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Tom R.

Licensing a custom database app (and managing licenses)

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Hi -

I've been working on a custom database to address a need in my legal practice, and have thought of marketing it to other law firms. I'm curious what others have done regarding licensing their custom applications and how they manage licenses. (E.g., keep track of the number of licenses each client has, when they expire (if you're charging a recurring license fee), client billing, etc. Also, if there is any way to monitor whether a client has a number of users in excess of its licenses.) I imagine I could write a database to handle that, too, but I wonder if there is an existing solution already.

Also, I'd be curious to know how others have approached setting a price for custom database apps.



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Create Application License Keys on the Fly!!
With My.Keymaker for Filemaker 10 and above you can create License Keys for
ANY of your Filemaker Applications with a push of a button.

My.KeyMaker comes with two Filemaker pro 10 and above application files that
you can easily integrate into your on solutions.

My.KeyMaker - does all the work for you. Creates Keys that will only run with the
              application you choose it to , and for how long you want your clients
              to be able to use the key . Create multiple keys at once or one
              at a time.

My.KeyVerify - Is the file that you authenticate the Key and Length of the License
              with just one field. My.KeyVerify is open so you can easily
              integrate it into your own application

              KeyIN : 9U1ET-LEXT3-CS3HY-Y5H1C-FLPUY
           App Name : BlueGrassDys.fmp
     License Length : 5 Year
       My.KeyVerify : "Good"

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