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Richard A

web portal to display weather widget

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I'm looking to have a web portal on each customer record that will display the weather and current time for their address. I found this script at weatherforecastmap.com.

This should be ablt to be pasted into a web page but in fairness a portal is not a webpage.

I tried this at home on my Mac and pointed the link to the HTML file inside the weather widget and it worked great.

When I bring the file back to work, it doens't work because the path to the widget library isn't valid on my work machine.

1) does anybody know if the parts inside the weather widget can be packaged into a corss platform widget so this can be used on a mac or PC?

2) does anybody have a different widget to use?

3)Are there other ways to sove this problem.

Finally, I'm working on this first, then the clock for current time.

Thank you for any help.

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I apologize for not replying to your first post. In continuing to dig around, I also found the site you recommended and already downloaded it.

It works and I have successfully stripped it down to what I'm looking for but admittedly, I haven't completely figured out how they are making it work.

I contacted the company asking for any documentation or support and it is not a supported product.

As a newbie, it will take me some time to dissect it and get it to work in my database.

Thank you for your help and follow-up.

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Aloha to you Lauren - thanks for the cool little example. It confirmed to me that I am on the right path in my current project. So long as the source website doesn't change its html, all's well! hahaha

I am in the process of writing a "web-page-scaping" robot for a personal data collection project, so thank goodness will not have to worry about clients using this mess!

take care

kaliko in hawaii

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