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  2. Steve Martino

    Need help regarding Meter Reading Schedule

    You file and my file differ completely. I don't recommend doing it your way with multiple fields. The layout should be in list view and one record should only consist one field for each column. If you want to see/total records by month (time period) you should use a sub-summary report layout and finds.
  3. Today
  4. Lee Smith

    Cant get the reclusive function to work

    Hi John, Is this a CF you created, or is it posted someplace? Lee
  5. I want to conditionally format the items (btns, fields) in the active row of the master portal. Thus my formula is : Get (ActivePortalRow) = Get (RecordNumber). This works ok, but when I click outside the portal, the formula no longer validates correctly. (however, in the Data Viewer, the Get(ActivePortalRow)=Get(RecordNumber). I am using FM17 on Windows 7 machine.
  6. Chuck

    Portal of Unlinked Records

    I've tried committing the records, refreshing the portal, refreshing the window, even entering layout mode and returning to browse mode doesn't fix the problem. It only seems to get fixed when I change the filter calc. I'm familiar with the various techniques published at FileMaker Hacks, but those aren't working because they don't allow for attribute data in the join file. Are there other known technique to accomplish this?
  7. OlgerDiekstra

    Cant get the reclusive function to work

    The "!!!" in the substitute make the first line unique in case there are duplicate values.
  8. Todd Geist

    FIleMaker 17: Perform Script by Name

    FileMaker 17 introduces a new script step: Perform Script by Name. FileMaker Devs have been asking for this feature for a long time. It sounds like a useful idea, but we should probably try to understand how it works before we just adopt it willy-nilly, for all our script calling needs. Let's explore this idea together. The post FIleMaker 17: Perform Script by Name appeared first on Geist Interactive. View the full article
  9. I Have custom Function BulletList(Text,BulletChar,Start) which is supposed to add the bullet character at the start of each value. I have been scratching my head all day trying to get it to be recursive. Let([ VC=ValueCount(text); Line=BulletChar & " " & GetValue(text;start) ]; Case(start≤VC;line &¶& BulletList(Line;BulletChar;Start+1);) ) Any pointers would be great. I actually don't want to have the "Start" variable but thought I needed a counter to exit the function and a way to increment the getvalue.
  10. Hello Steve, good afternoon. Your calculations works great. Two thumbs for you man. However, I need your help again guys. I created an Event table where the user input those specific holidays which are declared by our President. Let say, if our President here in our country declare June 25, 2018 is special holiday to honor something. What I want to happen is, the date will be skipped and it will be replaced by the next date in the field. Let say June 25, 2018 is declared as holiday, the user input that date in the Event table and then on the Reading Schedule Layout the field will set to June 26, 2018. Please download my partial Reading Schedule below. Please help me with this problem. Thanks! Username: Admin Password: [just leave it blank] Reading_Schedule.fmp12
  11. Thanks for effort Steve. I really appreciate it. I will download your work now and gonna try it. I'll get back to you about this. Thank you Steve!
  12. OlgerDiekstra

    Portal of Unlinked Records

    Are you committing the records after you assigned them to a meeting? Is the calc stored or unstored?
  13. Yesterday
  14. Chuck

    Portal of Unlinked Records

    I apologize. I was trying to abstract out the problem from the specifics, and the actual tables would require quite a bit of explanation to get a handle on, but I can present the problem in terms that are, I hope, easy to understand. Make X PERSONS and Y MEETINGS with the join table ATTENDEES. PERSONS and MEETINGS each have primary keys named id. ATTENDEES has two foreign key fields, person_id and meeting_id. People has one table occurrence: PERSONS. ATTENDEES has a TO: persons_ATTENDEES. Relationship between these two is PERSONS::id = persons_ATTENDEES::person_id. MEETINGS has one table occurrence: persons_MEETINGS~cross that is a cross join. While on layout with PERSONS context, portal into persons_MEETINGS shows meetings the person is attending. I want portal into persons_MEETINGS~cross to show meetings the person is not attending. I'm doing this by filtering out records where the persons_MEETINGS~cross::id is not in the list of persons_MEETINGS::meeting_id. So, perhaps there's a better way to do this, but this is working after I edit the filter calculation. But it doesn't stay working. I'll add an ATTENDEE record for the current person to one of the meetings, and the meeting still shows up in the persons_MEETINGS~cross portal. But, if I edit the filter calc, not so it returns a different result, but just rearrange it somehow, perhaps use Let variables or change it from using Let variables to a direct calc, the portal updates.
  15. "But things break down when I try to use an existent destination window. I could destroy the destination window beforehand and have the GTTR re-create it. But that seems horribly inelegant." I never named windows...I found handling that too burdensome. Otherwise, I'd say that this is exactly how I'd approach it. I'd also leverage the summary field ListOfIds to populate the global left-hand key. I'd look for the existing window looping thru WindowNames and if found, close it. However, is that a good UX? Perhaps that second window contains a valuable found set that the user would resent losing? Since you've already embraced a multi-window solution, why not create a new window every time?
  16. I agree with Steve. Maybe if we saw your file it would help us find a solution to what you are wanting. Click the link at the bottom called Guidelines to read how to keep your confidential information safe. See Step 8.
  17. Steve Martino

    Portal of Unlinked Records

    Are these the actual names:X, Y, x_y, and x_XY, x_y`cross? Very confusing and hard to follow. If they are not the actual names, actual names would help. Posting a small sample file would also help, or some pics of what you want to show.
  18. Steve Martino

    Looking for some table setup advice

    I'd still have to see a copy of the CSV file to help any further. It needs to only have about 20 transactions (you can change the names to protect the innocent) and it needs to show records that have the problems you stated (multiple sales of same products, etc). I would think you could do something with Group by on Excel and group by product name and date (you could even probably due that with a sub-summary report, then export).
  19. So maybe you can save your find criteria from the first find and apply it to the window in the second find. Otherwise your descriptions are confusing. It would help if you used real words for your layouts, their associated table occurrences, and how they are related to each other.
  20. I have. The purpose of the second window is to display the found set from the first window using a different layout (as it happens, the first layout is set up to display in record format, and the second layout is set up to display in list form). The problem is getting the second window to use the same found set as the first window. This arrangement is intended for use on displays with plenty of real estate, so that both an individual record from a found set and selected data from all records in the found set can be displayed independently, and so that there can be further activity in the first (record-oriented) window without disturbing the contents of the second (list-oriented) window.
  21. The source is the third-party online sales system we use; it exports a CSV. It's obviously a transaction-oriented system, but to help run the business, I need a product-centric view. And I have no control over how it comes out—well, I have some, but it's always going to be transaction-centric. There's no ability to I'm using the data in FM for much more than this—sales by region, sales by day, revenue by month, by day, etc. It's my sales tracking system. However, I also have to create reports for my partner, and Excel is much better for me in terms of layout, charts, and data manipulation. I can make it work using my brute force method, but I was hoping for some help creating a more elegant solution. -rob.
  22. OlgerDiekstra

    Adjust Windows

    FMv16 changed the window behaviour on Windows, it no longer kept FM windows in a 'parent' window, which fixed this behaviour. There's two options, upgrade to FM16 or don't maximize windows but calculate the max dimensions, take a few pixels off and resize the windows to that.
  23. I'm familiar with the New Window script step. But I don't want to create a new window. I want to use one that already exists, displaying in it the found set from a different window in which I've done a find.
  24. You understood my question then. Check for old Plugins?
  25. Look at the Open New Window Script. https://fmhelp.filemaker.com/help/16/fmp/en/#page/FMP_Help%2Fnew-window.html I use it all of the time. With v17, you now have the Card Window to choose as an option. New Window [ Style: Document ; Using layout: <Current Layout> ]
  26. JMart

    Adjust Windows

    Hi guys. I am sure this is a simple solution but I don't seems to be able to figure out how to it. I have a scrip that I execute when the file is opened, on of the lines I have is "Adjust Windows [Maximize], and it works as expected. my issue comes in when I execute a script with the "new window" command. the new windows will open as expected but the main windows losses the "maximize" setting and I have to manually "maximize" it. what am I doing wrong. Thanks
  27. Sorry Lee, I don’t understand. This anomoly happens on every file I open in fmpa17. On different layouts within the files as well.
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