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  2. Hello - I have been using SuperContainer for years and we use it to 'pipe' the SuperContainer URL as $attachmentpath to the Attachment section of the Filemaker Send Email Script step. This works perfectly when run on the client software. However, I cannot get it to run on a server side script, where I would like to send certain email attachments automatically at certain times of the day. I do have the SuperContainer companion installed on FMS18 on a Mac - is there any pearls of wisdom anybody could share? Has anybody done this? Thank you.
  3. Yesterday
  4. Try: not IsEmpty ( FilterValues ( Child::ID ; Parent::ListOfIDs ) ) Although I am not sure why you can't simply use the two fields as the match fields for the relationship.
  5. Hello, I have a text field with a number of ID's separated by a carriage return and am in need of help creating a portal filter to return all of the child records that have IDs that are in the list of IDs. I have been working on using pattern count to no avail. Thanks for the help!
  6. Developing the Interface FileMaker solutions can live and die by the interface alone. It’s the first thing a user sees and can sway their opinion in the first few seconds of them seeing it for the first time. It’s so important but many developers don’t give it much thought. How do you develop an interface that clients want to use and which makes it easy for them to do their job? Do you use a standard theme or do you take the time and trouble to develop a custom theme that you can use over and over again? How do you size the screens? How much color should you use? How do you take into account that some of your users may be color blind? These and more points are considered to give you a well rounded look at interface design. https://firesidefilemaker.podbean.com/e/developing-the-interface/ Follow us on iTunes https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/fireside-filemaker/id1473715087?mt=2&app=itunes Follow us on Podbean https://firesidefilemaker.podbean.com
  7. Yes, IIRC it is stored as a one-way hash. Just like FM passwords in a FM file.
  8. Thanks Wim. This is a slightly silly question but is the saved encryption password itself encrypted? i.e. if someone gained access to the server (the host of FMS, not FMS itself), would they be able to extract the encryption password, were it saved in FMS?
  9. Try: Sum ( Onhand ; PendingOrders::sTotalQtyByWeekR[1] ; PendingOrders::sTotalQtyByWeekR[2] ; PendingOrders::sTotalQtyByWeekR[3] )
  10. Yes, so I can't see any use at all for this function, as I would typically use it to check I'm still connected before I upload or change directory (I think this is from your sample file). Thanks for the suggestion. That is how I do it when the team sends a file from FM and then I show them a dialogue box to confirm if everything was ok. However, they doubt the file is actually on the supplier FTP server, and don't believe the desired folders have been created, so they skip using FM and use their FTP client ("Fetch") instead. Compliance is a challenge... I would like to show them the FTP directory much like the they see it in Fetch (actually I believe I need to do better...) and I have everything ready, except for this part. When they are in Fetch and get disconnected, Fetch will not tell them and will keep showing the directory, and if they click a folder it will reconnect seamlessly and open the folder. Same thing if they drop a file on the window, it will reconnect and upload. The way they use Fetch, they might be "connected" for 15 minutes or so. I'm thinking that the easiest way to achieve a similar behaviour with FM/360 is to make sure the connection stays open. I was testing with FTPeek_GetCurrentDir (set to a variable, without using the result), and it looks like it might do the trick. Still, that is a workaround, so keep me informed if you fix the problem.
  11. I would start by substituting "+" and "," with ¶. Then loop over the resulting values. If the current value contains "-", create the intermediate values and add them to the result. Otherwise add the value to the result.
  12. I've run into another snag. I need to do a calculation that includes the total amount arriving across all three weeks. For instance I need to add the value of my field "OnHand" to the total amount arriving. I tried OnHand + PendingOrders::sTotalQtyByWeekR but that did not work. I also tried: Sum ( cQtyToWeeksR [1];cQtyToWeeksR[2];cQtyToWeeksR[3] )+ OnHand but that stops at the first related record/repetition Any suggestions on how to make that work?
  13. Ok ill try not to loose you. I have a layout "List" this shows tasks to do as Y which is setup from another layout in a job setup. On the job setup layout where the person pick Y this part of the job needs to be done, when the person does they choose their name and it auto fills the time / date in another field. What i want is this List showing the Y to be green, but if the person has done this part of the job and the timedate is in the compledate field then the y changes to a different colour like yellow. they are all in the same table too. Im hoping someone can give me help how to perform this. Thanks
  14. Hi, I have a container which i click on and take a photo on my ipad and it shows in the container. I want to be able to click that image on the ipad or pc to view the image full size after. How can i do this?
  15. Thanks. Yeah, might not be worth it. Was just tryin got do the restart from within FileMaker. Server access is limited but FM is open. NO need to use VPN or any other apps. Not a big deal just trying to make my life one step easier.
  16. I have filemaker server on virtual server, I have a script that exports emails and or names i cannot get the file to be saved to the local desktop it tries to save to server with an error when i do manually it works fine so i am doing something wrong... Thanks in advance
  17. I wouldn't trust it, my risk appetite for deployments isn't that big. One way to mitigate the risk would be to very stringent on the opening sequence: detect an "improperly closed" event in the logs and immediately close the files again and email admins. But that's a lot of work and upkeep to make sure that works correctly. So in short I wouldn't do it. Why do you need to restart the server from inside FM?
  18. Thanks Wim, I though also of that conundrum....but what if I put a delay on the restart (something like "shutdown -r +15" or something like that) and then closed all the databases...would that sequence work?
  19. In general, this doesn't seem like a good idea: to reboot a server from inside a running process. Following best practices - to make sure your files are in good shape after the restart - you have to first kick off all FM users, then close the files and confirm that they are all closed, then and only then reboot the server. But of course by the time you disconnect all connected FM users you will also have closed your own connection...
  20. Last week
  21. Perfect! Thank you!! (...and thanks to Ocean West, too--that's a good technique to use, too.)
  22. Thank you so much comment, your file is perfectly clear. The next hurdle I am working on is to allow the user to have both in the same list. For example: 1-5,19+25,30-33 I believe I should turn the + and , into carriage returns first, then deal with the hyphens with a loop through the list entries somehow
  23. I need to be able to restart a Windows server running FileMaker server via a script. I would like to run a server side script in the Filemaker Server software. I was interested in using the 360works ScriptMaster. Any advice, pointers, problems I should be aware of?
  24. Hee, It looks like your max batch size may be limiting the number of emails being read. The number of records skipped could also limit some of the emails from being read. Since those values are coming from a field reference, you should run the script through the script debugger and see what values are being passed in the for the max and skip parameters.
  25. Hi Fabian, Calling this function is not going to keep the connection active as it doesn't reach out to the server. What I did discover is that if the connection to the FTP server goes stale and the connection is closed by the FTP server rather than disconnecting from the client side, the FTPeek_IsConnected function will still return one. I have reported this as an issue to our issue tracking system but it may be something that is inherent in the FTP code library we are utilizing. What I recommend is rather than keeping the connection open where it could go stale, anytime you need to transfer/download a file: connect, do the transfer of the file, and disconnect. This will prevent the connection from being closed by the server and will eliminate the need for the IsConnected function.
  26. So something like this? Hilite1stRow.fmp12
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