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FM cannot share files because another user already sharing... etc.....

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This is the plague...

ANY help surely appreciated///

All of a sudden i get this now... Always... B4 if I reboot... and come back to Filemaker it work

I have remove All my other version of FM

I have reinstalled several times my fm adv pro

I have run a Registry cleaners

I have read all the other people same problems on the net in a search...with the same..

trying to follow...


Not real certain how to check my XP operating system regarding if File Share is set correct

When I click Filemaker, File, Filemaker network.. Sharing is toggle to ON

I also get the sharing error message if I try toggling it

I have disabled Firewall

I am using XP ,,, no Server... on clean copy of FM 9 pro adv installed.. even the updates from FM sites

I have clicked my computer, tools, Folder and toggled both on/off set file sharing recommended

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You may want to examine this thread: http://forums.filemaker.com/posts/3d890e6f77

I would first try disabling ipv6, and confirm you don't have server running on the same PC. I had problems with ipv6, but only with FMP9.

The Windows File Sharing settings will not impact upon Filemaker's ability to host databases; the database is not shared through Windows file sharing. I would advise against sharing the databases folder, because you don't want users double clicking databases to load them.

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Thank for reply... I have read that link already...

I am not running server... have never installed it..

I could not figure out what they meant by or yourself.. what or how to disable B)?

suggested turned off the TCP/IP v6,

Went to network connections,,, properties

couldn't find any mention of or show anything stating Ipv6 ?? or I am not in the right place

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Help still needed - problem not answered..

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my own little blog with this anoying problem

I just keep hitting the OK everytime i get this buggy error.. I was stepping through some code today.. in a if statement, on a set Var command.. and the Same Share happened BUT WAS DIFFERENT compared to a few moments ago that it did not error was I Popped up my Data Viewer.. had only 6 vars didplayed.. (i wasn't in any deep loops or complicated ladder of code or processing any thing..

As said.. I spent $ took my XP to another tech who was pretty smart..found nothing wierd on my system...

EXCEPT i keep getting bugged by MS updates..

Is it that MS has finally caught up with this Filemaker 9 version?



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