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  2. A field formatted as a checkbox set will normally contain a return-separated list of the values checked by the user, in the order they were checked. In order to test if a known value is checked, you should use: not IsEmpty ( FilterValues ( "Your Value" ; YourTable::YourField ) )
  3. It seems that WebDirect can't access a field under another field. This will be a problem for several solutions that I've set up over the years and I wonder if there is a better method for the following: For example, in an Orders table and layout, there is a field Requestor ID that contains a foreign key that would match the Primary key in the Personnel Table. For each Order record, there is only one Requestor. The Personnel table of course contains name, contact info, etc. for potential requestors. In the orders layout, I have an underlying field (Orders::Requestor ID), that is set for browse but not find, and set to a dropdown value list of the Personnel Table primary keys but displaying the second field Personnel::Name. Exactly on top of that field, set to find but not browse, I've placed the field Personnel::Name with a white fill to hide the underlying key. This works fine from the client. Clicking on the field produces the dropdown of names, and after the appropriate name is chosen, the correct name is displayed as the requestor. This does not work with web direct, so I'm wondering if there is a better way? It is important to maintain the relationship between the Orders record and the Personnel record through the foreign and primary keys. I'm wondering if I'm missing a new feature that would make this much easier to set up.
  4. This is the first time I am using a CheckBox set from a list and do not know how get what has been selected within a script. I am showing both the list of possible values along with a script I've thought would work. I know how to work with radio button but never did use this approach. I would appreciate if someone could provide me with an example. Best regards! Daniel Select a step to process.pdf
  5. Value Lists come from the Production Server? Value Lists can be a critical part of development. Or is it only value lists that users can edit(which I never use anywhere, ever)? Just wanting to be clear with this.
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  7. I do relatively little work in QBO, so grain of salt... The message makes it appear that the math is wrong. Is it? ( I'd look closely at whether there are rounding issues, as sometimes FMP produces a different value than FMP when doing math and rounding decimal places. ) If not: Can you exclude either Amount or UnitPrice? QB desktop allows this, and does the Algebra necessary to solve for x. HTH! Geoffrey Gerhard Creative Solutions Incorporated 14000 Creekside Drive Matthews, NC 28105 704.814.6852
  8. $__pk...appears to be a variable. If so you have to set the variable in the script first before you use it in 'Set Field'.
  9. I've done a "Perform find" where one record out out of 4 has been selected. However, the line 49 " set field (Invoice Data::PRODUIT ID MATCH FIELD ; $__pkCryptedNameFileID)" command does not update the content of the field . Why ? I do not understand, in the meantime, I've noticed the selected record of the 'Invoice Data" table is coloured grey not white. Many thanks for your help.
  10. Although I am familiar with the method you show, I usually prefer using the TextColor() function with a large rectangle character (or several).
  11. I had a use case where the user could select the background colour for a record in a list. While it's easy to select a background colour it's less obvious how to make it user-adjustable. I found a similar example which I've simplified to do this. It creates a container with a coloured image in it which is the cleanest way for my needs. This can then be used as a background image. It could be linked to a web viewer containing a Colour Picker but it's not needed here. Please let me know what you think and if it can be made more efficient or if there's another way of doing this. Generate Colour.zip
  12. Hi All, Since upgrade our plugin to Win Version I now get this error when uploading invoices to QBO. It seems to be only invoices with more than 1 qty of an item as the error suggests. I have attached the script. UnitPrice (Line Items::ProdUnitCostRRP) * Qty (Line Items::Qty) does = Amount (Line Items::ProdUnitCostRRPTotal). So I'm unsure what is causing the issue. This was working fine before the upgrade !? So I'm wondering if there is something that has changed that needs to be called in the script. I would appreciate any help... script.pdf
  13. Hello I'm having a problem again with a SM module (again because I always have the one with ChooseFolder that appears in the background): I use SelectFile to choose some file; it works perfectly under Windows or MacOS since FMP14Adv But since the standalone solution the dialog box does not appear even under MacOS while under Windows the application crashes. Thank you for your attentionI Noël
  14. Hello In the SM sample file exists an Unzip module requiring to choose the zip file ; the file is expanded in a folder named as the original file Has someone adapted this module in the idea of unzipFile(filesource ; folderDestination) Thanks for links Noël
  15. Greets, all: I'm confused: If you go to FileMaker's page concerning screen stencils (https://support.filemaker.com/s/article/Using-Screen-Stencils-to-design-iOS-friendly-layouts-using-FileMaker-Go-14-or-higher-1503693076890?language=en_US), it lists the Width x Heigh resolution settings for the iPad 10.5" (2018) as follows: Orientation Width Height (UI shown) Height (UI Hidden) Portrait 834 1004 1092 44 44 Landscape 1112 726 814 44 44 The thing is, the layout's right-hand border in the FM Go solution I'm building (using landscape only) is about a centimeter shy of the right side of the screen using the recommended 1112 width; however, it fills up nicely at 1200, so what am I missing between what FileMaker says is the recommended width and the width I'm trying? Also, I noticed that glyphs aren't showing up in date fields where you enable the calendar icon (at least in the desktop version.) Cheers, Rich
  16. Hi -- I ran into this recently. If you find this thread and can find no other reason for this problem -- Please ensure the installer is run from an actually-local drive. No GPO reflected directories, no network locations, etc. It can be a VM, with a "local" disk, fine. But it cannot be networked in any sense.
  17. Last week
  18. Brief video, with a great explanation from @Richard Carlton and his FileMaker Training Videos available here: https://www.360works.com/article-detail/#?id=mirrorsync-6-filemaker-training-video
  19. NEW 360Works FileMaker Plug-in Update! Update available for the entire 360Works plug-in platform providing improvements for both macOS Catalina and Windows 360Works plug-ins and products improve the capabilities of FileMaker by adding functionality to the FileMaker platform for sync, email management, web services, payment processing, image and file storage, FTP transfers, Apple/Google/Exchange calendar integration, Microsoft Office document manipulation, and much more. The team at 360Works strives to provide the best possible service and support to their customers and to always keep their products compatible and flexible. We have released new versions of the plug-ins within our product suite with improvements for use on both Mac and Windows operating systems: New signed versions of our plug-ins will prevent macOS Catalina from trying to block it. Plug-ins are now notarized to comply with macOS changes in this update. For Windows users, we implemented better handling of child processes. If there is a hard crash, we detect and clean up java processes left running the next time the plug-in starts up. We improved our plug-in logging which will prevent hangups on background logging threads. For registering our plug-ins, we fixed issues with the registration dialog where the registration would not persist. Updated Versions of 360Works Plug-ins: Updated Plug-in Plug-in Description 360Deploy 2.8 Automated, simple deployment of new database versions CloudMail 3.3 Send and track email marketing campaigns Plastic 3.2 Payment processing plug-in Scribe 3.2 Read and write PDF, Word, and Excel files ScriptMaster 5.3 Add many new functions & create custom plug-ins Email 3.3 Send and receive text and HTML emails in FileMaker FTPeek 2.3 FTP upload and download from your FileMaker database WebAssistant 2.2 Access internet resources, URLs, and fill out web forms JDBC 2.2 SQL access with JDBC Compatibility Charts 2.2 Easy-to-use charting for FileMaker RemoteScripter 2.2 Trigger scripts on FileMaker Pro from the web or IWP SuperContainer 2.9514 A better container field for FileMaker Go and FileMaker Pro Installing the Update Using the plug-in links above you can download the current updated version of the plug-in. Installing plug-in updates are easiest when using the Install Plugin File script step in all environments. For legacy systems, auto-update is supported as well. Find out more at 360works.com/autoupdate. Availability This is a free plug-in update if you own a valid license for the most recent major version, or are within your maintenance subscription for the license (maintenance applies to Scribe and CloudMail). Active 360Works Portfolio Bundle holders with a current maintenance subscription can use all of the updates at no additional charge. The PDF Plug-in and Scribbler Plug-in, available only in the 360Works Portfolio Bundle, have the same platform update as well! Please note: if you do not own the current major version or are outside of your maintenance window you will need to purchase the current major version of the license in order to use this update. Custom Plug-in Users If you have a 360Works custom plug-in, please contact us to get an updated version of our custom plug-in. In most cases, there will be no additional charge for this. (Charges may occur if additional development work is required. Rates will be billed at our hourly consulting rate of $185/hr. Please contact us for custom plug-in information.) 360Works Support The 360Works Support Team is dedicated to your successful use of 360Works plug-ins and add-ons. With your purchase from 360Works, you receive 2 free hours of technical support Monday - Friday from 10:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m. (ET). However, most questions can be answered at our documentation page. If you need to get in touch with us, requests for support team assistance can be sent to support@360works.com. Stay updated with 360Works
  20. RingCentral has put itself in the forefront of cloud VOIP providers because of its intuitive interface and ability to integrate with other services. With a simple webhook, you can add screen pop notifications to your FileMaker application when users receive calls from RingCentral. Learn more and get your free demo file here: https://dbservices.com/articles/filemaker-ringcentral-integration/ dbservices.com
  21. To close this out. I found an excel function (Index) that could accomplish this task.
  22. Thomas Meglasson from Blue Feather presents on the new FileMaker Cloud platform. Claris is the complete Workplace Innovation Platform as a Service and the new FileMaker Cloud is your total toolset for custom app development. Make your apps. Transform your business. Join us for an exciting guided tour of the new FileMaker Cloud. The post FileMaker Cloud – Atlanta FileMaker Developers Group 10/6/19 appeared first on Blue Feather - FileMaker Developer, Android, Web. View the full article
  23. Thanks so much for information about both questions. This is really clarifies things for me. Very much appreciated!
  24. I don't understand the logic you describe. I believe the best way to produce the result you show would be to find all Billings records where DueDate has passed and DatePaid is empty (this requires no calculation fields, neither stored nor unstored). Then sort them by customer and print them using a layout having a sub-summary by customer as its only part, with a page break after each sub-summary. Using a summary field to get the subtotal will result in each customer seeing the total of their past-due-date amounts. This is assuming you're printing the letters. If you need to produce individual PDFs or e-mails , it gets a bit more complex.
  25. Filemaker removes ALL leading zeros from a number - including the first one: GetAsNumber ( "0.5" ) returns .5. If the result can be either a number or an expression like "<1.1", then you need to set the calculation's result type to Text. And that means you need to format the resulting number yourself, for example by something like: Int ( result ) & If ( Mod ( result ; 1 ) ; Mod ( result ; 1 ) ) Alternatively, you could calculate the number as number only, format the calculation field to display as Decimal, and use another field to show the sign. But that would work well for display only, not for exporting, for example.
  26. Hopefully this is the right place for this question. I have a calculation field that results in either a number or a number (e.g. "1.2" with a less than sign in front of it (e.g., "<1.1"). I have the calculation round the number to 1 decimal place. The calculation works but the if the result is "0.9", the field only displays ".9". How can I force the field to show the leading zero on the decimal (e.g., "0.9" instead of ".9")? I can't use the inspector to format the result as a decimal, because that removes all of the values with a less than sign entirely (i.e., a field that should appear as "<1.1" will be displayed as empty. So my questions: 1) what is going on here? and 2) what can I do to force filemaker to show the leading zero in a decimal number" This is Filemaker 16 Advanced. Thank you!
  27. it's ok sir, coz i am not gonna use that data any other than this form or letter.
  28. The Hotel Trades Council, is the union for nearly 40,000 hotel and gaming workers in New York and Northern New Jersey. Our union invests heavily in its IT and department, using technology in unconventional and creative ways to help achieve our goals: organizing non-union workers, winning contract fights, communicating with and educating our members and efficiently managing every aspect of our operation. We are seeking a skilled, creative and resourceful FileMaker Pro Developer to join our in-house development team. The FileMaker team is responsible for building and maintaining our complex database system, which is utilized by nearly every department within our organization. This role is an excellent opportunity for anyone who loves a challenge and is looking to build upon their already existing FileMaker skills. The position is based at our offices in Midtown Manhattan. Minimum Requirements: Two years building and maintaining business applications using the FileMaker platform Command of scripting, layout design, custom functions, privilege sets and relationship graph organization; Excellent analytical and interpersonal skills; Ability to handle multiple projects simultaneously, and to work efficiently yet accurately; Ability to learn quickly and grow into positions of greater responsibility; Persistence and determination; Resourcefulness and talent for problem-solving. Additional Consideration for the following: Experience with other development languages (HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP, Ruby, Python, AppleScript, SQL); UI/UX design experience; Use of “Good code” practices, thorough commenting / documentation; A passion for social justice. Opportunity for Advancement: Any successful applicant who distinguishes him/herself, demonstrates commitment and resourcefulness, and develops an understanding of the union and its operations will have numerous opportunities for advancement in a number of interesting and challenging areas. Salary & Benefits: Starting salary $65,000 - $75,000 and includes an excellent benefits and retirement package (including employer-paid medical, dental, optical, pre-paid legal, Flexible Spending Accounts, Life Cycle Benefits, and the like). Application Instructions: Please submit a resume, three references and a cover letter to careers@nyhtc.org with the subject line “Filemaker Pro Developer.” The cover letter should be clear and concise and explain the specific reasons for your interest in the position, and specify (with appropriate explanation) which of each of the listed qualifications you possess and which ones you do not possess. The New York Hotel Trades Council, AFL-CIO, is an equal opportunity employer. All persons regardless of age, race, ethnicity, gender, religious affiliation and sexual orientation are encouraged to apply.
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