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  2. Hello, you don't specify any thing in the rowSeparator so it woulf insert a carriage return as specify in the documentation : rowSeparator - the character string used as a separator between records in the result. If an empty string is specified, the separator is a carriage return. The row separator is not displayed after the last row in the result. Maybe you have more than one result ? and an empty as first Tom
  3. Hi, any news on this one? Its been a few weeks now...
  4. Image attached. The second-to-last line is the only line with the word "changed" I don't quite know where to begin looking. In the past when I have dealt with corruption (different database / company, > 5 years ago) it was on a layout and I deleted it and all was happy dory after that. Your thoughts and experiences are appreciated.
  5. Hi Lola, I move your question to the calculation topic Calculation topic
  6. There's a bit of strangeness going on with this calculation between using it in a Calculation (text) field and populating a text field with a Set Field script step: ExecuteSQL ( "SELECT DISTINCT ( Cad_Type__lxt ) FROM VALUE_LIST WHERE Cad_FullName__lxt = \"_g_CadFullName__gxt\" AND CountryAbbreviated__lxt = \"_g_CountryAbbreviated__gxt\" " ; "" ; "" ; "" ) The calculation works fine by itself in the Calculation (text) field but when used in a Set Field script step, a line feed (or carriage return--I can't tell which) is inserted in the text field before the calculated result. Am I missing something? I could add a subsequent script step that would substitute the value in the text field with a calculation that would remove the line feed/carriage return but that's a bandaid approach to the problem; I'd rather solve it. TIA for your replies!
  7. OlgerDiekstra


    Drink when you're thirsty and until your body tells you it's had enough. Too much of anything isn't good and that includes water.
  8. LaRetta


    Hi David! My dog and I both fast for 48 hours every two weeks. The days vary because, as you've said, it depends upon scheduling and plans but I can always fit it in. I've tried going longer but I get grouchy. 🙄 I'd like to because on the second day, my senses are more keen and I've heard that the awareness increases even more but I don't (as yet) have the willpower to pull it off for longer than two days. It's easy to expect my dog to go longer than two days but I wouldn't put her through something that I myself won't do. Remember to (always) drink lots of water.
  9. Yesterday
  10. Hello All, Its been 2 months since I started using Filemaker. Now this is my first post. In the attached file Im trying to make something like Bill of Materials. I have a Product Table, Stock table and Components Table. The relationship is Below My Problem is when I update my Stock table using a portal in my Popover it always shows the balance to my Stock Portal. What I want is It will show the Individual Stock as I choose each Product. Please help me correct my mistake & Please see attached file for reference. Thank you so much in Advance. Product Allocation.fmp12
  11. David Jondreau


    In the blogs and forums I favor, there’s a buzz over the past few years about “intermittent fasting”. The idea is that not eating all the time is healthy. As far as physical and emotional health benefits, the pop science seems intriguing and it meets my common sense filters, so why not try it? There’s a few different versions. 16/8 is popular. That’s where you only eat in the same 8 hour window each day. Say, from 10 AM to 6 PM. That’s sounds helpful, something I would call “time-restricted eating” more than fasting. I can do that unintentionally depending on how my day rolls out. I want to fast though. There’s “24 hours:. Pretty self-explanatory, where you don’t eat after dinner one day until dinner the next. There’s 5:2 where you eat a small number of calories, 500 or so, two non-consecutive days a week. All fine. For me though, I’m trying full fasting. That’s no food from when I go to bed on Day 1, until when I get up in the morning on Day 3. A 36 hour fast. Two nights. That will give me the chance to feel hungry and give my digestive system a break. And I’m doing that every six days. I like the idea of doing it weekly, but doing it the same day, like every Tuesday or every Sunday doesn’t seem sustainable. No Sunday brunch ever? No way. A birthday dinner on Tuesday means a cheat day? Nah. I’d rather be consistent. Every six days means the day of the week changes each time. I put “FAST” as an all-day event in my Google Calendar, set it to repeat every six days, and follow along. It’s been three weeks so far, and it’s going great. View the full article
  12. 360Works at DevCon 2018: Discount Extended! We had a great time at the 2018 FileMaker Developer Conference in Grapevine, Texas. Nothing gets the 360Works team more excited than demonstrating our products and meeting other FileMaker Developers! We are pleased to announce that we will be extending our DevCon discount until Friday, August 17, 2018. Enter code DEVCON18 at checkout and receive 15% off of your purchase! Use the product table below to learn more about your favorite products and take advantage of the discount. At DevCon this year, Joe Martin demonstrated the brand new 360Deploy 2 for completely automating deployment of development changes to a production server and Jesse Barnum demonstrated a new version of MirrorSync, version 5, which has more convenience for end users and over 40 improvements to reliability, speed, and stability. At our booth, the MirrorSync Setup Station allowed many DevCon attendees to return home with a fully functional sync setup and Richard Carlton Consulting gave out free FileMaker 17 training books at our booth this year! Click on any of our product links below to learn more or use the discount: Product Name Product Description 360Deploy Automated, simple deployment of new database versions Charts Easy-to-use charting for FileMaker CloudMail Send and track email marketing campaigns Email Send and receive text and HTML emails in FileMaker DocuBin Document and digital asset management FTPeek FTP upload and download from your FileMaker database JDBC SQL access with JDBC Compatibility MirrorSync Sync FileMaker Go and Pro on a device without network connection, sync FileMaker Servers, and sync FileMaker with SQL databases Plastic Payment processing plugin RemoteScripter Trigger scripts on FileMaker Pro from the web or IWP SafetyNet FileMaker Server offsite backup Scribe Read and write PDF, Word, and Excel files ScriptMaster Adds many new functions & create custom plug-ins SuperContainer A better container field Web Assistant Access internet resources, URLs, and fill out web forms Web Services Manager Publish FileMaker scripts as XML Web Services Zulu FileMaker calendar sync Stay updated with 360Works
  13. Hello, When a new field is added in the development version and it is indexed, after data migration from previous file using DMT, index of that field may not work. Relationship and Finds are not working on that new field. We have to re-index that field to make it work. Got this issue in the initial version and still persists in the latest version Greg Lane from Skeleton Key already reported this issue in community forum. https://community.filemaker.com/message/788726 Anyone faced this issue?
  14. Hello! Our work shifts are (for some historical reasons) made and maintained on Excel. During years the number of employees has expanded a lot and so the number of working slots. It is VERY frustrating to find your own shifts from an Excel sheet. Unfortunately this data in Excel is very unorganized and almost chaotic. Now I have an idea that I could somehow import that data to Filemaker so, that I would not have to manually go thru every cell. The original Excel is a shared document in Google Drive. I can download it locally and modify it freely. So, could it be done combining Filemaker script, maybe Apple script and Excel Visual Basic? I'm not very familiar with Apple script or Visual Basic.
  15. Mr. Ignoramus

    Save As PDF

    Ocean West, "Have you tried to recreate the script from scratch?" Not from scratch ... the recovery did not do anything. So I just replaced the two script steps; Print Set UP and Print, within the print script and that fixed it. So, thank you.
  16. Last week
  17. Ocean West

    Save As PDF

    Was this solution a legacy solution that has upgraded over years? Have you tried to recreate the script from scratch? Have you tried to delete all print or page setup script steps close the file open the file add them back in? Does it happen on all computer or just a few? Did you delete and reinstall all print drivers, or on mac install CUPS Possibly try to recover (notice last checked checkbox) Years ago we had this problem where when printing it showed a competitor on the lcd of the printer for the client as I had a vertical market solution and each new client was a clone or derivative of a production version - this was back in the fm5 or 6 days.
  18. Hello, We have a build which employs our new Zulu Google API acct so that syncs won't be hitting the quota limit. I'll shoot you a link to download it via messages. Let me know if you received it.
  19. Thanks Lee, I will take a look.
  20. Mr. Ignoramus

    Save As PDF

    Hi, everytime we print and the print module pops ( Mac ) when get this pop up. The only issue is, we have several soluiton in other companies and this "Ram" continues to show up regardless who we are hosting the file with. Can anybody help me here with understanding ... and can were stop it, change it ??? Is there a way to default to someother name other than "RamDigital (DT43)pdf". This was the 1st company we got and ever since then we have had no luck in finding a way to change the name or removing it. Any suggestion would be gratefu. Thank you.
  21. ryan360Works

    SMS ERROR sending multiple recipients

    Hi Martie, Sorry for the delay in response. Have you tried with 300 users at a time? Did you get similar results as the attempt with 500?
  22. Tom Assia

    Size Calculator

    Hi everyone, Anyone else have tried this app ? Tom
  23. Warren

    Renewal Issue.

    Hello, This is Warren from Licensing, according to our records, your license was set to auto-renew but failed due to a change in payment method, this is often related to expiration dates changing. An email should have been sent out but it sometimes ends up in Spam. Your manual renewal should have updated the payment information, so I have enrolled you back into Auto-renewal for next year. In the future please send any licensing questions to Support@360works.com, we often need to request sensitive information from our customers to resolve these types of issues. Have a great day
  24. Ocean West

    Renewal Issue.

    I did manage to get the website to renew.
  25. Hi All, Please could you assist in how to use chart, scattered with straight lines as in excel? File Maker seems to only have scattered but not the sub section of "with straight lines"

    Push Bills

    Dear All, sorry, I was in Bangkok for few days. I made it!!! I needed to add some fields as skipping them was returning errors. Attached is the correct script. Thank you for your support. Mikki
  27. rudym88

    DDR not working

    thanks for the reply, For this solution I am using FM Pro Advanced. I can't user 16 or 17 as the file is hosted on a Ver 14 server. Thanks
  28. Ocean West

    Renewal Issue.

    (Sorry for doing this on Sunday but you know - IT Life. ) I upgraded to v5 thinking our auto renewal was in good order, turns out it says it will auto renew 23 days ago. Figured I'd renew and sort the payment out with client later but now stuck - users won't be able to sync in a few hours..
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