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  2. https://www.filemaker.com/products/filemaker-pro-advanced/version-comparison.html
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  4. I'm on Filemaker 12 and very happy with it but where can I read about the benefits of upgrading from 12 to 17 or 18 say?
  5. How to get the last character on a field? example: job; .the result should be ;
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  7. Thanks for your reply! My filenames for the image files tend to be short and sweet, with no unusual characters. I have too many images to deal with to get too creative there. If I create the global variable $$variable then substitute for the equation as /$$variable Irfanview opens as a program like before, but with no relationship to the photo. If I remove the forward slash before the variable, Irfanview opens, but tries to open the variable directly as an image file, giving me the error message "Cant read file header, Unknown file format, empty/damaged file or file not found." If I use the Set Field command to set GlobalField to the calculation of the photo address, the issue is the same. With the forward slash as /GlobalField, Irfanview opens as a program, but with no relation to the image. Without the forward slash, Irfanview tries to open GlobalField directly as an image, giving me the same error message as above. By the way, Irfanview is the program registered in Windows 10 as the image program. If I try to open the image without specifying Irfanview, I get a dialog telling me "You'll need a new app to open this link", giving me the option to download one from the Microsoft Store. If I follow that option, I get the message "No App available". It does not matter if I try the GlobalDir or the $$variable approach. The result is the same. Surely I can't be the only one using FMP that wants to double-click a photo and have it open from the directory where it resides. Thanks again for your reply. Any other thoughts? And did I miss something in your reply? Anyone?
  8. Try not to use a calculation in the final command, makes it harder to troubleshoot. Calculate the full path ahead of time in a variable so that you can expect it and see if is what you expect it to be. Note that since you're issuing a command line command, there are many characters that could break it, so vet your file names carefully.
  9. Only the latest v-version of FM18 is compatible with Catalina, and even then with some remaining issues https://support.filemaker.com/s/article/FileMaker-and-macOS-Catalina-Compatibility?language=en_US So don't expect to run 16 or 17 well. Catalina is a very different OS under-the-hood, totally unlike its predecessors so its a pretty big break with the past in many areas. Don't expect software companies to back-fix many of their old versions.
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  11. I have just upgraded to Catalina and my install of FMP 16.0.6 has a 'banned' overlay on the dock and tells me that it needs to be updated and will not run on Catalina. One doc on filemaker.com KB says that "FileMaker Pro 15 or higher on OS X can be run only as a 64-bit application," so it would seem like it was already ready for Catalina, but no obvious updater. It is a 2019 update, so it is disappointing that it won't run or obvious fix. Maybe this has been lost in the transition to Claris and all support for <FMP18 is gone? Anyone else able to run FMP16 on Catalina?
  12. I am having the same problem. I am running Windows 10 and FileMaker Pro Advanced 18.0.3. I am running Java 8 update 241. I copied over the ScriptMaster 5.3 64 bit plug-in to my Extensions directory. I sees the plug-in when I go to Edit -> Preferences -> Plug-ins. I checked and I am running 64 bit Java and 64 bit FileMaker. I'm currently installing the version 1909 update to Windows 10, but that will take hours, so perhaps that will help. I did an uninstall of all Java JREs before installing the one I currently installed. Any help would be great. Thank you. -Doug.
  13. I have a FMP 15 Advanced product application with a few hundred entries. Most entries have a photo shown in a container field. The photo has been entered as reference only. Most of the entries have multiple photos, showing multiple aspects of the item. For now, viewing the other photos in full size requires going into File Explorer and navigating to the directory holding the photos. Each item necessarily has it's own directory. This is cumbersome and seldom done unless absolutely necessary. If I insert a document, I can double-click it to open it. I would like to be able to do this with the photo, or with a button on the layout. I use Irfanview as my photo viewer and would either like to open that program with the photo (and thus be able to cycle through all the photos in the directory, or at least open the directory in Windows Explorer so I can browse the photos from there. I have been researching and working on this for many days, many hours and no luck. Using the Send Event step, open document, text, with bring target to foreground. With: "C:\Program Files\IrfanView\i_view64.exe" /(Replace ( GetValue ( GetAsText ( Table::field); 3); 1; 10; "")) Irfanview will open, but generically with no relation to the photo or path. By setting a global variable to: (Replace ( GetValue ( GetAsText ( Table::field); 3); 1; 10; "")) I have been able to see it is capturing the absolute path of the photo without the "imagewin:" prefix. Can anyone help, please?
  14. Given that this is a cloud server, chances are that it is not server-side but along the path to and from the server, the vagaries of the internet, latency, but it could still be your network equipment too (flaky router or switches, wonky wifi,...)
  15. Love the canary analogy 🙂 Poking into the "coal-mine", I've suspected some issue with the Filemaker-Cloud (AWS) server, so I restarted the instance hoping that would solve issues (such as Webdirect suddenly unable to "View as PDF", when yesterday it worked fine). Would appreciate any hints at troubleshooting the Filemaker-Cloud server. The admin console seems a bit limited. Troy
  16. The question is why the disconnects happen in the first place; and to solve that. FM client to FM Server is an always-on bidirectional stream of data and heartbeats, making FM the 'canary in the coal mine' for any network issues. So I wouldn't spend time trying to make the reconnect work but rather focus on fixing the reasons for the disconnect.
  17. I'm also experiencing this. Would some kind of "manual approach" be more successful? I wonder if others have found a work-around...
  18. I see no reason why the function shouldn't work the same way in v.18. Can you post a file showing the problem?
  19. For some time I have been cleaning emails for filing in our filemaker database. For this, the users have added to a substitute field all text that they wanted removed from and email, separated by "//". Then I used @comment custom function https://www.briandunning.com/cf/851 to remove the text blocks from the email text. Somehow this stopped working in fm 18. I tried to find out where it errors but to no avail. I was also thinking about putting each block of text into individual records and then creating an array from this or loop through the email using while but I am a little lost on how to do this. Would anyone be able to help please?
  20. Perfect, thanks! I'm glad I don't need to deal with ghost fields 😉
  21. I wanted a whole tranche of around 30 calendars that download via one CalDAV login so that the user only has to set them up once by registering with the server: but they needed to be read only. By carefully working through the FileMaker permissions of the FileMaker user account used to access the calendars so that the payload fields were read only and only the Zulu control fields were modifiable I was able to achieve this. Our local calendar software thinks the data is editable, but as soon as it tries to upload changes to the server it gets overwritten by the server's master copy of the data. It works great!
  22. I have script which calls the contents of a cell eg set Proj_name to get cell "Project»DATA::project folder name" of current record It has been working fine recently but today I noticed it stopped working. if I run the scriptn directly in AppleScript I get "FileMaker Pro Advanced got an error: A privilege violation occurred." I have Allow Apple event and Active X turned on in extended Privileges. Recent events have been Catalina upgrade and moved the files to filemaker cloud but the script has worked since and I get an error on a local file too. Any ideas?
  23. Frustrated. In a quicky test database, Insert File works fine from a script with Full Access privileges. I put the exact same line into my application and I get error 102. I've tried about everything. As soon as I give up, I find the solution. The container field has to be on the layout. All is well.
  24. Why choose between checkboxes or radio buttons when you could have both? Nick Hunter has a neat trick to share on making a new type of "checkbox" in FileMaker. support@rcconsulting.com www.fmtraining.tv www.fmstartingpoint.com www.rcconsulting.com
  25. Thanks, I understand and like it. However, I have tried about every possible option and cannot get Insert File to prompt for the file. Is there a trick? I've had no special dialog and the one enclosed. I've tried no source and a bogus source and an existing source. I've tried "go to field" and specified my field as a target. I always get error 102. Googling around, I discovered there is a bug in FMP16A -- even though I have FULL ACCESS, I have to give the script FULL ACCESS. Thanks.
  26. A classic approach here is to use a global container field and use the "insert file" script step to let the user select the file they want to import. Your script then turns around and uses "export field content" to spit the file back out but renamed to a static known name that you use in the import script step file reference. As to the cancel: you'd trap for that on the "insert file" script step.
  27. I'm getting "The file "" could not be opened. Either the host is unavailable, or the file is not available on that host." This happens when a script runs. Not a new server, no new files. The file is actually open in the background. The file reference is just "file:". I restarted the server. Didn't fix it. FMS18.03 It's apparently intermittent. I copied all the script steps to a new script, then it worked 3 times, but couldn't find the file for the 4th time. Any ideas?
  28. I have searched the forum and internet and not found an answer to my delima. I have a solution with a scripted import of a csv file. I do not want import dialog (e.g. mapping), so I have it set to no. I don't know the name of the file, only that it is a csv file. If I leave the filename out of the import dialogue, the default SHOW filetype in the open file dialog is for a filemaker database. The user needs education to change the SHOW to csv or all. That is undesirable. If I import a correct file once, the next time the script runs in that session, it prompts for a csv file, but if I quit the application and run it again, it goes back to SHOWing filemaker databases. If I provide a bogus file, e.g. YourFile.csv -- I have to capture errors or I get no file dialog for them to find their file. If they cancel, they get a filemaker dialog I don't control that tells them the user aborted the import, continue or cancel. If they cancel, the script exits and I don't get control. That, too, is undesirable. What is the best practice for scripted imports so that whether the user complies or cancels, I maintain control of what happens next?
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