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  2. Where would one put shell scripts or other unix command line script for MacOS X? Such as this script https://github.com/TyrfingMjolnir/FileMakerBackupRemoval in which I wrote to curate offline backups. This script would run anywhere in combination with an rsync # crontab -l 5 * * * * /usr/bin/rsync -av /Volumes/backup/fms03/* /Users/backup/fms03/ && /usr/bin/chown -R backup:staff /Users/backup/fms03 && /usr/bin/chmod -R 760 /Users/backup/fms03 this crontab is from a remote backup such as Synology, FreeNAS, Joyent SmartOS, docker, k8, linux, or other unixes such as MacOS X. Any nix flavour that runs SMB, SSH, or NFS really. What I'm asking is for the forum moderator to add `Unix/Linux shell script automation` under `OS Level Database Automation` next to `AppleScript & Automator` and `Windows automation`
  3. I believe this refers to a script triggered by an OnObjectValidate event: https://fmhelp.filemaker.com/help/18/fmp/en/index.html#page/FMP_Help%2Fonobjectvalidate.html%23 If you attach such script trigger to the field's instance on a layout, the script will run before the field is validated, allowing you to interact with the user using a custom dialog or a new window before (or instead) of the validation error message.. If the constrain is critical, I would still keep the validation in place. Script triggers work only on the layouts where they have been installed. Field validation works at the data level.
  4. Hello! I have two Date fields in my database, Date1 and Date2, that allow someone creating a new record, or searching for a record, to put a date in Date Field 1 and another, later, date in Date Field 2, so expressing a range of dates. The Date2 field can be left blank, it can be the same as Date1, it can be later than Date1, but it should never be earlier than Date1, so I want to build in a way to either stop the user from entering an earlier date in the Date2 field, or to at least warn them that they need to reenter the date correctly. I tried using Validate/Calculate and thought that might work, but it brings up a Revert Record message when the user makes a mistake, that I don't really want to happen. Is there a different approach that someone can recommend? I saw some reference to a piece of code called ObjectValidate or something like that, but have not found that value when I go into the Scriptmaking space. Thanks for any advice you might have! Jennifer
  5. Please see this Tech Info article: https://support.claris.com/s/article/What-to-do-if-FileMaker-Server-Admin-Console-password-is-lost-or-forgotten-1503692949732?language=en_US Steven H. Blackwell Platinum Member Emeritus
  6. Hello, Sorry if I'm in the wrong part of the forum, please let me know if I need to move my post! Recently I have inherited a legacy FileMaker 9 server setup with a handful of users. The admin credentials for the server install have been lost to time, however we would like to change the server that the installation is running on due to the hardware being so old (Windows Server 2003). We also do not have the license key for our installation. Is it possible to recover the admin password or remove the need for admin credentials for the FileMaker admin console? I have full administrative privilege on the machine otherwise, but am unable to access FileMaker. If it is possible, would we be able to recover our license key through the admin console? Or do we need to upgrade to a newer version of FileMaker and import our databases? Thanks for any help you can provide! Jackson
  7. I recommend not using perform find with restore because you cannot see the criteria easily. Instead adopt the pattern: enter find mode (no pause) set field ; mycriteria perform find Error capture if no error Do stuff.
  8. Same problem here. 4 hp printers connected. Previously, I could "scale" a document from the print menu. Now "scale" is missing from that menu. Tried Printer Properties, advanced, layout. Not there. Used that function all the time. Running Windows 1o on a Dell Inspiron 13 HP printers 3512 Envy 5660, 7510 & 7740. My friend said she no longer has "scale" option on her printer HP 3512 Windows 10, Toshiba laptop
  9. Yesterday
  10. Thomas, To fix this issue, you will need to make a few adjustments to script " (1287) Scans just finished with ASC 13 (deskop version)" Between line 68 and 69, add the script step "Exit Script [Text Result]: 0" Add the same thing at the very end of the script. This will prevent the issue from happening again. Thanks, Jonathan Hogle
  11. Stephen, The "Deposit" field is from the "Invoices" table, as a way for people to be able to enter an initial payment without having to use the partial payments portal We don't currently have a list of all deposit payments in FM Starting Point. You could perform a find for all records that have anything in the "Deposit" field by going into find mode, and entering a "*" in the "Deposit" field. To create a pre tax subtotal, you will need to set up a field that is a sum of the "Extended Prince" field from "Invoice Line Items" The "Order_Total_Price" field is calculated by a script whenever a line item is added, or the quantity is adjusted in any existing line. The script is called " (1239) Trigger | Update Cached Totals of Individual Invoice Financial Calcs" Thanks, Jonathan Hogle
  12. Sarah, You can use the following commands to help you sort the records: On line 51 add the following line: 1.) "Sort Records" 2.) Change the "With Dialogue" to "Off" 3.) Click the gear icon and select "Specify" 4.) Make sure the table selected at the top is "INVOICE_LINE_ITEM" 5.) Select the "QDate Worked" field If you still have some questions, or if there is anything else we can help you with, please email us at support@rcconsulting.com. That should take care of it. Thanks, Jonathan Hogle
  13. Hello, This issue has been fixed in the latest download of FM Starting Point. Thanks, Jonathan Hogle
  14. José, Those fields are what are called "lookup" fields, in other words, they grab the data from the related record, when the records first related. If you want to force the update to get the address information to come across to your Invoice, you will have to use the magnifying glass button to select your new contact from the Contact search popup. If you need additional help, or have some remaining questions, please email us at support@rcconsulting.com, and we will respond as soon as we can. Thanks, Jonathan Hogle Lead Engineer for FM Starting Point
  15. Thanks for your assistance. It helped me establish which FM script functions i needed to perform the tasks. The logic of the situation is pretty straight forward The task was completed with script attached below where the find function selects records with the specified due date and status. As the kind person above mentioned this does not include error control which i will put in at a later date. Thanks all
  16. Remember, if you are editing more than one record and it is essential that all are edited, then you need a transaction. Unfortunately, there's no "built-in" Start Transaction in FileMaker, and since you're a newbie, I'll just refer you to a video. Replace All will not tell you if one of the tasks failed to have its Due Date modified correctly. Set Field will, at least, provide an error if the set fails (someone else has the record locked). So, consider this pseudocode: Set Field DueDate = DueDate + 1 set Var $error = Get ( LastError) If $error Show Custom Dialog "Alert" Failed to set Due Date! exit script End if
  17. I would like to find all the records with a due date of todays date and a status of 'In Progress' and then set the due date field to current date + 1 on all of those records. Rewriting the script now. Thanks for both of your advice !! Let's see what happens
  18. Hello! I apologize in advance for having this nonsense written. I am just lost and need help! I am trying to develop a 'small software' that can handle my lighting design information. I am trying to get relationships between multiple layers to correspond to each other. For example. I want to label Scene Titles in proper places for my Spot and Lighting Cues. I have a scene management layout where I can designate where these scenes go however! I don't understand how to link it. Example. Scene 1 is a Pre-Show Label on Light Cue 5 and Spot Cue 1. (Example Record for Cue is Record7 LIGHT CUE 5, and Spot Cue 1Record2 SPOT CUE 1 So I tell that record line to export that label to the SPOT CUE 1 Layout page ( both of these are on different database tables) Scene Title Field. So my Scene Layout is like so SceneSong:SceneTitle Scene Num-Scene Title-SceneType-LXCUE-SPCUE Then my Cue and Spot Cue Page looks similar. How can the Scene Title properly export its contents to the correct layout and record # based on either that record or a designated field. I would rather put what Cue # than Filemaker record I have files and screen shares of what I am doing. I appreciate any and all help. Please feel free to comment below and lets chat! Visit here for screen grabs of what I am saying. https://www.joelpmckenzie.com/follow
  19. Fitch- That was a good idea. After switching it to Documents path, it still failed to send the pdf, but I could see the saved file. Strangely, it did not seem to have an extension and had a google chrome icon. Double clicking it opened it in Chrome and it rendered the pdf OK. There is no Acrobat or Acrobat reader installed on that server- would that solve it? Thanks, Bruce
  20. I think I discovered what the latency problem is. When I call the (small) APITarget database from Postman, the response is quite fast (<30ms), but when I then call a script in the main database from APITarget, the first call from Postman takes 10s, due to a very complicated relationship graph in the main database, which apparently must be loaded. I discovered that PSOS doesn't get around that problem, but I'm hoping that an API call might.
  21. I don't think it would be faster by default. Also keep in mind that the Data API script engine is different from the PSoS script engine, they both support different subsets of script steps. So don't assume that they can both do what is possible client-side.
  22. Great suggestion, thanks! Would using the FM API to call a script from within FM possibly be faster than PSOS? I'm struggling to find references to the proper syntax for doing that, while embedding the authentication into the call. Thanks!
  23. Ladies and Gentlemen I have a question and hope someone can help me I use FM Startingpoint and if I want to add items via my barcode scanner to my invoices. Then the field always jumps to the description and I have to click on the barcode bar again. Is there a solution for this? I use Data wedge as a communication tool with my PC on a Motorola MC70
  24. Hi BCooney, Tutorial on using the package makes a huge difference - no, I didn't watch it before (hangs head in shame). Thanks, Greg
  25. The FMS18 dedicated GET call to run a script won't help you here, since a GET puts everything in a URL you are limited to how long a URL can get. I would continue to do what you do but with a twist: don't use a FIND request, but do a CREATE request to a scratch table, and add a script to that call that will read from your scratch table and create the proper records where they belong (or punt that part to a server-side script if it doesn't have to be real-time). Letting a server-side script take care of creating the actual records may get around your timing issue. The Data API call would be fast since it wouldn't have to wait for the script to run. If it has to be real-time then find out where the delay comes from by timing other Data API calls to try and see if all the delay is running the script. If it is not and just the calls themselves are slow the you need to look at internet speeds and latency between you and the server. If it is the script is slow then that's a FM optimization task.
  26. Hi Comment, Thanks! I will try this shortly and see if it "kicks in" for me. Cheers, Greg
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