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Dave MM

can see server from Filemaker Pro, but files do not show as available on the server

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I'm running Filemaker Server 10 on a Windows 2008 Server box. From the Filemaker Pro clients, if I choose File -> Open -> Remote - I can see the server - but the databases/files I am hosting do not appear. I'm not sure where to go from here:


For years, we ran Filemaker 9 Server on an SBS 2003 box. We had Filemaker Pro 9 on the desktops, and we had no problem using the Filemaker Pro client and going file -> open -> remote and clicking on the server name in the left hand pane and the files in the right hand pane. We only used it as a database server - not at all web publishing.

We recently upgraded our server from SBS 2003 to SBS 2008 which is of course Windows 2008 64 bit. I have Filemaker 10 Server, and since FIlemaker 9 is not certified on Windows 2008, I installed FM 10 Server. I installed Bonjour 64 bit, and the install seemed to go fine and all the files are open (I first tried copying the files to the databases folder) and then I removed them and did an upload a database task. In each case, everything looked normal. Of note - in case it was an issue with 64 bit, I also have a spare server with Windows 2008 Server 32 bit on it, so I also tested in that case and got the exact same results on the client. See below.

On the client (all Windows XP) with Filemaker 9.0.3 Pro, if I click File -> Open remote, I see the server and its IP address in the left hand pane, but where I used to see the databases/files to open - there is nothing. Not even the sample file - which I think used to be there. I have brought down the files to the local workstation and opened them to check the file sharing - and it is indeed on. I have even turned it off - closed - reopened - turned on sharing again and closed again and then re-uploaded/added the databases to the FM server. I have also tried using Filemaker Pro 10 as the client - same result. I can see the server, but I can't see the databases on the server.

I'm at a total loss. This should be pretty easy, but I'm just not seeing the databases in filemaker pro. Any help is appreciated.




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this turned out to be super easy. It was a firewall issue. My clue was that I installed FMS and FMP on the same machine. On FMP, while I was on the machine, I could see the files in open -> remote - but on other machines on the LAN, I could not see the files.

After I opened up ports 5003, 16000, and 16001 - the other machines on the LAN could see the files on the server. I can't complain, it's in installation documentation, but no one really reads that anyway. There should be a dialog box that comes up during the install. Anyway, all fixed.

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