent Subcontractor We are looking for a disciplined, self-motivated, talented, eXperienced, independent FileMaker sub-contractor who can tackle poorly developed and designed eXisting solutions and whip them back to good working order. Also create beautiful new FileMaker applications too! PLEASE NOTE: We are specifically looking for an independent individual sub-contractor who is USA-based and wants to be part of a team, but wants to remain a freelancer. Not interested in outsourc
  11. Hi there. I am wondering if it is possible to save a pdf doc with a customer name? If so, can you guide me through the steps?
  12. Thank you for the advice. I was able to get this to work now. It required me to change the format of my excel file that I was inputing the data from and create an "Inspection item" and assign an ID to each inspection item as well as tie it to each part number via a "part number ID". Once I changed how the data was input from my original excel file this worked like a charm. Thank you again
  13. My bad! "...start by scanning the code into a global field" I've done that! "...then compare it with the value stored in a record which you believe should have been found." I've done that, and yes, I find the record
  14. I really do appreciate you taking the time to help me with this issue. Ok, so I did set the global text field to my client ID field, and performed the search (on the iPad), and I get the following message: "The provided find request is not valid. Enter a valid request before proceeding"
  15. One of the best features of FileMaker is its ability to enhance business organization and workflow, but how do you manage all the users? Join Nick Hunter as he dives into FileMaker's user settings. Future live streams: https://fmtraining.tv/#LIVE support@rcconsulting.com www.fmtraining.tv www.fmstartingpoint.com www.rcconsulting.com
  16. Hey comment, Great work with your solution! It worked a treat. That would have taken me forever and a great deal of studying to work out so thank you!
  17. Not sure about this. Anyone have a clue as to why this might have happened? Before, I had over 50 "Custom Styles Unused" and after going thru my solution and deleting them, it left me with 5 that have no name. When I select them in FMPerception, all 5 begin with> "button_bar_segment.FM"
  18. Hello, Starting in FileMaker 18 all plugins need to be signed by the developer. In FileMaker Pro, there is an option to allow the plugin to enable if it is not signed but this option does not exist in FileMaker Server and unsigned plugins will not enable. Please see the documentation here for further explanation as well as the section below it in regards to how to sign plugins. If you are not able to sign the plugin yourself or if you would prefer, we do offer signing services for 1 hour of development work at our current hourly rate (currently $185/hr). For that fee we will sign up to 3
  19. Hi comment. Your analysis of my amateurish explanation is correct. The report is based on the childitems table. In the screen grab below, the text in red should be where the sequential case number should go based on how many cases are found that have the status "Yes" (as in "Ship? Yes or No").. So Microwave TX would be case number 1 and mini Eclipse AKS would be case number 2 etc etc. I'll try and implement your suggestion and thank you very much for your help. Greatly appreciated!
  20. If you have asked for groups in the scope then it looks like your app on the Auth0 side is not configured to return groups. That particular string is only valid for my Auth0 app; you have to configure yours on the Auth0 app side and then use it in your dbs_config.xml file Just verified that with the latest ETS build of FMS Linux, that Auth0 authentication works, just like with the current Windows and macOS servers. It should work on your FMS17 box too once you have made the final tweaks on the Auth0 side of things.
  21. *******, no I don't have access to more recent version. Only the developer preview. I will try to apply. So if I understand right, it's normal that LDAP don't work too. I tried to do the configuration under macOS, but I'm in version 17 (I have to buy the new version of MBS to be able to update). my dbs_config file: I tried with <key name="OAuthGroupScheme" type="string">http://ets/claims/groups</key> too so, when I try the authentification, I have the redirect page who stay open and white : no failed message on the authentification web direct pa
  22. One of the main things to keep in mind about Auth0 is that they insist on namespacing the groups claim. When you inspect the id_token they return you'll see this (line 2) So you have to adjust your changes in the FMS dbs_config.xml file accordingly. FMS typically just expects 'groups' as the key name for the array of groups.
  23. I am a bit confused by your description. I presume your report layout is based on the child Items table? Therefore, if you want the report to include only items in cases whose status is "yes", you must perform the find in the Items table too. IOW, instead of: you need to find all items with the related field "Status" set to 'Yes' or 'No'. Now assuming that is so, to your question: Unfortunately, numbering sorted groups is not easy. The simplest method I know of requires two fields (both defined in the child Items table): • sListOfCases - a Summary field, defined as List
  24. Hi everyone, I try to install own plug-in, created with 360works version 5.3, on my filemaker server 19. I follow 360Work's procedure for install it (https://static.360works.com/plugins/SCRIPTMASTERPLUGIN/documentation.html). The problem is that when I try to activate my plug-in, the check does not stay on. someone who had the same problem as me and managed to solve it?
  25. Hi all, Novice here. I have a simple two table database for inventory tracking. Parent table "Cases" and child table "Items". The cases can be filtered by finding all cases with the field "Status" set to 'Yes' or 'No' I am able to create a report Layout with the found set with the field 'Case Name' in a Leading Sub Summary part and the content field of each case (Items) listed in the body part. What I am struggling with is a way of having a field in the Leading Sub Summary part along with the 'Case Name' that sequentially numbers the Cases in the found set from 1 to xxx Can
  26. Yep, that old preview version of FMS Linux did not support External Authentication: If you are in the ETS beta testing program you should have access to a more recent version that does. If you are in ETS, ping me in the ETS group on community.claris.com and I can help you set it up for Auth0. If you are not then we should pick either Windows or macOS to help you set this up. Let us know.
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