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  2. If you open a new window before performing the find in the Jito table, and close it to return to the join table's layout, then your found sets in the original window will remain intact. Are you still using version 15? In version 16 and higher, you can open a card window, which would be very convenient for the described situation. Alternatively, you could make your script do Show All Records[] just before returning to the layout of the join table. But that means that the user will see all records when they navigate to the Jito table afterwards - which may not be what they expect to see.
  3. Thank you, that is exactly what I needed to solve my issue. I do have one follow-up question, though. After merging records (I decided to make two separate scripts since they were easier for me to set up and follow) I find my Jito tables limited to the results of the find set from the Find function. Since it is both tedious and confusing to the end user to be forced to click "Show all records" every time, at which point of the script should I add "Show all records" to fix it? Or is there a better way around it? Thanks in advance.
  4. I have seen various articles and videos that explain how to upload a file from a Filemaker Container to Dropbox using the Dropbox API. However I would like to create a script so that a user can save a pdf directly from Filemaker to a shared Dropbox Folder. Any tips?
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  6. Looks to me like the client set this up wrongly. Each site should be a record then information directly pertaining to the record can simply be fields in that table. I believe the structure will be simpler after doing that.
  7. Whoops, Glad someone is paying attention, It clearly isn't me lol. Thanks for the help Will
  8. Hi Willm5455, The plug-in that you are installing looks like it is the Windows version. The Mac plug-in should be "FM_Credit_Card_Server.fmplugin". It just looks like the wrong installer package was downloaded. You can install the correct download package by going to: http://www.productivecomputing.com/downloads/FM_CreditCard/Install_FM_Credit_Card_Mac.dmg Thank you, PCIPal
  9. I've uploaded a new version without credentials. Sorry about that!
  10. dual_mon, do you have any other suggestions?
  11. Hello Everyone, We’re happy to release a new accordion table solution for FileMaker. Accordion tables allow you to have expanding rows in a FileMaker layout, fulfilling a similar role as a list view or portal. These are incredibly flexible and allow you to do things like: Nest Multiple Levels of Expanding Tables Combine Data from Different Tables into a Single List Trigger FileMaker Scripts from Clicking Table Elements Fully Customizable Style to Match Your Theme Download the demo and check out the documentation to see how you can integrate accord
  12. I am attempting to install the server side plug in through the demo file and I keep getting a dialogue that says the plug in failed to initialize and then says error 1550. Any help would be extremely appreciated.
  13. what is the password for the sample file?
  14. Hello Everyone, We’re happy to release a new accordion table solution for FileMaker. Accordion tables allow you to have expanding rows in a FileMaker layout, fulfilling a similar role as a list view or portal. These are incredibly flexible and allow you to do things like: Nest Multiple Levels of Expanding Tables Combine Data from … Accordion Tables in FileMaker Read More » The post Accordion Tables in FileMaker appeared first on Blue Feather. View the full article
  15. Can you be more specific about that? What does it mean that "a unit is rented"? How does one determine that? And what exactly is "some kind of action"? It looks like all they want is a simple grid of 19(?) * 7. The easiest way to build it would probably be to place 7 portals side-by-side, filter them so each shows only units in the series of 1, 8, 15... 2, 9, 16... and so on, and then make them show "some kind of action" (whatever that means) when the corresponding unit is rented (whatever that means). For this, you only need a single relationship using the x relational operator
  16. Todd and I talk about FileMaker Primary Keys today in the Context Podcast. Here’s the episode. Listen to it here. And here are the highlights. Well-Discussed Topic The topic of FileMaker primary keys gets talked about a lot in the community, and indeed I asked about it long ago. The Basics of FileMaker Primary Keys […] The post The Context Podcast: Primary Keys in FileMaker appeared first on Geist Interactive. View the full article
  17. Repeating fields is not on the deprecation list but the general developer guidance or stance is to not use repeating fields for solution data. However it does work wonders for interface elements. Check out https://carafe.fm One thing to mention in fm 19 the interaction between JS and FM is much more integrated no longer require url schema to run a script in FileMaker.
  18. Ocean West, I read somewhere that FileMaker was to phase out repeating fields. If true or not true JavaScript looks to be the better way. As with JavaScript I am tying to learn by using existing solutions but I am not able to understand due to the complexity of the developers mind ... and reading the JavaScript Doc does nothing from. Is there any JavaScript / FileMaker Tutorial that actually start from nothing ... step by step for this example or a similar example. I'm sure a season FileMaker/JavaScript guy could figure it out but it just take me a lot of time to make conn
  19. use a repeating field and conditional formatting. use a repeating field and conditional formatting. or JavaScript and Web Viewer
  20. Hi, I have a customer who has a storage facility. He has a layout called "Site" ( attached ) it is a single record table. On the layout the customer laid in 132 fields ( each field representing a unit number that he's entered in the unit number ) on the layout. Similar site maps that provides a bird eye view of facilities. What he would like is when a unit is rented in the "Units" table, he would like to see some kind of action on this single record "Site" table. The only way I see this is to build a relationship from this "Site" table to his "Units" table so ... Site::U
  21. How is the data initially inputted, import? Seems like forcing the user to put the type of measurement in when entering thru a dropdown (if possible) is the easier way to go.
  22. I can think of number of ways to check if a value already exists in the table. For example, you could set a variable $existingIDs to: ExecuteSQL ( "SELECT YourIDField FROM YourTable" ; "" ; "" ) then check if: IsEmpty ( FilterValues ( $id ; $existingIDs ) ) Note that this is somewhat simplified. As a rule, you do not want to hardcode your field and table names into an ExecuteSQL() statement, so that you can rename them without breaking the script.
  23. I'd like to add a condition to this to not do it if "id" already exists in the table: Set Field [ Moby_Countries_Values::ID ; JSONGetElement ( $record ; "id" ) ] So that value, 'id' is embedded within the blob that I'm parsing already. In that loop some of the array sets may exist, others many not already. If [ not IsEmpty( $countries ) ] Set Field [ ISBN::JSON_VariableView1 ; $countries ] Set Variable [ $Cover_Group_ID ; Value: ISBN::ISBN_ID ] Set Variable [ $n ; Value: ValueCount ( JSONListKeys ( $authors ; "" ) ) ] Freeze Window Go to Layout [ “ISBN_Meta
  24. Many thanks for the feedback Steven, I will certainly have a read. Colin
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